Funnel Scripts PDF: Download Available? (get here)

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Looking to download Funnel Scripts in PDF format?

Well, I’m sorry to break it to you that the main Funnel Scripts can’t be downloaded because it’s a cloud-based software. If you’ve watched the demo, you’d see that for yourself.

==> Watch the Funnel Scripts demo here.

However, you can download the scripts generated through Funnel Scripts wizard right into your computer as a text or Word document.

Another cool Funnel Scripts PDF file you can download is the Funnel Blueprints.

What is Funnel Blueprint in Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Blueprints is one of the bonuses that comes alongside your Funnel Scripts subscription. It is a PDF file that shows you the exact Scripts you need to use in every type of marketing campaign and sales funnels you build.

It comes with funnel sketches and depicts the funnel part to use these Scripts. Plus, a link to these Scripts inside of your Funnel Scripts members area.

In my Funnel Scripts review, I showed you a few Funnel Blueprints like the:

Product Sales Funnel Blueprint like this…

product funnel blueprint

As you can see – you’re being provided with the exact script type to use in every step of your funnel.

  • Headline Script
  • PPT Optin Video Script
  • Lead Capture Script
  • CTA Script
  • Long Sales Letter Scripts etc

No more guesswork, right?

All you just have to do is click on the script and you’ll be taken to your Funnel Scripts to build the script.

Opt-in Funnel Blueprints

optin funnel Blueprint

This includes the ideal type of scripts or copies you use on your lead capture page and thank/confirmation page.

  • Lead Capture Script
  • Headline Script
  • PPT Optin Video Script
  • Auto Email Follow-up Script
  • Long sales letter script etc

Ads Funnel Blueprint (under Traffic Blueprint)

Facebook ad funnel blueprint
  • You get the Facebook ad scripts
  • Curiosity ad scripts
  • PPC ad Scripts
  • Stealth Close scripts

Other Funnel Blueprints in Funnel Scripts PDF includes:

  • Sales Webinar Funnel Blueprint
  • Self Liquidating Offer (SLO) Funnel Blueprint
  • Invisible Funnel Blueprint
  • Two-Step – Free-Plus-Shipping Blueprint
  • Traffic Blueprints (Ads, Emails, Content)

Within the PDF Blueprint, there are links to these scripts that go straight into your Funnel Scripts members area. And you must be a user of Funnel Scripts to access these scripts.

However, if you looking for free access to Funnel Scripts’ automated copywriting tool, then check out their headline copy generator. Which I’ve used myself in creating and developing enticing headlines.

Should you invest in Funnel Scripts?

Funnel scripts

The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer to the above question. It all depends.

You see, the whole point of investing in a marketing copywriting solution like Funnel Scripts is so the software will help you produce great copy faster, easier, and conveniently without spending heavily on copy professionals or spending time learning it yourself to you could make more money from your business, right?

Clearly, this question answers itself 🙂

Invest in Funnel Scripts if you and your business have a copy need.

It is a great way to quickly produce copy that engages readers and helps to maximize conversions. It’s easy to use and can be used to craft effective content in a fraction of the time compared to manual copywriting.

Additionally, it aids users in taking advantage of personalization techniques which are important for boosting engagement with target audiences.

As long there’s a need for:

  • Sales Letters
  • Facebook, Google, and YouTube Ads
  • Email Campaigns
  • Headlines
  • Webinar Scripts and Presentations
  • Upsells & Downsells
  • Opt-In Pages
  • Order Bumps
  • Phone Scripts
  • Testimonials
  • Video Scripts

And you sell any type of products or services online…

Funnel Script can be used by any and all businesses… No matter your niche.

No matter if you’re selling a digital product, a physical product, or a selling service.

Try Funnel Script and use it to save you TONS of time in creating sales letters, email campaigns, video scripts, and more. If at any time during your first 30-day period you aren’t happy, just send an email to their support and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

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