How does ClickFunnels for financial advisors work?

Can it help generate more leads, clients, and close appointments?

How do you implement ClickFunnels into your financial advising services?

That is what this “ClickFunnels for financial advisors” guide is all about. I shall cover and go through everything you need to know on how to use ClickFunnels as a financial consultant.

Recently they launched the ClickFunnels 2.0 version that makes it seamless and efficient for financial advisors to market and sell their businesses with funnels without tech-overwhelm – which was a serious problem on the previous 1.0 version. Click the above link to access ClickFunnels 2.0 for free.

As you may know, closing leads, acquiring clients, and running a successful financial advising business isn’t an easy undertaking. It’s not.

According to the United States Department of Labor, there were 263,000 financial advisors as of the year 2019. And that number is projected to grow by 4% come 2029. (source)

As you can see, the financial advising space is already a crowded one and it keeps growing. Which makes it a pretty competitive market to thrive in.

Sadly, not everyone will make it.

A lot of people will go find it very difficult to keep. They’ll run out of clients and go broke.

Except for those who know how to acquire leads, nurture these leads, and convert them to become clients using battle-tested marketing strategies and resources.

Especially those who understand the concept and psychology of a marketing sales funnel – the future.

Before we dive into how financial advisors can exploit ClickFunnels to explode their business – let’s take a look at what a sales funnel is.

What is a Sales Funnel for Financial Advisor?

A financial advisor sales funnel illustrates the journey your potential clients or a total stranger passes through to become a lead and convert to become a paying client for your financial advising firm.

typical sales funnel model

It starts from finding and identifying your ideal clients, figuring out their pain points and desires, creating a targeted offer to address their problem, driving traffic and attracting them to your financial services/offer, collecting their contact details, nurturing them, converting them, and having them turn to a die-hard fan.

That’s the marketing funnel process defined.

Having a sales funnel for your financial services is one marketing effort that helps you turn a completely cold prospect into a hot lead.

Because it enables you to visualize the entire customer journey and easily tell where improvements are required whenever you lack leads and conversions.

So, using a sales funnel for your services will do more of establishing yourself as an expert in a competitive field like financial advising.

Instead of swimming in the red ocean of traditional customer acquisition techniques.

How Does ClickFunnels Work for Financial Advisors?

ClickFunnels for financial advisors helps you build your lead generation funnel to collect leads and schedule appointments, then use its inbuilt email service to nurture and follow up with the leads, and finally convert them to clients.

clickfunnels logo

As I mentioned previously, traditional marketing tactics aren’t as effective as they used to be.

You need to think outside the box of:

  • Cold calling
  • Knocking on people’s doors
  • Providing free meals to encourage attendance at presentations
  • Setting up fishbowls to collect business cards at trade shows
  • Hosting an event

And a bunch of other archaic methods that our grandpa used years back.

The majority of your clients are online. That’s where you need to be 24/7.

Yeah, probably you should pay a huge sum to a designer to get your own website up and running, right?

Well, that’s even worse. 🙁

Websites aren’t geared to gain leads and convert them to clients. They overwhelm visitors because of the menus and leaks. No specific action for people to perform.

This is where a sales funnel platform like ClickFunnels comes into the picture.

ClickFunnels has all the inbuilt tools and features that make it effortless to run your business on autopilot. Without paying a dime to web designers.

ClickFunnels focuses on making you money. And nothing more.

(More on all of ClickFunnels features soon…)

Before we dive into the stupid-simple strategy you can use to build your financial advisor sales funnel on ClickFunnels to generate clients.

First, just like any other business and marketing approach, you need to become tightly specific on exactly who your ideal clients are.

So, you’d be able to tailor your entire marketing message to that target audience for easy conversion.

As a financial advisor, your job is to help create strategies for eliminating financial risks, building wealth, and assisting your clients with saving, budgeting tax strategies, and insurance – so they can achieve both their short- and long-term financial goals.

In this regard, your job is finding and marketing to people:

  • Who has a problem (and looking for a solution) managing their finances
  • People are likely to have these problems (but they’re not yet aware)

Also, you shouldn’t be afraid to look at things like age, marital status, blue/white collar, income levels, kids/no kids, etc. of your customer avatar.

And start thinking of things that they would like/be interested in and concerns that they would have for a financial advisor in their life.

This will enable you to craft your offer based on what problems you are going to help them solve.

How Your Financial Advising Funnel Should Look Like?

It’s really simple.

You use an application funnel to pre-frame or pre-qualify your leads to make sure you aren’t working with the wrong clients.

This is very essential, as it weeds out the non-qualified people out of your financial advisor sales funnel pipeline.

A successful financial advisor sales funnel should start with a simple yet compelling call to action that clearly communicates the value of your services. From here, potential customers should be directed to a landing page or an application page where they can learn more and enter their contact information – where you finally close them as a client.

At the end of the process, use automated follow-ups and reminders to ensure customers don’t forget about your services.

Here’s what an application funnel looks like:

Application Funnel

An application funnel is a sales funnel type where visitors can fill out an application form to see if they qualify for your financial services before getting on the call or an appointment with you.

That’s it.

What do you think accountants, contractors, realtors, lawyers, coaches, and consultants all have in common?

They all offer and sell high-ticket products and services. Ranging above $2k in services.

Since a financial advising service tends to cost a ton of money, you wouldn’t want to sell it the way you sell a $52 eCommerce product or a $97 digital product.

Selling financial advising services for $3,000 requires a more personal touch or one-on-one communication with your (qualified) prospects.

