Copy AI review

In an attempt to review all AI copywriting tools to see how effective they can be for businesses, here’s my Copy AI review.

The first time I heard about AI copywriting tools, I had FOMO.

The fear of missing out on what these tools could offer.

I love being an early adopter of effective tools that could move my business forward.

And when it comes to a tool that creates content, I wouldn’t trade that opportunity for anything because the content is the lifeblood of my business as a blogger.

So that explains the reasons for the back-to-back review of various AI copywriting tools.

And as someone who has used a couple of AI copywriting tools, I developed a list of criteria an AI copywriting tool must-have, and anything below it might not be worth it.

Wondering what they are?

In this Copy AI review, you’ll find out what these expectations are and if CopyAI meets the expectation.

In essence, I’ll cover the:

With a lot to cover, let’s dive right in.

What’s Copy AI? – Overview

copy ai

Starting from the obvious, Copy AI is an AI copywriting software that auto generates copy and content for users.

It was launched in 2020 by Chris Lu and Paul Yacoubian. The duo both founded a startup known as, which was before the idea for

According to Chris Lu in an interview on Forbes, the idea for Copy AI was inspired by users who kept requesting long copy solutions.

And now, the brand has gone ahead to raise over $2.9 million in a round, which means they are in for the long run, and we users can expect to see further development in how this tool uses technology to ease creators’ lives.

Copy AI brands itself as a copywriting software that ends writer’s block with its creative tools, which it does well.

As of when writing this – Copy AI has surpassed 250,000 users. Incredible!

How Does Copy AI Work? 

Copy AI uses a model known as GPT-3 to generate texts that look like what a human would write.

The GPT-3 model is an acronym for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, which OpenAI developed.

It is the third generation of the models created by OpenAI and the most successful one, capable of generating human-friendly content for users.

And it is with this same model that several other AI copywriting tools operate.

This is why several AI copywriting tools hit the industry almost simultaneously.

So for every tool using the GPT-3 model like Copy AI, all they require is a simple line of text, and they return content that expands on the input.

But then, to be more specific as to how Copy AI works regarding its user interface, here’s a breakdown of how it works:

1. Select a Type of Copy

From the copy types that Copy AI offers, you need to select the one that best suits the type of content you want to create.

For instance, this could be a sales copy or blog post intro.

2. Describe your Product

After choosing the copy type, Copy AI then presents you with a form to describe the product or type of content you want to write.

Describe your Product Copy AI

3. Copy AI Generates Output

Once you’re done, you click the “Create“, and Copy AI returns with a few results.

Copy AI generated texts

It is as simple as that. You get to choose which of the results you like best.

Copy AI Features – What It Offers?

Let’s take a look at the features offered by Copy AI:

#1. Extensive Content Templates

The most notable feature present on Copy AI is its extensive content types that you can select from.

Compared to other similar tools, Copy AI seems to have the most extensive content templates.

From blog post intros to social media ads, Copy AI has everything covered. This makes it easier to help the AI tool understand what is expected of it.

Here’s a breakdown of the content types/templates supported by CopyAI:

  • Social Ads
  • Product Descriptions
  • Website copy
  • Startup tools
  • Email/Letter
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Sales Copy
  • Writing Tools
  • Brainstorming tools

#2. Copywriting Formulas

The importance of copywriting formulas for copywriters cannot be overstated.

Not only does it make it easy to win the heart of the audience, but it also makes your job easier as a marketer.

Various copywriting formulas exist.

And some popular ones among marketers include the PAS formula (pain-agitate-solve), AIDA formula (Awareness > Interest > Desire> Action), BAB formula (before-after-bridge), to name a few.

Copy AI provides these formulas and a few others on a platter of gold for their users.

For instance, you can select which copywriting formula you want the tool to use when generating your copy, a rare feature on other tools.

While many other copywriting tools also use a copywriting formula, they lack the option of selecting a preferred formula.

#3. Languages

A good AI copywriting tool should be multilingual – able to create content in various languages.

Interestingly, does that to some extent. At the time of writing, it supports 25 languages:

German, English (both American and British), French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, to name a few.

Plus, Copy AI allows you to select input language and output language. In essence, you can input your texts in the English language and instruct CopyAI to generate German results.

In the economical sense, businesses and creators looking to serve a global audience and enter into a market of non-English speaking countries will benefit from this feature.

As a blogger, you can start up sites in non-English speaking countries and tap into golden niches in other countries.

The same thing applies to companies looking to increase their reach and break the language barrier.

#4. Blog Post Writing Tools

Among the several tools offered by Copy AI, what I love the most is its suite of blog post writing tools to create long-form content.

Copy AI has a series of features that will simplify the process of creating articles for your blogs.

To start with, there’s the Blog Post Idea generator that generates blog post ideas for you based on the product name or topic you enter.

