How do ClickFunnels help non-profits in getting donors, acquiring new volunteers, growing, and funding their missions?

Does it really work? Keep reading…

As almost everyone and their great-grandma are already aware of how super-helpful this sale funnel software can be for small business owners, B2B, service providers, coaches, consultants, and many other niches…

The serious question now is:

Can ClickFunnels also help organizations with no aim of making profits BOOM?

Well, that’s what I am going to help you answer in this post.

That’s not all.

We shall also go over on how Non-profits can benefit immensely from the concept of sales funnel and how to properly implement it for great use in expanding and skyrocketing their cause.

Before we go further let’s go into what a typical Non-profit sales funnel looks like.

What is a Non-profit Sales Funnel & How Does It Work?

Basically, a typical online marketing sales funnel outlines your ideal customer journey from the top of the funnel (awareness) stage to the bottom of the funnel (conversion) stage.

We can simply call it a sales pipeline.

Every industry sales process follows a similar concept as the above. But what differs are the actions businesses want their customers to take.

A restaurant sales funnel for instance aims to drive more customers to a restaurant business for more food and drink sales.

A dentist needs his services to reach people with teeth problems.

It goes on and on…

A nonprofit sales funnel is the step a stranger takes to go from being aware of your mission and organization to donating to your cause and further becoming a sponsor or an evangelist.

Something like this:

Strangers —-> Visitors —> Supporters —> Donors + Clients —> Advocates/Evangelists/Partners

For you to fully understand how to implement ClickFunnels and sales funnel as a whole into your charity organization, first of all, you must be able to recognize the above process, analyze them individually and finally move it onto an online platform to run automatically.

The sales funnel for nonprofits must be well planned and structured for conversions.

To get your cause out to the RIGHT people who want to donate or get involved in changing lives just like you.

In a bit, we shall take a look at the entire sales process stages one after the other, break them down. So, you’d know how to link them up to one another.

Then finally launch your funnel to bring in donations on autopilot.

Does ClickFunnels Work for Nonprofits?

Click image explore…

Sadly, the traditional way of getting funds/grants from individuals, corporate bodies, or organizations worldwide isn’t that effective.

Not any longer.

Even if your traditional efforts bring in some donors and support – It would take a series of phone calls back and forth, disappointments, ignore emails, spending all of your money on advertising and fundraising campaigns.

It can be hell. I know.

All your hopes in the sky wishing for a rewarding response from prospective donors.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It doesn’t.

Remember our sales funnel processes above?

That is what you need to properly streamline your nonprofit organizations’ cause to make it come to life without wishing and hoping for some “magic” to happen after sending cold emails, phone calls, and spending unnecessary money.

And it doesn’t just end there.

You’ll need a platform to bring that dream to life. This is where ClickFunnels comes to the rescue.

ClickFunnels is a complete online marketing tool-suite and a sales funnel software that helps business owners and nonprofits like yourself build their entire business and map out their customer journey (sales pipeline) with ease.

No programming skills. No coding skills. No design skills. Needed.

Before then, you really have to know that if you want to get an unlimited number of individuals to participate or donate online.

You can’t really do that using the traditional website we all know. There are lots of exits, holes, and distractions.

The idea behind ClickFunnels is to eliminate all forms of distractions and acts as a virtual salesman for nonprofits organization. To close deals faster.

To take your potential donors by the hand, and walk them through each step of the donation processes.

From top (unknown) to bottom (advocates). Automated.

Just as we illustrated earlier.

Why ClickFunnels Would Help Grow and Sustain Your Nonprofits Organization

According to a live nonprofit case study done by ClickFunnels – it says the old method of getting assistance from people who would support your mission no longer works.

Russell said:

With the old way of fundraising, you could easily spend thousands of dollars just to put on a single charity event with 300-400 people attending (like a gala or a benefit dinner & silent auction).

Between the costs for mailed invitations, the catering, the event space, and the entertainment, you’ve already drained upwards of $7,000 or more of your mission’s budget, just to entice people to show up and donate.

old way nonprofits
Source: ClickFunnels

He said the new way is using a complete online funnel marketing system to do the work for you:

With the new way, you can send people into a simple donation funnel where they are given bonus bundles or gifts for different levels of giving.

You can spend 1/10th of the money on ads, and collect 500 leads to invite to other events or send emails to update them on your mission.

Even if just 10% of them made a very small commitment of $20/mth, you’ve already doubled your ad spend and created recurring monthly funding for your mission – with NO extra costs or manpower!

Unlike a charity event that people have to schedule and travel to attend, your funnel is not limited by geography or the capacity of event space, so you can drive as many potential donors through your funnel as you want!

new way nonprofits
Source: ClickFunnels

From this, you can see that implementing an online marketing funnel system and into your nonprofits organization is the surest path to having great success.

After all the noise, how can you actually use this all-in-one solution to promote your mission?

Let’s get into it!

How to Use ClickFunnels For Nonprofits?

ClickFunnels as a platform itself is pretty easy to use. Pre-built funnel templates ready to customize and use. Integrates with almost any tool out there.

The first step is:

Picking your sales funnel type and goal. This is where you choose whether to build a membership site, a product funnel. Then if you’d like to generate leads (squeeze pages), sell products, or build webinars.

ClickFunnels Build 1

The second step:

Next on the sales funnel process is choosing the style of page design that you like the best. There are tons of templates for any of the goals you chose above.

