ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Review

If I had the same opportunity you’re having right now – when I started my affiliate marketing journey months ago…

Then, by NOW I should have been on my way to making tens of thousands of dollars in monthly income of affiliate sales.

The New ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp isn’t a training anyone who is starting out in the affiliate marketing space should ignore.

I’ve been in this space for quite some time – thinking I know what it takes to make reasonable affiliate commissions.

But this training really brought out the stupidity in me! I was left in awe when I began going through this training.

Nobody knows it all after all!

How come the new Affiliate Bootcamp training?

Maybe you’re not aware about ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp before now, it used to be a free training by ClickFunnels where you learn how drive traffic to any affiliate offer using paid strategies.

But that training was solely geared on how to promote ClickFunnels as product.

Affiliate Bootcamp logo

Yeah, I know quite well that ClickFunnels has one of the best affiliate programs – which pays you 40% recurring affiliate commissions.

Not just that – the ‘stickie cookie’ feature makes it even more enticing to promote as an affiliate offer.

But all those are by the way

You could also employ the tactics taught in the old Affiliate Bootcamp to drive traffic to any affiliate offer and make sales… Not just ClickFunnels.


Most of the strategies, offers and traffic methods in that former ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp were all and outdated.

Been years!

To an extent where hundreds of folks who wanted to learn how affiliate marketing works – found it difficult to learn and apply what was being taught.

This industry is dynamic, you know.

That was when ClickFunnels saw it as a wise option to DO AWAY with the outdated Affiliate Bootcamp training to create this new one.

Which I think is going to blow your mind.

What’s this new Bootcamp training all about?

The new Affiliate Bootcamp comprises of a 4-day long interview series where 15 ClickFunnels super affiliates get together to talk about the exact strategies that took them from zero to the top 1% affiliate.

You’ll have the exact strategies and plans these 6, 7 and 8 figure marketers would use in earning full-time commissions as an affiliate marketer within 100-days.

CF Bootcamp

I think this is the greatest affiliate training ClickFunnels has ever published! And the BEST FREE affiliate marketing course you can find in the whole internet.

Because you wouldn’t just learn from one, two or three experts – rather you’ll see wondrous ways (you’ve never seen) affiliate offers are being promoted.

This is in form of a presentation where Russell Brunson interviewed 15 of his super affiliates to tell struggling affiliate marketers how to turn an affiliate hobby into a full-time career.

Who are the Super Affiliates and what will you learn?

Here are the names of affiliates you get to extract their knowledge plus what you’ll learn from each of them during their interview:

Day1 interview series…

#1 interview: Steve Larsen

Steve Larsen is a funnel building expert who used to help Russell Brunson to build funnels over at ClickFunnels. He later left ClickFunnels to establish his own million-dollar business.

He is the brain behind the popular salesfunnelradio podcast where he unleashes diverse marketing strategies to help entrepreneurs crush it in the online marketing space.

And also, a coach in the One Funnel Away Challenge…

Topic: How create an irresistible offer that makes it nearly impossible for your customers to say “no.”

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #1 Steve Larsen

Below are what were covered:

  • The #1 biggest mistake you can make with your affiliate commissions (not doing this could sink your business)
  • How one of the most widely used affiliate strategies is actually the fastest way to kill your chances at being a super affiliate
  • How to create irresistible offers that outsell and out-value your competition by a landslide, so you never have to compete on price again
  • The secret to publishing endless amounts of content fast – without having to think of new ideas (or spend tons of extra precious time during your day!)
  • How to get key influencers (who are larger than you) to do the hard work for you

#2 interview: Dave Gambril

Topic: the secret key to getting your buyers to stay with you month after month.

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #1 Dave Grambil

You’ll learn:

  • How to generate consistent growth as a super affiliate, month in and month out… without damaging a single relationship
  • Why getting a “slow start” as an affiliate is not a bad thing (in fact, it’s the faster approach to the end goal!)
  • The top 2 questions to ask your customers to immediately position yourself as the expert even though you may not feel like one
  • 4 “not so obvious” strategies that will leverage every ounce of time you feel you don’t have, so you can get far more done in a day than you believe possible

#3 interview: Rachel Pedersen

Topic: using the power of relationships to find the right customers that you help

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #1 Rachel Pedersen

You’ll learn:

  • Why the last thing you need to scale is a “money printing machine” … (even though this is what many online gurus preach!)
  • Rachel’s “Divide vs. Unite” method that allows you to zero in on the perfect people to target for your affiliate offer
  • How to leverage “Cure” messaging vs. “Prevention” messaging (and which one people will always pay way more for)
  • The “Authority Jacking” method for quickly growing a loyal audience, without faking your reputation

Next is the day2 interview series…

#4 interview: Jim Edwards 

Topic: how to dominate the affiliate leaderboard and become the #1 top-producing super affiliate

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #2 Jim Edwards

You’ll learn:

