ClickFunnels vs Unbounce

Wondering which is the best between ClickFunnels Vs. Unbounce?

We shall be comparing these two-page building softwares, their differences, similarities, pricing and any other thing you which to know about these tools.

Then at the end… give my final verdict on which you should use.

It’s no doubt that sales funnels have become one of the most significant element of every successful online business which can help in converting strangers to customers, that’s why I so much love the concept.

Another reason why I took an interest in sales funnels is that the old fashioned way of building websites no longer helps in acquiring customers and making sales.

Just imagine a scenario where you have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to a web designer and at the end of the day, you won’t be able to make sales from your expensive website.


Because most websites are distracting! They have links that could lead to the loss of every potential customer.

Every link you add to any sale page or funnel that does not point to the next step is a leak!

But with a sale funnel, you can easily convert those who stumble on your pages. It’s as simple as that.

ClickFunnels and Unbounce are two software’s most online entrepreneurs use in building out converting pages. But the issue now is that most people don’t really know which of both tools can really help make more money and grow their businesses.

In this ClickFunnels Vs. Unbounce comparison review, we shall analyze both tools by covering the following:

Part #1: ClickFunnels Vs. Unbounce – Overview

ClickFunnels and Unbounce are two obviously distinctive tools which have been greatly recommended by top internet marketers over the years. We shall take a brief on what they’re about below.

ClickFunnels vs Unbounce

ClickFunnels Overview

A sales funnel builder co-founded by one of the best marketers alive, Russell Brunson. He has created an entire ecosystem around the software which includes best-selling books, information products, and live events.

ClickFunnels was birthed from the idea of constant frustration of online business owners where they find it difficult converting website visitors to paying customers.

That is the idea behind ClickFunnels. No distractions except converting customers and making sales.

It’s a drag and drop funnel creation tool that has been around for a while now which has aided thousands of entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams by building million generating funnels.

With ClickFunnels you’ll be able to manage affiliates, build membership sites, create upsells and a bunch of other stuff.

Unbounce overview

Unbounce was one of the first landing page tools to be made available in the online space. Unbounce helps you to specifically create landing pages optimized for conversions and enhances your marketing experience to enable you to reach out to your potential customers.

This tool has been providing landing page services since 2009 – ever since it has been mostly compared with several landing page builders and sales funnel tools. Like ClickFunnels, Instapage and many others.

With Unbounce you can easily create sales pages using the drag and drop builder with ease and customize every element. One of the most recommended platforms for PPC marketers.

Unlike ClickFunnels – you can’t host members’ area and manage affiliates on Unbounce. Except that, there are quite a lot of other differences which you will find out pretty soon.


Part #2: ClickFunnels vs Unbounce – Features

ClickFunnels Features

ClickFunnels happens to be one of the best marketing tools out there which has been of great help to marketers for quickly and easily creating high-converting marketing systems.

Here are some ClickFunnels popular features:

#1: Free Pre-Built Funnel templates

This is a feature almost all the landing builder in the industry provides and ClickFunnels isn’t an exception. You get dozens of funnel types and templates that are proven to convert when you come on board with ClickFunnels.

Each funnel type has variations of templates which you can customize as desired:

  • Lead capture funnels
  • Sales page funnels
  • Event funnels
  • Product launch funnels etc.

#2: Upsells, Downsells and Order Bumps

Creating upsells, order bumps and down-sell pages isn’t a feature you can find in most marketing tools. These profit and conversion maximizing features within ClickFunnels don’t cost an arm and leg to put up.

The good thing is that you can create them in a couple of clicks.

#3: A/B Split testing features

This enables you to test two variations of funnel templates so you can validate which converts best.

#4: Membership site funnel

Membership funnels allow you to provide secure access to your online content. Using ClickFunnels membership site feature you can easily monetize your digital assets.

#5: Share funnel feature

This is a great feature where you can grab your share funnel URL of any funnel and share it with others.

So, the awesomeness in this feature is that when the person you share it isn’t a user of ClickFunnels, they’ll have to sign-up to download and use the funnel which means that you get a commission if the user ends up staying a user.

Isn’t this just a way to make more money with ClickFunnels?

For example: take a look at some of these share funnels and download them if you want.

#6: Inbuilt Automations

This is called follow-up funnels, which act like your normal email marketing software but in a more advanced manner.

ClickFunnels Follow-up funnel feature lets you create powerful “multi-dimensional” marketing sequences that enable you to send target emails to your prospects with respect to their actions inside of your funnel.

