Copysmith review

In this Copysmith review, we’re going to take a look at how it works, its pros, cons, and templates.

Is it worth it?

We all know that content is king.

Great content can drive high-quality traffic, attract tons of customers, and boost the reputation of your site. 

Creating premium content, however, often seems to be a chore because so many other things are competing for their share of our minds.

But the future for content creation seems to be getting brighter with the arrival of AI writing assistants such as Copysmith AI. 

Software like Copysmith has become better at composing whole pieces of content from just tidbit keywords.

That said, they are not yet the best they can be. Before choosing anyone, you need to ensure that its strengths more than makeup for its weak areas.

That’s what we are about to do with Copysmith AI

In this Copysmith review, I dive into the features, pricing, pros, and cons of the software, to see if it is worth the hype.

On this note, let’s dive in.

What is Copysmith AI? – Overview

copysmith ai

Copysmith AI is artificial intelligence (AI) software built to help you generate content for your online business.

It was founded recently in 2020 by Jasmine Wang, a  computer scientist who was also interested in the e-commerce industry 

She noticed that entrepreneurs were finding it difficult or too expensive to create content for their online businesses. 

That’s how she thought of using her computer knowledge to build software that would generate content with very little input.

That software is the AI-powered platform called Copysmith. 

With Copysmith, as advertised, you never have to start from scratch. When you need to write, Copysmith gives you somewhere almost near your destination to start from.

And it’s not only in generating content that we see Copysmith doing its job.

It’s also a great tool for organizing and storing your copy plus sharing and collaborating with teammates 

All of the above makes Copysmith look like a promising productivity tool that every freelancer or company can’t afford to do without.

We’ll learn more about that as we continue. 

How Does Copysmith Work? 

Machine learning is what powers writing software.

As with any AI writer, you need to give it something to work with.

Provided in the tool are templates for whatever you want to do. All you need to do is pick a template then feed Copysmith with the keywords that will directly promote your brand.

Copysmith then goes into work employing its built-in technology – Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT-3) to build a message around those keywords you supplied. 

In summary, you give Copysmith the bones, and then it adds flesh to make the content come alive.

If it’s a longer piece of content, such as a blog post, you’ll need to supply some extras such as a few beginner sentences and keywords.

Copysmith then uses its blog post generation system to draft a more or less accurate piece of copy that you can edit to satisfaction.

As all the above processes are taking place, Copysmith passes the content word by word through Copyscape, its scanner for plagiarism.

This ensures more peace of mind since you’re getting content that’s creative enough to be original.

It even has a content rewriter function that can assist you in editing areas of text that are not exactly alright.

 If you are wondering whether Copysmith can work on any device, the answer is yes.

That’s possible because of its Google Chrome extension that can be downloaded from the web store.

Copysmith is not a closed operating system. It integrates well with other platforms like Gmail, WordPress, Shopify, and Google Ads.

Getting started with this handy assistant is not hard.

Once you login into the platform, provide such details as the name of your company, brand, address, and keywords. It will generate a variety of descriptions that you can choose from. 

Copysmith Features – What It Offers?

Copysmith offers a host of features that make it an ideal assistant for your online business needs.  Several are reviewed below such as:

1. Landing Page Copy

Landing pages are a must for your online business. They help you rack in sales. 

Crafting them, however, requires a lot of expertise and is often time demanding. You might have to make do with hiring a freelancer to create it or do it yourself. 

But with a tool like Copysmith, building a landing page is nearly as easy as pie.

Copysmith makes it easy to create your landing page copy. It incorporates a page structure in your landing page such that it looks like a finished project.

Here’s a screenshot of the preview page generated by Copysmith:

copysmith landing page

And that is not all. Essentials like a CTA and footer links won’t be missing as well.

Copysmith also incorporates the basic elements of a landing page like footer links, header links, etc.

2. Content Templates

Templates are part of Copysmith’s identity. Through templates, you’re given a foundation to start from.

More than 30 templates are prepared to give you ideas on what you want and the list is constantly updated.

A descriptive list of some of the kinds of templates available on the platform includes Facebook ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Carousel Ads, Instagram ad, landing page copy, blog post tools, etc.

