15 Super Tweaks That Will Drive Traffic to Your Blog Within Few Weeks

15 Super Tweaks That Will Drive Traffic to Your Blog Within Few Weeks

Do you know a specific blog-site in your Niche that gets better and higher traffic than your blog does?

Have you ever wondered why their content looks so casual and trivial?

Yet, they seem to gain more traffic on their blog than you do on yours.

Don’t call it cheating! It’s not my friend.

Just get yourself a cold beer and relax on a cushion as I unfold to you the very basic (but simple) tweaks that will drive traffic to your blog within few days.

Every blog can thrive, be it a business blog or hustlers’ blog.

But it all depends on how well you follow the rules associated with blogging for traffic.

These tweaks I’m about to reveal now, will:

  • Teach you how to drive more traffic to your blog within few days
  • Grow and draw alot of traffic to your blog posts.
  • Enable your blog rank high on Google.
  • Still drive consistent traffic to your blog for free.

I never knew about these tactics until recently; when I helped a friend of mine drove traffic to his dropshipping blog after several trials and errors.

I figured out that there are set of rules that I needed to follow.

This brought massive traffic to his blog within days.

Whether you are a full-time blogger, beginner blogger, or partly into blogging as a side hustle, there are always few setbacks in getting loyal readers for each and every blog post of yours.

Most bloggers make the mistake of taking the wrong steps in gaining consistent readership for their blog posts.

Most of our problem isn’t content creation anymore, we should have known by now that; quality content retains readers and encourages more traffic.

But most of us just keep on publishing qualified contents week-in week-out without checklisting for these tweaks to know if we’re getting things right.

This brings me to a famous quote that says:

Doing the right job doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to end up doing the job right.  -Anonymous 

To help you achieve your blogging objectives (which is definitely high traffic rate), I have put together a list of top and effective blogging tricks that will help drive traffic to your blog within a very short time.


Have ever wondered why your blogging activities aren’t yielding any bucks?

Most bloggers just set out on this blogging journey and get weary along the road.

All because of lack of traffic.

Let me remind you that: No traffic = No Conversion

So your main aim at the initial stage of blogging should be “GETTING WEBSITE TRAFFIC“.

Let us get started with the ways you can increase traffic to your blog.


Tweak #1: Grab a topic that attracts traffic

Before you think of attracting visitors to your blog, one question should come to your mind at first.

That is, “will these people (target audience) find my proposed topic palatable?”

You don’t just start writing on a topic for writing sake; you have to consider those who will consume your “sweet” content first.

If your content can’t be related to by any one, it makes no sense at all. It must be sharp in context.

It must be a topic that satisfies ones thirst and not just a content that showcases your expertise.

Nobody cares if you’re an expert in driving an airplane!

All passengers cares about is to arrive at their destination safely and timely.

Just show up and get them going.

Hope you understand these?

Don’t be a selfish writer!

Let me show you how you can get an attractive topic if you are in a fix of getting one.

You can use content marketing tools like Buzzsumo or Google trends to know what’s in demand or likely hot topics for the content you wish to write for.

Let’s say you plan to write on mattress,  just open Google trends  and pop in the keyword “mattress”.

Drive traffic to your blog-google trends mattress search

Select your location, date range and any other data you which to use use as your filter.

Increase your blog traffic with Google trends insights

There you go with the top ranking  and top queries of your selected date with location, depending on the geographic location you have in mind.


Use the Three-circle strategy that is recommended by Jeffbullas.

This is how it works:

Draw three circles on a plain piece of paper.

Inside the first circle, write down all areas you’re well informed and skillable about.

In the second circle, write what interests you.

And in the last circle, pick topics from the two circles that are in demand. Wow!

The sugary part is where the three intersect.

Three circle strategy

Now, next to the main deal of crafting the main content.


Tweak #2: Create a viral content

Now that you have a mind blowing topic that every person of interest wants to check out, it’s now time to create a powerful content that people would want to go through over and over again.

