GrooveFunnels review

This is my SUPER in-depth review of GrooveFunnels.

In this GrooveFunnels review 2021, I’ll show you:

  • Its best features
  • Worst Features
  • What I like (and hate) about GrooveFunnels
  • How GrooveFunnels (now Groove.CM) compares to ClickFunnels and Kartra
  • Is the lifetime deal worth it or just pure garbage?

And lots more.

You see, selling and marketing online is becoming harder day by day.

It’s no secret that the internet has changed how we do business.

We can now reach millions of people with a click on our mouse and sell to customers around the world.

Without ever leaving home.

But as the digital landscape changes, so do online marketing and sales.

Nowadays you need an all-in-one tool to help you build your website, landing page, and online store if you want to succeed in this competitive environment.

Hello GrooveFunnels!

GrooveFunnels is a complete solution for marketers who have been wanting to get started selling their products or services online but didn’t know where to start.

groovefunnels logo

Here is my table of content for this GrooveFunnels review:

Let’s dive right in.

What Is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels lifetime

GrooveFunnels is an all-inclusive online marketing tool-suite that allows business owners to build marketing funnels, collect payments, grow and scale their businesses online.

It sits as the cheapest sales funnel software available right now.

GrooveFunnels provides a complete cache of marketing tools that will help you build websites, stores, develop converting sales funnels, and sell your products and services with ease.

Whether you’re just starting in the:

  • E-commerce space
  • Digital product and info product sales
  • Coaching and consulting
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Agency
  • SaaS
  • Non-profits
  • Brick and Mortar

Or you’re an already established marketer with viable experience – GrooveFunnels is a great tool you can use.

It provides everything you need to set your business up, reach out and follow up on customers, make sales, and manage your entire business online.

From funnel building and sales to customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing…

GrooveFunnels gets you everything you need in one place.

You can pay for what you need or just make a simple, lump-sum payments for all the marketing tools, and you can get started pretty much immediately.

Kindly Note:

Before we get into the rest of my GrooveFunnels review, I want to point out a few things…

First, I’ve been a user of GrooveFunnels since June 2020.

Started initially with the free forever plan.

Around September of that same year, I upgraded my GrooveFunnels account and bought into the Platinum lifetime plan.

GrooveFunnels purchase receipt

Instead of the $1397. I chose to spread the payment in the space of 3months. $497/mo.

Back then, They haven’t added some of the features I’m seeing now.

Like the GrooveBlog, improved GroovePages editor, GrooveSell, and a few other updates.

Since that time, GrooveFunnels has added a TON of features. Many of which I’ll cover in this review.

I’m telling you this to point out that I didn’t sign up for GrooveFunnels last week or last month.

I’m also NOT using a free GrooveFunnels account.

Unlike most bloggers reviewing GrooveFunnels without paying fully to get a REAL taste of it.

I’ve been using this marketing platform for almost a year now.

And fortunate to be among (maybe) the top affiliates. More on this later.

Complete GrooveFunnels Apps (features & benefits)

This is where we dive into what GrooveFunnels includes.

Groove apps

And what they help users achieve in every stage of their marketing efforts.

Starting from:

#1. GroovePages

Groovepages editor

When it comes to apps on GrooveFunnels, hardly does anything comes close to GroovePages in effectiveness and popularity.

It is a professional landing page builder that allows you to set your online store and sales funnels and begin converting in real-time.

GroovePages offers a simple and intuitive way to build high-converting sales funnels and begin selling products to your customers.

However, the tool does much more.

Along with the landing page builder, GroovePages also provides the following:

  • Drag and drop page editor/builder
  • Funnel sharing or importing feature
  • No caps on the number of products and sales funnels you can access
  • A fully functional site with complete navigation features
  • Checkout options to convert and sell
  • One-click upsells, which help you to optimize sales
  • Pre-built funnel templates

Once you sign up for your FREE GrooveFunnels account, you can access GroovePages immediately.

The tool allows you to create your website, and you can instantly add the site to its functionality.

Groove templates

With Grooves’ Groovepages, you can find several easy-to-use templates that help you to set your site up and get it running immediately.