Product descriptions on Amazon are also supported.

So if you are thinking of selling on Amazon, that’s a plus for you.

3. Blog Post Writing Tools

You can receive help almost all along the way from Copysmith to get your blog its final classy look. They claim that the assistance saves you 80% of the way.

They might be right.

Let’s say you want to start with writing articles.

They have their Article Writing Assistant that only needs the keywords and some core lines of text. It picks up from there and gives you a complete article. With this, speed is all yours.

When you are stuck with how your blog should look, Copysmith promises to rush to your side with its industry-leading blog Ideas that truly know how a blog should look like.

Every blog starts with an outline. Copysmith knows that too hence the Blog Outline and Generator tools.

Blog Post combines all of the tools needed to craft a complete article that we’ve talked about above.

With this tool, Copysmith AI assures you that you can sit back and watch your blog form out of thin air.

If your blog is dedicated to product descriptions, it’s apparent that Copysmith won’t let you down.

The Product Description Function is part of the whole suit.

4. Content Rewriter

The Content Rewriter is a perfect complement to the Blog Post Generator.

Sometimes, the content generated by the blog post generator may not come out exactly right. In that case, you’re not left to handle the re-editing all by yourself. 

The content rewriter kicks in and simplifies the process by automatically rephrasing selected copy.

5. Languages

English is Copysmith’s default language but it can create content in languages other than English.

All templates are supported for other languages except Blog Posts and Landing Pages.

However, it’s not exactly perfect and could use some improvements. 

As for the number of languages supported, there are over 100 including Afrikaans, Hawaiian Creole, Hausa Greek e.t.c.

6. Training Resources

I found Copysmith’s training resources quite likable.

It can be found by clicking on the tutorials tab and largely consists of a library of articles organized into categories.

The categories are account management, blog post, credits, integrations, other templates, getting started, and subscription plans

The number of articles in each of these categories ranges from one to six. They explain everything to expect on the platform.

Complementing the text in some of these articles are GIFs that show you exactly where to spot a pin.

There is also a search bar right at the top of the tutorials page for getting to specific articles quickly. 

7. Customer Support

Customer support is not missing and it’s great. It’s very simple to access.

All you need to do is click on the help tab on the left side of the homepage. 

Copysmith chat support

Immediately, a chat box will open and you can engage in real-time live chat with either a bot or a human care agent. Email support is present as well.

It doesn’t stop there. They also host webinars every Tuesday in which they demo their features, showcase some best practices, and answer any questions you may have.

They also leverage the big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, and Instagram to attend to their customers.

Copysmith Copy Examples

For any doubting Thomas, the copy examples should be enough to prove that Copysmith does a commendable job even if it is just short of perfection. 

To start with, let’s use a copy example on Copysmith’s home page before login

The following keywords were supplied, candles, soy-based, and the name of the company Hygge. This is how the copy came out:

A candle for every occasion, Hygge Vanilla candles are designed with a sweet, vanilla scent and a soy wax blend that burns clean and long. The intimate fragrance is the perfect complement to candlelit moments with a loved one.

OK. That looks good but let’s see how it performs in real life

So from the dashboard after logging in, I clicked on the + icon and selected “file” from the drop-down menu.

Here’s the summary of all that happened:

Test Case: Product Description 

Name of Product: PrePlus Healthy Feeding Guide.

Keywords: Informative, educative, versatile. 

Copysmith brought out 10 product descriptions using only what I inputted. Below are just three of them.


  1. The UK is in the midst of an obesity epidemic that is damaging the health of millions. However, many people do not realise how easy it can be to eat well on a budget. The Preplus Healthy Feeding Guide shows you how with dozens of recipes for tasty, affordable meals. This book will help you balance your family’s budget while improving their health at the same time!”
  1. “If you haven’t heard of Preplus before, you’re in for a treat. It’s a new supplement that’s sweeping the world, and we’re just getting started! Our Healthy Feeding Guide is full of valuable information about Preplus and how it can help you live better. It was written to be as user friendly as possible, so whether you’re an expert in nutrition or a complete novice, we’ve got what you need.”
  1. “You want to be healthy, but it’s hard to decide what to eat. With this Preplus Healthy Feeding Guide, you can make fast, wiser decisions. It is an easy-to-use guide listing the nutritional value of over 150 kinds of food that contains rarely seen information like caloric index, saturated fat content etc. You can use it as a reference when shopping for food, cooking or simply reading about the best way to live healthily.”