Copy AI blog post ideas

When you have your blog post idea ready, has a template for a blog post outline which turns your blog post idea into an outline.

The blog post outline feature also presents you with two boxes (the blog post title and description form) to fill in the details.

Copy AI outline

A click on the “Create” button presents you with a list of the suggestions from CopyAI.

Copy AI outline result

That said, these outlines require some polishing to make them better. You might also want to include sections you already have in mind.

CopyAI Blog Intro Generator

So when the outline is set and ready, the CopyAI blog intro generator is there to kickstart your content for you.

For instance, these two intros are written with the help of the CopyAI generator:

Today I’m going to share a process for building a sales funnel, a process that is applicable to any market and niche. Hopefully with the help of this blog post your team can begin creating new customers from any source of traffic for your online business. Over the next few days I’m going to be sharing more content around this process in case you’re interested.

There’s so much to learn when it comes to building a sales funnel. There’s seemingly infinite ways you can approach it, but I’m going to walk you through “my process” for creating an effective sales funnel using one of my favorite topics…selling courses.

I bet you’re not persuaded a bot wrote that, line by line?

These introductions are both correct and conversational.

You might also want to take a look at the third suggestion from CopyAI:

Have you ever wondered how professional marketers and company founders make sales? Their success often depends on the effectiveness of the sales funnel they use. Their sales funnel guides customers from the moment they meet a potential product until the moment that product is purchased and delivered. If you want to build a successful business or if you want your ecommerce store to experience better results, then creating a sales funnel should be your main concern.

Besides these aforementioned tools, CopyAI has many more tools to assist with blog post writing like the Bullets to Paragraph tool, the Blog Post Title generator, Listicles, etc.

From the names of these tools, you can pretty much guess what they do.

#5. Email Writing Tools

As a business owner, you do know the importance of email marketing in your overall marketing strategy.

One of the struggles in email marketing is setting up your email funnel – writing of the emails in your email sequence from the welcome email, confirmation email, to thank you emails.

Well, the interesting thing is that Copy AI has specialized templates to assist with creating your email sequence.

It has templates for the welcome email, follow-up email, confirmation email, thank you note, and cancellation email.

In essence, no reason to get stuck with setting up your funnel anymore. 

#6. Passive to Active Voice

This is a feature made for me – haha, just joking.

But seriously, I get a lot of red notices on Grammarly and Hemingway editor for having so many sentences in the passive voice.

My usual method is to go over it and come up with a better sentence in the active voice that flows well with the other sentences before and after.

But here’s the thing, this takes a lot of time and sometimes, I end up not finding a perfect fit and have to keep things as it is.

So with Copy AI bringing to the table a tool to change passive to active voice, the writers’ joy knows no bounds.

As usual, I put the tool to test and it did well:

Copy AI passive to active

#7. Training Resources 

Copy AI has some training resources to help new users familiarize themselves with the software.

Like many other tools, it has a help center that consists of guides to help new users make the best use of the tool.

Copy AI also has some content around some use cases which you can go through on the help center page.

#8. Customer Support and Community

Chances are you might need some assistance with using the tool besides the tutorials and this is where the customer support and community come to play.

Copy AI has a contact page where you can reach the team when the need arises. Also, they have a Facebook community with about 4.9k members.

The Facebook community is a good place to get answers to your questions faster.

Also, you can connect with other Copy AI users.

Copy AI Facebook group

In addition to that, CopyAI recently added the live chat option which is the fastest way to get answers to your questions about the software.

There is a team of live chat support ready to provide support whenever you reach out.

Copy AI customer support

What I Don’t Like About Copy AI

Although, one big feature I’d like to see with Copy AI – which is a long-form editor – isn’t available at the moment. Which is okay for those who aren’t interested in blogging.

Besides that, below are other things I don’t personally like about this AI copy tool:

Lacks a Plagiarism Checker

The absence of a plagiarism checker is one major drawback to Copy AI. 

Although all AI copywriting tools promise original content that passes plagiarism checks, it is always advisable to check.

And on that note, an inbuilt plagiarism checker will get the job done faster. But Copy AI has no such tool which I consider a drawback.

That said, I did a plagiarism check on the previous intros generated by CopyAI using Grammarly to see how the tool performs.

Check plagiarism Copy AI

And according to Grammarly, no plagiarism was detected and that makes the content original.

But then you shouldn’t rely on its originality always, I would recommend always doing a plagiarism check on all your content to avoid copyright issues.

The Tools aren’t Well Organized

One of the first things I noticed after logging into the dashboard is the long list of the tools (or features, as you choose to call it) on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

While this makes it easy to locate the tools, there are some downsides to this structure.

For instance, if you’re creating a blog post, you’ll have to move from one tool to the other and then leave the current dashboard to the other to assemble all the parts.

