The Affiliate Lab Black Friday Sale

Matt Diggity opened the doors to his transformational SEO and affiliate marketing course during Black Friday – The Affiliate Lab – for a 50% discount off the original price.

However, that deal is no longer available Sad, I know 🙁

But there’s another CHANCE for you to grab a discount for the Affilite which gives you a $200% off right now.

It’s a secret backdoor offer.

Go here ➜

As someone who bought the course back in 2020, I can vouch for its usefulness in enhancing your affiliate marketing and SEO skills. This $200 discount is a fantastic opportunity to get this amazing course at a significantly reduced price.

Affiliate Lab Black Friday Deal is GONE

Unfortunately, The Affiliate Lab Black Friday deal has ENDED. So currently, instead of paying $997, you’d be enrolling for the Affiliate Lab for $797. This $200 discount offer will last only for a limited time. This is the cheapest entry you’d ever get into a community of successful marketers👇

Here’s a screenshot of when I bought the course below:

Affiliate Lab course purchase date

That’s over 3years ago.

COVID year – 2020, was the year I broke my first 6fig/year. In profits!

Since then, I’ve consistently made 5 figures per month and 6 figures yearly.

A few months ago when I took the record and analyzed my progress – I discovered that I’ve made over half a million dollars doing affiliate marketing.

All thanks to the Affiliate Lab and the community Matt Diggity has put together for us.

Inasmuch as I’m not into sharing earning screenshots etc, I’ll be sharing a few of my affiliate dashboards. This is just to motivate you if you’re on the fence if this course is worth it or not:

Affiliate snapshot for a supplement brand:

affiliate dashboard for supplement

Earning snapshot for a SaaS brand:

Affiliate Earnings for SaaS

Affiliate earnings (pending) for an AI company:

AI affiliate earnings

Well, it is worth it over and over!

Take this from an ordinary marketing guy from Nigeria, who was once broke (as a church rat). And now, I’m living a life I’ve never imagined. Even though I’m still in my early beginner years.

If you’re still in doubt about joining me and thousands of other successful affiliate marketers and SEOs doing numbers. Then keep reading to find out the bonuses, modules, and everything you get inside of the Affiliate Lab course.


This post below is focused on last year’s Affiliate Lab Black Friday deal, so you might come across some outdated details. Click here now to secure $200 OFF and skip the scrolling hassle.

Let’s dive in!

How to Activate The Affiliate Lab Black Friday $500 OFF Discount?

To activate your $500 Affiliate Lab discount, follow these simple steps:

You’ll be directed to this page:

The Affiliate Lab Black Friday page

Upon landing on the website’s homepage, you will encounter an engaging and well-designed interface specially crafted for the Black Friday promotion. The page is likely to be optimized for easy navigation and to highlight key information about the Affiliate Lab course.

Once there, you’ll discover in-depth details about what the Affiliate Lab course offers.

Matt lays out the course curriculum, giving you a sneak peek into what topics and strategies you’ll be diving into. He’s also waving some pretty exciting bonuses exclusively for the Black Friday promo that can amp up your learning experience.

No coupon code is required here.

Just enter your details and card number to proceed. There’s an optional bump offer too.

Complete the payment process, and you’re good to go!

Congratulations 🎊 🎈 🍾


Remember, the sale is for a limited time only, so make sure to grab your discounted Affiliate Lab access while it’s available. With a one-time fee, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of affiliate marketing insight and start your journey toward mastering the world of SEO and affiliate marketing.

My 5 Favorite Parts About The Course (As a Student of Matt Diggity)

There are about a dozen things I love about being a part of the Affiliate Lab Community. From the hiring and delegating modules, constant updates, private FB community, in-depth training, case studies, and the latest personal branding course.

Below is a list of my 5 favorite parts of the Affiliate Lab course – in no order:

#1. In-Depth SEO Training:

Being part of the Affiliate Lab community has enriched my understanding of SEO remarkably.