A content that will be likeable and shareable by all.

A content that SHOUTS!

Creating of a viral content entails few bulleted points that shouldn’t be a do without.


Because, your viral content becomes a go-to resort place for your readers digging and research.

They find everything thing they need to know about a particular topic on your blog.

Here are helpful tips in creating viral content that will boost your blog traffic:

  • Write problem-solving posts
  • Contents with charts, quotes and facts gets the most backlinks.
  • Create longer blog posts
  • Pick up a brand new subject on your niche
  • Create a controversial topic that talks about a famous personality in your niche
  • Trigger emotions with your contents
  • Use great images and headlines

The dream of every content marketer and business owner is for their content to go viral, because when it does, it drives huge traffic to their blog.

A single blog-post with a lot the above bulleted tips can go viral for so many months and or even years.

So endeavor to make your content a buzzing one that provokes social sharing, triggers emotions, instigates controversies and most of it all solves a need.

This helps a in getting people to see more of your blog posts.


Tweak #3: Write for internet users not for your professors

Write for internet users

Many bloggers consistently want to display their academicism in their blogging activities, neglecting the fact that they aren’t writing for their university professors.

As a content writer, you should write for the web visitors who are desperately hunting valuable content to feed on.

Just like a wild animal hungry for food.

Most bloggers curate contents like it was their Masters Degree project, you don’t write that way.

That is why it is called an internet.

Comprises of both the informed and the unknowledgeable, from different walks of life with different perspective.

You should always endeavor to:

  • Write outside the scope of your understanding, most people don’t like reading random and alike posts.
  • Write in short paragraphs, each paragraph should be at least three sentences long.
  • Don’t be too creative or clever on your posts; let your content be self-explanatory and easy-to-follow.
  • Don’t conceal any information from your readers; put the most important information first.
  • Use bullets in stating your points

Listen up!

Here is what I want you take away from this section part of this post

Whether you like it or not, most of your readers are only going to skim your content,

Bitter but truthful

The sooner you realize this fact, the better for you to start implementing this part to suit your audience.

What most web visitors do is glance through a new page, scan the page and go through any point that catches their attention.

Use Hemingway App for the editing of your content and here is a Guide by Neil patel for sharpening your writing skills and editing skills.

This takes us to our next tweak “Heading


Tweak #4: Analyze your post heading

Getting a hot topic that attracts traffic might be one of the productive steps you ought to take as a blogger.

But It will be so detrimental if your posts’ heading isn’t analyzed for Clicks.

Your content might be a bomb; your topic might be the most sorted after.

But when your headline isn’t analyzed, your post is one feet down the dungeon.

You need to find the perfect combination of words to attract your target audience.

Type of blog headlines

Image source: Moz

If your headline isn’t optimized for search engine, then your SEO practices will be in vain

Based on Copyblogger research, 80% of your blog visitors will read headlines on your blog, and only 20% will read the main article till the end.

The good news here is that, there are several online tools that can help you improve your headlines and blog headings.

The one in I prefer using is Coschedule headline analyzer.

It inspects your headline and scores an overall headline quality between 1 and 100.

The tool also gives your headline a grade based on the overall structure, grammar and readability.

It analyzes few other headline characteristics, and then finally, you get insightful tips to improve your headline.

All for free.


Tweak #5: Make use of Citations

Why should a blogger use citations?

People love real facts and not just mare description.

Readers would want to spend longer time on your blog if they find out that you’re not only a good content writer but you also make references from a very solid directory which resonates with their research.

Citation involves; quotations, enumerations, commendations, mentions and references in the recognition of another’s (personality) achievements, proven facts, laws and ideas on your blog.


By making citations you prove to your audience that you are not just making anything up on your own.

Making citations also gives readers a chance to review the cited sources themselves so as to get additional information about the related post.

Citations can be in different forms. You can make citations by linking out to the original owners of a graphic image, data, charts etc.

Below is an awesome Infographics from WhoisHostingThis that breaks down the use of References and Citations on your Blog post.