#7: Affiliate management platform

ClickFunnels Backpack is an affiliate management tool built inside of Clickfunnels that lets you create and run an affiliate program for your products and services.

Some other ClickFunnels features include:

  • Helps in creating a webinar
  • Funnel Flix (free marketing videos)
  • Engaging community


Unbounce Features

Being a landing page creator that helps its users turn visitors to customers using a well-optimized landing page. Unbounce builder also comes with lots of features for its users such as:

#1: Landing page templates

Unbounce offers conversion-focused landing page templates where you can choose which meets your specific needs. It’s also a drag and drop builder like ClickFunnels.

You get access to dozens of customizable templates which you can reusable after modification. There are more than 85+ high converting templates to choose from, if preferable you can design yours from scratch.

There are also premium templates which you can buy and use as you want.

#2: Amazing Conversion tools

With Unbounce suite of conversion optimization and lead generation tools, you can increase your conversion potential of every visitor that lands on your pages.

As you already know the goal of a landing page is to convert each end every traffic right?

#3: Great Integrations

Unbounce landing page software connects with absolutely anything need to make your landing page functionality a success.

You have a Zapier right on there to make any type of automation you need. Email marketing, CRM, etc. In case Zapier doesn’t have the app you are using, there are webhooks.

#4: Popups and Sticky bars

This feature allows you to launch popups and sticky bars on any of your desired webpages, with a dedicated call to action of your choice.

Unbounce has put a lot of work into their sticky bars and popups that lets you have absolute control over design and use cases, set custom frequencies on who and when to show, schedule your popups and sticky bars by time and targeting with UR, location and by cookies.

#5: Dynamic Text Replacement

One of the great features of Unbounce is DTR. It enables you to tailor the text on your landing page to match keyword parameters, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and other sources, using external variables you can attach to the URL.


Part #3: ClickFunnels vs Unbounce – Pricing

ClickFunnels Cost

When it comes to the cost or pricing model of ClickFunnels, it’s pretty straightforward. The software costs $97 on the starting plan and $297 on the Platinum plan and there are also other discounted and advanced options which we shall go into later.

ClickFunnels cost

Startup Plan $97

This plan gives you access to features that will get you going in your business where you’ll be given access to 100 pages, 20 funnels, unlimited contacts, membership sites creation and a few more.

=> Click here to see all Startup features

Platinum Plan $297

This ClickFunnels plan is where you get all of the features without restrictions. Unlimited pages and funnels. In this plan, you also get the follow-up funnels, inbuilt affiliate center, and all funnel flix videos.

=> Click here to see all CF Platinum features

Unbounce Cost

Unbounce offers a three-tier pricing option for its users depending on which they choose to go with. It comprises of the Essential plan billed at $99/ mo, the Premium plan at $199/mo and the Enterprise plan at $499/mo, there’s also annually option with 20% off the monthly option.

unbounce pricing

Essential plan

This plan costs $99 per month. Here you get access to 75 landing pages, 8 popups, and 8 sticky bars. This plan includes everything you need to get started.

Premium plan

You’ll pay $199 per month for this plan where you have access to 150 landing pages, 16 popups, 16 sticky bars, and 5 client sub-accounts. You also have access to more features and integrations on this plan than on the Essential plan.

Enterprise plan

This Unbounce plan costs $499 per month with 375+ landing pages, 40+ popups, 40+ sticky bars, 15+ client sub-accounts with numerous features than the two other plans.

=> More about Unboune pricing

Unbounce features


Part #4: ClickFunnels vs Unbounce – Pros

Pros of ClickFunnels

#1: Creates Complete Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels doesn’t just build landing, the main goal of this tool is to help entrepreneurs build the front-end and the back-end of your entire sales system.

It’s more than a landing page builder!

It focuses on walking a stranger and make him familiar with your business before nurturing and converting them to buying customers. It accomplishes what it’s intended to accomplish. making money.

#2: Upsells and Downsells

You can increase your earning potential from a single customer who enters into your funnel.

We know how important the value ladder is to business, with ClickFunnels you can sell multiple products that are complementary to the initial offer to your customers and make a massive return on ad spend.

#3: Build Affiliate Programs

Spending money on advertisement can be a kind of burden for online business owners while trying to provide top-notch service and products to their customers at the same time.

Setting up an affiliate program that enables them to manage and assign affiliates will help them drive more sales without needing to spend so much, rather pay the affiliates commissions for making sales.