  • The 6-phase plan that he used to start from scratch, and make a full-time living as a super affiliate
  • The 4 “pre-homework” tasks that must be done and rock-solid before you craft your message (in order to scale and penetrate fast)
  • His secret to crushing affiliate contests and being the #1 top-selling affiliate for several online marketing products by “a country mile”
  • The “7-point checklist” that should be included in every “value trade” to outsell any other affiliate
  • How to frame yourself as the product expert…even if you didn’t create the product yourself

#5 interview: Greg Jeffries

Topic: the simple process I use to find pockets of low-cost, low-competition traffic who are already actively searching for a solution…

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #2 Greg Jeffries

You’ll learn:

  • The best place to find which keywords are going to be your top “money phrases” that almost nobody is competing with… (and it’s free!)
  • How to know whether or not you’re entering into a saturated market… (and if it is saturated, how to stand out far above the rest) 
  • The fastest way to destroy any chances of ranking on google and YouTube…and the best way to get around those pitfalls!
  • The 2 tasks you must do before creating any content (this saves you a ton of time, and helps drive more sales and conversions)

#6 interview: Jacob Caris 

Topic: how to become a super affiliate when you have a ton of other commitments and almost no time in your day

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #2 Jacob Caris

You’ll learn:

  • The crucial, simple piece of an affiliate funnel that most people forget to add in… (and it can double your sales!)
  • The “beginner’s content schedule” – a bare bones weekly schedule that Jacob used to seed his community with the first 1,000 people in just 40 days!
  • The 5 best plug-ins to help your blog gain traction fast and increase new affiliate sign ups
  • The 10-day “quick-fix” to skyrocketing engagement in your Facebook community and creating loyal customers that stick around longer

#7 interview: Dana Derricks 

Topic: the key to getting unlimited hot (and warm) traffic…for free

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #1 Dana Derricks

You’ll learn:

  • How to get sellers in your industry to send their continuous stream of buyers straight to your offer…so you don’t have to spend a dime on ads!
  • Why Dana absolutely forbids you from ever “selling ClickFunnels” … (even though he’s one of their top affiliates)
  • The critical difference between having a “product” vs. Having an actual “business.” (this is how Dana initially tripled his copywriting business from $96k/yr. To $336k/yr!)
  • Why getting people to jump on your affiliate offer should be just like taking a trip to the doctor’s office!
  • The #1 reason why people give great value but don’t see success…even though they are giving the right services away

Next is the day3 interview series…

#8 interview: Joe Marfoglio 

Topic: creating YouTube videos that your audience will click on and watch all the way through!

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #3 Joe Marfoglio

You’ll learn:

  • The #1 most overlooked, “in-your-face” YouTube hack that can take your content to the top in the first 7 days…
  • The “show formula” – a second-by-second breakdown of exactly what you should be talking about (and at what timestamp) for each of your videos.
  • How to overwhelm Youtube’s algorithm, so that your traffic only sees a flood of your videos when they type in your keyword.
  • Joe’s “go-to” pieces of equipment that he uses regularly for shooting great videos – (you do not have to get fancy, or spend a ton of money to make a video look amazing!)
  • Joe’s “know your C.R.A.P.” method to getting your videos ranked on YouTube

#9 interview: Spencer Mecham 

Topic: how to leverage the people who are already searching for a solution

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #3 Spencer Mecham

You’ll learn:

  • How to find and easily scoop up the spicy hot leads who are already seconds away from buying ClickFunnels (but they just need something to help them make a buying decision…)
  • How to find the best (and affordable) contractors to help you crank out a ton of high-quality content quickly (…and how much spencer pays for each of the different contractors on his team)
  • Why you have a major advantage as a new affiliate…even if you don’t have any current products to give your customers
  • The #1 strategy Spencer wishes he would have done when he got started as an affiliate (…which would have earned him a dream car a lot faster!”
  • You’ll get little-known strategies for creating explosive “reactive growth” in your business!

#10 interview: Marley Baird 

Topic: why YouTube is the #1 best way to generate leads, and get affiliate sales

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #3 Marley Baird

  • How to get all the video and content topics you need (and never run out of ideas) without “reinventing the wheel”
  • Marley’s step-by-step “reverse engineered” process that drives steady streams of people straight to ClickFunnels
  • How she shows up on the first page of google (without spending a penny on it) out of millions of results!
  • The critical piece on your landing page is never seen…but can more than double your sales!

#11 interview: JR Rivas 

Topic: how to organically attract and build your audience through a perfectly designed FB profile

CF Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #3 JR Rivas

  • The “little known” resource that shows you the best mentors to follow to help you become a super affiliate
  • The fully-loaded 8-part bonus offer that JR used to get streams of his followers to try out ClickFunnels (enough to be a full course worth $497!)
  • JR’s brilliant “academy” method that provides high-value to his followers, while selling ClickFunnels to them in disguise
  • The right bait to use on your FB page to reel in ideal traffic (and the 7 easy-to-fix mistakes most people make that cause your potential followers to “swim away”)
  • How to transform your Facebook page into its own funnel…and increase engagement and signups for your private Facebook group
  • How to appear confident and knowledgeable in your Facebook posts, even if you’re putting yourself out there for the first time, and are terrified to post.

