Closerscopy Vs Writesonic

Are you curious to know why I don’t actively use Closerscopy or Writesonic when it comes to writing copy? No! they’re not bad. Just that…

I’ve been using Jasper AI since 2021. Can’t do without it.

And while both Closerscopy and Writesonic are popular copywriting tools, they simply can’t compare with the versatility and convenience offered by Jasper AI. Take Jasper AI for a spin here to see what I mean and also get free 10k credits.

You can also read other 40,000 Jasper AI customer reviews here.

No worries if Jasper AI does not catch your fancy. Below is a table comparison of Writesonic vs Closerscopy.

Note: the rest of this blog post will provide a full review and comparison of Closerscopy vs Writesonic to help you decide which one might be a better solution for your own copywriting and content needs.

Writesonic vs Closerscopy: Table Comparison

Lifetime deal:Yes (limited offer here)No
Starting price:$49.99/mo$19/mo
Refund PolicyYesYes
Long Form Post:YesYes
Image Generator:NoYes
Collaboration Feature:YesNo
Language support:100+25
Free Trial/plan:NoYes
User interface:Difficult a bit for BeginnersEasy To Use
Chrome Extension:NoYes
AI Technology:GPT-3GPT-3
Use cases:65+70+
Short Form Post:YesYes
24/7 customer support:YesYes
Community Support:YesYes
  • Long-Form and Short-Form Post

The long-form content editor from ClosersCopy was primarily created to help bloggers, marketers, and content providers write materials more quickly without spending time or money on copywriters.

You can write both long-form and short-form content that feeds the search engines using the content tools provided by Closerscopy, and you can do it quickly depending on how long you want your content to be.

The WriteSonic templates can be used to make both short and long-form posts. In contrast to the short-form post, the long-form post occasionally includes information that is not true. 

WriteSonic’s long-form pricing plan,  which gives you access to several features, is a pricing plan you can take advantage of to get a long-form piece that is more authentic.

  • Collaboration Feature

ClosersCopy is a better choice for you in this category.  If you work in a large team that produces much content at once, Closerscopy supports collaboration with your team members by providing a maximum of five user seats in its plan.

On the other hand, Writesonic doesn’t support team collaboration. 

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Customers can reach Closerscopy’s customer service team Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm via email only.

Writesonic provides online customer assistance that responds within two hours of receiving a complaint about the service. This is done via email or through their Chatbot called CHATSONIC.

  • Refund Policy

Every consumer who purchases from Closerscopy is eligible for a refund of their purchase price within 14 calendar days.

To request it, you will be required to provide the support department with details regarding your order. The refund procedure will take no longer than a month to complete after a legitimate request for a refund has been received.

Within seven (7) days of the original purchase of the Contract, Writesonic will give refunds for Contracts, provided that your credit usage is less than twenty (20) credits for the “Basic” plan and less than one hundred (100) credits for any of the other plans.

  • Language Support 

Closerscopy wins in this category. With the help of Closerscopy, you can write a copy in 100+ languages with ease.

Writesonic is quite limited in the languages they support, unlike Closerscopy. Writesonic supports only 25 languages.

  • Lifetime Deal 

Closerscopy has three-lifetime deals to choose from.

These three deals offer unlimited access to some features. Limited superpower solo offers a 20% discount when purchased while superpower hero and superpower squad offer a 25% discount when purchased.

Writesonic does not offer any lifetime deal to its users at the moment.

  • Community Support

There are roughly 13,000 members of the ClosersCopy Facebook community where you can learn, share your experiences, and also ask for help. 

Likewise, Writesonic also has a Facebook community where you can learn and share experiences. 

  • Integrations

Closerscopy does not support third-party app integrations. 

However, Writesonic supports outside Integrations with other marketing software and payment processors. 

  • AI Technology

Both Closerscopy and WriteSonic make use of OpenAI’s GPT-3. 

  • User Interface

Writesonic has a much simpler user interface than Closerscopy. With Writesonic, it is easy to navigate your way around the dashboard and locate any tool you want. 

Closerscopy has a simple user interface but is not easy to understand for a novice.

  • Use Cases

Closerscopy has over 65 use cases and is currently increasing its use case. However, Writesonic has over 70 use cases.

  • Chrome Extension

ChatSonic is a conversational AI chatbot like ChatGPT but with real-time data, it understands voice commands and acts as an AI art generator. ChatSonic is a ChatGPT-like Chrome Extension on Writesonic.

However, Closerscopy does not offer chrome extensions.

  • Image Generator

Writesonic is a more advanced copywriting tool than Closerscopy.

It is also an image generator. Just in the same manner, you can generate content easily for your marketing, you can easily generate images with a Writesonic image generator called PHOTOSONIC

This is not a common feature in many AI copywriting tools, and Closerscopy7 does not have this feature available. 