Making citations for your blog posts

Source: WhoisHostingThis


Tweak #6: Don’t write for all sundry

Before you set out on your blogging voyage,

First decide what niche you want to blog about, then what you wish to achieve with your blog.

This helps you not to go off tracks from your blogging goals and objectives.

What kills most bloggers is that they always try to cover every topic underneath the earth.

Thereby, leaving their audience in a puzzled state.

Always stick to a particular niche.

When you write, always be specific in choosing your contents.

This shows that you’re an expert on that topic.

Meaning that search engines will be more likely to rank and uplift your blog to be seen by more people.

Let us take for instance,

You want to go into animal blogging.

My advice here is choose a specific class of animal, i.e. Invertebrates, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds or mammals.

Here you can either choose any of the above types, but…

You can even decide to narrow it down to a specific animal.

If you’re to blog for mammals, bring it down to the Cat family or better still blog about Lions.

Make sense right?

With that; you will have a higher chance of getting your blog post ranking for a specific topic.

  • Low competition
  • Distinctive interests
  • Increase in blog traffic
  • More conversions
  • And more MONEY you know.

If you find it a rigorous task in coming up with a specific niche, I will suggest you use the Three-circle strategy I explained in Tweak #1.


Tweak #7: Use images

A picture is worth a thousand million words.

Having images in your blog posts make it so visually appealing.

This is absolutely true when you’re using the right image that matches with your content and has been optimized for quick loading.

Listen up!

Making use of images helps you grab loads of traffic from image search on SERP.

This only works when you add Alt text and image description tags for your image.

And if you’re using a Content Management System(CMS) like WordPress for your blogging activity.

Use image optimization tool like shortpixel to help reduce image sizes which enhances loading speed.

Here is a resource from Audiencebloom I want you to read in order to optimize your blog images for Google traffic.

This optimization does a thousand jobs in increasing traffic to your WordPress blog

There are huge benefits in using images on your blog contents, but they all aims at bringing unimaginable traffic to your blog.

Check them out: Reasons why you should use images on your blog posts. 

  • You get more social shares from using images
  • Arouses users emotionally
  • Increases length of articles
  • Gives meaningful points to your contents
  • Makes your blog memorable
  • Conveys your reliability


Tweak #8: Use internal links

I discussed explicitly about the usage of internal links and how it can help you rank your website fast in this post.

It is no doubt that internal linking will draw much traffic to your blog and increase the engagement of user by 300%.

According to Neil patels’ post on internal link building, he says that internal linking improves the indexation of your blog.

If your website or blog has a good internal linking strategy, it becomes very easy for Search Engines to crawl and index your website for fast rankings.

And also finding fresh articles which you have just published , will be highly favored.

The numerous benefits of internal linking of your blog posts can’t be over emphasized.

The deeper your link goes the better.

Make sure you use links that are natural for your readers.

When you link any of your content in a post, you’re telling the Search engine that the target of your link is so much of importance to your readers and you want them to click on the link to go straight ahead to the content page.


Tweak #9: Improve your blogs’ page speed

How to drive traffic to your blog-increase page speed

Google puts a high value on your blogs loading speed.


Page speed is one of the factors that determine user-experience in using a website/blog.

Use google pagespeed insights to check for loading hitches and fix them.

If you find it difficult to adjust your page speed, work with your web developer or hire an SEO expert so to fix up your pagespeed issues.

If you’re earnest about making your blog more user friendly to both users and to Google, you need to devise means of improving the average page load time of your blog.

Slow loading webpages causes higher bounce rate, and this:

  • Derails you rankings
  • Reduces traffic
  • Frustrates your users
  • Chases away blog visitors

Now for you to a manually fix this issue yourself without the help of an expert, let me tip you on how I do a quick fix to my blog speed issues.

Tip #1: Use GTmetrix and run a speed test on your site by inputing your URL

Tip #2: Check your blog loading time and score.

