Buildapreneur: Review, Affiliate Program, Chrome Extension, Courses & Everything to Know

Buildapreneur review

In this Buildapreneur review piece, I’m going to talk about everything there is to know about Buildapreneur.

Maybe you’ve been wondering about the hype surrounding the name/term “BUILDAPRENEUR” and you want to know if everything being speculated about it is genuine or just scam?

At the end of this little complete Buildapreneur review, you would have known all there is to know about it, the founder, Buildapreneur courses, software tools, its affiliate program, how rewarding it is and how to make money fast off it. No JOKE!

See what I will be covering below:

What is Buildapreneur?

Buildaprenuer is an LLC company founded by a seven-figure affiliate income earner and it is aimed at helping every low and zero-income affiliate marketer make a full-time living with affiliate marketing.

Everything about Buildapreneur is all about helping you create your passive income using simplified affiliate marketing systems without breaking your bank.

From the homepage alone:

Buildapreneur homapage

You’ll see that its main goal is to teach you how to build your affiliate marketing business from ground to top. And then you can select which affiliate programs you want to promote to make money.

Btw, who is really the guy behind Buildapreneur?

Let’s find out…

Who’s The Founder Of Buildapreneur?

I guess you might have heard of the name ‘Spencer Mecham’ when it comes to affiliate marketing? Yes! He’s the brain behind Buildapreneur, a seven-figure affiliate income earner. Spencer Mecham is the founder and owner of Buildapreneur LLC.

Buildapreneur - Spencer Mecham

Here’s a little detail about this guy just in case you don’t know him so well.:

Spencer Mecham is a full-time affiliate marketer, Online marketing coach, YouTuber, and course creator, generating seven figures every year from affiliate marketing.

Spencer graduated with a degree in PR from Brigham Young University but struggled with affiliate marketing just as most of us and would-be affiliate marketers.

Before he finally cracked the CODE.

He was however offered to build funnels for the company he was working for then using ClickFunnels. Just after signing up for ClickFunnels, he discovered their affiliate program to be the best he would have to promote…

And then he quickly took advantage of it and he exploded in his affiliate marketing adventure thereafter to becoming ClickFunnels no.1 affiliate marketer.

Fast forward to this day, Spencer Mecham was the very first affiliate marketer to have reached $1 million in ClickFunnels commission, the first to have joined the ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club (as an affiliate), and has in the process won multiple dream car awards.

Outside his numerous courses on affiliate marketing and online marketing in general, he also has a Facebook group ‘Automation Nation, passive income system for entrepreneur ‘ where he offers his followers valuable information on affiliate marketing.

Automation Nation Facebook group

In fact, his awesome group was one of the best affiliate marketing groups I discovered on Facebook.

Spencer Mecham has also been featured in several interviews, blogs, and events. Like Funnel Hacking Live, Modest Money, HuffPost…

Not also forgetting the ClickFunnels 30 days summit where he laid out a step-by-step 30days plan on how he’d go from a broke entrepreneur to multiple making figures within 30days (among others).

He was a part of the new affiliate Bootcamp summit.

His strategy in the new Affiliate Bootcamp summit that was held mid-2019 is something you shouldn’t miss. He was among other 15 super affiliates that revealed how they’d go from nobody to somebody in making affiliate commissions. Check it out here for free.

Within 100 days.

Now let us talk about Spencer’s Buildapreneur courses.

Buildapreneur Courses

Ever since I came across Spencer Mecham, he has been a very generous guy. Like he gives way lots of stuff for free.

When you check out Spencer’s Buildapreneur website you will see lots of free courses that go in-depth on different marketing strategies and he doesn’t charge a penny for those.

So far, the only paid stuff I know Spencer has is his breath-taking course called Affiliate Secrets 3.0 which happens to be the best affiliate course I have seen so far.

But I want to make it clear to you that every penny spent on Affiliate Secrets course is worth it for so many reasons I will be pointing out.

First, the comprehensive course was designed by one of the leading affiliate marketers in the industry who has achieved tremendous success with affiliate marketing.

Coming from no much experience to becoming the first affiliate marketer to bank in $1 million in ClickFunnels affiliate commission; be rest assured has a lot to offer you through his course.

For now, I want to show you the course you’ll find on

#1: Buildapreneur Affiliate Secrets Course

Yeah, you are right this is his paid course, for more information you can check out the free masterclass training here or check out the landing page/sales page of the course here to view testimonials and everything you get within the course.

You can even open up this detailed review of his paid course, so you can read later.