Just choose a template, customize it as you see fit using the intuitive editor, and you’ve got your site ready.

Or just start from scratch building your pages.

#2. GrooveSell

GrooveSell dashboard

GrooveSell is another tool that comes with the GrooveFunnels suite.

Here, you have a robust affiliate marketing and sales tool that helps to bolster your profits significantly.

By itself, GrooveSell comes with a robust shopping cart that helps to improve sales on your online platform.

With GrooveSell, you can take payments for your physical products, digital products, subscription services.

So, whether you’re selling products or actual services, you can use GrooveSell to meet your target audience.

It also incorporates a simple affiliate marketing system that enables you to incorporate some of your customers into your advertising and outreach team.

Every affiliate on GrooveSell will have a dedicated dashboard, complete with reporting and analytics tools and other sales-improving components.

Here are the interesting GrooveSell benefits:

  • Robust reporting dashboard with great analytics and tracking
  • Gives you the ability to create flexible pricing structures (one-time, recurring, etc)
  • You can create your own custom checkout forms and shopping carts
  • Integrates with your favorite email service provider
  • Integrates with popular payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe,, NMI, and Braintree)
  • Ability to create one-click upsells, downsells, and order bumps

#3. GrooveMail

GrooveMail dashboard

GrooveMail is the full-featured email marketing automation wizard and CRM system built into GrooveFunnels funnel builder.

Just like ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, GetResponse, Kartra Mails, ClickFunnels follow-up funnels…

GrooveMail lets you carry out a bunch of sophisticated marketing automation based on your visitors’, customers’, and recipients’ behaviors.

Despite what you might have heard, email marketing still remains one of the most impressive marketing channels available to businesses.

It is a personal marketing form that allows you to communicate with leads and improve sales easily.

It can also help you to reach out and get feedback about your services.

With GrooveMail email marketing, you can build an email list, segment them keep adding new leads to your sales funnel.

Another cool this the ability to create email forms and add even add custom fields.

GrooveMail forms

Allowing you to collect leads, perform optimal broadcasting and sequence automation to improve your marketing efficiency.

With GrooveMail, you can primarily do the following:

  • Import leads you’ve gathered over the years and incorporate them into your current marketing campaign
  • Add custom fields in your forms (name, email, phone number, etc)
  • GrooveMail provides simple and effective templates that you can incorporate and use to get the most out of your emails
  • Lets you easily create sequences, segments and remove tags from your contact’s profile based on activity within your funnel
  • Provides easy and comprehensible analytics to help you know how well your email marketing campaign is going
  • GrooveMail lets you define unlimited rules using the IF-THEN function

GrooveMail automations

#4. GrooveMember

GrooveMember is a membership hosting platform that allows you to create and host digital products, online courses, and membership sites.


This is another awesome benefit you get as a GrooveFunnels customer.

Using the feature, users can host classes, membership sites, webinars, online courses, and more.

Whatever type of content you’re looking to host on the internet, GrooveMember is your one-stop shop.

Here are some of the awesome benefits when you choose to host your courses on GrooveMember:

  • You can create your courses and drip out the contents on set dates
  • You automatically send welcome emails to new members with their membership access
  • You can enable (or disable) comments for each lesson
  • You can view the progress of your students
  • The Membership builder lets you customize each lesson area (or entire course) better to look the way you want
  • Ability to create multiple membership tiers with different content or courses
  • Fully mobile responsive member’s area

#6. GrooveVideo


When you think of GrooveVideo, think of a mix between Vimeo and Wistia.

The feature allows you to seamlessly host your videos without the need for integration with YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia.

With GrooveVideo, you can create marketing-oriented video campaigns and immediately use them within your entire sales pipeline.

You can edit your GrooveVideos content as much as you want to. Add tags, calls to action prompts, and more. With these features, your possibilities are truly endless.

The interesting part is that you can:

Use interactive video elements like – opt-in forms, CTA banners, text overlay, banner images to increase conversions and make your funnel convert better.