Writesonic vs Closerscopy: Pricing Comparison 

Closerscopy Pricing Plan 

Closerscopy has three plans which include; the power plan, superpower plan, and superpower squad.

Closerscopy pricing

Power Plan

This is Closerscopy’s least plan. This plan costs $49.99 each month. 

This Pricing Plan is great for small business owners, freelancers, and writers, who want to take advantage of what this plan can offer. It is called the power plan because some features are very important to generate good copies.

The following are some of the features included in this version:

  • 50 monthly SEO audits have to be performed.
  • You’ll need two seats, plus one for a member of your team.
  • Every month, there are 300 AI run
  • Community with more than 12,000 active users.
  • Frameworks numbering over 700 at this point 

SuperPower Plan

This is the mid-pricing plan from Closerscopy. This plan costs $79.99 per month.

It includes everything that is in Copywriting Power, including:

  • Permission to utilize the SalesAI, BlogAI, and StoryAI modules with a licensed account
  • Unrestricted Access to Al Writing
  • SEO Audits Available Without Limit
  • Unrestricted Access to Updates 
  • AI writing without limit.
  • And many more

Superpower Squad Plan

This is the highest-priced plan with similar features to its Superpower plan. This pricing plan costs  $99.99 per month or $839.90 per year.

The Superpower Squad Plan includes everything in the Superpower plan, but the difference between this plan and the Superpower plan is that you will be getting more seats for your team members. In this plan, you have 5 seats for you and 4 members of your team.

Writesonic Pricing Plan 

Writesonic has three plans that can be accessed by its users. These plans are – free plan, long-form plan, and custom plan. 

Writesonic pricing

Free Plan

This plan’s activation is a breeze, and you won’t even need a credit card to do it.

You will have access to all of its features for a period of up to 25,000 words with this purchase. The maximum number of words that are permitted will change depending on the quality level that you choose.

You will receive 10 credits each month if you go with this particular plan.

You have access to all of the copywriting tools that WriteSonic has to offer, the ability to produce text in 25 different languages, the capability to integrate with Zapier, a browser extension, and a great deal more besides.

Long Form Plan

The Long-Form plan is geared toward bloggers, writers, and companies that want to produce longer-form content such as blog entries, articles, books, and even whitepapers.

This plan has a starting price of $12.67 per month when it is billed annually, but the price jumps up to $19 per month when it is billed month-to-month.

On the other hand, the price of this long form fluctuates depending on how many words you wish to write with this plan each month. The lowest price is $19 per month for 47,500 words for one user, and the highest price is $999 per month for 5 million words for 15 users.

Pricing for this product is based on the number of persons you wish to have access to this software at the same time as you, as well as how many words you anticipate writing each month.

Custom Plan

This is the price-on-request plan that WriteSonic offers.

It is geared toward large groups and companies in general. You will receive every feature by subscribing to this plan. The long-term plan includes a customizable amount of words and users, a dedicated account manager, certain training sessions, and many other features.

Additionally, if you purchase one of WriteSonic’s paid plans, you will receive a 33% discount. If you are a student or a member of a non-profit organization, you can receive a discount.

Overview Of Closerscopy Vs. WriteSonic 

Both Closerscopy and Writesonic are AI software that is both affordable and also offers lifetime deals, this is why I purchased both tools. 

They are very similar in features but have different price points.

I spent some weeks testing out each tool, and now this is my honest detailed review of the two copywriting tools.

Writesonic’s clean user interface, Smooth AI, and ability to write long-form content made it very smooth for me to write as much long-form content on different topics for my clients. I also used Photosonic, its image generator, to generate marketing photos that went so well with these copies.

On the other hand, Closerscopy possesses lots of writing frameworks and use cases that can generate content in hundreds of languages, and can help analyze each piece of content created to make sure it matches the tone of voice and style desired.

How Does Closerscopy Work?

Closerscopy is a copywriting software that has a large library of templates that can help anyone generate great copies for adverts, website copies, sales letters, email marketing, or social media posts.

CloserCopy AI copywriting

Closerscopy was created by Nico Engler, an expert copywriter, in 2020.  

Nico designed this software for small businesses and marketers as a solution to their content marketing needs.

This software is made to assist businesses and anyone in need of good marketing copies to create content rapidly without the need to employ the services of an expert copywriter, and can also help you automate your content marketing workflow.

It can generate interesting materials in a matter of seconds thanks to its dozens of frameworks, hundreds of languages, and various AI algorithms.

It is a relatively young participant in the market for AI Writers, but it is seeing rapid expansion at the moment.

Closerscopy is a straightforward copywriting tool to use. 

