Dave Rogenmoser

If you are a tech enthusiast or you are a budding entrepreneur, Dave Rogenmoser has an amazing success story.

Imagine building a $1 billion tech company from scratch with your friends. Our man Dave did not just build one company, but four successful tech companies! Heard about Jasper AI, the powerful AI copywriting tool causing copywriters to panic? He’s the brain behind its success.

What I love most about Dave Rogenmoser is that his story offers us a complete entrepreneurial experience. You get to see how he succeeded in certain businesses and how failed in others.

If you think you are unfit for entrepreneurship, wait until you learn that our man Dave did not have lower legs.

How Dave Rogenmoser Built Jasper.AI

Dave Rogenmoser is a successful internet marketing expert and co-founder of many start-ups worth billions of dollars.

Not many entrepreneurs leave a thriving software business to start a new one. Dave left Proof, a company he co-founded Chris Hull and John Philip Morgan in 2020. The online business was generating a whooping $250,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

Jasper AI

After leaving the company, Dave went back to the drawing board and co-founded Jasper.AI with John Philip Morgan in 2021. Jasper.AI initial name was Conversion AI, and then a few months after renamed Jarvis. AI.

However, the name change caused a clash with Marvel Entertainment. The company had to change from Jarvis. AI to Jasper AI.

This necessary change that seemed a little discomforting ended up being to their advantage.

After the final launch and rebranding to their surprise, Jasper AI was largely welcomed by the general public and most people were open to working with it. Today, Jasper.AI helps over 70,000+ people create better content quickly.

If you want to know more about Jasper.AI, check out this Jasper.AI review.

Dave Rogenmoser’s Jasper AI Funding, Stock, Revenue & Valuation

Jasper.AI is one of the best AI copywriting tools. Let’s access some basic facts about the company’s finances. 


Jasper.AI raised $131 million in funding over 3 rounds, with the latest round on October 18, 2022. This round of funding makes the company the first AI-based unicorn in the data management space. Jasper.AI has a valuation of $1.5 billion!

Stock Price

Jasper AI stock price is not yet in the public domain.


According to Rogenmoser, Jasper has more than 70,000 customers and generated $45 million in revenue last year. The company estimates the doubling of its revenue at the end of the year.


As mind-blowing as this may seem, Jasper AI’s valuation is $1.5 billion. Such a large valuation shows the company’s financial strength and its potential for more growth. 

Dave Rogenmoser Early Businesses

No one succeeds overnight. There is always a due process you must follow to get the best out of your business goals.

Jasper.AI was not the first business Dave Rogenmoser launched. There are other businesses he started before creating Jasper.AI.

RedWood Recruiting – SaaS Company

Dave Rogenmoser’s first company was not a success. He started RedWood Recruiting in 2015 with two of his friends, John Philip Morgan and Chris Hull while they were still in school.

The company started as a result of their desire to do something tangible with their lives. They had the entrepreneurial desire to be their own bosses.

He got a developer on Upwork to build a software product for $10,000, but his growing business failed quickly because he did not know how to get customers.   

Marketing Results – A Digital Marketing Agency 

After the failure of his two SaaS businesses, Dave Rogenmoser and two friends started a digital marketing agency, Marketing Results.

Digital marketing was not as popular as now when they started out the agency. The first official client was a company named Porta-Potty Rentals. He charged the company $300 per month for its marketing activities.

Dave Rogenmoser’s first official paycheck from the company was $375. His perseverance paid off at the end of the day.

Marketing Course-Related Company 

Dave Rogenmoser is a great visionary and would always find a way to ensure that whatever he is into does not remain stagnant but moves forward. 

In his endeavors to modify things with the digital marketing agency, he chose to venture into a course company with his friends. 

The process of building the company to become a stable and profit-based business was not a smooth ride. It took them three years to take the business to a reasonable point where it became profitable.

The marketing courses they offered include:

  • SEO Course.
  • Facebook Ads Mastery.
  • Google Ads Mastery.
  • Conversion Tricks.

With this company, they made a lot of money because people started seeing the importance of having digital skills. They later realized that running a course company was not easy to scale.

Lead Conversion Tool – Proof


Dave Rogenmoser, John Philip Morgan, and Chris Hull founded UseProof (a social proof software) on Mar 15, 2017. They built a widget for their information publishing business website to multiply the sales of the course available.

The widget has a feature that shows you the details of people who had just bought the course. It doubled their sales tremendously because it was social proof.

Dave went on to start testing this widget on his closest friends’ websites. They all reported back with positive results.

Proof didn’t scale immediately; it experienced troubles with funding. The director of Y Combinator was reluctant to fund them because he couldn’t see the business scaling shortly.  

Dave and his friends worked on Proof to ensure they had a clear version for the company. After this change, they were able to acquire the funding they required. Today, Proof generates $250,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

Eventually, Dave lost interest in Proof and left the company in 2020.

Dave Rogenmoser Biography

Early Years – The Paralympic Games

Dave Rogenmoser was born in 1979. At birth, the doctor discovered that Dave did not have lower legs, but this didn’t hold Dave back in any way. He defied the odds and achieved outstanding success with his single-minded determination and grit. 

He competed in the Paralympic games and emerged as a world-renowned Paralympic gold medalist. 

From the Paralympic Games, he moved into entrepreneurship and then into marketing, and then software development. His story is a story of inspiration, strength, and triumph despite all odds.

Dave schooled at Kansa State University. He is a loving father of three and is 6 ‘8 in height. Rumors say he eats the beating heart of a king cobra. Definitely, not your everyday geek.

Book and Podcast

Dave Rogenmoser is popular for his support for new and struggling tech firms or techies. He is the author of “Beyond The Grind: How To Do Work That Matters, Travel the World For Free and Escape The Daily Grind Before It’s Too Late.”

scale or die proof

Also, he has a podcast called Scale-or-Die, where he provides his success tips to his listeners. Dave has website platforms where he shares regular information on tech. He even sends regular informative emails to people who subscribe to his email list. 

Today he has succeeded in building a name and achieving so much for himself. He is both the co-founder and CEO of Jasper.AI, a leading artificial intelligence copywriting tool.

Dave Rogenmoser Social Media Profiles

Dave Rogenmoser has a strong online presence where he freely expresses himself. Through his articles and posts on his social media accounts, he has impacted thousands of entrepreneurs globally.

linkedin profile of dave rogenmoser

LinkedIn (Dave Rogenmoser): Dave is a major player on LinkedIn with over 500 connections and slightly above 14k followers.

Twitter (@Dave Rogenmoser): Dave uses Twitter space to communicate and express his views and opinions about AI and the business world in general. He has over 12k followers and follows slightly over 1k people. 

Facebook (Dave M. Rogenmoser): Dave has over 11k followers on Facebook and he is only following one person. 

Dave Rogenmoser’s online profiles are full of informative content about AI and how they have helped to revolutionize the world.

The content he shares is basically about digital marketing, copywriting, motivation, and inspirational content. He uploads various articles on LinkedIn for his followers.

The three most popular articles written by Dave Rogenmoser include:

  • How We Lowered The Cost Per Lead from $250 to $27 For One Web App Development Company (1)
  •  Why Entrepreneurs Fail: 19 Business Winners Explain Their Biggest Fails (2)
  • The Only 3 Ways to Grow a PT Clinic (3)

You can check out some of his profiles to explore the world of Dave Rogenmoser.

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