ClickFunnels webinars

Launching webinars on ClickFunnels is hard.

Not to talk of making it a successful one at that.

Especially when it is your first event and you want to make sure that nothing falls apart. A tiny error in connections, integrations, automation can cost you your life!

You can lose potential clients/customers which could result in wasting money on Ads. And that can be very frustrating.

Webinars aren't converting

Does it have to be that way? Of course NOT!

Not to worry…

Because this post contains everything you need to understand how ClickFunnels webinars work.

I will make sure to address some of the worrying concerns when it comes to building your perfect webinar on ClickFunnels, like:

  • Creating a webinar funnel
  • Doing a live and automated webinar funnel in ClickFunnels
  • Integrations with webinar platforms
  • Little tricks to apply when your registration page isn’t converting
  • How to get the perfect script for your webinar

No, it doesn’t end there!

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I will also give you converting webinar funnel templates you can see through to view how to make yours super successful.

Before we get started, here is what we shall be covering in this ClickFunnels Webinar review guide:

Do Webinars Still Work?

The short answer is yes! Webinars still work and they aren’t dead, not now and not anytime in the near future. According to Wyzowl webinar statistics – out of all the marketers and business owners that hosted a webinar, 83% found it to be an effective marketing strategy.

Take a look at the Google Trend report for the term ‘webinar’ from 2004 till now:

Webinar term Google trends

Webinars are highly engaging, builds rapport, work across the entire customer journey and generate sales fast in the process.

Webinar is an ideal environment for selling just about anything to anyone at just about any time of the day.

You get the chance to get your potential customers in a setting where you can command attention, deliver real value and sell-high digital products of any kind.

But I have to say that it’s NOT that easy at all when it comes to perfecting a webinar for great conversions. This has to do with a mixture of buyer psychology and sales know-how.

That nervous feeling when you are about to do it for the first time, scared if your audience would show up, wondering if you’d make a sale…

…are the common thoughts and fears that arise when it comes to creating a perfect webinar.

But the truth IS:

Half of the work had already been done, you just have to replicate and leverage the work of other successful online business owners to make your ClickFunnels webinar a BOOM!

I will get to that soon.

Overview Of ClickFunnels Webinar

As you already know ClickFunnels is an all-in-one marketing tool where you can literally build and launch your online business from scratch on without duct-taping.

And creating of your webinar funnels is something you can smoothly do on ClickFunnels.

Just like I said at the beginning of this article – it is not easy. Creating a funnel, connecting your email solution, building up a page and doing some other stuff might seem easy. No doubt!

But that isn’t the case for webinar creation.

You can choose to create a live webinar or build an automated webinar also called auto webinar or evergreen webinar. Whichever you decide to do depends on your business goals.

There is a need for you to create a funnel and pages in ClickFunnels so you can create upon it a live webinar or an evergreen/pre-recorded webinar.

Before I walk you through on how to create these two types of a webinar on ClickFunnels, I want to show you the necessary pages that are needed in creating a webinar on ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Webinar Pages

Within a normal webinar funnel in ClickFunnels, there are always three pages: Registration, Thank You and Broadcast Room and Replay (for auotwebinar).

ClickFunnels Webinar Registration Page

The registration or signup page is the first part of the webinar that helps to capture your contact information for their seats to be reserved for your webinar.

Webinar Funnel Template - Reg page

ClickFunnels Webinar Confirmation Page

The confirmation page contains information confirming the date and time of the webinar with your visitor’s access link or welcome video.

Webinar Funnel Template - Confirmation page

ClickFunnels Webinar Broadcast Room

The Broadcast room is the last component of your webinar funnel. This would be the place that you are going to broadcast your live or evergreen webinar, depending on your configuration.

To get the above webinar funnel template here is the link to download into your ClickFunnels account:

Creating a Live and Evergreen Webinar Funnel on ClickFunnels

You can do both live and automated webinar on ClickFunnels, and also integrate your favorite webinar platform with your funnel.

We shall talk on how to connect FOUR different webinar platforms to your funnels, after discussing how to create the two types of webinar format.

How To Do Live Webinar On ClickFunnels

Live webinars are events that allow your potential customers to register and attend a live presentation. Here is how to create a funnel for this on ClickFunnels:

Part #1: Creating a Webinar Funnel

  • Step #1: Select Build Funnel from the ClickFunnels menu or click Add New from your dashboard
  • Step #2: Click on Create New Funnel
Create new funnel
  • Step #3: Click Host Webinar
Host webinar
  • Step #4: Click Live Webinar
Build live webinar ClickFunnels
  • Step #5: Enter the Name of the funnel
  • Step #6: Click Build Funnel
Build webinar

Part #2: Adding Your Webinar Page Templates

  • Step #7: Select a step in the webinar funnel
  • Step #8: Click on the Webinar category
  • Step #8: Select a page template of the same page type
Pick a webinar registration template ClickFunnels
  • Step #10: Edit the page as you want
  • Step #11: Repeat this process for each step in the webinar funnel

Part #3: Setting The Time Of Your Live Webby

  • Step #12: Select the Webinar Registration step in the funnel
  • Step #13: Click on the Gear icon
webinar registration time settings
  • Step #14: Select the Live Webinar Event date and time
  • Step #15: Click Update Page
set webinar time

How To Do An Evergreen or Autowebinar Funnel On ClickFunnels

Autowebinar funnels are events that allow your potential customers to register and then attend a pre-recorded presentation. The reason why it is often called the evergreen webinar is that you can deliver fresh content without having to be present for the broadcast.

