Cancel Your ClickFunnels subscription

I’m sitting in front of my computer scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw a question in one of the marketing groups and saw someone asked:

How do I cancel my subscription to ClickFunnels?

I was like:

Why would this fellow want to cancel his ClickFunnels subscription? That made me remember how I had canceled my own ClickFunnels account couples of times in the past.

I mean, I was kind of frustrated and the whole funnel thing looks new. I made no money for months and I had to cancel it and look elsewhere. Not once but THREE TIMES!

Fast-forwarded to now…

Look at where I am, happily giving Russell Brunson my $97 every month and leveraging the platform to help lives and make money. What could be more fulfilling?

Russell take my money

That’s out of the way…

Locating the right section inside your ClickFunnels account when it’s time to cancel or delete can be tricky.

That’s why I made this post to show you how to happily close, deactivate or cancel your ClickFunnels account subscription for good. I will list the steps involved now. Also, make sure you read to the end of this little piece to see what I got for you after canceling your account.

Or you might even change your mind and keep your funnels without paying $97 or $297 monthly. You already know that I guess? 😊


How To Cancel Your ClickFunnels Account

Here are the steps involved in canceling your ClickFunnels subscription:

  • Login to your Account or Access the Dashboard.
  • Hover over the Profile Icon in the Upper Right Corner of your Dashboard.
  • In the drop down menu, select Account Settings.

Account settings

  • On the next page select the Account Billing tab on the left-hand side.
  • Then Click On Cancel Account

Cancelling ClickFunnels account

The account cancellation is broken into three steps…

  • For Step 1 select the yellow button labeled Cancel My Subscription.
  • Step 2 will prompt an Exit Survey. Select one of the options to Cancel your Subscription.
  • Step 3 will offer you free training and a chance to join the Affiliate Program, scroll down to select Cancel or Pause.

Cancel process

  • Once you have selected Cancel My Account, your account is closed.
  • You will not be charged further.
  • To Reactivate your account, you can log in at any time and select the subscription you would like to have.


Why Should You Cancel Your ClickFunnels Account?

Like I said earlier it wasn’t really easy for me when I first started using ClickFunnels. I was like a baby who was learning how to walk.

No matter how hard I tried to move one of my legs and take a step, I fall flat to the ground.

That’s to show you how difficult it was for me then. Out of frustration I canceled my ClickFunnels account and went back struggling in my online business.

To be honest, I really wished and wanted to make this ClickFunnels thing work back then, but I just don’t know how and where to start. The BIG problem was that I really do not have any good plan and strategy in place. I haven’t decided what I really needed ClickFunnels for before I jumped on it.

I saw how people were sharing testimonies and posting screenshot of figures, so I got myself a ClickFunnels account thinking that’s what I need to make money too.

Poor me. I was damn wrong!

I didn't make money

Moving on…

Let me give you few reasons why you should cancel your ClickFunnels subscription plus what you should also fix.

Shall we?

Reason #1: No Service and No Product

You have no service to render to clients and no product of your own – why signup for ClickFunnels at the first place? I don’t think it makes sense. Does it?

I understand, probably you want to learn how to build sales funnel and help other business owners build theirs or you want to use it for your future products or services. That’s not a bad idea.

But I highly recommend you signup through someone who has been using the software for a while so he/she can guide you and give you the necessary support, tools, and resources you need to get the best from this ClickFunnels.

This applies to other marketing tools out there.

Having said that, my advice to anyone who wants to signup for ClickFunnels is for them to get clear on what they need ClickFunnels.

This will help a lot, so during your 14-day trial period you can at least get started with something and achieved quite a few things. Instead trying to figure things out within the trial period.

Isn’t it sweet launching your funnel during your free trial?

Cancel your ClickFunnels account or subscription if you don’t have any idea or clarity of what you want to accomplish with ClickFunnels.

Reason #2: Not Interested In Sales Funnels

Could this be a reason? Maybe…

I had never really understood the concept of sales funnel completely, not until after I read DotCom Secrets and saw the secrets most the successful marketers use in making great returns on the backend.

Get DotCom Secrets here (free plus shipping).

