Actionetics review

No doubt that Autoresponder usage are flawless way for marketers to automatically connect and send messages to their customers in correspondence with their actions and activities.

ClickFunnels automation tool called Actionetics has even made it easier for business owners and marketers to smartly build rapport with leads throughout their journey in their sales funnels.

In this ClickFunnels Actionetics review, we shall go into how this tool differs from our normal email marketing automation tools, what makes it stand out and how you can get the best out of it.

You might be aware that you can only have access to this ClickFunnels inbuilt autoresponder when on the Enterprise plan of ClickFunnels, but there’s a better option for cutting down cost. I’ll reveal soon.

Although ClickFunnels integrates with tons of other email platforms, so in case you decide to go for such options like GetResponse, AWeber, ActiveCampaign or ConverKit…

…It’s all good!

But please pay a good attention to the features of Actionetics before you switch away from your current Autoresponder or start exploiting Actionetics. Okay?

ClickFunnels actionetics review

Here is what we shall be covering in this Actionetics review:

What is ClickFunnels Actionetics?

Actionetics is apparently ClickFunnels Email marketing automation tool that fantastically works together with your sales funnels to help you communicate with your audience based on their interaction with your business. This platform performs what your usual email service can’t execute.

Just like Backpack ClickFunnels Actionetics I built into ClickFunnels software and isn’t available on the $97/month plan, but you can have access to it when you upgrade your ClickFunnels to the Enterprise plan.

This email automation tool doesn’t just function as an autoresponder, but so useful for making sure your messages are delivered accurately and targeted.

Being an inbuilt tool inside of ClickFunnels, you can’t use it on other list building software’s or on other sites that aren’t built with ClickFunnels, but you can integrate ClickFunnels on WordPress websites.

However, one great advantage of Actionetics is that it can quickly tell about your customer journey and engagement inside your sales funnel…

…So therefore, you can communicate to them rightly depending on purchases, funnel actions, visits, demographics etc.

Why Actionetics (how it differs)

Of course we all know ClickFunnels Actionetics works similar to other email services such that it stores your contacts, create lists, and allow email broadcasting and automations. But the question now is:

Should it replace your current email software? (Wait for it)

Unlimited contacts in Actionetics

I know you’re already conversant with most these popular email services on how their pricing structure works. You pay more as your email list grows in size right?

Lets quickly take a look at how much you got to pay per 5,000 subscribers on the popular email automation tools out there and compare with double size of the subscribers (10,000).

MailChimp you pay $50 for 5,000 subscribers and $75 for 10,000

AWeber you pay $49 for 5k and $49 for 10k

ConverKit you pay $79 for 5k and $119 for 10k

ActiveCampiagn you pay $89 for 5k subs and $139 for 10k

GetResponse you pay $45 for 5k subs and $65 for 10k subs

As you can see the monthly bill these email tools can easily reach thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

Meanwhile, with Actionetics, you can add unlimited contacts to your account at no extra costs. This allows you to utilize email marketing in your business the way you want.

Sounds like a good idea right?

With Actionetics you create a smart list

Smart list creation is one of the distinctive features of Actionetics which other email marketing services do not possess.

How does smart list works?

This feature of Actionetics will automatically add or remove contacts from an email list based on a specified rule.

Let us take for instance:

You have a list of people who opts in to download a lead magnet, you can set a rule to move those who land on your sales page out from ‘optin list’ to maybe a ‘sales page list’  or move those who lands on the upsell page of your funnel from the ‘sales page list’ to maybe ‘another list’

Hope you get the point?

There are tons of specific rule you can set to take advantage of this! Here are custom group rules you can specify using the smart list:

Social Rules: This lets you filter contacts according to specific number of followers of any social media network.

Funnel Rules: For matching a contact who visits a particular step in a funnel

Contact Rules: Matches a contact by contact details (tags, time zone, demographics etc)

Product Rules: Matches a contact according the product bought

Email Step Rules: Matches a contact according to who opened a specific email in your funnels.

Broadcast Rules: Matches according to your email list who opened, did not open, never opened or never clicked a broadcast mail.

List Rules: Matches whether the contact belongs or does not belong to a list.

Swift Email Delivery with Actionetics

Another feature which makes Actionetics distinctive is that it gives you additional flexibility for your mails to be delivered to your subscribers without delay and limit to the type of messages you can send.

Services like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign doesn’t support affiliate marketing. So how Actionetics does this that it doesn’t send emails itself, rather it depends on an SMTP service to do that.

Using your own SMTP enables your mails to be delivered smoothly even when you’ve affiliate links littered all over your mails.

This also curbs deliverability issues because you’re using your own SMTP service.

ClickFunnels Actionetics Features (inside look)

Once you’re inside the Actionetics dashboard below are the sections and features you’ll have access to:

Contact Profiles

The Actionetics Contact profiles dashboard is the first in line on the drop-down menu when you hover your cursor over the Actionetics menu.

In here you’ll see all your subscribed contacts who signed up to all your funnels in a table with their information.

Actionetics contact

You will also see the number of contacts on your list, the number of new contacts and unsubscribes. There is also an import contact option which makes adding of your existing contacts to the platform so easy.

