Looking for a super-helpful and unbiased review of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David to avoid regret after purchase?

This article will review every open and hidden detail about this Facebook Ads course. The positives, the bad and ugly + the insane bonuses that come with it…

Is it really worth it?

We shall find out pretty soon. Wait for it 😊

Imagine you could consistently create and run Facebook Ads that convert like crazy without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money on perfecting your Ad copy, messages, and creatives.

How better would your life be?

If you could make triple, quadruple or more of every of your Facebook Ad spend.

Then you can be making HUGE profits and at the same time impacting lives and living your dreams.

But right now, here you are, reading this review, without any of that and wishing that was your life.

You’ve probably might have tried all of the Facebook Ads courses. You’ve watched various YouTube videos, listened to all of the webinars…

And, you’ve poured your heart and soul into finding that ‘one’ Facebook Hack.

While it feels like everybody else can run converting Facebook Ads to their businesses and make amazing returns – you’re struggling to sell your products to thousands of people in need of it out there.

But it doesn’t have to be this way:

There is a method in which you can learn Facebook Ads and implement right away to start seeing massive results!

And, it’s not too hard to do for yourself. That’s why I had to write this Facebook Ads Ninja masterclass review to show you that there are unlimited possibilities…

All of the answers you need are right here in this article. To see if this course is something you need to change your Facebook marketing game entirely for the better.

Read on…

I really love this course, and in this Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass course review, I’m going to show you everything you will learn from it, and how it helped me personally, from a novice to a someone who understands how to get the best from Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Ninja Review

Here’s what I’m going to be covering:

What is Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass?

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is a comprehensive Facebook Ads video course that walks you through a step by step practical guide on how to create and run a laser targeted Facebook Ad to your ideal prospects to make huge profits in your online business.

It is a course created by Kevin David who is the CEO of ThatLifeStyleNinja, whose aim is to help people break free from their en-caged 9-5 grind so that they can live the kind of life they desire.

More about Kevin David soon…

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass was created to ease the pain most online entrepreneurs face while trying to learn the ropes of Facebook paid advertising or those having a serious problem with FB Ads.

The truth be told…

Creating a profitable Facebook Ad can happen to be one of the most difficult skills to learn and master. Unfortunately, not every business owner knows how to research, target, test, and optimize their Ads for conversions.

In fact, most agency owners still find it a hell of a task running Ads helping their clients breakeven on Ad spend.

These were the reasons Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass was created by someone who has spent literally millions of dollars testing, researching, optimizing and SCALING numerous businesses to multiple 7 figures and 8 figures using Facebook Ads.

You don’t believe that?

Okay, let’s see who this guy called Kevin David really is…

Who is Kevin David – ThatLifeStyleNinja?

Ninja Masterclass creator

Kevin David is the creator of Facebook Ads Ninja and CEO of ThatLifeStyleNinja and he is just a guy who went from landing his dream job in Facebook (as a privacy consultant), abandoning the job to become someone who now makes millions off his online businesses and impacts lives using his various marketing skills and programs.

He has launched several online businesses in the eCommerce space, Amazon FBA, and Shopify niche.

I actually discovered Kevin David in late 2017 when I initially wanted to learn Facebook Ads from his famous YouTube channel. That was where I got the initial understanding of Facebook Ads before finding out about his course.

I have also consumed some of his other tutorials, I fact I got to discover about ClickFunnels from his channel.

Apart from this Facebook course he also has an Amazon FBA course and a Shopify dropshipping course.

Kevin knows his stuff and he is one out of the few online marketing influencers I follow and he dominates on all of his social platforms:

  • Having over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube
Kevin David YouTube Channel
  • Over 100,000 followers on Instagram
Kevin David Instagram handle

And talking about FB itself he rules there; having thousands of fans, over 100,000 group members in all his groups.

Some Achievements

I know you will agree with me that not all social media the following count equals real-life achievements, right?

Well, that’s not the case for Kevin David.

He has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, HuffPost, The Profit and Inc from his achievements and through the last few years of helping thousands of entrepreneurs take their businesses to greater heights.

As if that’s not good enough…

He has also won multiple ClickFunnels 2comma club award for making more than 1 million from each of his funnels.

Is that all? I bet not!

After taking his funnels to 7 figures in revenue using the ClickFunnels software and getting to share stages with top marketers and influencers in funnel Hacking Live 2018

He came back in 2019 to receive another award called the 2comma club X award. Do you know what that means?

Take your time and look at the gold plated awards:

Kevin David ClickFunnels 8 figure award

That’s an award given to online business owners whose funnels made over 10,000,000 in revenue. And only about less ten entrepreneurs have reached that milestone of 8 figures out of close to 100,000 ClickFunnels users worldwide.


