ClickFunnels backpack review

ClickFunnels Backpack for affiliate management is software online entrepreneurs can use in creating their affiliate program with ease.

If you’ve been wondering what might be the fastest way for generating more revenue for your business without spending a huge sum of dollars on an advertisement,

ClickFunnels Backpack can help you achieve that.

But how? We’ll find out soon

In this Backpack review I shall give my personal opinion on this affiliate management system, and also go in-depth into explaining the following:

What is ClickFunnels Backpack?

Backpack is an affiliate management system that is built directly in ClickFunnels. It is not available with the basic $97/mo package but unlocked when you upgrade to the $297 per month Etison plan or a more advanced plan which I will talk about.

More about that soon…

ClickFunnels backpack

Just like Actionetics, this application is exclusively available in ClickFunnels. Backpack allows you to scale your business even while asleep.

With Backpack affiliate management system you’ll have full functionality of setting up affiliate program for your business, creating commission plans for your affiliate partners, integrate your affiliate program with your sales funnels, review commissions and manage affiliate payments.

One interesting part about this ClickFunnels inbuilt functionality is that setting up all these requires no or little technical skills.

Why do you need Backpack?

If you’re business owner who either uses a sales funnel in converting cold prospects to hot buyers or maybe you need to deliver your contents to premium individuals through membership site in ClickFunnels

…There is always an extent to which you might probably run out of budget or you’d be in need of resources and skills for driving traffic to your offers.

Don’t forget that your ultimate goal is to always make your customers happy so they’ll keep coming back to you.

And that can’t be achieved if you don’t serve them better!

That’s why you need affiliate partners to take care of your overall marketing activities, all you have to do is pay out commissions for every customer or lead they bring. That way, you focus complete energy on making your products and services more than that of your competitors.

This is where the services of Backpack come in.

Features of ClickFunnels Backpack (inside look)

  • The Dashboard area

This is the first interface you’ll see once you get into the Backpack. The ClickFunnels Backpack dashboard area is where you will have a view of the general affiliate data which includes the number of affiliate you have, how much they made, how much you paid them and how much you owe them.

ClickFunnels backpack dashboard

This is where you keep every single track and monitoring of your affiliate commissions.

  • Affiliate Section

This is where you get to see all of your affiliates. This Backpack feature allows you to manually add affiliate (by clicking the Add New Affiliate) or can also edit their info as well (such as name, email, phone, address etc).

Affiliate section backpack CF

Whenever a new person signs up for your affiliate program they’re automatically added to the list of your affiliates.

You will also be able to see a preview of your individual affiliate’s dashboard to have a glimpse of each affiliate performance.

  • Commissions Section

This is where you’ll see all the commissions being earned by your affiliates. Like:

Who earned it

Amount earned

The products or services sold

Commission due date

ClickFunnels backpack commision section
  • Payments

This is one of the most important parts of any affiliate management software. This section is where you keep track of all the commissions your affiliate partners had earned, such as – due, paid and future commissions.

CF backpack payment

This enables you to stay on track so you would know when to pay them.

  • Commission Plans

This section of the ClickFunnels Backpack is where you set up how much commission your affiliates earns when they sell any of your products or services.

There are few things which you can actually tweak in here in order to compensate your affiliates and instigate them further to promote your products.

commission plans backpack

Example of such is a 2-tier plan where your affiliates sponsors another affiliate marketer to promote your products, then he earns commissions off the product that new affiliate sells.

Sweet right?

So earning a commission from a sale (first tier) and earning commissions as well when a referred affiliate makes commissions (second tier) is quite rewarding and will make your affiliates want to spend more in helping you market your services.

We shall go into creating your commission plan in ClickFunnels Backpack soon

  • Affiliate Types

This is where you create affiliate types that work in-line with the Commission Plans section.

affiliate types backpack

You can create the names for your different affiliate types which will become very much useful if you offer a multi-tier commission based plan or maybe you have a several kinds of affiliate programs for your products inside of ClickFunnels.

  • Affiliate Funnels

This is the last section inside of the ClickFunnels Backpack affiliate system where all your funnels with affiliate programs are listed.

backpack affiliate funnel

If you currently do not have any funnel associated with affiliate programs your affiliate funnels section will be blank just the way it appeared above.

How to use ClickFunnels Backpack

Like I said earlier, Backpack can be easily mastered and implemented into your business without prior tech skills.

But if you seem lost in it or you need a special training on how to add an affiliate management system and complete funnel building training then it’s either you get on an advanced plan or get on a one-on-one call with an expert.

But honestly it’s easier than you imagine.