When these results came out, I was wowed. It was almost unbelievable that artificial intelligence is that intelligent!

What I Don’t Like About Copysmith

Although I was carried away by the intellectual prowess of Copysmith, a few caveats came to my mind that I’ll share with you in a bit.

Non-stellar Outputs in Other Languages 

Although Copysmith supports over 100 languages, it does give outputs best in English.

There are incidents where you input in English and expect it to come out flawlessly in your selected language only to discover that there was a frequent mixture of English and vernacular words in the content. 

Mediocre Long-form Content Support

Copysmith performs best in creating short pieces of content.

So for your ads, landing pages, and product descriptions, you’ll have almost no issues.

Longer pieces of content like blog posts and website content won’t come out like freshly baked bread though.

That kind of content is known as long-form content and even though it is supported in Copysmith, it’s still in the beta and leaves a lot to expect.

Who is Copysmith For?

Anyone into content creation would use some help from Copysmith. After all, what’s Copysmith for? Content generation. 

These are the categories of content creators and why they would enjoy Copysmith. 

#1. Marketing Agencies 

Marketing agencies need to ensure the products they parade come out right in the eyes of their customers.

Choosing the right words to get the message across can be quite a daunting task.

They need the right ads for that and that’s exactly what Copysmith helps them do.

They also need to store and organize their copies for their clients. Clients usually go through these logs to see what copies were doing the job and which were not. Then they can make appropriate tweaks. 

As different marketing agencies may have to work together, collaboration is key and Copysmith is ever ready for that. 

#2. In-house Marketing Teams

They are usually at the forefront in promoting their company’s products using taglines, unique value proposition, etc. All these are built into Copysmith making it a must-have for these kinds of people. 

#3. Freelancers

It cannot be exaggerated that freelancers need a tool like Copysmith.  They are often the ones that have to deal with the tightest deadlines.

Copysmith would save them much time as they no longer need to do all the brainstorming. 

#4. E-commerce owners

Writer’s block can cost E-commerce owners much when they can’t think out of the box to generate new product descriptions. 

Especially when they are just starting and won’t be able to pay for freelancers to do the job, Copysmith can make a lot of difference 

Copysmith Pricing

copysmith pricing

The pricing plan is divided into three categories: starter, pro, teams, and enterprise.

The starter plan goes for $19 monthly or $16 monthly for the annual subscription.

It offers only a handful of features but is good for small business owners.

The pro plan is offering a time-limited fee of $59 monthly or $600 for the annual plan.

Features like in-app chatting and third-party integrations which are missing in the starter plan show up here.

Teams pay $118 monthly for two users and $49 monthly per extra user.

Annual subscriptions offer a 15% discount so they only pay $1200 annually and $42 per month for each extra user. It offers the same set of features as in the pro plan.

Enterprise users gain access to the full suite of features on Copysmith.

Their billing is negotiated when they contact Copysmith support.

Start your free Copysmith trial here

Copysmith Pros and Cons

At a glance, the pros and cons are:


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Simple user interface
  • Backs up content for you
  • Optimized content for SEO
  • The tool constantly updates to be more effective
  • Affordable pricing in most cases
  • Time-saving functionality
  • Good customer support
  • Easy content exporting


  • Limited efficiency in outputs other than English 
  • Not the best at long pieces of content. See Jarvis.AI.

Final Verdict – Is Copysmith Worth It?

Yes, it is. Copysmith delivers a user experience that leaves little to be desired. 

It is not perfect but you’ll hardly find a valid reason to turn it down completely because it has an answer to almost all of your content needs.

There are other Copysmith AI alternatives if you writing blog posts is your thing.

Besides that, Copysmith is awesome!

Everything it does comes at a very affordable price. And since more improvements are on the way, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed if you choose to try it out.

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