Anyword vs Copy AI

Which copywriting tool writes better? Copy AI or Anyword?

In this blog post, we’ll compare and contrast both of these tools so that you can see for yourself which wins the title of the best copywriting tool.

Anyword Vs. Table Comparison 

FeaturesAnywordCopy AI
Free trial?Yes (free here)Yes (lifetime free account)
Chrome Extension:NoYes
Plagiarism Checker:NoYes
Bulk content generation:NoNo
Starting Price:$29 per month$0 per Month
In-app collaboration:NoYes (but in the custom plan)
24/7 customer support:NoYes
Language support:3025+
Copy Template:100+90+
User interface:Easy To UseEasy To Use
Long Form Post:YesYes
AI Technology:GPT-3GPT-3
Short Form:YesYes
SEO Features:YesNo
Refund Policy:NoYes

Chrome Extension

There is no Chrome extension available for Anyword. 

However, has a Chrome extension available. This Chrome extension has been used by over 9,000 Copy AI users, and it lets you generate any type of content on the go.

Bulk Content Generation

Both Copywriting tools do not support bulk content generation. To generate bulk content with these tools, you have to generate each content one at a time.

User Interface

Anyword’s user-friendly interface makes it very simple to generate whichever content you like, and it can be accomplished with only a few mouse clicks. 

It also has a website that is simple to navigate, which helps its customers to produce high-quality material in a shorter amount of time.

With, you won’t have any trouble locating the features you require thanks to its intuitive user interface. This is an extremely helpful tool, particularly if you want to get the most out of’s features.

SEO Features does not have any sort of SEO functionality, nor does it integrate with any other SEO tools.

If you want your content to rank highly on search engines and you generated the content with, you will need to sign up for an SEO tool to check whether or not you are on the right track.

However, Anyword makes use of SEO tools for keyword research and optimization to help your content rank higher on SERPs.

Third-Party Integration

There is currently no third-party app integration for To use the material that you have generated on any other platform, you will need to copy it from and then paste it onto a different platform.

Anyword, on the other hand, is compatible with a wide variety of third-party applications like Shopify, SEMrush, Zapier, and many others.

Language Support

Both Anyword and are multilingual copywriting tools supporting over 25 different languages. With you can generate copies and content in diverse languages.

These languages include; Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese, English, and Russian, among others. This is a really useful feature, especially if you intend to create content for people all over the world.

Templates and Tools

Currently, Anyword has more templates compared to This copywriting tool has up to 100 tools and templates, but boasts over 90 tools and templates. 

Both Anyword and templates are made available to any user of each writing tool to create any content of their choice.

Refund Policy

When it comes to a refund policy for, you should know that your subscription will be terminated within ten (10) calendar days after the date of your original purchase. 

You have the option to cancel your Subscription and get a full refund. After 10 days if you haven’t canceled your subscription, your purchase will be final and you won’t get a refund of your subscription fee or cancel your subscription.

On the other hand, Anyword does not offer any form of refund when you cancel your subscription.

In-App Collaboration

Anyword does not currently offer collaborations within the app. This puts you in a precarious position if you are on a team where you are responsible for directing the process of content development or so. include in-app collaboration abilities in their Custom price plan. With this, your team will be able to collaborate within your workspace without having to transfer between different applications. 

Note: This is only available for users who have the custom plan.

Free Plan and Trial

Anyword has a free 7-day trial on its paid plans and a Free plan also for new subscribers to start with. You can try out this software for 7 days before deciding whether to continue with this tool or not.

However, has a free plan which is free forever. The free plan helps you get acquainted with the tool before moving further to subscribe to their paid plans. 

AI Technology 

Both Anyword and use OpenAI GPT-3 technology. This technology is responsible for how fast, easy, and user-friendly it is. The AI feature makes it possible for you to create smart copies by just typing in a few keywords. 

Plagiarism And Grammar Checker 

Both Anyword and offer Plagiarism and Grammar checkers as part of their tools. You can create plagiarized free content with ease, and avoid spelling errors with these tools.

Anyword Vs. Pricing Comparison

Anyword Pricing Plan

Recently, Anyword changed its pricing plan from 4 pricing plans to just two. This new pricing plan is suitable for anyone and business with any budget. 

Anyword pricing

Anyword Starter Plan

This plan price varies depending on the number of word credits you want to use per month. The least cost for this plan, when billed monthly is $29, you will be getting up to 20,000-word credits per month, but when billed annually, it costs $24 per month and you get Two extra months Free!

