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You’re here because you want to get and use ClickFunnels for free without paying the monthly subscription plans, right?

First of all, before you go further, I want to quickly tell that I have been a user of ClickFunnels for months and I no longer pay for ClickFunnels from my own pocket. Which I will tell you how I did it.

That aside…

Secondly, the truth is that I’m actually on a monthly subscription and you have to be on a subscription if you want to keep using ClickFunnels. Does this mean you can’t really get ClickFunnels for free?

Yes, you CAN’T and No you CAN.

Hold on a bit, I’m right here with you okay?

Before I explain the “Yes” and “No” so you understand what I mean and how to use ClickFunnels for free even if you desire to, but due to one reason or the other you can’t. It’s fine!

Let’s start on why you can’t use ClickFunnels without paying, then after that, I will walk you through the processes, I used in getting and using ClickFunnels for free.


Can You Really Get ClickFunnels For Free?

It’s like I’m contradicting myself here. Am I really?

See, I’m not here to confuse you with this post or tell you to signup for ClickFunnels with my affiliate link and get tons and tons of incentives from me. No no, my friend.

The next section is all about getting and using ClickFunnels for free and this part is why you can’t use ClickFunnels without being a subscribed user.

Let me break it down a bit. You can remain a CF user by not paying for the monthly subscription from your own personal pocket, instead, you have someone else pay for you. This is what I will cover in the next section.

But why on earth wouldn’t you want to pay for a software that isn’t built for charity? Okay, some percentage are being donated to charity by Russell Brunson. You can read about that here.

ClickFunnels Russell charity

ClickFunnels is Software as a Service (SaaS) private-owned platform. Ran and maintained by tech teams, high-end servers and lots of experts etc, who are being paid to keep it running to allow business owners to launch and scale their businesses.

So, thinking of getting and using a platform like ClickFunnels for free is IMPOSSIBLE. Is there any online marketing platform out there that offers a free service? I doubt!

At least none that I know of which offers the type of functionality ClickFunnels does.

That is why they have a well-structured and lucrative affiliate program to help people make money online and also help me and you pay for our monthly subscriptions…

Meaning we got to only bring in very few people to also utilize the platform in growing their business and we get a commission that leaves us using ClickFunnels for free.

I don’t want you to worry on how signup up people with your affiliate link because that is what I will cover in this next part.


Getting And Using ClickFunnels For Free

Having covered the most complete guide on the whole internet on how to promote ClickFunnels for free and as a full-time affiliate marketer. There are quite some other helpful resources out there that will help you get ClickFunnels users with your affiliate link and get you using ClickFunnels for free.

The one training I always recommend to anyone who is new to promoting ClickFunnels and affiliate marketing, which is also free is the ClickFunnels own affiliate Bootcamp summit.

This is free affiliate marketing course and training where top ClickFunnels affiliates revealed the processes they’d go through to make great affiliate commissions and build a long-term affiliate marketing business in the process.

Affiliate Bootcamp logo

One of the best free affiliate marketing courses I’ve ever taken. Tbh.

Here is my advice if you plan on enrolling for the affiliate Bootcamp: You only need to choose and model one expert and implement.

>> Click this link to enroll for Free

Another useful resource I think you need is joining the top affiliate marketing Facebook groups where you can get deep affiliate marketing strategies for free and interact with super affiliates who are willing to help you get ClickFunnels for free signing up users.

Giving all those links and resources would surely help in showing you light on how to sign up ClickFunnels users and get your account paid for…

But I want to add this quick step-by-step process on getting results faster.


Letting Your ClickFunnels Subscription Pay For Itself

This strategy I’m about to share with you is the same strategy I used in breaking my first $500/week in ClickFunnels affiliate program (about 5months paid for) after taking the OFA.

And since then I have made enough money that would keep my ClickFunnels account running, till… Who knows?

Let’s go!

Step #1: Mastering ClickFunnels In and Out

You want to make money from ClickFunnels affiliate program, right? And hope you know this is just like marketing a product to someone and getting them to buy?


It is so unreal for you to sell what you’re not well enlightened about. it will be very difficult to make sales.

That’s why it is super important to familiarize yourself with the good and bad sides of ClickFunnels. Get practical and build some funnels with it.

Maybe you have never built a funnel in your life, then the best way to learn is by practicing. Get some funnel templates, checkout some live funnels other marketers are using to make sales and try replicating something similar.

Still worried about that?

Okay, I will give you my free funnel templates by successful marketers (part of my CF bonus though), and also grant you access to my free comprehensive CF course and you can take it from there.

Step #2: Setup Your Facebook Profile

This is HUGE!

I kind of covered this process in my affiliate promotion guide. It’s pretty straightforward. Here you have to optimize your personal Facebook profile so you can generate leads and sales when people start checking your profile out to see what you do.

Step #3: Engage In Groups

Now go into relevant Facebook groups and start engaging by answering questions, posting what you’re learning and sharing your own experiences.

There are hundreds of Facebook group out there to join. But for this cause, I would recommend you join a few ClickFunnels related marketing groups.

Here are few to start with:

Mind you, you are not going into these groups to spam your links. It’s all about engagement. Interaction and building relationship/audience.

Now the actionable aspect…

Make sure you dedicate at least 30minutes – 1hour on a daily basis in those groups, especially the first two groups. There are thousands of people in there who still need to understand ClickFunnels before signing up. They need guidance but don’t know how to say it or who to reach out.

Leave thoughtful comments and make sure you answer questions (you’re knowledgeable about) in a very long and well-detailed format.

Be as helpful as you can, so that it warrants people to check out your profile.

You see what just happened there. They are going into your profile funnel, checking you out and it is likely that some percentage of them would send you a friend request, few would send you a message to help them with one thing or the other.

Over-time you begin to build up your reputation and gain massive trust in these groups. That’s making yourself an attractive character.

Step #4: Building Relationship And Continual Value

It is possible that most of the people sending a friend request to you are already Click Funnel users, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on them.

Still, keep in touch with them (via messenger) once in a while and help whenever they might have challenges. Once they’re ready to buy any ClickFunnels products or about taking any decision – you’re the first person they would ask for help/link. It works!

But how do I find out if they are using ClickFunnels or not?

Good question!

During the course of the chat, try and ask a question like:

“How has your journey with ClickFunnels been so far?”

This is where you get to find out if they are doing well with ClickFunnels or not. Or maybe they’re still considering signing up. Do not be pushy here!

From what their responses are, you can then see how you can help them (with the knowledge you acquired in step #1). If you have DotCom Secrets Book on your table, then you are already a GENIUS!

> > See Dotcom Secrets review here.

To sweeten the whole deal, you can present your offer and let them know you give that to aid people in their journey. See mine here. And I also give people access to use it in signing up users.

Rinse and Repeat until you get few users who would cover your ClickFunnels subscription, then you can get and use ClickFunnels for free.

Hope this makes a bit of sense?

There you have the formula!

Guess you find this post helpful on how to use ClickFunnels for free without paying from your pocket.

As usual, drop me comments or use my contact form. Always glad to assist.

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Affiliate Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.


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