Freelancer Secrets by Julie Stoian Review: Surest Path to Freedom [Inside]

Freelancer secrets review - ClickFunnels

Have you ever been lost?

Broke without a job?

Forsaken by your loved ones?



That was the exact condition of Julie Stoian before she became a 6-figure entrepreneur who now takes it upon herself as an obligation to help other people who has been through same kind of rut to grow and establish their business and also find their route.

Did I also forget to mention to you that she was at that time pregnant and had no insurance and no savings?

She did actually shock the world by singlehandedly BOOTSTRAPPING her way to millions within a short while through a freelancing service.

Whoot? Yeah!



What is Freelancer Secrets?

Freelancer Secrets is a training and ‘roadmap’ specially designed for Freelancers, Agency owners and marketers to help them create their desired lifestyle using a Done-For-You systems and templates so as to BOOTSTRAP their businesses without trying to reinvent the wheel.

Create your laptop life bundles

There is a free video training available where you discover the same secrets that allowed the creator of Freelancer Secrets – Julie Stoian go from a stay-at-home mom to six-figure freelancer business owner.

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Who is behind Freelancer Secrets?

Julie Stoian is the creator of Freelancer secrets. She is a digital marketing expert and coach, currently making her mark on the internet as Executive Partner and VP of Marketing at ClickFunnels. She’s also the brain behind Create Your Laptop Life, Funnel Gorgeous and Digital Insiders.

Julie Stoain - Freelancer secrets

Julie has inspired and equipped thousands of up and coming business owners with the skills and strategies they need to create, build, and grow profitable online businesses.

And she also coached along Steve Larsen in the life changing One Funnel Away Challenge which has done wonders for thousands of entrepreneurs.

Julie started her journey to entrepreneurship as a blogger and writer, garnering the attention of media outlets like The New York Times and Washington Post with her no-holds-barred approach to social media.

After a rocky divorce and unexpected pregnancy in 2014 that left her needing to build a profitable business quickly, Julie transformed her passion and love for internet marketing into a multi-million dollar business in less than 3 years.

Today she works with Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team to bring aspiring entrepreneurs the best growth hacking strategies and software tools to navigate the fast paced and ever-changing landscape of digital marketing

Julie Stoian - Freelancer secrets

Source: Create Your Laptop Life Podcast

She also runs an exclusive mastermind group for qualified business owners looking to scale to their first 7-figures.

Julie has been featured on media outlets like Anderson LIVE, BBC World Have Your Say, and Rachel Ray, as well as numerous business and marketing podcasts and blogs such as Content Academy, Boss Moms, GoDaddy Garage Blog, and Funnelhacker Radio.

Oh, and also on Forbes as the “One Woman Grew Her Business In 547 Days To Regain Custody Of Her Children” Read the story here.


Freelancer Secrets Review

The freelancer secrets is actually geared towards freelancers of any kind, but it’s also a great deal for anyone struggling in business and online marketing and service based entrepreneurs. There are tons of things in stock for those who enrolls after the FREE TRAINING VIDEO.

We are going to cover what you get, but for now let us go through what Julie has for us in the training…

In the exact words of the brain behind freelancer secrets, Julie Stoian:

“I created this roadmap for you because if you’re probably looking to shorten the learning curve, and grow your freelance or agency business.

I was a stay-at-home with very small freelance business, until my life collapsed one day, and I had to financially provide for my family Fast.

  • Divorce
  • Pregnancy
  • No job
  • No Insurance
  • No retirement
  • No savings account

In complete panic mode, I pushed harder in my business, but I didn’t know how to break out of the rut I was in.

That’s when I discovered a few freelancer secrets that became the launching pad for my success… I invite you to watch “The 42-Minute Freelancer Roadmap”, and discover the same secrets that allowed me to go from stay-at-home mom to six-figure freelancer business!”

Here are the 3 Secrets which you’ll discover:

Secret 1: The Upside-Down Power of service

This covers how the freelance/agency model actually sets you up for an unfair advantage in the market

Secret 2: The Biz intensive funnel hack

This will show you an inside the simple lead-capturing “funnel” that put six figures into ‘her’ business in just a few month (after years of struggling to make than $2000 a month)

Secret 3: ‘ZukerBooked’

You’ll learn how to book yourself solid with an email list of ZERO using only free Facebook marketing technique.

Freelancer secrets pricing


What do you get inside Create Your Laptop Life (Freelancer Secrets)?

After the you discover the secrets inside Freelancer Secrets free video training, you’ll be given the option to subscribe to the monthly membership, and also given access to lots of masterclasses, opportunities and bonuses.

Here are they:

  • Proposal Secrets (value $997)
  • Influence Masterclass (value $997)
  • Weekly Q&A Calls with Julie Stoian (value 9997)
  • Create Your Laptop Life (CYLL) Private Community (value $497)
  • Job Opportunities (value $997)

BONUS: Four Bonus Masterclasses (value $497)

  • “Starting From ZERO” Series
  • “Build Your Financial Foundation” Course
  • “No story/results/expertise” Workshop
  • “Service Provider” Masterclass

Those are what you really get in this amazing training plus membership.

But what is the actual price?

Freelancer secrets training and bonuses


Freelancer Secrets Pricing

The Create Your Laptop Life program which is also known as Freelancer Secrets is priced on a monthly subscription basis. You only pay $1 for a 14-day trial to start building your laptop lifestyle, after that you then start paying $49/mo which you can cancel anytime.

Although there’s also a more discounted option where you pay yearly and save 66%. That is going to cost you $199/year.

Wow! That’s like getting 8 months of Freelancer Secrets membership for free.

Haha you can say that again!



Conclusion – is it Worth it?

It is totally worth it. To be sincere with you.


I’ve never seen a more clearly laid out “roadmap” that acts like a high-level guide for someone wanting to start a business online. Julie walks you through each step of the “freelancer’s roadmap” that took her from stay-at-home mom to a millionaire in just few years despite the crapstorm of obstacles that she was dealt…

So, all the weed has been cleared for you in this program for you take your business to another level!

Are you aware that you have nothing to lose as well?

Okay, after watching the freelancer secrets video training for FREE, you can decide to enroll (with $1) or not to.

And when you make up your mind to start… You’ll have access to everything needed to BOOTSTRAP your business to another new level entirely with ONLY $1. For 2 weeks.

Before you can consider the monthly payment of $49 or the discounted yearly of $199.

Crazy right?