Below is a little Backpack tutorial you might find helpful

How to create your commission plan in Backpack

Step 1: From the Commission Plan section click on Add Commission Plan

backpack commission plan

Step 2: Enter the name of the commission, currency and status of the commission plan

backpack new commission-plan

Then click Create Commission Plan

Step 3: Choose the affiliate type by clicking  to segment the partners qualified to receive the commission that is being set up.

backpack commission affiliate

Step 4: When you’re done with step 3, click Add New Tier and set the amount of commissions, months before pay and payment type (percent or fixed)

backpack commission tier

In here you can add as many tiers as you want in a single Commission Plan.

ClickFunnels Backpack Pricing

As I’ve mentioned previously in this Backpack review, this affiliate management system is only available as part of the $297/month Etison Suite Plan. But there is an advanced way to take advantage of this feature inside of ClickFunnels software.

Upgrading your account to the Etison Suite Plan will allow you to access ClickFunnels’ whole suite of tools which includes the Backpack, Actionetics, Membership site functionality and as well the unlimited funnels you can create and share.

While there are no specific Backpack discounts I’ve seen anywhere, you can take a complete advantage of ClickFunnels for 6months – 12months on the Etison Suite plan by purchasing the Funnel Builder Secrets package.

You pay more than $1,000 upfront to access all that. If you take your time to go through my Funnel Builder Secrets review

You will discover that this is definitely the best ClickFunnels offer out there. With tons of bonuses and trainings and lots more for you.

I highly recommend going this route if you are going to upgrade.

Why Backpack differs

Here are the important aspects you need to consider before considering Backpack affiliate system:

  • Sticky Cookies

ClickFunnels Backpack makes use of sticky cookies. This means that if anybody buys your product using any affiliate link and then later buys another different product – even when they didn’t go through an affiliate link this time – that initial affiliate will earn commission for both sales.

This same exact rule applies to ClickFunnels affiliate marketers.

Lets say I get the free Funnel Hacker Cookbook from your affiliate link, then weeks or months later I subscribed to the Basic Plan of $97 (given that I used same email id), you’ll definitely get a commission from my sub.

  • Backpack Supports Only US Dollars

At present, Backpack only supports USD and none other currencies which makes this a bit unfriendly for other businesses located in countries where US dollars isn’t their primary currency.

But all the same, dollars can be exchanged worldwide.

  • Backpack Supported Payment Gateways

Backpack supports affiliate tracking of sales that are being processed via Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, EasyPayDirect, PayPal, ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus, Ontraport, Bluesnap and NMI.


If you’re truly serious about putting your products and services out there so it can be seen by thousands – if not millions – of people out there looking for solutions to their problems which I know your products can solve.

Then it will make a whole lot of sense to use ClickFunnels Backpack in getting, managing and paying partners who are sure to bring you customers’ right to your funnel, with their marketing skills.

Honestly, I do not see the reason why you should subscribe to another affiliate marketing management platform when ClickFunnels gives you access to this affiliate system (Backpack), email automation tool (Actionetics), membership software and to crown it all…

…An easy to use drag and drop funnel builder with one click upsell and downsell features.

ClickFunnels Backpack Bonus ($11,576 Value)

Hope my ClickFunnels Backpack review helped you in making a favorable decision?

How about getting more help with these bonuses to help you make more money and succeed using ClickFunnels?

complete bonuses

Check them out below:

  • Bonus #1: Unlimited Email/Chat Support – Access to my personal email and marketing resources ($997 value)
  • Bonus #2: Tier5 Mega Software Bundle – Get personal access to 6 softwares that will are highly effective in bringing results in your business.  ($9,384 value)
  • Bonus #3: CF Share Funnel Library + White Label Rights – 31 share funnels you can directly import into your CF account. ($497 value)
  • Bonus #4: DFY Email Marketing swipes + White Label Rights – Pre-written email swipes you can use to promote any affiliate offers and own lifetime access. ($197 value)
  • Bonus #5: Definitive List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs + White Label Rights – List of over 130+ affiliate programs that offer lifetime recurring commissions ($297 value)
  • Bonus #6: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library + White Label Rights – Get the exact Facebook ads that 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs are running right now. ($197 value)
  • Extra Bonus #7: Free copy of DotCom Secrets or Expert Secrets book. ($7+ value)

Considering these bonuses will definitely help in skyrocketing your business and save you a lot of time in figuring out how to make ClickFunnels work for you. Not only will they set you apart but will also help you attain your goals as an affiliate and also as a business owner.

You can have a look at the individual bonus details in my bonus page and see how to simply grab them at end.

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