ClickFunnels membership sites

Okay, in this ClickFunnels membership site review and tutorial we are going to be looking at how to build and create membership sites inside of ClickFunnels.

And everything else you need to know about ClickFunnels membership site.

Is it worth using?

I also give you a simple ClickFunnels membership template you can download right from this page, customize and quickly create your own membership site in minutes.

But before that, there are few things I’d like to explain about membership site creation and why it has become so useful for content creators and online business owners in general.

Membership sites are one of the most ideal ways of earning good cash online through the monetization of your skills. It enables you to deliver contents to your audience in a more unique way where you give access to these contents based on their purchase or relationship with your business.

There are several reasons why people create a membership site – and why you should start creating yours today! You really need to start off by monetizing anything you’re good at.

That’s where the need for a membership site comes into play.

If you’re in any way seeking a means to turn your specialized knowledge, talents, and abilities into a non-stop cash flowing system using a membership site, then this FREE book called Expert Secrets will guide you on a step-by-step process to new riches.

So, in this ClickFunnels membership site review and tutorial below are what we shall be looking at:

Why ClickFunnels membership site

There are lots of reasons why many individuals prefer using ClickFunnels membership site feature in creating their membership portal and delivering their content…

…And so there are also reasons why most people dislike ClickFunnels membership site.

I shall go into both and clear everything you need to know about ClickFunnels membership site.

One of the good reasons to build your membership site with ClickFunnels is that it’s very easy to use, you have a pre-built template to choose from, and most important of it all is that you can easily integrate it with your sales funnel for an amazing marketing experience.

And you can also replicate or use an already working one by exploiting the Share Funnel feature inside of ClickFunnels.

Even if you can’t afford the startup plan of $97, the ClickFunnels discount option is great to kick off with.

With ClickFunnels membership sites you can integrate your favorite payment gateway and any other necessary third party application with ease.

Every single feature you need to make and deliver your paid course or program can be achieved using ClickFunnels membership sites, and that’s not all.

Below are more GREAT reasons why you should use ClickFunnels membership site:

#1: Variety of Payment gateways supported

It’s easy to integrate your preferred payment gateway inside ClickFunnels so you’ll be able to collect payment made by your membership site subscribers.

Here are the payment gateways you can use to process payment inside of ClickFunnels and accept for your membership site subscription:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • NMI (Gateway Funnel Pros)
  • ClickBank
  • Apple Pay
  • Warrior Plus
  • EasyPayDirect
  • Bluesnap
  • JV Zoo
  • Recurly

#2: Already made membership site templates

If you aren’t a new user to ClickFunnels then you must have discovered that there are dozens of pre-built funnel templates for almost every industry when you sign up, both free and paid.

And that’s not excluded for membership sites as well.

This is an interesting feature specially made for new users who have no or little coding skills. All you need to do select your preferred template and customize as desired.

#3: Easy to market and sell your membership content

As you already know that being a subscribed user of ClickFunnels you have access to the membership site plus other functionalities to aid your marketing.

Everything you need to build your sales page, build your sequences, and design up-sell and down-sell pages can be easily done inside of ClickFunnels. So using ClickFunnels membership site to sell your digital product or training courses will be of a high advantage.

Other cool functions available are:

You got to put all these in use within one platform, ClickFunnels.

Disadvantages of ClickFunnels Membership site

Here are some ‘not soo good’ things about ClickFunnels membership site:

#1: No Inbuilt Video Hosting

ClickFunnels doesn’t allow you to host your videos on the platform for them to be used in your training course, unlike Teachable or Kajabi.

So in order to use your videos in your courses, you’ll need to host your video on another platform like Vimeo, Wistia or YouTube.

#2: You Hardly Track Users’ Progress

Some digital course creators are always interested in the course completion rate and progress tracking. But it’s unfortunate that ClickFunnels doesn’t let you do that. But with membership platforms like Teachable, you can.

Now that you have seen the shortcomings of using ClickFunnels membership site to build your digital training, it’s up to you to decide which way to go.

However ClickFunnels still remains a powerful tool for businesses, and if you plan to go with a platform like Teachable in delivering your courses then I will strongly advise that you use ClickFunnels for building your marketing funnel and other back-end automation.

Click here to read ClickFunnels vs Teachable post

But in case you still prefer to do it all within one platform so as to minimize cost and the rest, then ClickFunnels membership site will serve.

How to build a membership site with ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels membership sites

Once you have logged in to your ClickFunnels account and want to start building your membership site in ClickFunnels, below is the step to follow:

How to create a membership funnel in ClickFunnels

Step #1: Creating of Membership Funnel

Select Build Funnel from ClickFunnels menu or click on Add New from the dashboard, in the pop-up window that appears click on Create New Funnel, and then choose the Sell Your Product option followed by Membership.

Step #2: Select the Page Templates

Here you will have to select the membership access step in the funnel. You’ll click on the membership category and then select a membership access page template.

To add a membership area template… Click on the membership category, followed by selecting a membership area template.

How to add membership lessons in ClickFunnels

Step #1: Adding membership Sections

Note: Each section in your membership area will definitely need one or more lessons to add in your actual content. Lessons are the breakdown of your content into topics.

So, in adding sections, you will need to click on Add New Lesson Section, and then add the section Name followed by selecting Product Requirements, adding Tag Requirements and Upgrade Requirements (those 3 are optional though).