Next is the day4 interview series…

#12 interview: Josh Rhodes 

Topic: how to take a simple “agency” approach to generate 100+ affiliates in 100 days

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #4 Josh Rhodes

  • The best way to get more traction without waiting years for your affiliates to build up (this is especially critical if you’re trying to generate your first few handfuls of affiliates!)
  • How to create a “house of mirrors”- and why this is essential in scaling your agency
  • The secret weapon to EASY one-on-one interactions with potential customers that lets you both form a “win-win”
  • How to quickly identify the right O.P. that creates a ‘vein of gold,’and allows you to generate recurring affiliate income
  • The “4 Areas of Impact” that you should be obsessing about over the next 100 days (if you want to grow as an affiliate) 

#13 interview: Tyler S. Clark

Topic: the 11 actionable steps that got me from 0 to 106 paying ClickFunnels affiliates in 100 days

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #4 Tyler S Clark

  • Topic: The step-by-step process Tyler used to go from a brand-new affiliate marketer to “dream car” earner in 100 days…without an email list and without overspending on advertising or advice!
  • Why giving away too many bonuses to your potential customers can backfire and cause you to lose affiliates…even if your bonuses are super enticing and relevant to what they will need
  • The quickest way to ruin the relationship with any social media followers you do have, and ensure nobody takes you serious as an affiliate
  • The overlooked (and often neglected) way to expand your affiliate network at break-neck speed (step 7)

#14 interview: Billy Gene

Topic: how to demonstrate your “map” and guide your audience straight to their destination

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #4 Billy Gene

  • The marketing “switch” that allows you to promote ClickFunnels without ever having to actually “sell” it…
  • The 11-step process to help your audience see how easy it is to use ClickFunnels and want to raise their hand and try it for themselves!
  • The psychology behind why overnight brands such as snuggie and ShamWow worked so well…and got the best clicks and conversions
  • How to create a “map” for your audience through your message that leads them directly to their real destination! (…it’s usually not the destination they think they’re after…)
  • How to strategically weave ClickFunnels into your map, so your audience sells themselves on why they can’t live without i

#15 interview: Peng Joon

Topic: how to create powerful ‘leverage’ and build a list for free as a super affiliate

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Day #4 Peng Joon

  • The timeless strategy Peng Joon used to generate over 1,000+ affiliate referrals without having a single ‘affiliate funnel’
  • How he “begins with the end in mind” to get a lot of people signing up for ClickFunnels using his affiliate link
  • How you sell ClickFunnels will determine how long your affiliates will remain a recurring ClickFunnels user
  • The secret hack to leverage others to get affiliates for you…without paying out of pocket for them
  • How to help your customer see $97/month as critical to their ROI (and something they absolutely want to pay every month) rather than an expense (which they’ll cancel after just a month or two…)

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit review –Taking Action

Although, you can use sales funnels and ClickFunnels for affiliate marketing, however, that’s not a prerequisite for having success.

There are other methods.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit is the best way to help anyone who is having difficulty in promoting any affiliate products or services crush it big time.

Whether with Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, SEO, or any method at all!

But going through all the above interviews without ACTION is really a waste of your time. Do not take it for granted because it is FREE!

Which I know 95% of you won’t take this serious…

Here’s what I want you to do:

*When you go signup here

*You’ll be taking to page where will be given an option to enroll for the OFA challenge (optional)

*Then go check your inbox to see a mail from Russell Brunson (wait for the first lesson)

*Do make sure you take down notes on each of the presentations through the 4 days

*After going through the 4-day series of the whole Affiliate Bootcamp presentations

*Then pick from one of the interviews and start implementing their plans. For example, if you want to go the Blogging route then:

Follow Greg Jeffries 100-day affiliate plan (you’ll need few strategies from Jacob Caris as well)

Maybe for YouTube then:

Joe Marfoglio’s and Marley Baird’s 100-day affiliate plan would be a perfect road map!

You get the point, right?

The Affiliate Bootcamp Summit – Conclusion

Be aware that each of the interviews will be available for 24 hours only once they go live. So, it’s advisable you stay committed to it daily once you start.

But if you want Lifetime access to them all – you can take up on the OFA Challenge offer (which I’ve gone through and it changed my business).

Not just that!

You’ll also get:

  • Exclusive interview with each of the speakers, sharing their funnel walk-throughs
  • The 100 days to becoming a ClickFunnels Super affiliate eBook

Either way you can still take advantage of the free presentations itself right now – because I don’t really know how long these interviews would stay free.

But I know as at the time of writing this ClickFunnels Bootcamp review – it is still open to all.

What are thoughts about this amazing opportunity?

>>>Click here to reserve your spot for FREE<<<

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