ClickFunnels for coaches consultants

How can you apply ClickFunnels funnel software to your consulting or coaching business?

Does ClickFunnels actually work for consultants and coaching experts?

Well, the short answer is: IT DEPENDS.

If you desire more leads and clients as a consultant using a simple sales funnel system – then I think you do need ClickFunnels for coaches in your business. On the other hand, if you have no interest in funnels or you prefer relying on a traditional websites – I don’t think you need ClickFunnels.

As a consultant – fresh/new leads are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you will soon run out of services you can sell to your clients.

You need to ensure there is always an influx of new leads pouring into your business day and night.

We all need the right system and strategies to find, nurture, close, and retain leads in our businesses to stay in the game and dominate.


It doesn’t really matter the type of coaching or consulting business you own.

You can be a:

  • Relationship coach
  • Fitness coach
  • Health coach
  • Sport coach
  • Marketing coach
  • Real estate coach
  • Life coach
  • Business Coach

A high-ticket coach. It goes on and on and on…

In this guide, I will work you through how to use ClickFunnels in your coaching business. From A-Z.

Not just that…

We’re also going into the details of how a sales funnel for consultants and coaches works.

The elements that make it convert. The strategy behind successful coaching sales funnels and lots more.

Sit tight!

What Are Sales Funnels for Consultants/Coaches?

Generally, a sales funnel (sometimes referred to as a purchase funnel) is the required process a prospect goes through – from their visitor interaction with your brand until they become a paying client or customer.

ClickFunnels sales funnel

A typical sales funnel for coaches and consultants starts from when your target client comes across your sales funnel, post, video, or promotional campaign for the first time to when they finally become your coaching clients.

Your consulting sales funnel is meant to help your ideal client navigate each unique step of your sales funnel that is logically connected to each other.

The basic stages are:

  • Awareness – Your prospect discovers you and becomes aware of your offers
  • Interest – They’re in the research mode. Looking to make an informed decision
  • Desire – Ready to buy stage and considering you as an option
  • Action – This is the conversion stage. The bottom of the sales funnel, where the purchase is made

Understanding each of these funnel stages helps you find leaks and holes within your funnels in case things fall apart.

Like identifying where prospects drop out or what elements are preventing your funnels from converting.

You simply can’t optimize what you hardly understand.

As a coaching expert in your field – you obviously need a sales funnel in your business so you can land leads, qualify them, and close them to be long-term clients.

The problem?

Well, merging all the processes it takes to gain leads and retain customers is kind of a big deal.

You could get worn out connecting the dots manually.

Not just that! The technicalities can be overwhelming most of the time.

You need a streamlined and automated online sales process that eases the pain. So, you’d focus more on serving your audience.

This is where a funnel builder becomes a critical part of your client acquisition and lead generation strategy.

How Does ClickFunnels Work for Consultants?

I’ve said before.

Not everyone needs ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels for coaches was specially made for entrepreneurs like you and me who aren’t skilled in programming, and who don’t know how to design, code, and connect pages together to form a complete marketing funnel.

Unfortunately, 68% of companies have not identified or attempted to measure their sales funnel – if you fall under this category – you definitely need ClickFunnels.

I discussed a bit about how tedious and handicapped it was for me to build a simple lead generation in my ClickFunnels review.

Not until got into the world of ClickFunnels. I became relieved.

ClickFunnels does work 101% for coaches and consultants to help you easily build beautiful (and yet converting) pages inside of a sales funnel, automate your sales processes, and grow your company online.

Needless to say, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs (out of over 120,000 users) who use ClickFunnels are coaches in various industries:

Click to view the latest stats

Again, from the ClickFunnels coaching live case study – it’s crystal clear that the old client acquisition approach isn’t that effective any longer for consultants.

For example – the old way:

Coaches can spend upwards of $5,000 on a fancy website and branding, and then another $500-$1000 a month for a virtual assistant to help produce blogs, social media content, and more.

At the end of the month, you hope that all your efforts result in enough work to pay the bills and leave you with some profit.

Just like this:

Coaching Consulting funnel old
Source: ClickFunnels for coaches

Unfortunately, at this rate, you’ll either go broke, frustrated or you’ll exhaust yourself and burn out.

However, using funnels – the new method:

A coach will spend $1000 on traffic, and drive hundreds of people into a sales funnel. They’ll watch your presentation/VSL and then apply via your application funnel to get on a call with you.

With a 50% close rate, $1000 in ad spend can yield 3-5 new clients and serious profits.

Like this:

ClickFunnels Coaching Consulting new
Source: ClickFunnels for coaches

If I may ask – how much is a single client worth to you?

Apart from saving client acquisition cost – which is great.

Some other exciting benefits of using a sales funnel is:

  • Guiding your visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process. So, they don’t get confused or lost and leave
  • ​Pointing your clients straight to the ONE single product or service they need most to help solve their problem​
  • Following-up with your visitors, even after they leave your webpages

Isn’t that awesome!?!