ClickFunnels Backpack for affiliate management tool will help you achieve this.

#4: Membership site

You can build out your digital assets such as courses and training using ClickFunnels membership site features and give access to authorized members only. This is a way to monetize and sell your skills.

#5: Inbuilt Automation

ClickFunnels gives you follow-up funnels – an email autoresponder and texting feature which allows you to follow up prospects and convert them – this is an amazing tool that every online business owner should definitely try out.


Pros of Unbounce

#1: Dynamic Text Replacement

Dynamic Text Replacement is a real-time solution that allows you to add personalization to your landing page content using different custom keyword parameters.

This is a cool feature found in Ubounce. This feature provides great advantages for ads due to personalization.

#2: Easy to create mobile-friendly pages

Unbounce makes it easy for its users to be able to easily get a mobile-friendly landing page done with just a few clicks. This helps improves your conversion rate due to the domination of mobile users over the desktop.

#3: Import and Export functionality

You can quickly transfer your pages in and out of Unbounce and publish them, this is a kind of similar feature with ClickFunnels share funnel. This is a great advantage if you work with clients because you can create landing pages and send them out.

#4: Security

Although being just landing page builder, Unbounce comes with an automatic SSL encryption for security which makes it super safe for visitors.

#5: Nice A/B testing

Unbounce lets you easily test variations of your landing pages and elements (copies, designs) in just a few clicks which makes a lot of sense in making sure you get the best out it.


Part #5: ClickFunnels vs Unbounce – Cons

Cons of ClickFunnels

#1: Expensive for starters

Due to the number of things ClickFunnels does and how it operates, it can be expensive for those who are just starting out.

If you have no thriving business yet or on a tight budget, Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend you get started with ClickFunnels. Or you can just try it out for 14-days to see how it goes.

#2: Steep learning curve

No need to debate about this because ClickFunnels can be a bit difficult to master, especially if you’re new to sales funnels and online marketing in general.

It will take you time to become as expert in building sales funnel, but the good news is that there are tons and tons of free resources and helpers out there which can help you get started fast and shortcut the whole process.

For example, The Funnel Flix containing tons of videos.

Cons of Unbounce

#1: Not a complete sales funnel

I guess you know by now that Unbounce doesn’t work as a complete sales funnel tool which can help in carrying out everything you need to make sales and keep customers. It functions only as a landing page tool and a conversion optimization software.

Unbounce can be matched with landing page software like Instapage, Leadpages, etc.

#2: No Tutorial for beginners

Unbounce lacks training, tutorial or webinar for new beginners, unlike ClickFunnels where you get tons and tons of training by Russell Brunson and other ClickFunnels users all over the place.

#3: No Automation and Affiliate management tool

Unbounce also lacks inbuilt autoresponder which does a lot in following up prospects during the sales process. Plus, there’s no way you can build out affiliate programs for your business using Unbounce.

#4: No Membership site feature

Since Unbounce doesn’t do the finishing work of building a relationship and keeping in touch with your prospects or delivering your content, there’s no way to monetize your skills by building members’ area.

#5: Expensive for what it does

To me this tool is expensive, and I can say that it is one of the most expensive landing page builders in the market at the moment.

When you compare Unbounce to ClickFunnels you’ll see for yourself that it’s not worth going for Unbounce when you can successfully build out your landing pages on ClickFunnels and still do way greater things.


The Winner and Why…

I try as much as possible not to go one-sided in this ClickFunnels vs Unbounce article, even though I might have sounded bias in some way. And yes I’m a happy ClickFunnels user, but I must be honest and give praise to whom deserved.

Unbounce is a great platform (not going to lie), it’s one of the best conversion platforms out here for marketers used in sales generation via PPC campaigns, search, email, etc.

But it doesn’t and cannot function as a sales funnel software.

Especially when it’s time to host courses, build memberships or course creation, upsells, and automation.

In fact, you cannot sell your physical products with an Unbounce page builder.

When a tool like ClickFunnels serves the following industries (link to case-studies):

If you belong to any of the niches – you can open the link that relates to you!

With a tool like ClickFunnels, you save yourself tons of time, stress and money in figuring out how to best drive traffic, gain leads, convert them and retain customers because it houses everything you ever need to succeed as a business owner.

=>> Start ClickFunnels trial here for FREE

If you still feel like considering Unbounce (which isn’t a bad option), then I got a special link that gives you 20% off your first 3 months as a user. Thank me later.

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