ClickFunnels Vs ClickBank

A ClickFunnels vs ClickBank comparison is something you must have come across, especially if you are an avid affiliate marketer like me. If you are just starting, you’ll probably be wondering which platform is the best for marketing. 

Well, this is what this article aims to reveal. I have used both and seen their strengths and weaknesses. 

But one key thing you need to know is that they are two different platforms that are built for different purposes. Just because both start with “Click” doesn’t mean they are the same or direct rivals. It also doesn’t mean they are from the same creators either. 

ClickBank and ClickFunnels are useful tools for entrepreneurs and small businesses in generating leads and making sales.

They each have their uniqueness and whilst they both have a common goal which is to make sales, they have their different functions and processes.

In this article, I will be comparing both platforms to see which one you should use the most. 

ClickFunnels Vs ClickBank: Table Comparison Summary

Free trial: Yes (free access here)No
Purpose:Sales funnel builder and marketing toolAffiliate marketing network
Functionality:Builds landing pages and sales funnelsFacilitates product promotion and sales
Target Users:Entrepreneurs, marketers, online businessesVendors, affiliates, digital product creators
Sales Channels:Direct sales, upsells, downsellsAffiliates, marketplace, direct sales
Page Templates:Wide variety of pre-designed templatesN/A
Payment Gateway:Integrates with various payment processorsIntegrated payment processing
Pricing:Subscription-based pricing tiers (147/month)Commission-based on sales transactions
Analytics:Comprehensive analytics and trackingBasic reporting and sales analytics
Customer Support:Extensive customer support and trainingLimited customer support
Integrations:Integrates with popular third-party toolsN/A

ClickFunnels Vs ClickBank: Pricing Comparison 

ClickFunnels and ClickBank are two very different platforms and so do not operate the same way. ClickFunnels come in various packages and ClickBank may not cost as much as even the least package of clickfunnel.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plan

To start with, ClickFunnels is not a free tool, nor does it offer a free plan. However, it offers a 14-day free trial, if you sign up directly from the website or a 30-day free trial if you sign up through the YFFC. 

During the free trial, you get access to all the features ClickFunnels offer. No restrictions till the trial period is over. 

The ClickFunnels pricing plan is divided into 3 categories: Basic, Pro, and Funnel hacker. 

1. Basic Plan

This plan costs $147 monthly and $127/month when billed annually. With the Basic plan, you can build up to 20 funnels and create unlimited pages. 

You can also have 10,000 contacts, even though you can only build 1 website. The plan allows you access to features such as the drag-and-drop editor and predesigned templates that help you to design pages without needing the skills of a graphic designer.

You will also have the advantage of having 3 courses. However, there are certain limitations such as not having access to more than 1 admin user or more domains

2. Pro Plan

This plan costs $197 monthly and $157/month when billed annually. The Pro plan gives features such as 100 funnels, unlimited pages, 9 payment gateways and 3 domains, unlimited products, and follow-up funnels. 

However, there cannot be more than 1 website. 

3. Funnel Hacker Plan

This is the highest and most advanced plan as it gives you access to more advanced features. This plan is best for large businesses. Don’t get me wrong, as a small business, you can still use it but big businesses opt in for this plan the most. 

The Funnel Hacker plan costs $297 monthly and $208/month for an annual subscription. This plan allows you to have up to 3 websites (unlike the other plans that only restrict you to 1). It also allows up to 15 admin users and gives you access to creating unlimited funnels. 

Other benefits include having up to 200,000 contacts and 20,000 students, unlimited workflows, an affiliate program, up to 200 courses, and so on.

I just gave a quick run-through of how much ClickFunnels cost and what you can access with each plan. But if you still want to know more about each pricing plan and see all the features each one offers, I have done a detailed review of ClickFunnels Pricing. You can check it out. 