Even though affiliate marketing isn’t Kevin David’s main focus, he still was among the few affiliate marketers that have won the ClickFunnels affiliate dream car award. #50 right there!

Dream car award Kevin David

These records are to show that Kevin knows his stuff. You can reserve your seat for his free training here

Who is Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass for?

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is simply targeted to people who want to learn the deep strategies in FB Ads and get the best return out of every cent invested into Facebook Ads in growing their businesses and that of clients’.

This course is for any small business owner. Brick and mortar businesses, corporate marketing professionals, or anyone who wants to make money…

Leveraging the POWER of Facebook advertising.

If you are in the below niche/industry or knows anyone who in these industries, this is the ideal course of them:

#1: Agency Owners & Freelancer

Are you an agency owner or someone who wishes to establish a freelancing agency to help other businesses generate leads via their marketing funnels using Facebook Advertising?

Then FB Ads Ninja course is a course you geared to help you get the optimal results for your clients. There is even a dedicated module on how to run your own Ad agency for different niches, even if you’re a newbie.

#2: Ecommerce Stores

You know ThatLifeStyleNinja is someone who has had success in the eCommerce space for a long time, so he knows what it takes to run profitable Ads.

In the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass, you will learn how to launch, optimize and scale marketing campaigns to grow your eCommerce store.

#3: Digital Products and Services

If you’re someone that monetizes his skill and passion (talk of expert secrets) through the creation of digital products like courses and eBooks, then this course will teach you how to target your audience the right way.

#4: Affiliate Marketer

If you specialize in marketing other people’s products and services using a squeeze page or directly to an affiliate offer without the need to create yours…

You’ll learn cutting-edge A/B testing and retargeting strategies that will help you maximize profits and earn passive income.

#5: Physical Products

Maybe you’re selling your own physical products or services (dropshipping, consultation, brick & mortar) and need to acquire sales, clients, or leads?

Use the contents in the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass to learn the basics of the Ad platform and build a rock-solid foundation.

Who Is the Course Not For?

Well, I have to say that this is 2020 and almost everyone who desires to take his business and enterprise to another level needs to be equipped with Facebook advertising skills. The basics at least.

That being said, this course is not for you if you have NO CLARITY of your business. it is not for you if you have NO UNDERSTANDING of the people your products and services are meant for.

More importantly, this isn’t a “get rich quick” course that will put money in your bank account overnight or the next day. You must have an offer/product you are driving traffic to in order to make money.

You know that already, right?

A Look into The Facebook Course Contents

In this part of this review, we shall be taking a look at the inside view of what is being thought in each of the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass.

The Facebook Ads Ninja masterclass includes 6 core modules, plus 3 pretty damn amazing bonuses. With over 65+ in-depth video lessons and detailed PDF notes ( and cheat sheets) that’ll help you follow along the whole learning process. You can also CLICK the image below to access the free training and cheat sheet.

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass free training and cheat sheet

Let’s dive into the complete course content…

Module #1: Understanding Facebook Ads & What Works + Vocabulary You Need to Know + The Power of The Ninja Pixel Strategy.

Here are the things you learn in this module:

  • How to organize and set up your Ads for huge profits
  • The exact sales funnel Kevin used to drive over $1,500,000 profit in 4 months and how to use this same funnel to drive huge traffic and hugely profitable conversions!
  • The unbelievable, secret, Facebook pixel hack that revolutionized his entire online business
  • The undiscovered Google analytics secret that allowed me to triple my sales conversions
  • How to create world-class lead magnets that will attract your dream customers!
  • How to use Kevin’s favorite, “authenticity” hack to build a huge, passionate Facebook presence, without spending a fortune doing it!
  • How to use lead magnets to build cheap and massive email lists to build an interested audience in what you have to sell!

Module #2: How to Go from Complete Beginner to Facebook Ad Ninja + The Only Campaign Types You Need!

This is the module everything begins to go a bit advanced:

  • How to know exactly how much to spend on ads, when to kill campaigns that aren’t working and when to scale campaigns that are working!
  • How to get all of your ads massive social proof (likes, comments, shares) that it attracts significantly cheaper conversions (nothing attracts a crowd quite like a crowd!)
  • The most highly effective way to target potential buyers and find your perfect audience!
  • The incredibly powerful yet highly overlooked Facebook Ad campaign that instantly boosts your credibility to the moon!
  • How to create and effectively organize and name campaigns, Ads sets, and Ads quickly and easily!
  • How to duplicate Ad sets and ads to do split-testing and campaign scaling with the click of a button
  • Launch, Analyze and Evolve and Learn exactly what to look for and how to adjust to continually drive amazing results!