The highest cost for this same starter plan costs $199 per month for 300,000-word credits, but when billed annually, you will be charged $166 per month, and two extra months Free!

This pricing plan is great for writers, marketers, and small businesses that want to take advantage of this writing tool to generate excellent copies fast.

I like this plan because you can decide how many words you want to write per month and you will be billed accordingly. 

Let’s say, I want to write 40,000 words per month, all I need to do is to shift the cursor to 40,000-word credit and the amount I would be paying per month will be shown to me. 

If I decide to do an annual plan for 40,000 words, it becomes even cheaper. 

Also, you can start this plan for free. To try out this plan for free does not require any credit cards, and you can cancel at any time.

With the starter plan, you have access to over 100 AI writing tools, a blog post wizard,  over 200 data-driven copywriting tools, writing content in 30 different languages, and so much more.

Anyword Data-Driven Plan

This is the higher-priced plan from Anyword. Just like the Starter Plan, you can determine how many words you want to generate with this plan. 

The least price for this plan is $99 when billed monthly for 300,000-word credit per month. But when billed annually, it costs $83 per month with two months free!

The highest cost for this same plan is $399 per month for an unlimited number of word credits, but when billed annually, it costs $333 per month with two months free.

This plan is specially designed for writers, businesses, and agencies that will need more than what the starter plan has to offer. 

Just like the Starter plan, you can start this plan for free. To try out this plan for free does not require any credit cards, and you can cancel at any time.

Also, in this plan, you will be getting everything in the starter plan including access to a real-time predictive performance score, and much more.

However, Anyword has unique plans for big businesses. 

It is divided into two, i.e Anyword Professional, and Anyword Website.

In Anyword Professional Plan for businesses, the price is not quoted but this plan is designed for bigger teams like growth marketers, content teams, paid media and social media teams, etc.

In this plan, you will be getting everything in the Data-Driven plan including integration with third-party platforms, discount on word credit prices to match your content scale needs, and so much more. 

To access this plan, all you need to do is to Book A Demo, and you will be asked for some necessary information like your name, and work email, among others.

For Anyword Website, this is designed to be connected to your business’s website, and it is ideal to enhance your digital customer experience, and also for demand generation teams.

Just like the Anyword Professional Plan, the price of the website plan is not stated but you can get this plan by booking a demo.

Copy.AI Pricing Comparison has three pricing plans. This includes the: free plan, Pro plan, and Custom Plan. You also get a 40% discount when you purchase the Annual Pro plan. This means that you  get

to save 40% of your money by subscribing to the pro annual plan.

Copy AI pricing Free Plan 

This plan is free. It doesn’t need your credit card before accessing it and the good thing about it is that it is Free Forever.

In this plan, you are given 10 credits per month but 40 bonus credits in the first month of using the plan.

You also can write your content in 25 languages and are limited to writing 2000 words per month. You also have access to all of the writing tools and templates.

This plan is great for anyone who is starting to use copywriting tools or is new to the software. Pro Plan 

This is a paid plan. This plan costs $49 when you pay monthly. But when you pay yearly, you get to save 40% by paying $36 per month, and a total of $432 per year.

In this plan, you have access to writing an unlimited number of words per month, and you can have 5 users using this software at the same time. 

You also have access to all of 90+ writing tools and templates. You can handle an unlimited number of writing projects, and have access to its blog wizard tool and all of newest features and community.

Before using this plan, you will be given a 7-day free trial to determine if you want to go ahead with the plan or not. Custom Plan 

This plan is specially designed for businesses and agencies with large teams. This plan doesn’t have a stated price, but the price is determined by the number of team members that you want to have on this platform. It is only billed yearly.

This plan is unique and comes with unlimited credits. You get access to everything listed in the Pro plan, and also collaboration features in the software.

Finally, Do Not have a Lifetime Deal for its users.

Overview Of Anyword Vs. 

Anyword and are simple copywriting tools that provide a solid foundation for writers, marketers, and businesses of all sorts, and skill levels to help improve their skills and digital marketing efforts.

While is great at producing short-form content, Anyword prioritizes and specializes in producing high-quality SEO-driven copies.

Although both tools offer good AI writing assistance, but not to the same degree. 

As a copywriter always looking to better my craft, I have explored both tools extensively. That is why in this article, I will am penning down all you need to know about each copywriting tool.