This is the ultimate benefit of an application sales funnel.

And creating an application sales funnel for your financial advisor service is the simplest process of generating leads for your business.

Because all you ever need to do is customize the financial advisor sales funnel templates I shared below.

Here is how you ought to dial in your financial advisor funnel on ClickFunnels:


–> An application landing page or squeeze page masked as a “Free 15-minute Retirement Road Map” with a VSL (video sales letter) that’s 5-15 minutes in length.

The “Free 15-minute Retirement Road Map” is just an example. It can be anything related to your audience’s worries.


After you walk them through the entire video & your process, you’re not selling them anything, yet.

You’re going to give them a CTA (call to action) for a “Free Retirement Strategy Session” (or anything related) which they can book right below the video via calendar software on the next page.

But ONLY after filling out an application form.

It is during the free strategy call you get to discover their main challenges, offer them value, then finally sell them your services via the call.

In summary, here’s the structure of an application funnel:

  • A landing page with a VSL + CTA button
  • Application form with a calendar link to schedule a call
  • Prospects answer qualifying questions in their application
  • You deliver free value during the call based on their financial challenges
  • You pitch your high-ticket services and close the client

ClickFunnels Financial Advisors Sales Funnel Templates

Here are free financial advisor application funnel templates you can download right into your ClickFunnels account and customize the way you like:

Note: Make sure you’re signed up to ClickFunnels before downloading these. If not, you can get a free 14days trial here.

Financial advisor application funnel template #1:

Funnel download link:

Financial advisor application sales funnel template #2:

Funnel download link:

Financial advisor application sales funnel template #3:

Funnel download link:

ClickFunnels 2.0 Features for Financial Advisors

ClickFunnels just upgraded their software from 1.0 to ClickFunnels 2.0 which houses a ton of features in the sense that you really do not have to bother about hiring designers or paying for an extra marketing tool.

You even don’t need to buy a domain name and a web hosting solution.

Plus, you’ll literally be getting rid of:

  • Landing page software
  • Payment gateways
  • Shopping cart/checkout platform
  • email autoresponder
  • Split testing software
  • CRMs

And much more.

As a financial advisor here are the features you’d find relevant:

#1. ClickFunnels Etison Editor

The powerful Etison editor is responsible for editing your funnels the way you like. It has some built-in advanced tools that will allow you to customize any page within ClickFunnels.

You can make use of the custom CSS and make some advanced changes, do padding adjustments, change your branding colors, and headlines and so much more.

#2. Hundreds of FREE templates

Another feature you should love about ClickFunnels for financial advisors is the provided free templates.

If you prefer building your own financial advisor sales funnel from scratch – not using the templates I shared above – then, during the funnel building process, you will be required to select your funnel type and goal.

Set funnel niche goal

After the selection, you’ll be taken to select the funnel template type you’ve selected.

All you just have to do is customize the way you want and add other funnel steps from your dashboard.

#3. Follow up Funnels

The Follow-up funnel is the inbuilt email marketing and CRM (customer relationship manager) in ClickFunnels.

Just like your typical email marketing service, the inbuilt follow-up platform handles the building of your list, collection of your financial advisor leads, nurturing, and sending of broadcasts.

But there’s more about the ClickFunnels Follow up funnels. It’s an automation machine.

Yes, you can create automation messages that resonate with your financial advising leads based on; who they are, what services they opted in for, where they come from and actions performed within your financial advisor funnel.

With this, you eventually boost your services’ conversions.

#4. One-click upsell, downsell, and order bumps

With ClickFunnels for financial advisors, you can dramatically increase your cart value without spending more money on customer acquisition, just with one click. Adding upsell offers.

You can simply do this by adding upsell and downsell pages that offer additional financial services to customers after their first order/payment.

Or an order bump during checkout.

The sweet part about implementing these sales-boosting features into your financial advisor funnels is that customers won’t have to go through the entire checkout process again.

#5. Membership sites for your financial advising clients

Have you thought of giving your premium clients access to a private or paid membership site where they’d have to log in to view further training content materials?

Well, you don’t need third-party membership software to do this.

ClickFunnels comes with an inbuilt membership site and course hosting platform that’s easy to use.

#6. FREE marketing training & courses to help you market and sell better

Over a dozen marketing and personal development courses, worth tens of thousands of dollars. Available for every single user of ClickFunnels.


This is called Funnel Flix. View the courses at

I have gone just through a few (Adskills, OFA, and Tony Robbins collection). All amazing!

With these free courses that come with your ClickFunnels subscription, you get to enhance your knowledge in marketing systems, productivity, business strategy, sales mindset, copywriting, and of course, sales funnels.

Wrap up on ClickFunnels for Financial Advisors

One of the best ways advisors can win new clients on autopilot (while having a nice time with their loved ones) is by stepping up their online marketing game and exploiting sales funnels to their advantage.

Obviously, traditional marketing methods no longer cut it.

If you’re a financial advisor looking to grow your business, implementing ClickFunnels can help take your sales to funnel to the next level. With its intuitive user interface and powerful features, it’s easy to see why ClickFunnels is becoming increasingly popular for small business owners.

From generating automated email sequences to creating, free funnels and templates, A/B testing landing pages, and identifying new leads, using ClickFunnels ensure that you’ve got everything needed to execute a successful sales funnel and build relationships with prospects.

Get started with ClickFunnels for a free 14days FREE trial here.

Have any questions regarding this ClickFunnels for financial advisors? Drop them in the comments.

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