ClickFunnels For Accountants

Understanding how applicable ClickFunnels can be to you as an accountant will give you massive lead over your competitors.

Close more leads. Convert them to customers. And make more money.

You know, I’ve been a user of ClickFunnels since 2019. And I’ve recommended it to clients, my audience, enemies (yes!), and even bookkeeping and accounting businesses like yours.

Recently they launched the ClickFunnels 2.0 version which makes it smooth and fast for accountants to market and sell their services without tech-overwhelm – which was a serious problem on the previous 1.0 version. Click the image above to access ClickFunnels 2.0 for free.

In this ClickFunnels for accountants guide, I will walk you through various steps on NOT just how to use ClickFunnels to get more clients as an accountant, auditor, or bookkeeper.

But you’ll see how to use the concept of sales funnels, the psychology behind it (what makes a funnel convert), and how it applies to your products or services.

What Is Accountant Sales Funnel & How Does It Work?

An accountant sales funnel illustrates the process a complete stranger goes through from a lead or potential client to an existing client and beyond retention.

typical sales funnel model

This is basically a series of steps that an accounting firm or individual accountant uses to convert leads into clients. The steps typically include attracting potential clients, converting them into leads, nurturing those leads, and closing the sale.

For example, an accounting firm might use online advert to attract potential clients to their sales page or application page.

Once on the website, visitors can fill out a contact form to request more information or a consultation. This contact form submission would be considered a lead. The accounting firm would then use email marketing to nurture the lead by providing them with valuable information, such as tips on how to save money on taxes.

Once the lead is ready to make a decision, the accounting firm would schedule a consultation to discuss their services and pricing, and try to close the sale.

As an accountant, understanding each of the processes it takes your ideal client to make contact with you can help you optimize your marketing strategy and increase your conversion rate.

It starts with:

  • Awareness stage:

This is where clients or customers are just learning about accounting services and brands. It can be through organic, paid, referrals, etc.

  • Interest stage:

Here is where the potential client has shown interest in what you’re selling (accounting services). You have gotten their attention here.

  • Decision stage:

Consumers in this stage are evaluating their final choices and paying more attention to what you offer. This is the stage of your funnel you do the major selling. Via sales your sales page, webinar presentation, calls, etc.

  • Action stage:

This is where the deal would be finalized to make you money. You can also call this stage the purchase stage.

  • Retention stage:

As it costs more to get a new customer into the door than to keep an existing one. This stage requires you to focus on keeping your clients happy, for them to remain loyal and repeat customers. And even help spread the gospel as brand advocates.

Does ClickFunnels Work for Accountants?

Well, the short answer is YES! ClickFunnels does work for accountants in helping you acquire more leads, convert the leads to sales, and automate every other marketing and sales aspect for accountants or bookkeepers.

ClickFunnels 2.0 Website

Everyone who has a business and wishes to thrive online needs to create a sales funnel in order to convert every website visitor.

No conversion means no money to be made, right?

Well, accountants can use ClickFunnels to create and manage sales funnels that help them attract and convert leads into clients. With it, they can get a free accountant sales funnels, design a landing page with a form for visitors to request consultations; send automated emails with information about their services; build a webinar or video that explains pricing; and create a purchase page where leads can make a purchase, sign contracts and pay.

All of this is automated, making it easier than manual methods, allowing accountants to focus on providing the best service possible. By using ClickFunnels, accountants can power up their sales funnel and start converting leads into satisfied customers.

Almost everything you need for your booking and auditing business to be online is found inside ClickFunnels.

Talk about:

  • Website hosting solution
  • Website builder with a simple drag-and-drop page editor
  • Shopping cart and payment processing
  • Email automation and marketing
  • Affiliate center
  • A membership site for courses
  • Webinar features
  • Upsell, downsell, and order bumps
  • A/B split testing
  • Templates

With all the above marketing-oriented features combined and executed into your accounting firm – I don’t think there’s anything stopping you from making more money serving your ideal customers.

How to Use ClickFunnels As an Accountant

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say:

Marketing, getting leads, sales, and growing your accountant business online is really hard. The competition is fierce.

Isn’t it?

Especially if you’re totally new to the online world with the distracting noises here and there. It turns out that getting clients into the door with ease – on autopilot – is a dream for every accountant or bookkeeper.

Well, it’s not as hard as you’d have thought. You just don’t know how. What you don’t know you don’t know.

