ClickFunnels payment gateways

There are numerous payment gateways associated with ClickFunnels.

And while it is a clever decision to find out first if your favorite or preferred payment gateway is supported.

Or (at least) can be integrated with your marketing software – you also have to make sure that it doesn’t cost an arm and leg linking them up.

No matter what software you use in your marketing and business growth – a payment gateway integration is a must.

This is a means (gateway) you collect money for your goods and services online.

And as we may have it, a popular and reputable platform like ClickFunnels supports a wide range of payment gateways.

Some of which you might not even be aware they support.

In this post, we’re going to be covering all of the ClickFunnels payment gateways. How they work and most essentially:

How you can integrate them into your ClickFunnels account to collect payment via your order or checkout form.

Let’s get started!

List of Supported ClickFunnels Payment Gateways

Your payment gateway is responsible for mostly processing credit card payments for your online funnel and product stores.

They are responsible for facilitating transactions between you and your customers.

Most people are already familiar with Stripe and PayPal as the two most popular payment gateways.

Although ClickFunnels themselves recommend Stripe if you don’t have any payment yet. But there are more.

ClickFunnels supports both:

  • Direct payment gateways API connection
  • And third-party product access payment gateways

The former integrates directly with your products in ClickFunnels without any form of complications, while the latter seems more advanced.

Here are the gateways supported by ClickFunnels:

Starting with the direct API integration.

#1. PayPal

Like I said earlier, obviously, PayPal is a worldwide accepted payment platform for online business owners.

With this direct API integration in your ClickFunnels funnels – you’d be able to process payments in your funnels, including One Time Offers (OTOs) and bump offers.

As of when writing this, the ClickFunnels PayPal API integration ONLY works on standard order forms and NOT with Two-Step order form.

Else it won’t function properly.

Also, make sure you operate a PayPal business account + your developer account link at

Steps on integrating PayPal directly with your ClickFunnels:

From within your ClickFunnels account navigate to your Account Settings

Click Payment Gateways then Add New Payment Gateway

Add payment gateway ClickFunnels

Click PayPal V2

ClickFunnels payment gateways


Here you’ll be required to create and get your PayPal Client ID and Secret Key.

To get these credentials:

  • Log into your PayPal account
  • Then go to the PayPal Developer Applications
  • Scroll down to Rest API apps and click the Create App button
  • Enter an App Name
  • Click Create App
  • Click on the Live tab to view the live API Credentials
  • Scroll down and click Show under Secret

Now, you got your PayPal Client ID and Secret Key, you head back to your ClickFunnels account to proceed:

  • Then copy and paste the Client and Secret ID from PayPal
  • Finally, click on Create PayPal V2 Account

Now that your PayPal setup for ClickFunnels is complete below are some common concern addressed:

How do I test PayPal payment in ClickFunnels?

To confirm if your ClickFunnels PayPal integration functions properly, it is paramount you test this.

To do this make sure you Uncheck the Live Credentials Toggle (check the image above). Enable Test Mode in your funnel, then Test purchase on ClickFunnels via an Incognito mode.

Here’s a walkthrough tutorial on how to accomplish this.

How do I add PayPal to my ClickFunnels order page?

This is mostly used to sell and collect payment to PayPal for a One-Time (mostly physical) product in ClickFunnels. First, you have to make that you have integrated PayPal correctly and added an order form.

Then follow this tutorial for the rest instruction.

How do I add a PayPal button to my ClickFunnels order page?

You can actually in two ways via Webhook:

Option #1: By embedding a Buy Now PayPal styled button

  • You start by adding the Custom JS/HTML element to your page
  • Head over to PayPal and click on the website tab and copy the code
  • In your ClickFunnels page click on the Custom JS/HTML element
  • Open the code editor to paste in your code copied from PayPal
  • Finally, choose the 3rd party embed code from the Custom Code Type drop-down menu

Option #2: Adding a URL to a ClickFunnels button to redirect to PayPal

  • We begin the second option by adding a button element to our page
  • Head over to PayPal to click on email tab to copy the code
  • Go back to your ClickFunnels page
  • Click on the button element to open its settings
  • Click on Set Action
  • Click on Go to Website
  • Finally, paste the URL from Email tab in PayPal

#2. Stripe

Stripe is the most recommended payment gateways by many. ClickFunnels themselves recommends it for collecting payment for your products than any other payment gateway on this list.