ClickBank Pricing Plan

ClickBank is a highly accessible tool to both affiliate marketers and sellers because it has low barriers to entry and does not require a lot of paperwork. It does not cost a dime for affiliate marketers to set up their accounts as it is completely free for them as long as they are active.

However, ClickBank is stricter for sellers than it is for affiliate marketers even in terms of pricing. It costs sellers an activation fee of $49.95 and $29.95 for any additional account.

ClickBank takes a cut from each sale that is aside from the commission set.

Lastly, sellers have to pay a small fee of $0.50 or $1 if their products get returned by customers.

ClickFunnels Vs ClickBank: Pros and Cons

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons


  • It creates sales funnels that specifically target your audience. 
  • It offers free bonuses and is very easy to use, i.e. you don’t need any prior coding or technical knowledge to set it up or build a web page. 
  • It offers free funnel templates to help you get started. 
  • There is a free trial and also a 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • There are free training courses to help get you started 


  • It is quite expensive. The lowest plan (Basic plan) costs $147 monthly. That can be pretty high for small businesses. But with all ClickFunnels offers, it is worth it.

ClickBank Pros and Cons


  • Affiliate marketers can access a wide variety of products.
  • It helps affiliates and sellers track and calculate their payments.
  • Sellers and affiliates can network easily.


  • ClickBank has high fees
  • Dormant affiliates on ClickBank are charged $50 over a period of not doing anything
  • Because ClickBank is an affiliate marketing and e-commerce platform, there are lots of “junk” products around the marketplace. 

ClickFunnels Vs ClickBank: What Are They?

Before we get started, it is important to fully understand the entire concept of ClickBank and ClickFunnels for you to activate its benefits in your business.

ClickBank is like a supermarket where goods are purchased while ClickFunnels is the entire process and stages that lead to the purchase.

ClickBank and clickFunnel can be used concurrently or separately.

They can also be combined with other marketing platforms such as Amazon to get optimal results.

What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an online marketing tool created for entrepreneurs and marketers.

It is beneficial for people that are interested in selling their products, promoting their brands, and convincing an audience to make a purchase or an engagement.

The main goal of ClickFunnels is to help entrepreneurs increase their sales and conversions. ClickFunnels is an all-encompassing marketing automation tool that offers so many packages and various features all at once which somewhat makes it the perfect choice.

ClickFunnels was founded by Russell Brunson in 2014. However, ClickFunnels 2.0 was launched in 2022 together with YFFC. 

ClickFunnels works in a very simple way. The software helps you identify the different stages in your customer journey and then allows you to create a funnel that can influence their decision at each stage.

The first step to making sales is generating leads which could be seen as “traffic” because without leads sales will be impossible.

After attracting traffic or audience to your brand, you also need to keep them, or else you would lose potential customers. ClickFunnels helps you achieve this by simplifying the customer’s journey and assisting you with various marketing features that could help you increase the likelihood of making sales through funnels.

Funnels can be seen as a series of pages that are interlinked to fit into every stage of the customer’s journey. This funnel helps to boost the possibilities of conversion by securing the lead’s information.

Features of ClickFunnels

1. Drag-And-Drop page builder: This feature allows you to design your funnels, landing pages, and even ClickFunnels website within minutes. You don’t need to have any skills or experience in coding to create amazing funnels or web pages. 

2. Built-in funnel templates: ClickFunnels has hundreds of already-designed funnel templates you can use for your business. There are funnels suitable for each niche. This means that if you own an online clothing store, there are funnel templates for that. 

Likewise, if you want to sell your book, there are funnel templates for that. You don’t need to design a funnel from scratch. All you have to do is to use the drag-and-drop editor to customize the template to fit your brand. 

3. Analytic features: This is a feature that helps you to carefully analyze your sales data to know how much progress you are making. You can then optimize better based on the information you have gathered. The 5 metrics to be aware of when analyzing your sales funnel are; Traffic, Conversion rates, Sales, Revenue, and Profit.