All you have to do is pay attention to this section of the “ClickFunnels for accountants” guide.

ClickFunnels for Accountants: The First Step – Set Your Goal

The first step is picking the type of funnel you want to use in your business. From within your ClickFunnels account.

As an entrepreneur, you essentially have 3 (three) goals in mind when creating an accountant sales funnel. It’s either you want to:

  • Generate leads
  • Generate sales
  • Run an online event (like a webinar presentation)

In the case of an accountant – your ultimate goal here is to generate accounting leads and convert them into long-term clients.

Just login to your ClickFunnels account, click on build funnel, and set your goals to collecting emails/leads:

ClickFunnels Build 1

Not a user yet? Get the free trial here.

You know this is a service-based business – so getting prospects into the gate would be our major priority.

Maybe unless you have a bookkeeping course to sell (which still requires getting leads).

Are you getting the point?

If you want to attract new and quality bookkeeping leads – you have to show them that you’re the right choice for their accounting needs by being a CPA of value.

You know:

People don’t have a problem buying what you offer as long as it will solve their pains. They just preferred to be sold after one condition is met: When they see the value.

It all starts with getting to know what your ideal bookkeeping prospects want. Their pain points.

Then create a lead magnet based around that and capture their details via a lead generation page or a squeeze page. Which then takes them to the next part of your sales funnel.

To consult with you or spend money on your next tier offer.

ClickFunnels for Accountants: Second Step – Creating Your Accountant Lead Magnet

Fair enough, you don’t need to overthink creating your squeeze page on ClickFunnels.

Yeah, there are unlimited templates for you to customize within your ClickFunnels for accountants. And Russell further provided some downloadable lead funnels to use.

The problem is what to actually use as your lead magnet to lure people into your world.

Like I said earlier you need to provide something valuable enough that your prospect will have no choice BUT to give their email address.

Here are some lead magnet ideas to explore:

  • Free 10-minute consultation
  • An eBook about changes in tax laws (or tips)
  • How to keep up-to-date with your bookkeeping
  • How to avoid the crisis of a cash flow crunch

You can take it the extra mile by doing a little research (surveys, questionnaires, etc.) to find out your avatar’s deepest worry when it comes to bookkeeping.

This will definitely help you present the best type of lead magnet.

The point is:

If you have an idea of the precise problems that your prospects are having, you’ll be in a much better position to use the information gathered from your research to capture QUALITY leads.

While the majority of your accounting clients don’t want to learn how to do double-entry bookkeeping.

As they want to hire you to do that for them – your lead magnet could serve as a quick fix to a little part of their financial life. Not as the core solution.

At the same time, it builds your credibility and helps convert them easily.

Third Step – Take Them Up Your Value Ladder

They’ve gotten their lead magnet. You got their contact details.

Well, from my research I’ve found out that the best converting lead magnet type for accountants is the free consultation.

Having people fill out an application form that includes their phone number for you to call them or having them book the time/day they’d be willing to get the free call would make more sense.

Because people are naturally willing to connect one-on-one with people. Especially if it involves value exchange.

And you know what makes more?

You’ll have the opportunity to upsell them on the next offer, UP your value ladder.

From there you can even close the lead to become a client.

Even if they choose not to become clients during the free consultation (in rare cases), you now have their contact information to follow up with them in the future.

“What if I choose to offer an ebook as a lead magnet?”

Yeah, the same follow-up still matters.

See, the awesome thing about these processes is that you build them in minutes inside of your ClickFunnels account.

You can use the inbuilt follow-up tool that allows the sending of emails and SMS to your leads or use any of your favorite ClickFunnels autoresponders.

Quite seamless.

After they might have input their details to get the lead magnet, the “Thank You” page could be a page to download, and have a “Thank you” video, with a CTA to schedule a consultation call with you.

What Next?

Building your first or next accountant sales funnel doesn’t start and end by watching a YouTube video or reading this post, then try doing it all by yourself.

There’s more to it.

To build a high-converting funnel for your business. You must first understand the fundamentals involved and what makes a funnel convert.

  • The copy (the case against copywriters)
  • The offer
  • And traffic

Obviously, ClickFunnels enables you to quickly create your own high-converting marketing funnels for your accounting firm.

With ClickFunnels, accountants have a powerful tool at their disposal to automate their sales funnel process, saving time and energy while still providing excellent service to potential clients.

By creating landing pages, automated emails and webinars with information about their services, accountants are able to focus on what they do best: serving their clients.

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