And way easier to connect than PayPal. IMO 😊

Before you begin – you must create a Stripe account. But first, make sure you check the list of countries supported by Stripe.

Unfortunately, Stripe isn’t supported in my region, but when writing this I’m in the process of setting it up. After my company registration in the US.

Also, there is a list of restricted businesses not supported by Stripe. Just beware before proceeding.

Extra note: It is advised you are logged into your existing Stripe account in another tab (not different window) in the same browser you are using ClickFunnels. For proper seamless connection.

Let’s get started on how to connect Stripe to ClickFunnels:

  • From your payment gateway options, Select Stripe

  • Click Create Stripe Account

Add Stripe ClickFunnels

  • Type in the name of your Stripe Account (keep it simple)
  • Click to select which domain(s) to enable Apple Pay on (optional)
  • Then toggle default Stripe Account on (optional)
  • Click on Create Stripe Account
  • Finally, click Next: Connect With Stripe

You’ll notice an automatic connection when already signed in to your Stripe account. If not, you’ll have to login first to continue.

Some common concerns regarding ClickFunnels and direct Stripe integration:

How do you test Stripe in ClickFunnels?

To test your Stripe order forms to ensure it connects properly. Make sure you’ve created your order page, a product, and of course have Stripe already integrated. Then turn your funnel to Test Mode before placing your Test Order to checking your test order.

Here is a video walkthrough on how to test Stripe’s purchase on ClickFunnels.

Can I have a multiple Stripe account on ClickFunnels?

Yes, you can connect up to three Stripe account on ClickFunnels, but not on the Starter plan. The Platinum plan of $297/mo allows three (3) Stripe account while the $97 plan supports only a single Stripe account integration.

Can I create a subscription-based product or payment plan on ClickFunnels with Stripe?

Yes, you can create a subscription product (or recurring payment) in ClickFunnels for any payment gateway after the normal integration process.

#3. Apple/Android Pay

If you’re using Stripe as your payment gateway and want to also accept payment via Android or Apple Pay, then this integration will be beneficial a lot.

As usual, a Stripe account with an Apple Pay account needed for this.

The first step is accepting the Apple Pay Terms and Conditions within your Stripe account from the Payments tab.

Then next is adding Apple Pay domains in your Payment Gateway settings. Remember there’s an option for this when setting up your stripe. So, ignore this if you “checked” this earlier. You can view the screenshots in the Stripe integration section to verify this.

Finally, Apple Pay to your order form page (this does not work with two-step order forms). By clicking Add an Element, selecting Apple/Android Pay. Save Page.

#4., Keap, and Recurly

To add and use payment gateway you must connect via Keap (Infusionsoft) or Recurly.

Also, Keap and Recurly happen to be payment gateways supported with ClickFunnels. However, keep in mind that you must have them connected with to be able to collect payment via your Keap account.

Here is how to set this up correctly:

From your ClickFunnels payment gateways options, select InfusionSoft V2

Before proceeding to connect, head over to your InfusionSoft account => E-COMMERCE menu => Settings => Order Settings => Orders => Default Merchant Acct for Manual Orders => Select account => Finally Save.

The next step is to get your Keap API Key:

From the top navigation => ADMIN => Settings => Application => Enter API Passphrase => Click Save. This will generate your Encrypted Key which will be needed within your ClickFunnels account.

Final Step is connecting your Keap account with ClickFunnels:

Now, we have to head back to where we stopped inside of ClickFunnels to click Connect with InfusionSoft.

Integrate Keap ClickFunnels

You’ll see a confirmation message asking if to allow access. Allow. Done!

Going forward, you’ll be able to use InfusionSoft or Keap as your preferred payment gateway on ClickFunnels.

Now, lets see how to integrate Recurly:

First, you need a Recurly account and a Recurly Subdomain. Then follow the below process:

  • From your Recurly dashboard click on Integrations tab
  • Select API Credentials

Then head over to your ClickFunnels account on the payment gateway options and select Recurly.