The comprehensive training provided covers an extensive spectrum of SEO strategies, making it an ideal resource for beginners stepping into the world of affiliate marketing and even for seasoned professionals seeking advanced insights.

From fundamental concepts to the intricacies of advanced techniques, the course ensures a well-rounded knowledge base essential for success in the competitive field of affiliate marketing.

If you’re entirely new to affiliate marketing/SEO/blogging, then I’d recommend you start from the Beginner Lab course:

Beginner Lab Course

#2. Actionable/Practical Steps:

What sets this course apart is its emphasis on steps. Matt Diggity’s approach involves breaking down complex strategies into clear, step-by-step instructions. This approach makes implementation seamless.

If you’re not a follower of Matt, check out his free YouTube videos to see what I mean.

I appreciate how these actionable steps enabled me to immediately apply what I’ve learned, facilitating quicker results and boosting confidence in executing various SEO strategies effectively.

#3. Supportive Community:

As a student, there have been countless times when I would be lost, and the community came to my rescue.

All I had to do was ask in the Facebook group and voila! Floods of helpful tactics from veterans in the field. Priceless!

Affiliate Lab Facebook group

The supportive network of like-minded individuals offers an excellent platform for seeking guidance, sharing experiences, and learning from others who have excelled in affiliate marketing.

This collaborative atmosphere fosters growth, enabling me to refine my skills and gain valuable insights from peers and seasoned professionals in the field.

#4. Case Studies and Real-Life Examples:

The course’s inclusion of real-life case studies and examples has been instrumental in reinforcing my understanding of how SEO works.

Matt Diggity’s use of these tangible instances effectively demonstrates how the strategies taught translate into real results.

For example, this case study (below) of selling an affiliate website for over $200k gave me invaluable insight into what it feels like to sell a web property and the processes involved in DOING IT right:

Website Flipping case study Affiliate Lab

I’m currently prepping one of my sites for sale and this case study (and the entire website flipping masterclass) comes in handy.

There are multiple case studies like this (in the course) in different aspects of this business.

These examples serve as practical templates that not only illustrate the effectiveness of the tactics but also provide guidance on their application in my own SEO and affiliate marketing projects.

#5. Lifetime Course Updates:

Staying current in the ever-evolving landscape of SEO and affiliate marketing is crucial. Especially in a world of incessant Google slaps on sites, AI content, and all of the drama in this industry.

Matt Diggity’s commitment to regular updates ensures that as a student, I am constantly exposed to the most recent and relevant strategies. You’ll get an update from Matt whenever he adds or updates something new to the course.

Here’s the recent email he sent on the latest addition to the course:

Affiliate Lab New Course update

This dedication by Matt and his team to staying ahead of industry trends and adapting the course content accordingly reassures me that I’m equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques, giving me a competitive edge in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing.

Overall, the Affiliate Lab is a top-notch resource for anyone looking to succeed in affiliate marketing.

With its in-depth training, actionable steps, supportive community, real-life examples, and regular updates, you’ll have all the tools you need to grow your skills and achieve your affiliate marketing goals.

Bonuses You Get With Your Affiliate Lab Course Purchase This Black Friday

The Beginner’s Lab [Value: $997.00]

When you purchase the Affiliate Lab course, you’ll gain access to the Beginner’s Lab. This bonus material is perfect for those who are new to affiliate marketing, as it provides valuable guidance on setting up and launching your first affiliate website.

Exclusive Facebook Group [Value: $1997.00]

Joining the exclusive Affiliate Lab Facebook group gives you an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, ask questions, and learn from others who are also part of the affiliate marketing journey.

Mastermind with the Best Affiliates

In addition to the course material and Facebook group, you’ll get access to mastermind sessions with experienced and successful affiliates. These advanced-level discussions will help you grow your business faster and more efficiently.

Conversion Rate Optimization Masterclass [Value: $1297.00]

Optimizing your website for conversions is crucial in affiliate marketing. With the Conversion Rate Optimization Masterclass, you’ll learn proven techniques to increase conversions and maximize the income generated from your traffic.