Closerscopy dashboard

When you log into your ClosersCopy account after creating one, you can anticipate the following:

  • Dashboard: The dashboard has everything you need to start a project in ClosersCopy.
  • New Project: This button opens a new project work page where you can add new documents.
  • Search: You can use this tool to search for a project by name. If you have more projects, it will take less time to revive an old one.
  • Sort content. Your project can be sorted from A to Z. Favorite or most recent.

From the dashboard and several project-related papers, you can create a project. 

But that’s not all. The three improved models that Closerscopy offers are the best.

ClosersCopy AI Models
  • Press releases, blogs, and articles are all written by BlogAI.
  • stunning sales pages, advertisements, and email sequences using SalesAI.
  • Complete stories will be generated by StoryAI.

This is a special offering because all the other AI copywriting tools we have examined only provide one AI-generating algorithm, which is often based on GPT-3 and has several drawbacks.

How Does Writesonic Work?

Writesonic is a writing tool that may be used to produce any type of text-based material, including lengthy blog posts, press releases, and advertisement copy.


With the use of powerful technology, Writesonic guarantees that every piece it produces is readable, free of plagiarism, and has a natural writing style.

If you are a marketer, work in an agency, run a small business, a social media marketing business, an eCommerce site, or are part of a team, Writesonic is an excellent tool for you to use. It is very literal for anyone and everyone.

Writesonic excels at creating content that is search engine optimization (SEO) friendly and converts.

It’s all about results, and this tool can assist you in achieving those goals by bringing in more visitors, boosting your revenues, and increasing the number of conversions you get.

Writesonic is not just an AI copywriting tool, it is also an AI image-generating software.

This means that you can use this software to generate excellent images for your content or copies just like you can do with Shutterstock.

The steps involved in creating content using Writesonic are summarized in the following paragraphs for your convenience.

  • Choose: Choosing the type of content that you intend to develop is the first and most significant stage in the process. You only need to select the type of information that piques your interest and go from there. It may take the form of an online advertisement, a landing page, or even a blog.
  • Describe: The next thing that has to be done is to describe what it is that you want to be included in the material.

This stage is also very important since, if you don’t supply it with any direction, Writesonic AI will only provide you with generic content.

  • Generate: After inserting a description and selecting the sort of article you want to write, you are now ready to produce material for the article. Writesonic will make several copy variations based on the directions that you provide.

The content is crafted and made available to you in a matter of seconds after you click on the Create button.

  • Launch: You will be able to view the generated article in the Writesonic dashboard after it has been completed. You are now tasked with editing the article to reflect your values and tastes. After that, you’ll be able to duplicate it for use in storage or publication.

WriteSonic can help you create the following copy; 

Writesonic dashboard
  • Website copies: You won’t need to hire a copywriter or spend hours in front of a computer writing content for your website if you use this article generator since it will do it for you. You can create material for all of the pages of your website.
  • Digital Ads copies: Writesonic is a tool that may now be used to write intriguing digital ad content that can be used to attract more leads to a specific website.
  • Article/Blog content: You can ask WriteSonic to come up with ideas for your blog, as well as introductions, outlines, and even complete blog entries on your behalf. You can acquire a complete blog post from Writesonic without the assistance of any human beings.
  • E-commerce Copies: If you sell things over the internet and on websites such as Amazon, you can always utilize this writing tool so that you don’t have to spend all of your time generating product descriptions. This will allow you to devote more of your time to marketing your products.
  • Copywriting Formulas: This is not a category of content at all; rather, it is a method that artificial intelligence follows to generate content. 

Writesonic makes use of two different formulas, one of which is referred to as PAS, which is an acronym that stands for pain-activate-solution.

This artificial intelligence program is capable of writing practically anything, including business strategies, personal biographies, press releases, and copy for YouTube videos.

Key Features Of Closerscopy & WriteSonic

Key Features Of Closerscopy

Many features in Closerscopy will help you better your copywriting, but I won’t be able to cover them all in this article.

Here are some of Closerscopy’s key features:

  • 100+ Language Support

Closerscopy can write content in 127 different languages. This makes it possible to generate content for both home and international audiences.

  • Long-Form Editor

With no filters, limitations, or other constraints, the AI can write unlimited, open-ended text in the long-form editor. When writing lengthy blog posts, sales letters, or email marketing sequences, you should focus primarily on this.

  • Analytics And Insights

Copy elements can be verified with the assistance of certain built-in analytics and data tools for lovers of copywriting. T

These tools include an emotional tone score tool (which analyzes power words), a keyword density finder, length, and a spam analyzer, among others. 

These tools aren’t particularly complicated, but they can analyze the content you currently have and give you insight into potential suggestions or improvements you could make to it.

  • Copywriting Framework

Distinct sets of different formulas that are established as instructions might be referred to as a framework.