#2: ClickFunnels A-Z Course

Buildapreneur free ClickFunnels course

This is one of the free Buildapreneur courses you’re getting in the Buildapreneur website. To access this course, you have to signup and get into the members’ area to start taking the ClickFunnels course.

This course has about 14 lessons to teach you all that you would ever need to succeed using ClickFunnels software and getting the best out of it. Even if don’t use ClickFunnels, you can see how sales funnels work in general.

#3: Copywriting Secrets Course

Buildapreneur free Copywriting course

This is yet another great course with 28 lessons to teach you all that you need to be a good copywriter. The Buildapreneur copywriting course was created by Nico Moreno who gave Spencer the complete white label rights to the course.

This course helped Spencer Mecham tremendously, so he decided to get the rights for his audience so he’d be able to share to those struggling with copywriting or who can’t afford a course.

Or maybe you can’t afford an easy to use copywriting software like Funnel Scripts, then start with this course.

#4: Affiliate Marketing 101 Course

Buildapreneur free affiliate course

Affiliate marketing 101 by Buildapreneur is a beginner-friendly affiliate marketing course. It will teach you the basics to get your career as an affiliate marketer started.

I have to say that this course isn’t a complete course to affiliate marketing, but rather it only teaches just the basics to a complete beginner. It comes with only 13 lessons.

If you can afford an in-depth course, then Affiliate Secrets is the best bet!

#5: Email Marketing Course

Free email and automation course

When it comes to email marketing and automation, Spencer is a beast in that area! No doubt about that. If you don’t know yet then signup to any of his free courses or class.

Take for example Register for his free Masterclass to see what I’m talking about.

This free email marketing course on Buildapreneur will help you become a better email marketer with great tips, secrets and ways to get started. There are 19 lessons in this course.

#6 Course: Web Design for The True Beginner

free web design course

Step contains a step-by-step process on how to create your first website. You have all the 19 lessons in this course to yourself to teach you all that you would ever need to become a web designer. This one contains about 20 lessons.

There other Buildapreneur courses that are currently in the works, such as the:

  • Messenger Bots course
  • And the “Create An Online Course” course

Both coming soon…

Buildapreneur Social On Media

This part of this Spencer Mecham Buildapreneur review talks about his social media presence and follower counts:

Buildapreneur YouTube

Spencer is known to be an amazing YouTuber. There is even a part on his paid course that dives in deeply on how to dominate on your affiliate and online marketing business on YouTube.

So, you would tell that he is doing bad when it comes to YouTube. You can check out his channel to see good he going with his YT marketing game.

Buildapreneur YouTube

He does insightful and valuable videos over YouTube and as you can see above he has accumulated close to 12k subscribers as at the time of writing of this post.

Buildapreneur Instagram

You would also find Spencer on Instagram doing his thing. He used to rock over on Instagram, but he slowed down on it a while back to focus on other affiliate marketing traffic channels.

His Affiliate Secrets course also has a special part thought by an Instagram expert on how to grow and monetize your Instagram account from scratch.

Currently, he has close to 40k Instagram followers.

Buildapreneur Instagram

Buildapreneur Facebook

Having thousands of followers on YouTube and Instagram, Buildapreneur official Facebook page has only about 1.3k likes.

Then, on the other hand, the founder – Spencer Mecham has close to 4k profile followers and close to 10k Facebook group members. Not bad as affiliate marketing influencer if you ask me 😉.


Let’s not talk about Twitter because that’s nothing to write home about. Just 34 followers hehe…

Buildapreneur Software

Despite Spencer is not known to be a software developer, but he founded a chrome extension which became one of the most used affiliate marketing software by ClickFunnels affiliates. It’s called CF affiliate grabber. Let us take a brief look at it.

Affiliate Grabber Chrome Extension

Buildapreneur CF Affiliate Grabber tool is a chrome extension that is recommended for every ClickFunnels affiliate marketer out there if they want to make more commissions.

CF affiliate grabber tool

This is a free and easy to use plugin script that helps you as a ClickFunnels affiliate to automate your ClickFunnels affiliate offers and deals. All you have to do is get the chrome extension and quickly integrate it with Zapier and your email autoresponder.

There is also a video on how to set up faster. This is a must use for every CF affiliate.

Buildapreneur Affiliate Program

Spencer pays you 50% commission for every person you refer to buy his course ($897). You can sign up to become an affiliate of Buildapreneur and also make good cash by sending traffic (that converts) to his pages/funnel.