Tip #3: Check for the common issues given and recommendations giving to you by GTmetrix

Read this article from Crazyegg to fix your blog slow page issues.


Tweak #10: Make your social sharing easy

According to Bigcommerce.com, social sharing describes when a social media user broadcasts a web content on their social media networks like, facebook, twitter, linkedIn and many others.

A singular act of social sharing by one of your readers to their social profile can bring uncountable readers with various interests to your blog, and this brings in massive traffic too.

Drive traffic to your blog using Social Sharing buttons

Enable social sharing on your posts and MAKE YOUR SOCIAL SHARING EASY for users.

By strategically placing them where readers can easily click on the share button without finding it hard to locate.

Place your social share button above and below your blog post.

Or better still enable the floating functionality of your social media share buttons

Social sharing is an organic form of promoting your blog freely to the public.

Social sharing is an efficient way to know what a business represents, because most of your loyal customers will never visit your blog to read.

But they will always check in to their social media handles for an average of twenty (20) minutes.

Social media also gives businesses a chance to expand their brands’ products or services in blogging for their business through the enabling of social sharing on each and every of their blog posts.

Let me give you few tips for increasing your social shares:

  • Create meaningful contents that are worth sharing.
  • Study your audience to know their most frequently used social media platforms.
  • Storytelling drives shares
  • Use compelling images
  • Be consistent and provide content to customers not too frequently.
  • Infographics rocks too

When you take the necessary measures needed to get your audiences’ attention to your blog.

You may not even require the use of social media automation tool for your content distribution. Unless if need be.

Because your blog contents are already being circulated on social.


Tweak #11: Create a forum

how to drive traffic to your blog using forum

This might sound abit clumsy.

You might want to ask, what on earth do I need a forum for?

Why should I create a forum when I already have a blog and a social media platform?

Because it attracts traffic in way that you have never thought of, to your blog.

This is called a message board, or generally, call it an internet forum.

This can be a gigantic way to grow your business, attract traffic and draw many readers to your blog.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product, rendering a services or a content marketer.

A forum can be of an advantageous benefit not only to you but to your audience as well.

Why create a forum for your blog?

Apart from the fact that it bring enormous users to your blog.

Below are other uninformed benefits a forum brings to your blog.

  • It helps builds a community of likeminded users passionate about your services.
  • It gives you more ideas on what content you should write about.
  • It helps users share more of your contents both online and offline.
  • It encourages users to bring their friends and family to a topic of interest.

When you have a very stable interaction in your forum, your job as a blogger/business owner becomes easier.

You no longer have to respond to every personal mail or inquiries about your business. Why?

Because a forum now acts as an extension of your online presence where you address issues and concerns to everyone’s advantage.

For guide on how to create a forum for your blog, visit here.

Before you plan to starting up your own forum, here is my advice to you.

Quickly do a research of the most popular forums in your niche.

Here is how;

Just search for your “keyword + forum”, then you’ll see list of available forums.

Google forum search result

Create your profile on the best forum(s), and then use your brand name as nickname.

You can now start contributing and at the same time studying the activities on these forum before launching your own.

Hope you DIG?  Oh yeah!


Tweak #12: Always respond to your blog comments

Does responding to comments increases your traffic? Yes it does!

Whenever you respond to a comment thoughtfully, you will get a lot of repetitive visits to your blog.

See this,

When people drops a comment or a make an inquiry about a particular subject matter, they never wait for you to answer immediately but they are always curios to get the answer from you.

They check back and it has been answered!

You have built a strong rapport here, and initiated an interaction mode.

Check this.

Also if a new visitor lands on your blog and sees that you do respond to comments and provides answers to questions, valuable and acknowledgeable responses.

They will spend more time on comments so as to get fully fed on your responses which might be of help to them too.

Statements and “key-terms” accumulate on your blog post by responding to your readers comments, thereby; you increase your chances of ranking higher on Googles SERP.

What are the other benefits of responding to comments on your blog that also helps your blogging and business?