Featured Snippets Masterclass [Value: $597.00]

Learn how to dominate the top of Google search results with the Featured Snippets Masterclass. This bonus teaches you how to optimize your content to appear in Google’s featured snippets, driving additional traffic and increasing your website’s visibility.

Authority Blueprint [Value: $1497.00]

The Authority Blueprint bonus will guide you through the process of establishing your website as an authority in your niche. By implementing these strategies, you’ll be able to rank higher in search engines and gain credibility with your target audience.

Website Flipping Masterclass [Value: $1997.00]

The Website Flipping Masterclass will teach you how to buy, grow, and sell websites for a substantial profit. This bonus is perfect for those looking to create a portfolio of income-generating websites or sell their existing websites for a higher return on investment.

Outreach Masterclass [Value: $497.00]

With the Outreach Masterclass, you’ll learn effective outreach strategies for acquiring high-quality backlinks and building relationships with influencers in your niche. This bonus will help you improve your website’s SEO and increase its overall authority.

The Kitchen Sink + Medic Buster + Penalty Recovery [Value: $997.00]

These powerful bonuses cover a range of advanced SEO techniques, including tactics to fix and prevent Google penalties, recover from algorithm updates, and uncover hidden opportunities for growth.

SEO Testing Crash Course [Value: $197.00]

The SEO Testing Crash Course teaches you how to conduct effective SEO tests to improve your website’s performance on search engines. Understanding how to analyze data and make data-driven decisions will be critical in maintaining your website’s success.

Total Value: $16,064.00!

This would usually cost $997. But during this Black Friday, you’ll get it all at $497.


When Does The Affiliate Lab Black Friday Sale Start?

The Affiliate Lab Black Friday starts November 24th, 2023, and runs until November 27th, 2023 (PST).

How Much Do You Save On The Affiliate Lab Black Friday Offer?

During the Black Friday sale, you can save a significant amount on the Affiliate Lab course. Normally priced at $997, the course will be available for just $497. That’s a $500 discount, which means you’ll be getting the course for 50% off its regular price. Be sure to mark your calendar so you don’t miss out on this great deal!

Who Should Buy The TAL Course?

If you’re an aspiring affiliate marketer, blogger, or web entrepreneur, the Affiliate Lab course is designed for you. This comprehensive course teaches you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, helping you build a successful online business. Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or scale your existing affiliate marketing efforts, this course can help you reach your goals.

Is Affiliate Lab Suitable for Beginners?

Absolutely! The Affiliate Lab is designed to be beginner-friendly and caters to individuals who are new to affiliate marketing. The course provides step-by-step guidance, covering everything from keyword research and site development to content creation and link-building strategies.

Is there a payment plan for the Affiliate Lab Black Friday offer?

No, the Black Friday offer for The Affiliate Lab is a one-time fee of $497. There isn’t a payment plan available for this particular deal.

Can I make millions with affiliate marketing?

While success in affiliate marketing varies for each individual and depends on various factors like dedication, strategy, and market conditions, The Affiliate Lab equips you with comprehensive training and strategies to enhance your skills. While it’s not a guarantee of making millions, the course provides valuable insights and tools to maximize your potential in the field. After all, I’m on my way to my first million.

My Take on Affiliate Lab Black Friday Offer

As a beginner (or an expert) in the world of affiliate marketing, you’ll find that the Affiliate Lab Black Friday Offer is a fantastic opportunity for you to kickstart your journey as a blogger.

The course was designed by Matt Diggity and his business partner – Jay Yap – to provide you with essential strategies for building and scaling your online presence.

With a 50% discount on the regular price, you’ll gain access to valuable lessons that’ll help boost your income potential. The modules within Affiliate Lab cover all the detailed aspects of SEO and affiliate marketing.

Another aspect of the course that you’ll find beneficial is the focus on website flipping. As you advance and become more skilled in the field, you might consider flipping websites to generate additional income.

The Affiliate Lab will guide you through this process, teaching you how to identify profitable sites and flip them for a considerable return on your investment.

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