Step #2: Adding membership Lessons

Click on Add New Lesson, select the Lesson Section from the drop-down and enter the Name of the lesson. Next, select the Page Template, enter the number of days for a drip delay (optional), and then finally click the Create Lesson.

The drip delay will begin when the membership account is created and will apply for all members.

How to Test Your ClickFunnels Membership area

After creating your membership are, it’s very important to create a membership account to you can personally view the content to test all the links, lessons and access areas

Step #1: Create a New Membership Account

From inside your funnel, select the membership area step then highlight and copy the Secret Sign Up URL. Finally, paste the link in a New Incognito window or a private browsing window. Next, enter a unique email address and a password to Create Your Account.

Step #2: Manually Add Purchases (optional)

If you have the restrict access setting turned on for any of your sections, you’ll have to manually add purchases to your member profile. This will allow you to provide free access to your paid membership area.

Below is how to do that:

How to Manually Add New Members Inside of ClickFunnels Membership site

Step #1: Create a New Membership Account

Within your funnel select the membership area step, then highlight and copy the Secret Sign Up URL before pasting the link in a New Incognito window or private browsing window. Then finally create login and password for the member.

Step #2: Add Purchase

This is needed when you have product purchase restrictions enabled for your sections.

From within your membership area step, click on Members, then search or browse the list of members, click on Edit, click on the Purchases tab, click on Add Purchase For Product Access before selecting the required product from the Product dropdown. Finally, click Save.

How to Restrict Membership Access in ClickFunnels Membership site

It’s very important to restrict access to all your paid content in your members’ area so to prevent those who haven’t paid from having access to your content. In order to achieve this, there are 3 options:

Option #1: Product Purchase Requirement

First, select the funnel and select the Membership Area Step, then click on Restrict Access for the lesson that you would like to provide access to. You’ll need to identify the lesson(s) that you would like to restrict access before clicking on Restrict Access.

Next, select the products in the dropdown that are required for access and select Update Lesson Section. You’ll have to repeat this process for multiple lessons/sections.

Option #2: Tag Requirements

Select the funnel before selecting the Membership Area Step, then click on Restrict Access for the lesson that you would like to provide access to. Enter a tag in the Tag Requirements field (also make sure to use a comma to separate multiple tags).

Finally, click the Update Lesson Section and also repeat the process for multiple lessons/sections.

Option #3: Adding an Upsell to Membership Area

This type of membership access allows you to add a preview of a section to your member’s area that can only be unlocked with the purchase of specific products. Also, make sure that the product(s) is already added to ClickFunnels upsell page.

First, select the membership area in the funnel and click on Restrict Access for the lesson section, then select the Product Requirement(s). Select the Upgrade Offer Funnel Step and then click on Update Lesson Section.

The lesson section will now show as restricted and the customer can click on the upgrade link to purchase for access.

How to Drip Membership Lessons in ClickFunnels Membership Area

This functionality will allow you to drip lesson content to your members as needed (daily, weekly, monthly etc).

Step #1: Select your membership area step in the funnel and click on the Edit icon for a specific lesson, enter the Drip Delay (In Days) and click on Update Lesson.

Optionally, you can also override the standard release schedule with a set release date by:

Clicking on the Edit icon for a specific lesson and then add a Release Date. Then Update lesson.

How to Remove Members in ClickFunnels Members area

This function is useful for membership training courses that require a monthly subscription for access to your content where you can simply remove members that are no longer paying for your content or services.

Step #1 Remove Product Purchase

This is ideal if you have sections with product purchase restrictions enabled.

From within your membership area step, click on Members, then search or browse the list of your members, click on Edit.

Next, you click on the Purchases tab, then Details before you scroll down to Delete.

Step #2: Remove Member from Membership Area

From within your members’ area step, click on Members, and then click on the trash icon that is next to a member’s name to remove the member. Finally, click Ok to confirm.

Alternatives to ClickFunnels Members Area Feature

Let me quickly mention some few alternatives you can use to build your members area – if you wish not to use ClickFunnels:

  • Kartra: The closest alternative to ClickFunnels with almost the same feature. Read comparison here
  • Kajabi: Kajabi is known to be a sophisticated membership software. You can read my Kajabi vs ClickFunnels comparison.
  • MemberMouse: An amazing WordPress plugin for creating membership sites that only work with WordPress.
  • Teachable: Used for building online courses and works just like Kajabi but more user-friendly

Is There a ClickFunnels Membership Site Plugin?

No, there is nothing like the ClickFunnels membership site plugin. You can only build and use the ClickFunnels membership site inside of ClickFunnels. If you need a membership plugin for your site then get Membermouse members area plugin for WordPress.

Free Membership Site Templates, Examples, And Funnels

I understand that creating a membership site with ClickFunnels or any using any other membership site platform can be daunting at times, especially when you have to do it from scratch.

But the good thing now is that using ClickFunnels will lessen the burden for you…

If you’ve gone through my ClickFunnels pricing post you’ll find out that some of the features of ClickFunnels which makes it stands out from others are the Share Funnel feature. So you don’t really need to bother yourself to create a membership site from the bottom.

Or scouting for inspirations all over the web.

Just click the link below so you can download one of the best ClickFunnels membership site templates I’ve seen. By Rachel S. Lee.

Download link:

The above ClickFunnels membership site will be downloaded straight into your ClickFunnels account, if you are not yet signed up, then you will need to take on the free 2 weeks trial. You can take advantage of that and see how a typical membership site with ClickFunnels functions.

Affiliate Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.



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