Anyword is an AI copywriting assistant that helps marketers generate diverse types of engaging content. It is a great tool for creating and optimizing content in a way that generates more sales and increases conversion rates. 

This AI writing tool is best known for its ability to create ads and landing page copy.

Anyword AI copywriting

ANYWORD which was formerly known as Keywee was founded in  2013 by Yaniv Makeover (co-founder and CEO), Adam Habari( co-founder and VP R&D), and Amon Joseph ( Co-founder) but was later modified In 2021. This name change was made to convey the company’s objective clearly which is to give real value to every word that marketers use in their copies.

Anyword’s platform was specially designed for marketers and to assist them in the creation of data-driven, high-performing copies.

It also can sort and evaluate text generated by both AI and humans, which allows it to provide marketers with messages that are perfectly tailored to resonate with their respective target audiences. 

Anyword has been able to help thousands of marketers globally to improve their most valuable asset, and it also provides these professionals with simple but outstanding solutions that allow them to maintain their position at the forefront of the marketing industry.

Let me give you a breakdown of my experience generating content with this smart writing assistant.

After I signed up for a plan, I was asked to confirm my email address was correct. After my identity had been confirmed, I was requested to log in. The following questions were then presented to me for my response:

  • My Job role
  • How many people work at my company 
  • How I heard about them

Once I filled this out, I was shown the features that were available for the free plan. These include:

  • Blog Wizard: The Anyword Blog Wizard is the component that gives you the ability to compose a whole blog post for your website. You only need to provide a brief description of the article you require and, if desired, some keywords. You’ll make the decision that you want to compose an article about the process of beginning a blog.
  • Website Targeted Messaging: This tool allows anyone to write a website copy in simple steps. All you need to do is enter the URL, choose the audience, and then produce your text. This will include the headline, the actual copy, and the call to action.
  • Data-Driven Editor: it helps analyze the text you input and makes suggestions based on what is understood to improve the quality of the content you generate. Everything that is produced by the tool is founded on a real study and interpretation of the data.

What Is Copy.AI? is a tool that gives freelance writers, marketers, business owners, and copywriters the ability to generate high-quality content for their clients’ companies. Additionally, it can assist you in writing product descriptions, captions for social media, and meta descriptions among others. was established in early 2020 by Chris Lu and Paul Yacoubian while they were roommates in San Francisco.

Their objective was to develop software that via the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, will generate appealing content for business owners, marketers, and copywriters globally.

There are over 25 different language options for Copy AI. In addition, there are a variety of writing styles and tones from which you can select based on the readers you intend to address. is designed to accommodate a wide variety of users with its extensive collection of over 90 tools and templates, including the following:

  • Email Marketers
  • Social media managers
  • Startup Teams
  • Freelance writers
  • Business owners
  • Marketing Agencies

I’ll describe how can be used to generate material in this part. page

Step 1: Decide on a copy type.

You must first decide what kind of text you want to write. provides a variety of alternatives, including blog entries, social network postings, website content, and more.

Step 2: Outline your service or product.

The next step is to describe your product or service. You may use to assist you to come up with growth concepts and keywords for your copy.

Step 3: Get Results.

Based on the data provided, copywriting software will then produce excellent copy for you in either long-form or bullet points.

Key Features Of Anyword &

Key Features Of Anyword

Anyword is a multifunctional marketing tool that includes tools and templates for generating material for marketing purposes, emails, ad copies, landing copies, product descriptions, SMS, etc. This software may be used for a variety of different marketing goals.

Some Key Features include;

Predictive Performance Score 

For each generated chunk of text that is processed by the tool, a score Is given. Other than the primary features of Anyword, which include fixing text for you, this score is one of the most exciting aspects.

When creating an ad for your business, all you need to do is fill the initial text into Anyword, and it returns an enhanced version that has been optimized to increase the number of conversions that occur as a result of that advertisement.

Plagiarism Checker 

This guarantees that information is clear and concise and that the content created is original.

Custom Keyboard and Mode

You can include important keywords in the text idea for the AI to use when generating any piece of content for you.

You can also customize this tool to write content consistently in any tone of voice you want or to that of any brand you admire or compete with.


Anyword also gives you the option of creating your custom use cases. If you want to use a different template than the ones that are already available in AI copywriting, you can make your own and use that one instead of the template options.

