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You’ll agree with me that the sound of the Funnel script pricing looks intimidating. Could it be worth it for everyone looking to solve their copy needs?

No doubt that hiring copywriters to accomplish tasks can be expensive. Also, trying to create the best killer copy can be very time-consuming and exasperating.

Hence, the creation of Funnel Scripts. It provides samples of great copies that reach a wide range of marketing needs. 

Funnel Scripts Pricing Summary

ProductFunnel Scripts
Price:One-time payment of $797
Free Trial:Headline Script Generator
Demo:Funnel Scripts Webclass
Training:Live monthly coaching with Jim Edwards
Cheaper Alternative:Jasper AI (learn more here)

Funnel Scripts is a product under ClickFunnel. It is a copy-generating SaaS platform. The copies it creates are compelling, marketable, ideal for your target audience, and lead to conversions. 

It combines a powerful AI-driven copywriting engine with a library of proven copy formulas and templates to create sales copy that converts. Funnel Scripts helps you create effective copy for emails, ads, web pages, and more without the need for a copywriter.

Funnel Scripts is an amazing tool that makes creating high-converting copy simple and fast. It offers two different pricing plans to choose from the Standard Plan and the Pro Plan.

In this article, I will show you a detailed review of the Funnel Scripts pricing and free trials.

How Much Do Funnel Scripts Cost?

Funnel Scripts pricing starts at $797 per year for the Standard plan known as the lifetime price. This plan includes access to all of the company’s scripts, training, templates, and tools.

Funnel Scripts Pricing

The lifetime price of Funnel Scripts is a one-time payment. This deal is convenient because you can access all features without having to renew them. There are also no additional charges. Everything is in the single initial payment. 

In the lifetime access, you also have live monthly coaching with Jim Edwards.

Note: Funnel script pricing was not always $797. During the first launch, Funnel Scripts cost $297. Then, it moved to an annual pricing cost of $66 per month or $497 per year. 

The growth of Funnel Scripts and ClickFunnels prompted Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson (the owners) to increase the price to a one-time payment of $797 to give users lifetime access. 

Funnel Scripts Free Trial

Funnel Scripts free allows you to test free of charge before buying it. This free version helps you decide whether to purchase the product or not. This free version gives you access to just one script called “Amazing Headline Script Generator.

This script enables you to quickly generate dozens of catchy headlines.

Simply fill out the form and click “Build”. You’ll be presented with a variety of catchy headlines to select from.

Features of Funnel Scripts Software

1. Scripts 

The scripts are grouped into various categories and templates. They include:

Advertising Scripts 

These scripts assist you in writing captivating ad copy, which can increase conversion rates. 

  • Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts 
  • Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts
  • Stealth Close Scripts 

Bullet Scripts 

These scripts assist marketers in using bullet points to captivate readers and increase readership. 

  • Brunson Bullet Scripts 
  • Feature, Benefits, Meaning (FBM) Bullet Scripts 

Sales Copy and Video Scripts 

  • Amazon/Ecom Scripts – for e-commerce store owners. 
  • Call to Action Scripts- customize the call to action for texts, images, and buttons.
  • Lead Capture Scripts – helps with the generation of leads for businesses.  
  • Magic Bullet Scripts 
  • Million Dollar Testimonial Scripts- helps with testimonials for your business.
  • Origin Story Scripts 
  • Order Bump Scripts- this helps you with the right words to use when adding complementary products to your sales funnel. 
  • OTO Next Thing Scripts 
  • OTO “Need Help/Coaching/Done For You Service Scripts 
  • PPT Optin Video Scripts 
  • Special Offer Scripts 
  • Webinar Optin Scripts 
  • Who What Why How Scripts 

Content Creation Scripts  

For creating compelling copies to promote your product.  

  • Free Report Scripts 
  • Seinfeld Email Topic Idea Scripts 

Title Scripts 

For creating better titles for your headlines and email subject lines.  