And that means to create blogs, you’ll still have to use your Google Docs or whatever writing app you use.

You’ll have to copy the text generated from individual tools into the writing app and organize your work there.

And that’s not quite interesting to do – moving from one dashboard to the other.

Compare this to Jarvis which has an interface similar to Google Docs where you can write your full article in its workspace.

So in terms of interface and the tools, I think CopyAI still needs some improvement.

A one-stop solution should provide more than the copy-and-paste option.

Who is Copy AI For?

As expected, CopyAI is a tool meant for businesses, entrepreneurs, and everyone that deals with copy and content.

But then Copy AI is a valuable asset for the below category of people:


After working on several client copywriting projects, it is very easy for copywriters to run into writer’s block (not knowing what to write). 

In such situations, Copy AI will be invaluable for getting you back in shape and generating ideas to jumpstart your project.

This way, creativity will not be a seasonal thing but will be very easy and predictable.


As a blogger, I know the pain of writing blog posts consistently.

Not only is it one of the most stressful tasks bloggers have to do – it determines the growth of the blog.

The more content you have, the better chances of growing your site traffic and revenue. And this is why the big guys with fat budgets have always been ahead of solo bloggers.

But now, with CopyAI, the playing ground is leveled and we solo bloggers can play alongside the big guys.


Copy AI has some tools targeted at simplifying the Youtuber’s work. For instance, it has the Youtube video title and Description intro.

With these tools, you can come up with descriptions for your videos in minutes without having to rack your brain.

Copy AI can also be used to simplify other tasks as a Youtuber like generating video ideas, crafting sponsorship request emails to prospective sponsors.

Copy AI Pricing

copyai pricing

Despite the long list of features of Copy AI, its pricing is surprisingly affordable. 

It costs $35 per month when billed annually which is equivalent to $420 per year. And when billed monthly, it costs $49 per month.

There’s a 7-day free trial to get started with.

For businesses and companies with large content teams, Copy AI offers a custom plan.

The custom plan offers all features and allows for multiple users (the collaboration feature).

Click here to get started with Copy AI free

Copy AI Pros and Cons


  • Extensive content templates
  • Offers several content tools
  • It is affordable and offers a free trial
  • CopyAI content has a decent accuracy level
  •  It offers premium customer support and training


  • Lacks a plagiarism checker
  • The user interface is basic and not so enticing
  • Lacks long-form editor

Copy AI Reviews – What Others Have to Say

From my perspective and experience, Copy AI is one of the best AI copywriting tools I have used. 

But then, it isn’t enough to hear it just from me, so I searched the internet to find out what others are saying about the software.

Here are some reviews on ProductHunt:

Copy AI for social media managers:

Copy AI for founders:

And not a replacement to copywriters, instead a support tool to boost productivity and creativity :

Alternatives to Copy AI

If you don’t think CopyAI is a fit for your task or want to check out some other alternatives, there are quite a few other Copy AI alternatives.

However, not all of these AI copywriting tools are worth it.

But then, these are the three best alternatives I recommend you to check out:

1. Jarvis AI

Jarvis AI is my most recommended and best alternative to Copy AI. Check out Jarvis AI if you need a tool that does excellently well with long-form content.

While I recommend Copy AI for short-form copy, I recommend Jarvis for long-form content. It also offers a free trial which is enough to see if it is worth it. Check Jarvis here.

2. Shortly AI

This is also at the top of my list for AI copywriting tools like Copy AI. 

Shortly AI is now acquired by Jarvis AI which makes it even better as it is in the company of one of the best copywriting software.

One thing to love about Shortly AI is its Google-docs-like interface. In short, it is just like using Google Docs – a good user experience and interface. 

Its pricing starts at $79 per month and there’s no free trial.

3. WriteSonic

This is another AI copywriting tool worth checking out if you think CopyAI and the others are expensive.

WriteSonic offers a basic plan which starts at $11.25 per month offering 75 credits of which if your credit is finished, you have to renew another plan.

For each content you create or rewrite, it costs you a credit. 

Although some features do not warrant any credit like the landing page headlines, youtube titles, startup ideas, etc – WriteSonic is only best for you if you don’t create much content per month.

Final Verdict – Is Copy AI Worth It?

Having used several AI copywriting tools, CopyAI has my vote and it is one of the best in the industry.

It meets my expectation of offering the needed tools like long-form content writing, short-form copy, content templates, free trials, etc.

Although it lacks when it comes to interface as it doesn’t offer the Google-Doc style interface that the majority are used to.

I still recommend Copy AI to businesses, freelancers, creators, and marketers that create lots of content or need help with content.

AI isn’t yet at its best, same as other AI copywriting tools, but things will only get better. So why not try it out? It costs nothing to get started.

Try Copy AI free trial here today!

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