Sign up at

I’m also an affiliate of his course myself and I can tell you that, I’m not doing bad myself pushing both his free and paid courses. I choose to promote him because there are thousands of people out there who are really in need of a course and desire to learn from nothing but the best…

And like we both know, they’re quite a lot of fake ‘gurus’ out here reaping innocent people off. The course has produced million making affiliates, not to talk of over a dozen dream car winners.

That’s why I’m trying my best to let people know about Spencer and his Buildapreneur empire. If you have any plan to promote his paid course, I will advise you to gain sufficient knowledge on how to drive traffic and promote affiliate offers.

This very critical my friend!

Preferably, I would say you should take his paid course. Because that’s where most of the hidden secrets on crushing it with any affiliate marketing offer is.

And all you need to cover for it is helping online others out who needs it, by recommending at least 2 persons. I will give you the secret sauce to covering the course cost in the next section.

When you are ready to buy the course from this page, I will give you some crazy bonuses that already covers the course itself and also make sure you get the best executing what’s inside Spencer’s Affiliate Secret course.

Here is what you get from me when you buy Affiliate Secrets using my link:

complete bonuses
  • Bonus #1: Unlimited Email/Chat Support – Access to my private email/FB support till you start making good money as an affiliate + my fast ranking SEO strategies (not in the course)
  • Bonus #2: Tier5 Mega Software Bundle – Get personal access to 6 software’s that will are highly effective in bringing results in your business.
  • Bonus #3: My comprehensive course on mastering ClickFunnels funnel building platform. 40 detailed videos.
  • Bonus #4: CF Share Funnel Library + White Label Rights – 31 share funnels you can directly import into your CF account.
  • Bonus #5: DFY Email Marketing swipes + White Label Rights – Pre-written email swipes you can use to promote any affiliate offers and own lifetime access.
  • Bonus #6: Definitive List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs + White Label Rights – List of over 130+ affiliate programs that offer lifetime recurring commissions.
  • Bonus #7: Group convert Facebook group lead generation tool.
  • Bonus #8: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library + White Label Rights – Get the exact Facebook ads that 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs are running right now.

Not only will these bonuses set you apart in the online space, but will also help you attain your goals as an affiliate marketer faster!

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Buy Affiliate Secrets Here and send me an email with the subject “A.S BONUS” to get your Bonuses.

Now to the final section and the ACTION PART (secret sauce)

Final Thoughts + Action Required

Now that you have seen everything about Buildapreneur and all the stuff Spencer offers. I want to show how to best make money fast while starting out as a beginner in this space. Even while taking any course.

Disclaimer: This strategy I’m about to share was explained by Jacob Caris who runs one of the best affiliate marketing groups and a dream car winner.

Promoting Affiliate Secrets (or any course) and making money from it:

#1 step: Buy the course

#2: Go through the course in detail

#3: Share with your audience what you’re learning (this is great especially on Facebook, if you are new to this. Add friends from related groups if none of your current friends are in the make money niche)

#4: Share your story & why you are doing this (More on this inside the Dotcom Secrets book)

#5: Share your goals with the course and what you will achieve in a very confident manner.

#6: Share the results your mentor/course creator and other students are getting with the training

#7: Start implementing everything being thought inside the course

#8: Share as many transformations you are experiencing (mindset, goals, ideology, etc.)

#9: Also share with your audience how you are implementing and what you’re doing each step.

#10: Keep sharing more results from your mentor and other students (proof and testimonials moves people)

#11: More proof by doing interviews with other successful students

#12: Also share your wins & losses, share your new connections through the course or community.

Yeah, that is all!

Jacob also went further in his post for you to include a regular CTA (Call to action) throughout steps 3-12. For example, things like:

  • “If you’d like to also learn how to do this”
  • “If you’d like to join me on this path”
  • “If you want to connect with my mentor”
  • “If you want to join this amazing community, I am part of”
  • “If you want to get results, I’m going to achieve with this course”

All the above can end up with something like SIGN UP HERE, JOIN HERE, CHECK IT OUT, CLICK THE LINK BELOW, etc… Then put the affiliate link of the course you are taking.

Crazily simple mehn!

The thing is, it doesn’t always have to be your results, your words, your experience. Be a messenger for a good product (like Affiliate Secrets) and share your journey with it.

There you have the secret sauce! Thanks to Jacob Caris for this 😊

So, which of Spencer Mecham’s contents on Buildapreneur are going to jump on first?

His free or his paid contents? Don’t also forget to get my helpful bonuses when you are ready to buy his course. GO CRUSH IT, FRIEND!