That was when I saw the impact it could make in any online business.

That said,

If you feel that the type of business you operate do not need an online sales funnel to run, then please cancel your ClickFunnels account. Full stop.

But hey, is there an online business that doesn’t need a sales funnel? May be very very few.

If your business does not need a lead capture page or squeeze page, sales page, shopping cart, email marketing software, and all that – then cancel your ClickFunnels subscription.

Reason #3: You Hate ClickFunnels or Fed-up Of ClickFunnels

fed up of ClickFunnels

I have to be sincere and admit that not every SaaS platform was built to be perfect. Seriously.

You will see a lot of people, blogs or sites telling you that ClickFunnels is perfect for everything, for everyone and for every business.

I know…

It’s really difficult for them to give bad opinion about ClickFunnels because they make quite a good commission recommending ClickFunnels and wouldn’t want to do that. Even though the problems with ClickFunnels are boldly written on the wall.

ClickFunnels comes with own flaws, so are much other software’s out there.

I know a few people who migrated to its closest competitor Kartra and others who went back to using WordPress coupled with other plugins. You can also read my Kartra review here when you got the time.

Mind you those tools also have their own bad parts.

But that doesn’t mean that ClickFunnels is a bad platform. Of course, everybody with his/her own choice. For me, it’s still okay for what I use it for.

And as it is with everything, you have decided to move on and do away with it. You can cancel your ClickFunnels account as well.


Why Shouldn’t Cancel Your ClickFunnels Account

No! I’m not here to convince you to keep your ClickFunnels account.


Did you notice I didn’t put anything price or cost on why you should cancel your ClickFunnels subscription? That is because anybody Clicking the signup link already knows the worth of an all-in-one tool and its capabilities.

I just want to quickly give a few reasons I would keep using ClickFunnels if I have gotten CLARITY or reached a particular stage in my business. You don’t really need to read this part.

It is optional.

Are you still around?

Okay, let’s go!

Reason #1: It Takes Practice To be Perfect

I don’t want to go over repeating what I’ve said or what you already know. If you’ve gotten clarity on what you desire to accomplish with ClickFunnels, then I think your problem could be finding ClickFunnels difficult to use or marketing related issues. Which is normal.

It takes practice to attain perfection.

It takes practice

In fact, your very first set of funnels will surely be ugly and so funny when looked at. But you can’t build your 20th or 50th sales funnel without making your first, my friend. Even the templates are there to help.

Do not try to cancel your ClickFunnels account if you’re in middle of giving up because you find it hard to set up or integrate something inside of your ClickFunnels account.

There lots of people out there willing to help without any ulterior motive.

Maybe you don’t know how to write compelling sales copy, emails, webinar scripts, and craft offers. I’ve been there and it always gets better. Trust me!

That’s why there are numerous ClickFunnels training out there. And for writing any type of copy (emails, webinars, sales, VSLs) you got a helping hand like Funnel Scripts. Here is a free copywriting training for a start.

The point I’m trying to make is: just keep at it friend!. Don’t cancel your ClickFunnels subscription yet.

Reason #2: Only 3 Users Needed To Pay Your Funnels

You really want to cancel your ClickFunnels account and move to another platform or what? Why cancel your account when you can keep still keep it and allow it pay for itself?

I mean, just get up to 3 users with your affiliate link and you can come back to build on ClickFunnels whenever you like. This only applies when you do not like to lose your amazing funnel templates and things you’ve built out on ClickFunnels.

And you still want them to be running on the internet.

Another option is for you to pause your ClickFunnels account for $9.99/mo subscription so you wont lose your funnels. But they won’t be available online.

Affiliate Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

Either way, just do what you feel is right for your business and online hustle.

Hope this article on canceling your subscription to ClickFunnels was helpful?

You can drop your comment or reach out privately if you need any type of assistance.


    1. Hi Unes, thanks for commenting!

      You don’t have to worry about hosting because ClickFunnels hosts everything for you, then for domain – you get free domains (3 on the $97 plan and unlimited domain on the $297 plan). You can check out this ClickFunnels pricing post to be clarified more.

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