It runs on automation for as long as you want. The recorded video will be hosted on a third-party platform like YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia.

Creating an autowebinar is almost same process as creating a live webinar in ClickFunnels

Part #1: Creating Your AutoWebinar Funnel

  • Step #1: Select Build Funnel from the ClickFunnels menu or click on Add New from your dashboard
  • Step #2: Click on Create New Funnel
  • Step #3: Click on Host Webinar
  • Step #4: Click Webinar Replay
  • Step #5: Enter the Name of the funnel
  • Step #6: Enter or select a group tag (optional)
  • Step #7: Click Build Funnel

Part #2: Adding Webinar Page Templates

  • Step #8: Select a step in the webinar funnel
  • Step #9: Click on the Auto Webinar category
  • Step #10: Select a page template of the same page type
  • Step #11: Edit the page as you want
  • Step #12: Repeat this process for each step in the webinar funnel

Part #3: Add Your Recorded Webinar Video

  • Step #13: Select the Webinar Broadcast Room step in the funnel
  • Step #14: Click on Edit Page
  • Step #15: Click on the video element on the page to add your video URL

On this last part, you must have recorded your video and uploaded it to your desired video hosting platform, then get the URL of the video to add it to the last step.

ClickFunnels Webinar Integration

Special webinar software or platforms are needed to help you host your webinar and most importantly add contacts who opt-in on your webinar registration page in ClickFunnels to the webinar provider.

ClickFunnels webinar integration sofwares

Here we are going to take a look at four webinar platforms and how to connect them via API. So that you will be able to send contacts directly from ClickFunnels to register and attend your webinars on these platforms.

The platforms are:

But before that let us, first of all, see how to connect a webinar integration with your ClickFunnels funnel page:

Connecting Your Webinar Integration to Your Funnel

  • Step #1: From within your webinar registration page editor, under Settings, select Integrations.
  • Step #2: Select your Webinar Integration
  • Step #3: Select Add to Webinar as your Action
  • Step #4: Select the List to Add from the dropdown menu
  • Step #5: Finally save your funnel page

Integration #1: How Does ClickFunnels Integrate With EverWebinar

Before you can think of connecting ClickFunnels with EverWebinar, you have to make sure that you have signed up to own an EverWebinar account, then created a webinar in there.

Now let’s go through the steps on how to connect ClickFunnels and EverWebinar:

Part #1: Get Your Webinar API Key

  • Step #1: Login to your EverWebinar account
  • Step #2: Click on My Webinars
  • Step #3: Under a webinar, you’ve already created, click on the gear icon (Advanced Settings)
  • Step #4: Click API custom Integrations on the right
  • Step #5: Now copy your API Key

Part #2: Integrating EverWebinar with ClickFunnels

  • Step #6: From within your ClickFunnels Integration settings, Add New Integration
  • Step #7: Search for and select EverWebinar in the search bar
  • Step #8: Give your integration a Nickname
  • Step #9: Paste your API Key
  • Step #10: Click Add Integration

Integration #2: How Does ClickFunnels Integrate With WebinarJam

After getting signed up with WebinarJam, and already set up a webinar. Then it’s time to connect it to your ClickFunnels account via API.


Part #1: Retrieve Your WebinarJam API Key

  • Step #1: Login to you WebinarJam account
  • Step #2: Click on My webinars at the top
  • Step #3: Click the gear icon for Advanced Settings
  • Step #4: Select API custom integrations
  • Step #5: Copy your API Key

Part #2: Integrate WebinarJam With ClickFunnels

  • Step #6: From within your ClickFunnels Integration settings, Add New Integration
  • Step #7: Search for and select WebinarJam in the search bar (and select WebinarJam)
  • Step #8: Give your integration a Nickname
  • Step #9: Paste your API Key
  • Step #10: Click Add Integration

Integration #3: How to Connect and Integrate ClickFunnels With GoToWebinar

Unlike the above webinar platforms, you do not require to copy and paste an API key here. What you would do is to make sure you’re logged in to your GoToWebinar account (in another tab) before following the normal integration process.


