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Welcome to this Agorapulse review, where you will find out if this social media management is the best or not.

Have you been seriously searching for the ideal tool to use for managing your social media business profiles or pages?

Be it for your small business, large corporation, personal brand or a group of team.

Are you fed up of using different social media management tools for managing, automating, monitoring, publishing, engaging, analyzing and reporting of your social media activities?

Are you a marketer who manages various social media accounts for business owners?

Are you a business owner whose business resides on different social platforms?

You spend so much time trying to manage your social media marketing and content moderation on each of these platforms.

Nobody does that any longer!

In today’s post I’m going to reveal to you the best social media management tool of all time! AgoraPulse.

What it does, what it is all about and how it works. This Agorapulse review answers it all Today.

Stay tuned…

Agorapulse Social Management Platform

agorapulse review

Do you know the quality amount of time you must have been wasting doing those entire manual posting, monitoring and commenting nonsense?

Don’t overspend your precious time managing pages, comments, mentions and the rest.

All can be done in one click, from a single dashboard!

A time-saving social media management and scheduling software that has saved thousands of businesses a lot of stress of not having to login to the various platforms to monitor their social media campaigns.

I will cover all your worries about choosing the best social media management tool for your business…

I just want you to cast all your burdens on me!


If you’re in so much hurry.

Check it out below or scroll to your preferred section.

AgoraPulse FAQs

Is Agorapulse free? Yes! but to some extent

How does Agorapulse pricing works? Monthly and yearly plan

Does AgoraPulse offer trial? Yes AgoraPulse offers 14-Days FREE for you to test if it’s worth the investmenmt.

Who can use Agorapulse? Small businesses,  Agencies,  and Large corporations can use this awesome tool

What Platforms does Agorapulse supports? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Agorapulse for Instagram.

Agorapulse basic features? Posting, engaging, scheduling, social listening, tracking and many more.

Now to the proper Deal…

History of Agorapulse: Who owns Agorapulse?

The name “Agora” is a Greek word for a place where people meet, such as a gathering, marketplace or community.

And “Pulse” refers to a vibration of sound, electric, light or wave energy.

So the name “AGORAPULSE” was coined from the above words which are bunched up to mean: A place where your social activities (energies) and vibrations come together.

Agorapulse was founded and released initially in the year 2014 by  Emeric Ernoult together with Benoit Hediard.

Agorapulse used to serve as a Facebook management tool, but over the years it has transitioned into a more reliable and complete tool for managing social media presence.

Which has made its features and pricing exceptional

At this time support for great social platforms was added.

In the year 2017, Agorapulse rebuilt their software and added more overwhelming, enhanced functionalities, which I will reveal to you soon.

They have solidly erected a foundation which will stand the test of time in the Social media Market.

Maintaining an active feedback system to its users; Agorapulse remains the best and one of the top valued social media management tools.

Who can use Agorapulse??

Anybody can use this tool. Agorapulse wasn’t built for a particular type of business or group of individuals.

It’s usage all depends on your business size and goal.

This boils down to the number of social media profiles involved, which has to do with users count.

Agorapulse is meant for Sole biz owners, Small businesses, Media agencies, Medium, and Large corporations.

Agorapulse For Small Businesses

Agorapulse is for if you if have a Facebook page for your small business and would like to keep your page updated on daily, weekly and monthly basis for your customers in order to gain reputation and loyal following.

You can schedule posts and monitor activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to enhance your productivity rate and marketing tactics.

AgoraPulse is also for Bloggers

You can’t do without a social media management tool if you really desire to be an outstanding blogger. As a blogger, you have to be actively participative on all social media platforms.

One of the ingenious ways successful bloggers get consistent website traffic from their blogging activities is through social media.

They build a brand with a consistent following on social media through effective management.

AgoraPulse for Marketers

For marketers to be able to get a full grip of campaign data reports such as, how clients fan pages on Facebook, Twitter performs.

AgoraPulse happens to be a very smart and intuitive social media monitoring and reporting tool for professional marketers.

Marketers will also have the ability to Manage Ads (how it performs) and moderate comments on social networks.

Agorapulse is for Agencies, Large Corporations, and Teams

This powerful social automation tool is ideal for your Company if you want:

  • A comprehensive scheduling
  • Flexible content management options
  • Workflow collaboration for teams
  • Social listening and brand monitoring

It doesn’t matter the member of social profiles you want to manage, or the capability desired. AgoraPulse has it all sorted out for your Agency or large scale business.

AgoraPulse Full Features and Capabilities:

There are lots of social management tools out there, but not all of them seems too FIT IN when it comes to ideal pricing and ease of use for business owners.

Below are the complete features of Agorapulse:

  1. Multiple channel publishing

agorapulse multi publishing

Scheduling and Publishing your content across various channels might look messy most times; especially when you distribute Twitter formatted contents to Facebook.

This social media automation tool gives a way to customize your post for each social media platform before it gets out to the world.

All you have to do here is; just put your content in, and select the channels that you want to tweak the message for. And its done!

That’s not all…

The Sweet part of this feature is that you get to exactly how each of these posts looks like before hitting the PUBLISH button.

You might wanna change the post, good for you.

  1. Social Inbox Zero

What does an Agorapulse Inbox Zero feature do? It helps you view and respond to all your social media messages, questions, issues, and mentions from a single dashboard.

Agorapulse Social social Inbox

With this feature, you do not need to go through all contents one after the other. No more difficulty in checking your social inbox and profiles one after the other.