Flagging undesirable variants

When you use Anyword to generate text, it provides you with a variety of options to choose from. Some of these iterations are successful, while others are not as successful.

Anyword, on the other hand, offers a function that enables users to report undesirable variants and promotes the production of desirable variants.

Therefore, when you develop new content, outputs that are comparable to variants that have been flagged, will be stopped, and you will obtain a greater number of desirable variations.


You can produce captivating marketing messages using this advertising medium, which will encourage your intended audience to visit your website and make a purchase there. Anyword produces text that is attention-grabbing and focuses on revenue generation when the settings and modes necessary to generate SMS have been established.

Key Features Of

The copywriting tool has a variety of features that elevate it to the status of one of the most ideal writing tools for the production of high-quality long-form content.

The following are some of the top features it possesses:

Chrome Extension

It’s a pain to have to constantly switch between multiple tabs. developed an extension that enables users to work simultaneously using Google Docs and Gmail to simplify work processes while making them efficient.

Because the add-on incorporates all of the functionality that can be found on the website, you won’t have to go back to the website each time you want to use it. The plugin preserves your formatting when creating sales copy, allowing you to immediately copy and paste the generated copy into the tool of your choice.

User-Friendly Interface 

The interface of is intuitive, making it simple to locate the functions that are of use to you. It is important to take advantage of this functionality in particular if you want to get the most out of 


Because it is hosted in the cloud, it can be accessed from any device as long as it has an internet connection. This is a really useful feature, particularly if you intend to use while you are on the move.

Resources and Tutorials 

An extensive selection of teaching resources that can be used to make the most of the tool is made available by

Multilingual copywriting tool is multilingual, you may use it to write content in the language that you like to employ. The application provides support for a wide variety of languages, including Chinese, French, Spanish, and Russian, amongst others. This is a really helpful function, particularly if your audience is composed of people from all over the world.

Template Library has over 90 templates for writing different marketing copies. These templates are very helpful in writing product descriptions, social media posts, sales pages, landing pages, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. 

When you use the template library, you can easily fill in the blank space with your copy title, and copy keywords. The software will produce excellent sales copy and copywriting results. 


It is modifiable and it may be tailored to suit the requirements of a particular organization. This is a really helpful tool, particularly if your goal is to provide material that is tailored to a certain market segment or sector in which you operate.

Anyword Vs. Pros And Cons

Both AI copywriting tools have good features for marketing content, blogging content, etc with diverse use cases that can make the creation of this content easier.  As good as they may seem, they also have some areas that should be worked on. I’ll be listing out their pros and cons.

Anyword Pros And Cons


  • Anyword has a good user interface which is easy to navigate and can be understood very easily.
  • It allows the tone of voice selection for content.
  • Anyword uses AIDA ( i.e Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)  and PAS (i.e Problem-Agitate-Solution) framework to produce content.
  • It creates diverse content that is well-targeted to your current audience.
  • Has over 100 copywriting tools and can create sharp CTAs.


  • It doesn’t have an Android version. It can only be used on a desktop.
  • It has very limited writing credits on free trials.
  • Anyword can be expensive for individuals and businesses with a limited budget. Pros And Cons


  • It has easy-to-use templates which can save you so much time when creating a high-quality copy.
  • has over 90 writing tools.
  • Has a free plan which is free forever. And you also have a 7-day free trial on the pro plan before using it or canceling your subscription.
  • Has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use and navigate tools or projects on your dashboard.
  • has an inbuilt grammar and plagiarism checker to aid your writing.


  • It has a very faulty Chrome Extension.
  • doesn’t integrate with any other third-party app or tool.
  • You still need to fact-check and proofread the content generated to avoid lots of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • It cannot produce long-form content without lagging.
  • The free plan is very limited, and the pro plan can be very expensive for small businesses or agencies to purchase.

Anyword Vs. Which Is The Best Copywriting Tool

After carefully comparing both tools side by side, I would advise anyone with a limited budget to try out first over Anyword, because offers a free plan, and also a 14-day free trial on its paid plan. 

This free plan will help you make the most of its features, and help you decide if you want to proceed to a paid plan or move to another copywriting tool.

In conclusion, whether you are fascinated by the unique abilities of Anyword or the simple interface of, choosing a Copywriting tool for your business, website, or personal use depends on what content you want to generate, the price, and the features that are suitable for you. Whether you choose Anyword or copywriting tool, you are still in very safe hands.

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