  • Enter your Recurly subdomain (something like
  • Paste your API Key
  • Paste your Public Key
  • Create Recurly Account

ClickFunnels Recurly integration


#5. EasyPayDirect

EasyPayDirect is another ClickFunnels payment gateway supported. They’re known to be a leading high-risk merchant and processing gateway.

Before we begin, make sure you create your EasyPayDirect account.

Just like other payment gateway integration processes on this page – you definitely need an API key.

Here’s how to get it:

From your EasyPayDirect account, click My Settings on the right top bar and select All Settings

  • Scroll down to Security Options, and click Security Keys
  • Enter a description for your Key
  • Select User and Check API
  • Finally, click on Create New Key, then copy it

Now, we’d have to hop over to our ClickFunnels account to configure and finish our EasyPayDirect payment gateway:

EasyPayDirect ClickFunnels

  • Enter your EasyPayDirect login details and password
  • Paste your copied Key
  • Create your account

#6. NMI (Gateway Funnel Pros)

First, get a GatewayFunnelPros account. Followed by enabling your NMI customer vault by clicking on Customer Vault and make sure it’s turned on.

Then you retrieve your NMI API Key by:

  • Hoping over to Options tab on the left menu bar of your NMI dashboard and select Settings
  • Next to Security Options => Security Keys
  • Enter a description and select a User to Assign
  • Check API and Cart
  • Finally, Create New Key and copy to clipboard

The last step to integrate the NMI payment gateway to ClickFunnels is to connect within your CF account.

NMI payment processor CF

  • Enter your NMI login and password
  • Paste your Key
  • Click Create NMI Account

The above ClickFunnels payment gateways are pretty easy to integrate with your CF account and order for collecting payments for your products and services.

Next is third-party payment integration.

More advanced. And may lack some of the features of the payment processors discussed above.

For this, there are four third-party payment processor integrations (ClickBank, JVZoo, PayPal, Warrior Plus) currently supported by ClickFunnels:

Let’s check them out:

#7. ClickBank Third-party Integration

With the ClickBank ClickFunnels integration, you’ll be able to set up tracking on the products you have in ClickBank.

This way you can sell them via ClickFunnels.

And NO, this isn’t selling as an affiliate of ClickBank, but rather as a product owner or creator on the ClickBank affiliate network.

A ClickBank account is required for this integration + Secret Token (from ClickBank).

Now let’s get started linking them:

  • From within your ClickBank, hop over to Account Settings
  • Scroll down, click Edit in the Clerk API Keys And Click Create New User API Key
  • Give your API a description, check all the four boxes and Save

The next in the process is get your Developer API Key:

To get your Developer API Key you follow the similar process used in getting your Clerk API Key. When done click Save and copy both ClickBank API Keys into your ClickFunnels ClickBank integration window:

We aren’t done yet!

It’s time to retrieve our Secret Token.

From your ClickBank account => VENDOR SETTINGS => My Site => Scroll down to Advanced Tools => Copy your Secret Key.

  • Head over to your ClickFunnels account and paste your Secret Key in the Secret Token area.
  • Finally, Create a ClickBank Account. Congratulations. Success.

To further add your ClickBank product to your funnel, you must have completed the process above and a product ready on ClickBank.

Then follow this process to quickly configure and add the product to an order form page via a Webhook.

#8. JVZoo Third-party Integration

If you wish to sell JVZoo products through funnels built on ClickFunnels, then this integration will help you carry out to attain the dream.

Let’s pretend everything is all set up on JVZoo. Product specifically.

The next step is creating your JVZoo Secret Key:

  • From your account click on My Accounts
  • Scroll to the JVZIPN Secret Key field and click the link to edit your Secret Key
  • Click Generate to create your JVZoo Secret Key
  • Then copy your Secret Key to the clipboard (to be used inside of ClickFunnels).

Navigate to your ClickFunnels account straight to your payment integration (as usual):

Connect JVZoo ClickFunnels

  • Select JVZoo and paste your IPN Secret Key
  • Finally, click on Create JVZoo account

#9. Warrior Plus

Just as our JVZoo and ClickBank integration, that of WarriorPlus is the same.