With this Agorapulse feature, you can:

  • Create saved replies for similar or common queries
  • Enables you to see the complete profile of every individual whose message you’re treating at the moment
  • Ability to assign messages to other social media managers whenever you’re unable to answer a particular question.
  1. Put your greatest Tweet on Autopilot

If your business utilizes Twitter as part of its content distribution channel or as product promotion medium, then this tool will save you tons of precious time.

If you’re already on Twitter but want to reschedule your tweets on different time frames and dates. This feature takes care of that.

What of your evergreen tweets? Dope!

Evergreen tweets are those Twitter contents that have produced a lot of engagement and brought you numerous exposition on the platform.

Agorapulse has a way of promoting those great contents on Twitter without stressing you adding those contents over and over again.

Agorapulse tweeter queue

All you just have to do is set your post to re-queue your desired number of times, then select the time and preferred dates.

  1. Facebook and Instagram Ad Management

Whenever I run Ads on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram, I’m always anxious about what the engagement outcome might be like.

Because I personally don’t like replying to lousy comments that don’t mean well for my brand.

So, for me to be able to deal with all sorts of replies from Fb and Insta users, I use the Agorapulse to manage my Social media Ad comments.

Now what I do is filter and roll through my Ad comments in a flash!

This can also serve as a good customer support tool

  1. Automatically detects and deletes Spam

I know how bad it feels when you put out great contents for your main audience out there and see replies that are spam-filled.

Dealing with this kind challenge drains your energy and wastes time.

With a tool like Agorapulse, you can set up moderation rules on your social media accounts to detects and weed out such comments.

If there are types of messages you don’t want to see in your inbox.. Especially on Twitter, just create a rule to have such deleted automatically.

  1. Get to know your loyal followers

Agorapulseb has a built-in social CRM element, with this feature you know who your die-hard fans are.

Those who have highly engaged with your contents, like; top commenters, tweeters, and the likes.

You build a lasting relationship with your passionate followers with this all in one social tool by categorizing people with tags.

  1. Agorapulse gives you full social data reports with Analytics

See how well you’re performing on these social platforms by using the built-in Analytics feature.

Get full stats on your audience engagement, awareness and customer management from a single dashboard.

You can also see individual metrics of each content performance on each platform.

You can download your reports as a PowerPoint slide for clarity and sharing sake.

  1. Team management capability

If your business happens to be a very large one small or maybe an agency that runs many social media account for people. You can assign tasks to other social managers on same account.

Agorapulse Team collaboration feature makes social media management easy for Agency owners.

Latest Features of Agorapulse

Below were the improvements Agorapulse added its platform back in 2017 which made them a top choice for business owners.

  • A new Inbox: Made up of a new design and workflow, New filters, Saving replies, emoji picker, language translation feature, plus many more…
  • New reports features
  • New publishing Engine
  • Redesigned Team management capability.

There are also a lot of greater future features that will be rolled out soonest. Such as  YouTube comment management,  Facebook review management and  Deeper metrics to aid your social media marketing.

Agorapulse Review: Agorapulse Pricing and cost

How much does Agorapulse cost? Agorapulse costs $49 for solopreneurs on monthly basis and $39 monthly on yearly subscription.

Social Media Management Pricing You Can Afford Agorapulse

For the Agorapulse Medium plan for small businesses, it costs $79 per month on a yearly plan and $99 for a monthly plan.

Agorapulse medium pricing

The most popular and used plan which is the ideal plan for agencies is valued at to be $159 on  per annul monthly plan and $199 monthly service.

Agorapulse App Pricing

The Agorapulse Enterprise plan happens to be the highest paid plan available for this Social media automation tool with a $299 per month pricing and $239 monthly at a yearly pricing.

AgoraPulse Review - Highest plan


Pros of Agorapulse

How’s Agorapulse better than other social media management tools? A lot of ways!

  • Easy setup and usage
  • Ability for customer service to resolve questions and issues fast
  • Meets all classes of business needs
  • Serves as a competitor analysis tool
  • Used in Organizing social contests, quizzes and sweepstakes.
  • Training on how to use the Tool and a rich FAQ section
  • Social listening features plus other free features for unsubscribed users
  • Downloadable mobile App
  • Agorapulse is cheap compared to Hootsuite, Buffer and the other management software.

Limitations of Agorapulse

  • Analytics feature isn’t available for LinkedIn and Google+
  • No support for Instagram Stories yet
  • Cant manage reviews on Facebook
  • Can’t manage private profiles
  • Publishing to social groups not featured
  • Social channels are limited to only to the Top 6
  • No functionality available for link tracking

My Recommendation and Conclusion

Being a is social media Analytics tool and CRM suite which helps agencies and entrepreneurs meet their needs when it comes to social management, Agorapulse design happens to be distinctive when it comes to user interface with multiple users capability.

Some tools in the market offer great publishing workflows as well, but very few of them provide most of these combined features and services of Scheduling, Listening, Publishing and Automation more than Agorapulse does.

There are several alternatives of Agorapulse you might want to consider, but I want you to understand the importance of having an ALL IN ONE Social Media tool that eliminates your excuses for not standing out on social media


Over to you friend

Now you’ve seen what this management software for social media account is capable of…

I want you to give AgoraPulse a test drive with its 14-Days trial, no credit card required then you can finally decide if it made you and your business happy or not.


See you soon!


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