Module #3: How to Create Your Ultra Targeted Audiences That Will Skyrocket Your Business (The Secret to Becoming A Master Advertiser!)

Below are what was covered:

  • How to target any audience with specific narrower to ensure that your Ads will only be shown to interested buyers every single time!
  • How to utilize the secret power of Facebook huge amounts of data to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences of extremely targeted Facebook users ready to buy your products or services!
  • Learn the powerful yet underutilized differences between custom audiences and lookalike audiences (hint — international markets are hugely underutilized and we show you how!
  • Build an audience: learn how to build and target an audience of only the type of people who are already clamoring for exactly what you are selling.
  • How to use Facebook’s hidden data to completely revolutionize your targeting via variable match analysis!
  • How to create offline conversion events and leverage the most powerful yet least understood marketing objective (conversion ads)
  • How to use interest targeting & audience insights to only show your ads to people you know are interested in what you’re selling!

Module #4: How to Create Ad Copy + Creative That Convert Like Crazy (Becoming A Copywriter and Ad Image Expert Quicker Than You Thought Possible!)

This teaches you how to write great Ad copies and get awesome creatives for your Ads:

  • How to focus on agitating the problem your product solves before pitching your actual product (the reverse-engineered ad technique)
  • How to write killer copy that does one thing… converts (the three psychological tactics we have proven convert like crazy)
  • Writing high-performing Facebook ads is part art and part science (you’ll become van Gogh mixed with Einstein)
  • Two places you can go to get great graphics fast (and design for cheap even if you’re not a graphic artist)
  • How to build an awesome Facebook ads graphic from scratch in under 10 minutes without needing any design experience!
  • One tool that will completely change how you look at graphic building forever!
  • How to find extremely cheap graphic designers that are incredibly talented (unbelievably worth the money!)

Module #5: How to Make A Ton of Money Without Needing Your Own Product (Create Your Own Ad Agency Even Without Any Experience!)

Do you need Facebook Ad marketing skills to run your own agency or freelancer business?

This module is one you should pay attention to:

  • How to market for local businesses (the disconnect between the offline and online world and how you can profit connecting it!)
  • How your dentist could suddenly start paying you instead of you paying them!?
  • What a gymnasium, a plumber and an electrician have in common and how to turn each one into lifelong profit partners!
  • How to use funnels to eliminate the technical gap for yourself and more importantly you’re paying customers (you won’t believe how well this works!)
  • How to get a ton of paying customers even if you’re terrible at phone sales and have never sold anything in your life (Kevin David shares his exact script word for word!)
  • How to get customers results before they pay you (eliminating all friction — who wouldn’t pay $100 dollars for $500 dollars’ worth of profit?! No one!)

Module #6: The One Thing That Will Make or Break Your Facebook Ad Profitability (How Properly Retargeting Can Immediately Change Your Entire Business!)

This last module covers secret HACKS most FB Ad gurus won’t reveal to you:

  • The secret between those who succeed with Facebook ads and those who fail. The unlimited power of retargeting and the secret hacks we used to unlock multiple $100,000 profit days selling with Facebook advertising!
  • How to drastically lower your ad costs while increasing conversions! (not as hard as you think)
  • How to turn your pixel into your best friend — secret ninja tactics to leverage the power of the pixel to explode your campaigns!
  • How to use Facebook unbelievable amounts of data to create laser targeted audiences who are waiting to buy what you’re selling!
  • How to scale ad campaigns to the moon and more importantly do so the right way (you can ruin everything by making this mistake!)
  • How to target your customers who watch a certain percentage of your videos or who view your ads (hint — people who watch 50% of your videos are 100x more likely to buy your product via retargeting!)
  • How to find huge audiences who share common traits with your buyers — and how to convert them into buyers (quick + easy ninja method)
  • How to leverage the power of international audiences to get more customers than you ever thought possible!

There you have it the complete course modules. Below are the bonus contents of in the Ninja course.

Kevin David Facebook Ad Course Bonuses

Course Bonus #1: Creating Facebook Ad Funnel

How to create a free Facebook ad funnel using the tripwire marketing technique + the 6 underutilized psychological tricks that will instantly change your ads forever!

Course Bonus #2: The Ninja Instagram blueprint

You will see exactly how Kevin David uses a few simple hacks and tricks to take advantage of the highest most active social media- and how to use it to drive unlimited profitable & fanatical buyers to your business.

Course Bonus #3: Messenger Bots

This another awesome marketing strategy of how ThatLifeStyleNinja uses messenger bots + funnels to instantly double his conversion rates from one little-known hack (and how you can apply it to your business today!

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Price

The full Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass + all the bonuses + monthly recurring 1-hour live session all costs $1997. But you can also choose to pay $599 which is the 5-month payment plan – 5 payments of $599.