  • Responding to comments increases sales
  • It increases social shares
  • Measures your content relevance
  • Puts you ahead of your competitors


Tweak #13: Schedule and publish consistently

When you stick to a specific number of posts either on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

You will be known for a distinctive posting style by your audience.

If you want visitors to keep coming back to your blog for content consumption, my advice is; SCHEDULE your posts.

You can schedule your post to the best time that it fits your readers by using Google analytics to know when you get the most traffic.

This post from Coschedule talks more on the best time to post. You will get alot of value from it.

When is the best time to schedule and publish your blog posts

Source: Coschedule

Ideally, consistent plus a well timed posting is one of the key elements to:

  • Frequent indexation
  • Increase in traffic
  • Higher ranking on Google
  • Being a better blogger
  • Audience growth


Also Checkout: Top 10 Automation and Scheduling tools for Social Media Management


Tweak #14: Collaborate with other bloggers

This is one of the greatest and proactive ways in ranking a collapsed blog on Google.

Blogging can be a lonely-narrow road, but the best enjoyable way to enjoy blogging is by collaborating with other bloggers.

Especially with those in your niche.


Collaborating with bloggers whom are targeting similar audiences as you, will help promote both parties product and services, and create backlinks that will bring about SEO benefits to your blogs.

This kind of collaboration will be mutual where you can help each other to achieve your individual blogging aims.

This Tweaking aspect is just like; scratch my back and I scratch yours!

Over the years I have learned a lot from my blogging friends, apart from the facts we help each other.

We also share knowledge, Teach each other new techniques and strategies.

If you’ve been blogging and you don’t have a blogger Pal.


Below are ways you can develop friendship from bloggers within your space:

  • Interact with bloggers in your niche by commenting meaningfully on their blog, social media accounts.
  • Create a tight relationship by asking them constructive questions that proves your competencies on their posts. If possible through private messages.
  • Promote their blogs; share their contents on your blog and social media accounts.
  • If they allow guest posting on their blog, follow them up with a mouthwatering content proposal.
  • Engage them on an interview section, like seeking for their opinion on a viral or sentimental topic.


Tweak #15: Partake actively on social groups

I joined a Facebook group named Millenial Entrpreneur Community about 7 months ago.

Millennial Entrepreneur Community Facebook group

When I joined,

I never had an intention to participate actively, because my main motive of joining was to gain further insights related to my industry.

But with time I got to discover that whenever I answered a question or participated in any of the groups’ discussions, I demonstrated my skill ability in the group.

My positive contributions and posts helped solved a problem.

Thereafter I get a follow-up either by a friend request or personal message by numerous members of the social community asking me for further elaboration and clarification.

Within a very short time I referred most of them to one of my blog posts(about such topic) for further elucidation.

I also got several traffics to my blog through self promotion on the groups.

In this case, the group admins would open a thread and give business owners and bloggers an opportunity to market their products or services in the comment section.

This is indeed a nice medium and great platform where you can promote your blog post indirectly.

This technique alone boosted my traffic rate by 30% within a very short time.

Mind you,  that wasn’t the only group that skyrocketed my niche blog.

There were other groups that helped me even more.

So what’s my take on social group participation?

Go join and make it happen!

Have it mind that your must always drop thoughtful and valuable posts.

Give Give Give then AsK!



I want to put it to you that these techniques are worth giving a try.

Most of you think that gaining traffics to your blog is a tedious undertaking.

But hell NO!

It’s not as hard as you people over-think it.

You just have to put in the work.

Before you know it, you’ll start smiling to the bank.  ☺

Which of the above tweaks have you employed so far in your blogging endeavor?

Has there been any positive advancement so far?

Let us discuss in the comment section.

Tweet this post and let’s connect as Bloggers.

I’m also looking for like minded peeps.*winks*

Khris Steven

My mission is to equip and arm you with the precise marketing tools, resources, strategies, and tactics to help you make IMPACT, SERVE more and (of course) EXPLODE your income so you can live life on your own terms.

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