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Does ClickFunnels actually have an email autoresponder?

Whether ClickFunnels has an autoresponder or not is usually a concerning question that is being asked by those who are new to the platform or just in the middle of getting started…

…With ClickFunnels as their sales funnel building platform.

I will not only clarify that in this helpful post, but I will also go into details on how the inbuilt autoresponder inside of ClickFunnels works and what it does compare to your favorite stand-alone automation platform.

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Does ClickFunnels Have An Autoresponder?

Yes, ClickFunnels does have an inbuilt email autoresponder The Follow-up funnel (previously Actionetics). The inbuilt autoresponder in ClickFunnels functions just like your favorite autoresponder when it comes to sending of broadcasts, storing contacts, managing campaigns, and much more.

ClickFunnels Actionetics also functions as an email marketing and CRM solution for business owners.

But there are few areas ClickFunnels autoresponder beats your usual autoresponders like ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, etc. That and more are the things I’m going to talk about later in this post.

Although you can still integrate your favorite autoresponder with ClickFunnels easily.

But have you ever wondered what really makes ClickFunnels autoresponder (Actionetics) stand out?

Let us go into the complete details of Actionetics.

Actionetics – ClickFunnels Autoresponder

Actionetics is just more than an email autoresponder in the sense that it speaks directly to your customers as they go through your sales funnel. With the help of Actionetics you would be able to see who exactly is coming into your funnel, then market to them based on who they are, where they came from, and the actions they take in your funnel.

ClickFunnels actionetics

Pretty sick, you think?

One thing to be aware of is you only got access to this automation tool when on the Etison suite (now Platinum) of $297/mo.

I already covered the complete features of this inbuilt autoresponder in this Actionetics review, you can go through it if you got the time, but I want to go in deep a bit on critical things you need to know about this ClickFunnels email autoresponder.

Differences Between ClickFunnels Autoresponder And Others

#1: Integration With Your Funnel

Since the autoresponder within ClickFunnels is inbuilt, it makes it easy for you to connect everything together. While solutions like ActiveCampaign also supports highly automated workflows and advanced email marketing functionalities…

ClickFunnels even makes this super easy because the seamless direct integration of Actionetics into your Funnels makes it very easy to create such workflows.

#2: Price Point

When you are on the $297 plan/mo plan, you are not just going to get Actionetics. Remember you will get other amazing features that come with it.

Like the membership site feature, Backpack for managing your affiliates, page building, shopping cart feature, unlimited domains, funnels, pages and lots more.

When it comes to the normal autoresponder like ConvertKit and GetResponse, you pay (on minimal) $15-$29 per month for just the basic automation and email service.

You won’t have access to funnel building platform, affiliate center, in-funnel automation, etc.

As your email list grows on these platforms, you will be charged more and more. On the other hand, Actionetics allows you to have unlimited contacts when on the Platinum plan.

#3: Deliverability

With Actionetics, you have no problems related to deliverability because you will be using your own SMTP server unlike platforms like AWeber, GetResponse, etc.

Another thing is that you will have to pay extra for an SMTP service on ClickFunnels if you really want to enjoy this.

Understanding SMTP And ClickFunnels

I myself was really confused on how SMTP works, connecting it to ClickFunnels and Actionetics MD. Not until Bailey Richert who happens to be the host of Summit and ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit shared a valuable post inside the ClickFunnels community on how everything works.

So, here is how she simply broke it down (I quote):

What in the world is an SMTP?

Assuming you are to send a written letter to a friend via snail mail. There are 2 parts to that activity:

  1. You write the letter and seal it up in an envelope to send
  2. You drop it off at the post office, who delivers it

Think about sending mass marketing emails just like these 2 parts of a real snail mail letter: you write the email and ‘package’ it up to send, then someone delivers it.

When you have an email autoresponder (like ConvertKit), that company is doing BOTH parts for you: they are giving you a user-friendly front-end platform where you can write the email and then they send it.

How do they send it? Using SMTP’s. An SMTP is like the post office in our snail mail analogy. It is what actually delivers the email. In reality, it’s a whole bunch of email servers sending emails.

What you probably don’t know is that these email autoresponder companies like MailChimp, Convertkit, etc do not own their own SMTPs! They actually hire other SMTP companies to send their emails!

That’s why you pay so much. They give you the front-end platform to write the email, then charge you a huge markup cost. They then hire the SMTP for a small cost to send your emails.

And you’re willing to pay for this, though, because you don’t have the tech knowledge to hire the SMTP to do it yourself.

Well, with ClickFunnels, you can!

ClickFunnels gives you the first part you need to ‘write your letter’. With Actionetics, you get a user-friendly platform where you can write your emails and schedule them to send (just like an email autoresponder does).

But, ClickFunnels doesn’t deliver the emails. It’s not an SMTP, and (until recently) didn’t hire an SMTP company to send the emails you wrote. It required you to get your own. Which, actually isn’t that hard at all!

You can do it yourself with a little help.

But let’s say you don’t want to do it yourself. You WANT ClickFunnels to provide you that SMTP just like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and AWeber do.

That’s what Actionetics MD is.

ClickFunnels realized a little while ago that people wanted this help setting up their SMTPs, so they partnered with a super reliable one, called SendGrid, so that they can offer you everything you need: both the user-friendly platform for writing emails in ClickFunnels and the actual email delivery, just like the other email autoresponders do.

So, if you want to use Actionetics for your email marketing and ditch your old pricey email autoresponder, you can still either set up your own SMTP with the regular Actionetics, or you can get Actionetics MD which has it all built-in.

I hope this clarifies things for you?

You can view the post here inside the ClickFunnels Facebook community.


How To Setup & Integrate Third-party Autoresponder In ClickFunnels

Did I remember telling you that you can also integrate your favorite email autoresponder while still on the Platinum plan, even after setting up your Actionetics?

Or maybe you’d love to be on the Startup plan of $97/mo? Do check my list of the best autoresponder for ClickFunnels here.

Here is the process to integrate:

  • Step #1: From within your ClickFunnels page editor, navigate to the Settings dropdown and click Integrations

Integrate autoresponder

  • Step #2: Select the email automation tool you wish to use
  • Step #3: Select to Add to List and select the list (you should have created a list in that platform)
  • Step #4: Save

Click here to read the help documentation on integrating third-party autoresponders with ClickFunnels.

The END…

That is all on everything you need to know about ClickFunnels autoresponder.

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Affiliate Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.


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