This is more like a win-win for both you and your visitors.

All possible with an all-in-one like ClickFunnels that houses a shopping cart, powerful page editor, affiliate center, email marketing tool, CRM and automation system, etc.

Strategy On using ClickFunnels For Coaches

Building pages on ClickFunnels for coaches is one thing, driving traffic is yet another. Making it convert is even a huge pain in the ass.

It doesn’t stop.

You need a compelling copy of your funnels, pages, VSLs, emails, ads, and every single message on your marketing campaign.

You need to craft an enticing offer that triggers people to take action and book a session with you.

You need to craft more profit maximizing offers as order bumps, upsells, downsells, and cross-sells.

Also add a scarcity, urgency, and social proof elements to skyrocket conversions.

These are things that you should be able to weave and implement into your consultant sales funnel.

In the video below Russell highlights more on these tactics:

Now to…

ClickFunnels for Consultants: The Main Strategy…

There are quite a large number of ways to generate consulting leads.

Different traffic sources. Different online mediums. Different messaging styles. Different lead magnets etc.

But the end goal is to gain clients, serve them, and make money, right?

Nevertheless, you should always remember to pre-qualify your leads according to the parameter you want to work within. Not everyone is your ideal client. Not everyone is worth working with.

This is why the sales funnel process for consultants or coaches totally differs from others in the industry.

Basically, it needs more personal (one-on-one) touch to qualify and land clients. In most cases.

For your coaching service, the funnel type to implement is the Application Funnel.

Application Funnel for Consultants

An application funnel is a simple (yet powerful) funnel used by high-end entrepreneurs to book clients and make them fill out an application form to see if they qualify for a product or service before making an offer and taking them onboard.

The goal here is simple:

Schedule calls for a high-ticket service offering

I’ve seen this work for real estate agents, insurance agents, lawyers, B2b, SaaS. And of course, numerous coaches and consultants.

A simple application funnel looks like this:

The ultimate goal here is to get your prospects to apply to schedule a call with you. For some kind of service, it could be a product/service demo or in-person meeting.

You want to make sure you’re ONLY bringing on the best-fit client for services you offer.

And come to think of it – it doesn’t make sense when you’re trying to close a potential client worth over $2k per month or over $20k with just a squeeze page and a longwinded sales page.

Sorry. That won’t cut it!

Because It is (very very) unlikely they will be willing to invest in your service without speaking with you or someone on your team first. This is why an application funnel has been super-effective for high ticket products and services.

The general structure of your application looks this way:

  • Landing Page with Offer Video or Sales Letter
  • Call to action (CTA) to Submit an application for a call
  • The form page for the prospects to answers qualifying questions
  • Next to the appointment booking/calendar app for the prospect to choose from the available time and date

The application funnel will ensure that you only speak with the most highly qualified prospects for your service so that you aren’t wasting your (precious) time on sales calls that won’t turn into sales.

If you are looking for application funnel templates to model after you can take a look at the application funnels right on this page.

Cool pre-built application funnel templates by ClickFunnels. Check them out!

How Do I Get ClickFunnels For Consultants at Cheaper Price?

No, this deal is not meant for everyone.

If you’re entirely new to ClickFunnels for consultants and would love to get on a deal that saves you hundreds of dollars to host and build your business on ClickFunnels – then pay a close to attention to this.

As the whole universe is already aware that the normal ClickFunnels pricing goes for $97/mo and $297/mo. There is a discount not so many people are aware of.

This ClickFunnels discount gives you access to 6 months of ClickFunnels Platinum package ($297) for a ridiculously cheap price compared the what you would normally pay.

Almost half the price.

This plan is called the SECRET MASTERCLASS plan.

I took advantage of this plan a few weeks after it was announced by Russell Brunson.

This money-saving discount gives you some NICE bonuses and access to courses, training, and guidance that would help you immensely in your consulting/coaching business.

See below:

Click image to view discount

Although I’d recommend you watch this free secret masterclass training before pulling the trigger. In there Russell covers the three (3) mind-blowing strategies exploited by successful funnel hackers in the B2b, marketing, consulting, coaching, and brick/mortar space.

See the training here

So instead of paying $1782 for 6months Platinum. You’ll be paying $997. That’s $785 saved!

Final Thoughts on ClickFunnels for Coaches…

Evidently, the sales funnel is probably the most crucial foundation for any digital marketing strategy and business generally.

And understanding the customer journey in your industry can smoothly help you identify faults and optimize your sales funnel for better returns.

ClickFunnels on the other hand makes it seamless to build, and connect all ambiguous funnel dots. Even if you lack tech abilities like myself.

Get your CF free trial here

The onboarding stage after you grab your 14days trial is enough to get even the laziest marketer started with funnels.

Then the followed by customizing your funnels with an enticing offer and persuasive copywriting.

Read my Funnel scripts review for more…

Now over to you…

Are you ready to explode your consulting or coaching business using ClickFunnels and sales funnel in general – using application funnels type?

Let us know in the comment

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