You can improve your writing by using these frameworks, which are provided. 

These copywriting frameworks each have a variety of modules, any of which can be omitted according to the requirements of the project at hand. Utilizing the filters will allow you to zero in on the ideal structure for your article-writing endeavors concerning SEO.

A few examples of these copywriting frameworks include AIDA, PAS, BAB, Bullet Points, Titles, Books, Products, Introductions, and Conclusions, among others.

  • Template Library

The platform offers a variety of different templates that can be used for writing a variety of marketing content. You can use it to write advertisements on Facebook and Google, as well as email subjects and social media posts, landing pages, sales pages, and other types of web pages.

The organization consistently adds new templates regularly. Therefore, you should prepare for an increase in the variety of types.

  • Team Support

The most expensive unlimited subscription provides three user seats, which enables you to grant access to two additional members of your team and customize their permissions.

  • Team Collaboration

If you are part of a large team that regularly works together to produce material, then ClosersCopy may be the superior choice for you in this situation. On the other hand, it only supports a maximum of five different users at once.

  • Copy Wizard

In this section of the editor, you will find a variety of sample documents that might serve as a guide when you are writing various parts of an article. 

All you have to do is click on any of these samples, and it will immediately begin searching for the relevant part and replacing the content there with new material that is completely original.

After requesting a few text and voice edits from you, it will generate the content that you have specified.

  • Drag And Drop Feature

Additionally, ClosersCopy has a drag-and-drop capability that allows you to easily drop any element onto the duplicate you’re producing. 

Using the drag-and-drop functionality, you may combine headings in your material and use them as your sales copy.

You must adjust this feature’s settings to utilize it effectively; for example, it will ask you to enter the problem, the solution, and the intended outcome of that problem.

  • Utilize A Thesaurus And Strong Words

You can type words into the search area of the ClosersCopy editor while you write your content to find their synonyms and antonyms.

Key Features Of WriteSonic

WriteSonic has a ton of amazing features that makes it easy for users to create blogs, articles, etc. Below are the features of WriteSonic.

  • User Friendly

Writesonic is easy to understand and use. Simply pressing a button will cause the software to take care of everything else for you.

You will have the ability to select from a variety of content options, such as landing pages, digital ad text, sales emails, press releases, blog posts, tweets, and the list goes on.

  • Language

It supports the generation of AI content in 25 languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, etc. It does not support the Hindi language at the moment. I hope they implement it soon for Indian audiences.

  • Tones 

The tone of the content implies the way it sounds to the readers. The tone of your content is essential to get the right message across.

  • Use Cases 

You have access to more than seventy different use cases when you utilize Writesonic, which enables you to generate a wide variety of material.

It has a large number of categories, allowing you to produce any kind of material you desire.

  • Word Quality

Writesonic offers a feature that few other AI content generators have: the ability to control the quality of your words.

If you’re focusing on quality content, the premium option will ensure that the words used are of the highest quality.

Writesonic vs Closerscopy: Pros & Cons 

Closerscopy Pro & Cons 


  • With Closerscopy, you can create unlimited long-form content. 
  • Supports over 120 different languages. 
  • Closerscopy has a very vibrant and engaged Facebook community.
  • With this tool, you can plan and audit your SEO for your website and e-commerce store.


  • Has a stuffy user interface with many choices making it complicated for a beginner to understand.
  • Its price is on the high side.
  • It has no free trial 
  • No grammar checkers or plagiarism detectors 
  • Closerscopy has a faulty AI.

Writesonic Pro & Cons 


  • Writesonic’s user interface is beginner friendly. It has a very contemporary appearance with enticing colors and design. This is very simple to understand by a novice.
  • Each AI use case in WriteSonic’s documentation is very well-explained. This is useful for showing newbies how to use the platform effectively.
  • Writesonic provides the opportunity to create public connections if you want to share the outputs from any use case. 
  • Writesonic AI content generation is fairly accurate. Even with few inputs, it properly understands the context of the information and produces a persuasive copy.


  • Its long-form content sometimes produces repetitive words.
  • Writesonic is a decent but not the greatest option if you want to create highly technical content.

Wrap up: Which Is The Best AI Copywriter? 

After putting Closerscopy and WriteSonic side by side and carefully reviewing each tool, it is safe to say that closerscopy has a small edge over writesonic.

This is because Closerscopy has more tools and can create content in so many languages than Writesonic. 

But when it comes to pricing and simple user interface, Writesonic wins over Closerscopy. 

In Conclusion, these two copywriting tools are really good to use. But if l am to pick one, I will choose Writesonic over Closerscopy simply because of how simple it is to use, and it has a free plan which can help you get acquainted with the tool before deciding to go with a paid plan.

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