Divi black friday

In this post, I’m presenting you with the Divi Black Friday offer.

If you’re looking for insane deals on Divi and their WordPress products, the Divi Black Friday period is a great time to join the community or upgrade your membership.

Divi is a popular WordPress theme created by Elegant Themes and is used by a bunch of sites today.

The theme features beautiful designs and is quite easy to use, thanks to its drag-and-drop site builder that accompanies it.

To create elegant WordPress websites, you need a theme like Divi.

And the Divi Black Friday period is a great time to get locked in so you can save money.

Let’s hop in and see the available Divi deals for Black Friday!

Divi Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2021

For Black Friday, Divi is offering a whole range of deals available for new customers and existing ones.

Divi is offering a 25% discount off for new memberships, upgrades, and renewals within this period.

Also, they are giving away over $800,000 in prizes (which includes a FREE iMac worth $600) along with a whopping 60% OFF discount on a collection of WordPress products in their marketplace.

Some of these products include:

  • Divi Life – 50% OFF
  • Divi Plugins – 60% OFF
  • M Hendriksen – 50% OFF
  • Divi Lover – 45% OFF
  • Divi Professional – 30% OFF
  • And much more

Divi Black Friday starts on Nov 26th.

Divi Pricing Plans

divi theme pricing

To get started with Divi, Elegant Themes offers you two payment plans including:

  • Yearly Access for $89 per year
  • Lifetime Access for $249 (one-time)

Each of these payment access plans gets you 1 license to the Divi theme to build unlimited websites and power your entire team.

And you can cancel your membership or upgrade to a different plan at, any time.

Let’s take a look at each of these plans.

Divi Yearly Access Plan

For $89 per year, the plan offers you yearly access to the Elegant Themes suite including Divi, Extra, Bloom, and Monarch.

You get to build unlimited websites, enjoy updates, support, and more.

If you decide to pay during the Black Friday period and take advantage of the 25% discount, your fee reduces to $66.75 per year instead.

Divi Lifetime Access Plan

The Lifetime Access Plan to Elegant Themes goes for $249 and is paid one-time. This means on this plan, you don’t have to worry about recurring payment subscriptions while using Divi.

You also get access to all of the Yearly Access Plan along with lifetime updates and support

Paying for this access plan during Black Friday (25% OFF) reduces your bill to a one-time price of $186.75.

How To Activate Divi Black Friday Deal & Save Money?

Do you want to join, upgrade or renew your Divi plan using Black Friday?

You can take advantage of this offer and activate the Divi Black Friday deal by clicking this link to the Divi site. Then, ensure you follow the directions there to sign up or upgrade to get the deal.

That’s all—It’s quite simple to jump on the Divi Black Friday discount deal.

Hurry up and claim your offer before it expires.

Divi Theme Black Friday announcement

Here’s what the ElegantTheme team (Divi founders) said on this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal:

We do Black Friday better than anyone else, period! We pull out all the stops to make sure that this sale is something worth waiting for.

This year’s Black Friday sale starts on Nov 26th at exactly 12:00 AM UTC-6, and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

There will be over $1,000,000 worth of free prizes, free bonus gifts, dozens of exclusive discounts and perks from our partners, and our biggest discount ever on Divi memberships and upgrades (plus tons of discounts in the Divi Marketplace)!

Our Biggest Divi Discount Ever!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the only times each year that we offer our biggest discount ever.

If you have been waiting for the perfect time to join the Divi community or the best time to upgrade your current account to Lifetime, this will be it! You don’t want to miss this.

We only do this once, and when the sale is over the discount goes away for a whole year!

Exclusive Divi Theme Builder Packs!

In addition to free prizes from the Divi community, we are also giving away exclusive Divi Theme Builder Templates and Divi Layouts to everyone who takes advantage of the sale (and to all current Lifetime members).

These include beautifully-designed headers, footers, and some special new WooCommerce cart templates and checkout templates that you have never seen before!

You can use these right out of the box to make your website look stunning. Once the sale is over, these packs will disappear forever.

Deals On Divi Products That You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

We worked with Divi creators in the Divi Marketplace to bring you exclusive discounts.

These discounts are promised to be better anywhere else on the internet!

They will only be available to Elegant Themes Lifetime customers and everyone who buys on Black Friday. Even if you are already a Divi Lifetime member, there will be some amazing deals in the marketplace that you need to check out.

Divi Theme Features

1). Increased usability through Divi Theme components

This is an amazing feature that makes your work with the style of pages much more comfortable.

With its help, you can easily insert almost any element into any part of the page without worrying about additional tools or knowledge of coding. The styles are integrated into the design standards.

2). Global Modules & Settings

The system of the Divi Theme modules is very flexible and intuitive. You can use them almost everywhere on your site, all settings are unified into one main section for easy access.

3). Responsive Design

Nowadays it is unthinkable not to have a website that is adapted to different screen resolutions.

With the Divi Theme, you do not have to think about how it will look on a mobile phone or tablet – all of this is taken care of by the theme itself.

4). New Footer Layouts & Widget Styling

Divi theme has several new styles of footer widgets, which you can select for each page. Also, the footer layout is responsive now, so it will always look nice on any device.

5). Divi Builder Plugin

This plugin gives you an amazing amount of tools to create unique and interesting styles for your website. It works with almost anything – slider, text, images, background.

There are dozens of layouts in the Divi Builder Plugin for you to select from or use as a template.

6). Advanced Module Design Settings

With this new feature, you can customize and design more than just general items. You can do that for each of them separately.

7). Increased Layout Possibilities

All existing layouts and the ones that will be added in the future can now be easily customized – it doesn’t matter if you need to change the color or font of a specific item or replace images.

8). Background & Border Options

In the Divi theme, you can easily create backgrounds from any color or picture, and set a gradient instead of a usual solid one.

You can also use a border for an accent on some items, so it will be more visible against the background.

9). Typography options

All typography elements are now flexible for use – you can change their size, color, or alignment. Also, there are several new line types available to be used in your text blocks.

10). Beautiful pre-made designs suitable for any type of website

With Divi Theme many pre-made layouts and design blocks are available – each of them can be customized to the smallest detail.

You can use them as a template for your own design, or just pick them and insert them into the existing page of your site.

FAQs about Divi Theme Black Friday Deal

How Much Can I Save During Divi Black Friday?

Divi is offering a 25% discount on new memberships, renewals, and account upgrades during the Black Friday period. And that’s not all. They are also giving up to 60% on other WordPress products in their marketplace and an additional $800,000 giveaway in bonus prizes.

When Is Divi Black Friday 2021 Coming Up?

The Divi Black Friday 2021 will happen between November 30 – December 28 which falls during the Black Friday period. So set your alarms and reminders for this period so you don’t miss out!

What Is Divi?

Divi is a popular, SEO-friendly WordPress theme created by Elegant Theme. The theme is known to be a game-changer and comes with its page builder that lets you create WordPress sites with ease.

Final Words

Looking to build your first or next WordPress site with the Divi theme and page builder?

The Divi Black Friday 2021 is a great time to get locked in either with a yearly or lifetime subscription.

You get to save money while buying the themes and tools created by Elegant Themes.

Don’t waste any time—Follow the steps in this post to claim this Divi discount deal.

Also, drop your thoughts about Divi below in the comments section.