ClickFunnels templates

The third step:

Customize your page. With the Etison drag and drop editor, it’s easy to quickly add, delete, or re-arrange any elements (texts, images, videos, etc.) on your page until it looks the way you want.

Clickfunnels Editor

Fourth step:

Configure integrations. Of course, you need to plug other needed tools and into your nonprofits fundraising funnel. Mostly your preferred payment gateway. Then followed by social proof software, autoresponder, etc.

Fifth step:

Set up follow up funnels and test. If you’re on the Platinum plan, you won’t be needing a third-party email software. Unless you consider otherwise.

The Follow-up funnel within ClickFunnels acts more than just your normal autoresponder.

It enables you to send targeted messages to your prospects as to the actions taken within your fundraising nonprofit’s donor marketing funnel.

All on automation.

It can be in the form of email, texts, and Facebook messenger. Awesome!

Success Stories

Russell Brunson shared three (3) SECRETS holding businesses back from having successes with their sales funnel. Yes, including nonprofits!

Secrets to:

  • High sales funnel conversions
  • Funnel structure and design
  • And Traffic acquisition

That was after discovering that only about 1% of all ClickFunnels users of over 125,000 have made over a million from their sales funnel. He shot the training.

Yeah, for not-for-profits entrepreneurs, that number might look very poor.

Don’t be discouraged yet.

As there are numerous experts in the nonprofits niche that has cracked the code and killing it using sales funnel to explode their charity organizations.

If you take a look at the live case study where Tyler shares his story on how he was able to use a very simple sales funnel built on ClickFunnels to fully fund and transform his non-profit children’s camp a year in advance.

It will be clear to you that the possibilities are endless.

Another is, Elizabeth Shores:

That raised enough funding with one single funnel to bring clean water to African villages.

Or Carlos Morales:

Whose funnel generates funding and volunteers to bring hope and sustainability to an impoverished New Jersey neighborhood.

Plus, a lot more…

Strategies on using ClickFunnels For NonProfits

  • Should I build a lead generation page?
  • What type of lead magnet should I give out to my visitors?
  • Should I create a landing page?
  • Should I build a membership site or maybe do training to attract audiences to donate funds?

I suspect those could be the type of question running in your mind right now. Well, this is a section of this ClickFunnels for a non-profit post is where we address that.

Before we proceed, I want you to be conscious regarding one thing and ONE thins ONLY:

No matter what you do while seeking for funds. Bear in mind that donors are always looking for what’s in for them. Just like a consumer of a brands’ product.

As Erich Decker-Hoppen puts it:

In the voluntary or nonprofit sector, a potential donor perceives a community need. This perception may be stimulated – or even created – through publicity… The perception of community need evolves into a feeling of social responsibility which leads to donation.

He further stresses that a donation results in a beneficiary experience that contributes to community progress, but donors do not directly experience the benefit. They have the indirect, temporary experience of satisfaction.

That feeling and sense of having done the right thing, plus the recognition is great a motivator to get people to have a belief in your cause to support the organization.

In a question and answer session on how nonprofits should grow their mission – Russell still stress on that:

The point is:

Gratitude, recognition, reporting, appreciation, and engagement are vital KEYS to donor commitments.

Build a Lead Generation Page

Your initial topmost priority when building your nonprofit sales process is capturing interests.

This starts with collecting the emails of your prospective donors.

Just as you know – Nobody wants to get involved with something that won’t be of benefit to them. To capture people’s email (and attention) you must be willing to give value in return.

Obviously, no value in filling out a form capturing my contact details.

What’s in for me?

The idea is to build a squeeze page or a lead gen page that offers nothing more but an enticing lead magnet to your visitors. Soon to turn donors.

Basically, nonprofits lead magnets could be:

  • Free invitation to an educational webinar
  • Free resources like eBooks, guides and toolkits
  • A discount on membership or event registration
  • In-depth sector/industry report

Your opt-in page can be text-based or a VSL (Video Sales Letter).

There are lots of ideas to explore when looking for irresistible incentives to acquire nonprofits leads.

The more helpful and useful freebie you can provide to get prospects into the door, the more likely the trust and relationship to be built and successful long-term partnership.

The next part of your fundraising funnel would be sending them to your nonprofit landing page while also following up with them via email and text messages – all pre-configured to be sent after grabbing their email.

The goal of your landing page is to educate your prospective donors with enough information about your mission and get them compelled enough to donate and become advocates.

Using well written and formatted sales copy (link to Funnel Scripts).

Tell stories.

Use languages that communicate impact.

Avoid words like “Donate”, “Help”.

Instead say things like: “Help cloth children with bright future”, “Feed hungry families”, “Give clear water”, “Send a child to school” etc.

Did you get the point?

Final Thoughts

Above everything else, life is all about impacting or being impacted.

Spending hours and putting this guide together is one of my own little way of making an impact. If you’re reading this and have come this far – then something tells me you’re on a mission to change and impact lives too.

Wasn’t that sole reason for our existence after all?

Over the years, I have realized the joy in giving back to the community and the needy. And every once in a while, I take upon myself to give back to charities.

Nonprofit purposes include feeding the homeless, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, managing an association of businesses, preaching the gospel, etc.

I understand how burdensome it is to promote your mission to gain people’s attention and support. And I hope this ClickFunnels for nonprofit guide helps you in actualizing that purpose.

Make sure you explore the free 14days trial of ClickFunnels if you haven’t. Then watch the free presentation on building a thriving nonprofits sales funnel.

Have questions? Drop them below!

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