4. Funnel share: This feature allows you to share your funnel with others, possibly for collaborations. You can easily duplicate a funnel from another account into your account.

These are just a few of the top ClickFunnels features. I wrote a detailed ClickFunnels 2.0 review where I covered each key feature ClickFunnels has. If you want to know more about ClickFunnels’ features, you should check it out.

What Is ClickBank?

ClickBank is very much different from ClickFunnels. It is a marketplace or an affiliate marketing platform that offers visibility to both product vendors and affiliate marketers.

The main goal of the software is to help both parties form a mutual relationship. 

ClickBank is one of the oldest affiliate marketing platforms as it has been operating for over 25 years. It has been very helpful to many entrepreneurs of various fields as well as affiliate marketers.

To benefit from this software as a small business or entrepreneur, all you have to do is sign up as a seller after paying a one-time activation fee of $49.95. Then wait for approval from the ClickBank compliance team through an email.

After that, you can list your products and set an attractive commission rate for affiliate marketers.

You would also have to provide some details such as the website, registered domain name, and pitch page with facts. These facts include the price, payment link, delivery method, contact information, speed of delivery, product description, etc.

Once this process is completed, the promotion and marketing of your product are completely left to your affiliate marketers.

However, it is paramount to ensure your landing page is in a state that can convert the traffic generated into sales.

Affiliate marketers, on the other hand, simply have to sign up as an affiliate at a completely free cost and then pick a niche for which they would like to market. 

After this, you would get your unique affiliate link and get paid your commission for every purchase you make through that link.

It is best to carefully review the vendor’s sales page to know how best to do your job and what you would be getting in return.

This would also save you from being scammed.

How are ClickBank and ClickFunnels different?

The first thing you should know is that ClickFunnels and ClickBank are NOT from the same creators. ClickFunnels was created by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson. On the other hand, ClickBank was founded by Tom and Eileen Barber and has lasted way longer than ClickFunnels. 

But that’s not what mainly makes them different. They have their disparities that offer each one an edge over the other, some of which are:

1. ClickBank is an affiliate marketing platform whereas ClickFunnels is simply a marketing platform. What this means is that ClickBank is for both sellers and affiliate marketers while ClickFunnels is purely for entrepreneurs or small businesses. Hence, their offers are different.


ClickFunnels has an affiliate program but that doesn’t mean it is an affiliate marketing platform. 

2. ClickBank has a free plan. This means you can have a free account and still operate. However, the free plan is limited and not so enjoyable because it’s restricted. If you want to enjoy ClickBank to its fullest, then use the paid plan. 

On the other hand, ClickFunnels does not offer a free plan. You can have a free trial and even enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee but no free plan. I like this because you still get to enjoy all of ClickFunnels’ features during the free trial. 

3. ClickBank has an inbuilt network of affiliates whereas ClickFunnels does not. ClickFunnels aims to help entrepreneurs create winning sales funnels that guide customers through their purchase journey. 

On the other hand, ClickBank is more of an affiliate marketplace and global e-commerce platform. It targets affiliate marketers and content creators. ClickBank connects these content creators with affiliate marketers.

4. Clickfunnel is a funnel builder while ClickBank is not. Both are good for digital marketing but they don’t function the same way

5. ClickFunnels is more modern than ClickBank and hence has a more modern approach to marketing. But when it comes to affiliate marketing, I say ClickBank takes the win here. Its content and features are more targeted toward affiliate marketing. 

How are They Similar?

1. They are both good marketing platforms for start-ups or newbies.

2. They both have learning resources that could help entrepreneurs know how best the platforms can help.

ClickBank used to have a university but not anymore. They rebranded into a new learning resource known as ClickBank Spark. ClickFunnels also has a learning resource known as mastery.

3. Both platforms have a “marketplace”. This means that ClickFunnels has a marketplace and ClickBank has one too. The marketplace serves the same function as the other but with a slight difference. 