I do have to say that the Facebook Ads Ninja course is not cheap… and it’s kind of gets more expensive over time. You can go through the free masterclass training yourself if you’re in obvious doubt. There is a 14-day money-back guarantee, in case you are not impressed with what you get.

I bet you will!

And let’s talk about the monthly 1-hour session. How many course creators does that?

Go make the research… I’ll wait

What about the way the Facebook algorithm changes year in year out? That’s nothing to worry about because getting on the course locks in on a lifetime membership and updates. I remember when I first discovered this course in 2018.

Now the latest one is called Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass 2020. And in 2021, he would update the whole the thing and you won’t have to pay for the new Facebook Ads strategies.

How awesome?

The thing is you won’t just be learning from a random guy in the internet space. Kevin is a trusted online marketing expert with proven success records.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass?

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is an advanced Facebook advertising training course for marketers and business owners where you learn various strategies on how to make profits for every cent you spend on Facebook Ads to increase sales for your business and that of clients.

Is It the Best Facebook Ads Course?

I believe this is the best course on the market right now for anyone who wants to become a Facebook Ads expert. Kevin David recently updated the latest version of the course which includes the contents that focus on the latest Facebook algorithm for targeting the right customers, plus Instagram and Messenger Bot marketing.

How Much Does Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Cost?

Currently, the course costs $1997 for lifetime access to all future updates and bonuses. There is also a 5months payment plan where you pay $599 in 5 Months.

Where Can I Buy Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Course From?

You can buy from the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass’s official website but you can check my review for the best deal and bonuses. Where I throw in my complete funnel building course and lifetime access to 6 lead generation software for free.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best Facebook Ads training course, then look no farther than Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David. This is the broadest and thorough FB advertising course out there by far.

Kevin saw that the overwhelming number of fraudulent courses and fake gurus taking advantage of people…

And decided it was time to launch a course with every information on Facebook Ads to as many people as possible without any holding anything back.

Yeah, I understand it’s not a cheap course. But it’s a worthwhile investment to learn from someone who has over 500,000 thousand students worldwide and has also made over 10million from one single sale funnel through FB Ads.

If you’re still on the fence, I would say you should go through the free Fb training/webinar and I’m sure you are going to get enormous value from that. Then check out his YouTube channel also.



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    1. Hi Lake, thanks for commenting 🙂

      This Facebook Ads course is basically for anyone who wants to become a master in FB Ads and to skyrocket his/her business or that of clients. Freelancers can have lifetime access to it as well as they also run a business.

      However for a college student who just desires to gain the basic FB ads knowledge – you can check Kevin David YouTube for free stuffs. But hey, If you have the budget why not?

  1. Hi Khris,

    I just bought and gained access to this course from your link. Feeling so EXCITED!

    Just sent you a message to get my bonuses, kindly check and acknowledge please.

    Your funnel building course was what actually made me buy it from you since I will be needing to build pages for my restaurant business.

  2. So you will need an actual product to run this? They won’t have any products/services to copy?

    Also, you mention that the cost isn’t cheap, and it only gets more expensive over time…so how much more money is required beyond the $2000? I use clickfunnels so I’m aware of the 97/mo, but what else should I be prepared to pay for (ads and all)?

    1. Yes, you’ll need to to have a product, service or clients you run a Facebook Ads for.

      At the moment the course still remains at its current price, and the last communication I had with Kevin David – he says he doesn’t have any (yet) plan to increase the price.

      You’re good with CF. You need a little budget (less than $500). I highly advise you to get very practical with this course so you can get the best.

  3. Hey thanks for the response that really helps. Just for clarity, I should have my product/service/clients already in place before I make this investment? He doesn’t provide a product to copy-paste, correct?

    1. Okay Alex, let me back this up a bit…

      Few years ago, when I wanted to learn Facebook Ads and SEO (just graduated from college), I had no products and no clients to serve. I was only a newbie eager to learn and become great. Even though I had nothing much to offer to the world with those skills, the knowledge I got placed me ahead of many and landed me opportunities I never expected.

      However, my point is – no investment and knowledge is a waste. But knowledge not applied is more or less useless.

      If you have your product – perfect! If not, still not bad.

      Regarding if Kevin David provides products to model – for sure! Kevin runs an Amazon FBA, E-comm/dropshipping, info products and SaaS businesses, which he gets almost all his customers via FB Ads. He shows some of the campaigns in this course and how he makes them convert plus his successful ones.

      Basically you can replicate what he teaches into any business of your choice.

      Hope my super-long response helped?

    1. Yes, why not? people in such a category can use the knowledge in building up their own Fb Ads agency or for future opportunities.

      Read the comments above to see where I answered similar question.

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