Another amazing insight Actionetics gives you is letting you see the purchase history of each of your subscribers or their activity in your business and review them.

Email Lists

This is another feature of Actionetics which is always present inside other email programs. Email lists let you segment your contact lists according to your specified need.

This is where you create and Add new list and also group your lists together by tags, then further enable smart list which of course automatically adds or removes contact as they meet filters based non rules.

Actionetics email list

Just like every other Autoresponder, you’ll be able to build a email list for your business, but the super-cool thing about Actionetics in here is the Smart list option.

Here are the few options in the Email List you can play along with:

  • Importing of contacts
  • Uploading/Importing of contacts and
  • Downloading of contacts


You already know what this means right? Sending an email over to a large number of contacts on your list all at once.

The broadcast message feature is always used when there’s need to pass a very timely and crucial information that doesn’t fit to be part of the automation sequence.

You can create your broadcast for specific list or entire list in your Actionetics account, and send your mails without stress. You can also schedule when you love your broadcasts to be sent.

To get started creating a Broadcast, you’ll be directed to a page to start creating your broadcast, but that will be after clicking the + New Email Broadcast button.

actionetics email broadcast

This is where you enter the email subject line, the email list to be sent the broadcast, enter the SMTP configuration, Test email address and option for Send Now or Later.

actionetics md email settings

Next is for you to choose your preferred templates then select Use This Template and then open up the Email Editor to edit it.

Inside the Email Editor you can make your emails look how to you desire them to be. It’s very similar to ClickFunnels Editor which makes your email marketing setup process easier.

actionetics email editor

It just works the same way the main ClickFunnels software functions during the funnel building process. You can literally add anything in here just to make your emails remain eye-catching and action inciting.

Remember you need no not to know how to code, because there are always guide and step by step system to model.

Action Funnels

Action Funnels sets itself apart from other ClickFunnels Actionetics features as the engine room of automation where all processes are set.

Action Funnels allows you to dig deeper and be technical as you’d like to be with your contact list.

How to use Actionetics –Action Funnels

To create an Action Funnel in Actionetics click on New Action Funnel. You’ll then fill in the information required in a box pop-up that appears.

new action funnel

You’re to fill in the name of your Action Funnel, group tag and choose the list you want it to be associated with. Then click Create Action Funnel.

create action funnel actionetics

The next line of action would be to add steps to action since no action steps has been created yet. Click the + Add New Step button which will trigger the pop-up where you’ll be asked to set the Step Name, Number of days or hours to begin action and the type of trigger which can be Send Email, TXT Message or Do Action.

Add new step funnel

When you use the “Send Email” action, you’ll be prompted to create your mail by choosing template then customize with your own branding. This process is similar to when you’re creating a broadcast mail.

IMPORTANT: After creating your mail content and ready to be sent, do not forget to change your setting from paused to live.

On the other hand, selecting the “Do Action” trigger will require a different kind of setup where you have to choose the integration, the action to perform and which list this action will be triggered by.

Then on the “TXT Message” trigger which allows you to send messages & push notifications you’ll need to integrate your ClickFunnels with Twilio and Pushcrew.

ClickFunnels Actionetics Pricing

As we already know that you’ll obviously need to upgrade your subscription on ClickFunnels to the Full Suite package that costs $297/month. However there’s a wiser and safer way to take advantage of Actionetics Autoresponder inside of ClickFunnels software that will save you a lot.

So the best way to go about this is to sign-up to the SUPER FANTASTIC discounted ClickFunnels offer called Funnel Builder Secrets.

While there are no specific Actionetics discounts anywhere, you can save money and take advantage on the Etison Suite plan by checking out Funnel Builder Secrets.

You pay over $1,000 up front, and you’ll get 6months – 1 year free of ClickFunnels Actionetics, Funnel Scripts, Tons of Training and lots more.

Getting on this advamced plan, happens to be one of the surest path to take a complete advantage of ClickFunnels.

It’s for you to decide anyways.

You’ll also be given some unbelievably valuable bonuses that will help you make a ton of money in your business using ClickFunnels.

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How about having everything you need in running a successful online business all in one place? Where there is no need for you logging in to multiple platforms just to make your marketing effort a success.

ClickFunnels helps you to keep everything under one hood by giving you access to an Email automation platform like Actionetics which lets you follow up prospects’ funnel activities, a personalized affiliate marketing management tool, sales funnel builder and many more…

Finally, using Actionetics makes so much sense for you on the longer run because it scales with you as your business gets more successful and you start building a larger email list without extra cost on subscribers increase.

ClickFunnels Actionetics Bonus ($11,576 Value)

Hope my Actionetics review helped you in making a favorable decision?

How about getting more help with these bonuses to help you make more money and succeed using ClickFunnels?

complete bonuses

Check them out below:

  • Bonus #1: Unlimited Email/Chat Support – Access to my personal email and marketing resources ($997 value)
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Each and every of this bonus will go a long way in helping you accomplishing more using ClickFunnels and Actionetics and definitely aid you in getting results…

As a business owner and as an affiliate marketer.

You can have a look at the individual bonus details in the ClickFunnels bonus page and see how to simply grab them.

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