The ClickFunnels marketplace is where you can access already-designed funnel templates. You can also hire an expert funnel designer to create a customized funnel for you. 

The ClickBank marketplace is almost similar but this is targeted more to sellers. It’s a place where sellers on the platform provide valuable information about the products they offer. Affiliates use the marketplace to search for products they would like to promote. 

Who Should Get ClickFunnels (and Why)?

Now you know what ClickFunnels is, the question now should be “Who should get it?” The answer to this question is businesses and entrepreneurs looking for ways to grow as a business in both leads and sales.

The reason for this is that ClickFunnels is a tool that not only helps you attract an audience but also keeps them glued to your brand.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you need to do more than attract the right audience, you also need to be able to retain them.

ClickFunnels has always made who their ideal target audience is. They tailor their features, messages, and offers to their target audience. 

Customer retention is the dream of every business owner and entrepreneur and ClickFunnels helps to bring this dream to life.

The end goal of ClickFunnels is to attract and convert potential customers.

ClickFunnels helps build customer loyalty. So if you are an entrepreneur looking to develop a positive relationship with your customers, I’ll recommend you should use the platform. 

Also, if you want all your marketing tools in one platform and easy access to them, you should use ClickFunnels. If you want to start seeing crazy results in your sales and connect with other top marketers, ClickFunnels should be your choice. 

Finally, if you want to attract customers with well-targeted sales funnels (and pages), without wasting your time, I recommend ClickFunnels. The software helps you to nurture individuals in the different stages of the buyer’s journey till they are eventually converted.

Who Should Use ClickBank (and Why)?

ClickBank is a platform that is best for entrepreneurs or business owners and affiliate marketers. It is also helpful for bloggers and digital content creators.

Although ClickBank helps entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers, it does so in different ways because entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers come to the online marketplace for different reasons.

Entrepreneurs majorly come on the platform to make sales through affiliate marketers.

The intention of any business owner that comes on the platform is to increase the number of leads they get as a business and reach more people.

ClickBank offers help to entrepreneurs and business owners by providing them with a long list of affiliate marketers. This allows them to achieve their goals in a very easy way. Through the vast affiliate marketplace that ClickBank has, entrepreneurs are empowered to grow and prosper in their various businesses.

Affiliate marketers on the hand, come to network with other business owners and sellers that need their services. Through the network generated by the software, it is so much easier for them to be connected to both sellers and then customers.

Bloggers and digital content creators can also fit into the category of affiliate marketers because to properly market products for sale, you need to create amazing contents that can be linked to it. Hence, affiliate marketers require the skills of a content creator as it would help him convey information about the products to the audience.

ClickBank vs ClickFunnels: Final Verdict

ClickBank and ClickFunnels are amazing tools for growing any business as they allow entrepreneurs and business owners to scale up and increase sales in their unique ways.

Whilst ClickFunnels does not exactly work for affiliate marketers, it covers up for this by doing more than just helping entrepreneurs make sales. It also helps them build their page, understand their audience better and track down their growth as a business.

Although the processes that ClickBank and ClickFunnels operate on are very much different from each other, if your goal as an entrepreneur or business owner is to make sales, you would reach that goal with either platform.


Can You Integrate ClickFunnels with ClickBank?

Yes. ClickFunnels can be integrated with ClickBank. As an affiliate, you are also a marketer and a content creator. This means you can sell your ClickBank products using a funnel on ClickFunnels. You can attract more leads and get more conversions with ClickFunnels. 

How Can I Integrate ClickBank with ClickFunnels?

You must first have an active ClickBank account and a verified ClickBank profile. Also, ensure you have a ClickFunnels account and an approved ClickBank product to sell. Once you have both, you can follow the steps outlined here to integrate ClickBank into ClickFunnels. 

Which is better for Affiliate Marketing?

ClickBank works better for affiliate marketing because it is a space that allows both affiliate marketers and product sellers to thrive.

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