Here are the steps:

  • Step #1: Within Your ClickFunnels account, go to settings and select and select Add New Integration
  • Step #2: Search and select GoToWebinar in the search bar
  • Step #3: As usual, give your integration a Nick
  • Step #4: Click Add Integration
  • Step #5: Now, you’ll be prompted by GoToWebinar, click Allow

Integration #4: How To Connect ClickFunnels with Zoom For Your Webinar

You must have a paid account for this and also a Webinar set to a future date.


Let’s go!

  • Step #1: Login to your Zoom account
  • Step #2: Visit this
  • Step #3: Click Manage in the top right corner of your screen
  • Step #4: Under created Apps, find the JWT API and click on it
  • Step #5: Enter the required contact information
  • Step #6: Click Continue
  • Step #7: Copy your API Key

Then you will have to leave this browser window open and navigate to ClickFunnels. Reason being that you will have to copy your API Secret later.

The next step requires you to integrate Zoom with ClickFunnels. Just follow the procedure we used in connecting the previous webinar software – pasting your API key and API Secret.

Free ClickFunnels Webinar Templates And Funnels

If you have gone through Russell Brunson’s free Perfect Webinar Script and some of his free resources where he shares a lot of marketing secrets related to doing webinars and getting great show ups and conversions…

You will notice that the pattern for successful webinars is common and the same rule applies to all.

Here are two amazing webinar funnel templates you can download to your account now and put into use:

Live Webinar funnel template:

Evergreen Webinar funnel template:

It might be kind of a boring exercise building a webinar funnel from the bottom. The design, registration page, thank you page and all that…

The good news is that you do not need to stress over that. ClickFunnels has lots of available templates or just use the templates above or grab my epic list of share funnels which contains great bonuses when you are ready to get started with ClickFunnels.

Other Things You Need To Know (FAQS)

Let me quickly address some frequently asked questions and a few other things you should know while creating your webinar on ClickFunnels.

FAQ #1: Which is the best webinar platform for ClickFunnels?

You might have heard that there is no one size fits all when it comes to choosing an online marketing platform. So far it has been different shoes for different legs.

Whichever webinar software you choose to settle for depends on your business needs.

I have seen a lot of people in the funnel hacking community say good things about EverWebinar, due to its automated or replay functionality. I think it’s one of the best out there.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to take the right step.

FAQ #2: How do write the perfect webinar script for your course or product launch?

Just like how difficult it is to come up with a compelling writeup for every other marketing copy which would push potential customers to take action…

It’s the same when it comes to crafting a great webinar script.

The good news is that you really do not need to strain your muscle spending weeks or months on writing a compelling webinar script.

If you haven’t gotten your hand on Funnel Scripts and Perfect Webinar Secrets – then I think you will have to do HELL lotta work in coming up with driving webinar headlines and most importantly, webinar scripts.

FAQ #3: What is the best way to drive traffic to a webinar page?

This is a hard question to answer though. But if I’m to just give a direct answer on the best traffic source for getting webinar signups, I would say paid ads method without thinking twice.

I have seen lots of marketers use Blogging, YouTube Ads and Facebook Ads and it worked pretty well for them.

If you’re the organic type then you can drive traffic to your webinar from your blog, YouTube channel, and Facebook group. Just as you may know – organic takes time.

For a quicker and measurable result to see what works and what doesn’t, better you start from paid Ads.

FAQ #4: How do I embed a webinar chat generator to my ClickFunnels?

A webinar chat generator allows you to add chat messages from your attendees to your evergreen webinar in order to stimulate the live webinar environment.

To do this on ClickFunnels, make sure you get a Funnel University account and access to the Dotcom Secrets Labs to create a new webinar chat.

FAQ #5: What are the tips to increase my webinar registration opt-ins?

While most of the amazing marketing tactics being used today were discovered by testing and optimizing different elements.

From my experience here are some of the little hacks I’ve seen that works miraculously when launching and driving traffic to your webinar funnel:

  • Include social proof on your webinar registration page
  • Make sure your headline is bigger and obviously more than any other text on your webinar page
  • Always use images that invoke curiosity
  • Use testimonials
  • Enable exit pop-up on your registration page
  • Use urgency and scarcity functions (like timers)
  • You can split-test video versus image on your page

ClickFunnels Webinar – Conclusion

When said and done, it all starts with practicing to attain perfection.

If you have come this far in this ClickFunnels webinar post, then I think you should have gotten one or two pointers on how ClickFunnels webinars work.

By now you know:

  • If webinars are dead or not
  • The core pages you need to build your webinar funnels
  • Seen examples of live and working webinars by successful marketers
  • Downloaded my free webinar funnel templates into your ClickFunnels account
  • Tips and strategies for increasing opt-ins
  • Plus, many more…

I’m sure having all these at your fingertips will help in leading you through the right path to launch your perfect webinar on ClickFunnels.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comment.

You can also check out my exclusive list of best webinar software for small businesses here.

Affiliate Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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