Funnel Scripts $297: Out of Stock or Still Available?

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Quick Update: The Funnel Scripts $297 per year offer is out of stock and no longer available at the moment. However, you can grab a lifetime deal of Funnel Scripts for $797 at a limited time.

So, instead of having to pay Funnel Scripts for $297 every single year – you get access to it for life at a one-time pricing deal.

  • Unlimited Account
  • Unlimited Scripts
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Guaranteed No Future Payments, EVER!
  • Isn’t this awesome? If you ask me, it is, definitely!

This is the best Funnel Scripts deal you can ever get right now.

Can You Get a Funnel Scripts Plan for $297?


The Funnel Scripts $297 plan is no longer available, but they now offer a lifetime plan for $797 – making it even better than the previous option.

You’ll get access to even more scripts, including emails, sales letters, webinars, and ads. Plus, there are bonuses that come with it such as the Copywriting Secrets Masterclass and monthly coaching, all valued at more than $127K! That’s an investment worth making.

What happened to Funnel Scripts’ $297 yearly plan?

Funnel Scripts was previously sold at $297 per year to users and renewed annually. But in 2019, a lifetime deal of $797 was introduced and more marketing copy scripts and resources were added to help both new and existing users get the best from the tool.

Ever since Funnel Scripts has evolved to become the best automated copywriting software in the history of online marketing.

What do I get on the $ 797-lifetime deal?

Great question!

On the new Funnel Scripts plan, you get insane bonuses worth $127,394 which accompany your Funnel Scripts subscription.

cost of Funnel scripts

Here are what you get:

  • Funnel Scripts unlimited usage for a lifetime (unlimited updates, scripts, and accounts)
  • Funnel Scripts Blueprints
  • Live Monthly copywriting coaching call with Jim Edwards (copy wizard)
  • Copywriting Secrets Masterclass training course
  • 4 Downloadable script wizards: The Perfect Webinar, Video Sales Letter, Easy Survey and Star, Story, Solution Wizards
  • Ready-to-use funnel templates for your various niches

Why you need to Buy Funnel Scripts a Marketer and Business Owner

First, let me be clear with you:

In fact, a compelling sales Copy is the difference between sales letters that fail to sell and blockbusters that bring in 7 or 8 figures in revenue.

Having an engaging Copy is the difference between social posts that nobody reads, and ones that get shared hundreds of times.

Having an attention-grabbing copy is the difference between emails that get unopened and ones that flood your business with new leads.

But you know what?

Writing great copies that entice your visitors to throw their filled wallets at you is HARD.

Writing copy is very HARD.

This is a skill you’d pay thousands of dollars to acquire, months of practice, mastery, and refining your skill.

Or the less painless way? Paying a copywriter to do the whole work for your business. And guess how much you’d pay a professional copywriter?

$5k-100k per copywriting project.

A better way instead?

See, you could limp along for years trying to figure out the difference between bland ho-hum copy and the stuff that sings.

While there are hidden formulas for writing the words that get people to pull out their wallets – not everyone has the time and money to glue the pieces together.

So, instead of wasting all of that time and energy trying to discover the secrets behind a great copy, why not plug-in into the DFY-winning copy formulas instead?

By Grabbing lifetime access to Funnel Scripts with $127,394 worth of bonuses here

When you do, you access the magic behind hundreds of winning sales copy, ad copy, headlines, emails, direct response letters, upsell pages, webinar scripts, and more.

Accessing a copy solution and resources like this cost over $500 per month.

But no! You’re getting one-time access at a limited time for just $797!

>>> Watch the FREE copywriting masterclass here <<<

FAQs on Funnel Scripts $297

How do I buy a funnel script?

To buy Funnel Scripts copywriting software fast without going through the webinar presentation, you have to head over to the order page right here at for instant access to the cool bonuses.

How much is funnel scripts?

Funnel Scripts currently offers a lifetime plan for $797. With this plan, you’ll get access to tons of scripts, including emails, sales letters, webinars, and ads, plus bonuses such as the Copywriting Secrets Masterclass and monthly coaching – all valued at more than $127K.

Is funnel scripts included in ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one sales funnel software on its own. While Funnel Scripts is a copywriting tool, doesn’t come as part of your ClickFunnels subscription.

While Funnel Scripts isn’t included with ClickFunnels, it’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for an efficient way to write scripts. For $797 you’ll get lifetime access to tons of scripts along with ongoing support in the form of monthly coaching. It’s a great investment that could really help take your script-writing game to the next level!

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