  • Email Subject Line Scripts 
  • Killer Headlines V2.0 
  • Short Headline Scripts 
  • Profitable Title Scripts 

Email Funnel Scripts 

  • Auto Email Follow-Up Script 
  • Fast Teaser and Tweet Scripts 
  • Promote Your Webinar Scripts 
  • Webinar Follow-Up Scripts 

Sales Letter Scripts 

For marketers who want to create compelling stories.  

  • Long-Form Sales Letter Scripts 
  • Short Sale Letter Script 
  • PPT Video Sales Letter Script

2. Funnel Scripts Downloadable Wizards 

Funnel Scripts Downloadable Wizards are applications that allow you to work on your scripts offline. You can create copies and ad scripts anywhere you are, even if you are offline. 

  • Perfect Webinar Wizard 
  • Easy Survey Wizard 
  • Easy VSL Wizard 
  • Star Story Solution Wizard 
  • Master Class Wizard 
  • The Podcast and Facebook Live Wizard 

3. Live Online Coaching with Jim Edwards

This is more like a benefit than a feature. Every month, you get to have a live coaching session with Jim Edwards where he shares his secrets and tips for breathtaking copywriting. 

The live session is online, so Funnel Scripts subscribers can access it from any part of the world. If you were unable to attend the live session, you can always access the replays made available. There’s nothing to lose!

Funnel Script Special Offers

There is a special offer for Funnel Scripts. It’s a great opportunity for those who are also thinking about signing up for ClickFunnels; the offer is called Funnel Builder Secrets.

In the Funnel Builder Secret Promotion, you may purchase 12 or 6 months of access to Funnel Scripts for $2,997 per year or $1,997 per month. Each choice gives you access to the ClickFunnel Platinum plan. 

The ClickFunnel Platinum Plan supports both new funnel builders and experienced companies trying to optimize their sales funnels. It also has a funnel script tool that takes care of all your copywriting needs. 

Funnel Scripts 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Funnel Scripts offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its users. This implies you can cancel your payment within 30 days and get a full refund. 

You have 30 days to evaluate the system’s performance and decide whether Funnel Scripts is a wise investment. If you decide not to choose Funnel Script, send an email to ClickFunnels support.

How to Get Funnel Scripts Unlimited Lifetime Access

Initially, to purchase the Funnel Scripts unlimited access, you must first go through the demo and sit through the complete presentation from Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards. This presentation lasts for about two hours.

However, it is no longer so now. To make your purchase, just do the following:

Funnel Script Pricing FAQs

1. What is the Price of Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts cost a one-time payment of $797. This payment gives you lifetime access to various features including LIVE monthly copywriting coaching with Jim Edwards, the Copywriting Secrets Masterclass, plus over 60 scripts in total.

2. Is There a Funnel Script Free Trial?

No. The funnel script has no free trial. However, there is a limited version of the Funnel Script software. You can build headlines for your specific niche with the Funnel Scripts Headline Generator.

3. Is There A Funnel Scripts Monthly Pricing Option?

No. There is no funnel scripts monthly pricing option. The only available method is a one-time payment for a lifetime’s access.

4. Can You Cancel Your Funnel Scripts Account?

Yes. You can cancel your funnel scripts account. But, it must be done within 30 days of making a purchase. Funnel Scripts offer a 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not happy with their services. 

5. Is Funnel Scripts an AI Writing Tool?

Not really. Funnel Scripts is a copywriting that uses an entirely different models. Unlike most AI copywriting software that makes use of OpenAI’s GPT-3 and ChatGPT language models. Funnel Scripts generates copy based on the inputs you give, however, pure AI writing tools generates based on NLP and web information.

6. What Makes Funnel Scripts Stand Out From the Others?

Although there are amazing alternatives to Funnel Scripts, this copywriting software is the brainchild of both Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson. Both are incredible experts in their various fields. While Jim is a badass copywriter, Russell is a sales funnel genius (and also the founder of ClickFunnels). 

With such a combo, you can imagine the quality of copies Funnel Scripts produces. Funnel Scripts also boasts of helping businesses and marketers generate over $100 million in total.

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