If you have a product in Warrior Plus and wish to integrate it with ClickFunnels, then this is it!

It all starts with creating and retrieving your Warrior Plus API and Security Keys:

  • Click on Account Settings from your Warrior Plus username dropdown (located top right)
  • Scroll down and click API Key => Create a Warrior+Plus API Key
  • Copy your API Key (and paste somewhere)
  • Head over to Account Settings (again) => click Security Key => Create a Warrior+Plus Security Key
  • Lastly copy your Security Key (and paste somewhere)

The final step requires you going over to your ClickFunnels account to paste your Warrior Plus Keys:

ClickFunnels WarriorPlus

  • From your list payment gateways, select Warrior Plus
  • Get your copied Warrior Plus API and Security Keys and paste them
  • Then Create WarriorPlus Account

#10. PayPal

This particular PayPal integration would be needed when you desire to use another payment gateway on your order form.

This means you’ll use PayPal along with other processors.

Then the first step is to create a PayPal button from your PayPal business account:

  • From your PayPal account click on Tools
  • Scroll down and click on PayPal buttons and choose Button Type
  • Enter Item Name and Item ID (any number)
  • Enter Price and fill in all other pricing details
  • Go to Step 3 to Customize Advanced Features
  • Add the URL (from your funnel) where customers would go when they cancel their checkout
  • Add the URL (from your funnel) where they would go after they complete their purchase.

Now, you head over to your ClickFunnels account to finish up the configuration:

  • Click on Settings from within your product funnel

  • Go down to 3rd Party membership Access area, then Click on Add Product

  • Next, add in your Product Name
  • Choose PayPal from the Billing Integration drop-down menu

  • Enter the Amount and Currency
  • Skip the Price Display Override and Bump
  • Enter the Cart Product which is the same Item ID used in PayPal settings
  • Before creating your product copy Webhook URL (highlight and copy)
  • Finally, Create a Product

The last step is to head over to your PayPal in Step 3 (Customize Features):

  • Select the Advanced variables field. Then add the following text in quotes to the selected field “notify_url=”
  • Then paste the Webhook URL you copied from ClickFunnels earlier.
  • Finally, click Create Button

As we highlighted earlier, this particular third-party PayPal integration is needed if you wish to use PayPal alongside another payment gateway.

This is totally different from the direct API integration.

So, there are limitations and restrictions related to this. You can read about them here.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How many payment gateways can I have on the ClickFunnels account?

From the ClickFunnels plan table, you’ll see the obvious differences in the Starter plan and Platinum. And the number of supported payment gateways happens to be one of those discrepancies.

If you’re on subscribed to the $97 per month plan, you can only have access to add one (1) payment processor.

While on the Platinum plan of $297 per month, you would be allowed to add three (3) total payment gateways integrations.

What could be the issue when my order form is not submitting?

This is a common issue I’ve seen being asked in the ClickFunnels group couple of times. When order form page never submits (or gets stuck in the process) when attempting to place an order during testing.

While it is always advised to clear your browser cache. And also test your order form in an incognito window before you come to conclusion or begin diagnosing for possible errors.

Here are some possible causes of the problem:

  • Key elements missing on your order form
  • Custom code present on your page
  • Incomplete integration setup
  • Custom form fields interfering with your order form
  • Mobile and desktop fields separate Instead of merged into one

You can explore more here on ClickFunnels help doc on how to fix each of these order form issues.

Do I need more than one payment gateway on my ClickFunnels account?

Well, it depends.

If you’re just getting started or you run small/one-man business or process a small volume online, then you’re good to go with one payment gateway. If you’re a large business and process huge volumes, then having multiple or more than one payment gateways could be considered.

Final Thoughts

This was a pretty long guide and list of ClickFunnels payment gateways.

I hope with the whole information on this page, you were able to take one or two things away on either setting up your favorite payment processor within your ClickFunnels funnels and pages or getting the whole idea on how the integration thing works.

If you’re having trouble trying to figure any of the steps on this page. Drop in the comment below.

I’d be more than happy and willing to help you out with your ClickFunnels payment gateway setup. If possible, do a quick video/screen share to help out.


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