#6. GrooveBlog


If you’re a webmaster and you’re looking to start a blog, you most likely open WordPress and launch your content publishing hub.

However, GrooveFunnels has its entry – GrooveBlog.

With this platform, you can begin publishing content to your blog section.

GrooveBlog opens you to a new world of high-quality content and possibilities.

It provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools and features as well, allowing you to rank high on search engines.

For all your blogging needs, rest assured that GrooveBlog has you covered.

This inbuilt app was released in February 2021. It is kinda new. However, this is definitely not as sophisticated as WordPress CMS.

#7. GrooveKart

GrooveKart store dashboard

GrooveKart is essentially GrooveFunnels’ answer to services like Shopify and BigCommerce.

The e-commerce platform allows you to sell your physical products seamlessly and directly to people.

With GrooveKart, you can easily access a wide array of sub-categories and more.

So you can target a wide variety of customers and easily grow your sales.

With GrooveKart, you get access to a wide array of eCommerce store features – social proof, dropshipping apps, LiveChat, down sells, email cart abandons, upsells, and much more.

You can also find integration with shipping tools and services, a helpdesk, analytics tools, and integration with Stripe and PayPal – two of the most popular payment processors available.

That’s NOT all.

Unlike some eCommerce sites, GrooveKart won’t charge you a fee per transaction.

create new GrooveKart

And you create unlimited stores within your account.

#8. GrooveAffiliate

If you’re a fan of running affiliate programs and managing affiliate partners…

Then GrooveAffiliates is an excellent option for you.


This inbuilt tool allows you to create a full, high converting affiliate program that you can use to improve your sales and customer base – saving ad costs.

GrooveAffiliates a full-fledged affiliate management system.

With GrooveAffiliates, you can assign affiliate links to each affiliate partner.

You can use these links to track marketers’ performances, and you also get a full dashboard to manage payments and more.

Here are some benefits:

  • You can set specific affiliate commission rates for your special partners
  • It allows your affiliates to set custom affiliate tracking links for promotions and campaigns
  • Exclusive access to Groove Marketplace
  • You can set commission rates with ease
  • Detailed analytics and reporting to track affiliates

The GrooveFunnels Marketplace allows you to list and promote your products to other Groove users.

They can also apply from the Marketplace to become an affiliate to your business.

#9. GrooveWebinars

GrooveWebinars is scheduled for a release pretty soon.

The name pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

With GrooveWebinars, you can easily launch and host live webinars to sell your business.

GrooveWebinars (previously called WebinarGroove) is the webinar software developed by GrooveDigital Inc.

And built into GrooveFunnels.

With help of GrooveWebinar, you will be able to build and host both live and automated webinars.

As expected, you can integrate these webinars into your site and sales funnels to improve conversion.

#10. GrooveDesk

This app is scheduled for a release this year.

GrooveDesk is your one-click customer service protocol that helps you answer customer questions and provide solutions to some of the problems your customers might have.

#11. GrooveCalendar

Well, here’s another feature that gives its main point away with its name alone.

GrooveCalendar helps you to schedule events and improve time management and productivity.

The service integrates GrooveMail and Google Calendar, and it allows you to seamlessly schedule appointments with your customers.

Again, GrooveCalendar is scheduled for a release pretty soon.

#12. GrooveFunnels Facebook Group

GrooveFunnels also has an interactive Facebook group where you can get updates from the company and its developers, as well as interact with other users.

GrooveFunnels Facebook group

This group will be especially important if you’re a new user trying to learn the ropes.

Or looking for inspiration on getting the best from Groove.

Currently, there are hundreds and thousands of Groovers in the Facebook group. Which I’m also a part of.

#13. GrooveFunnels Support

GrooveFunels provides encompassing Groove support to customers who require some help as they work.

There is a page with introductory articles on each feature. It allows you to get familiar with the entire platform and its service offering.

Groove support knowledgebase

There are also tutorial articles that easily help you get a handle on the platform and its features.

With these, you will have no problem integrating yourself and your company.

Beyond the articles and tutorials, GrooveFunnels provides an extensive support team ready to speak to you and get in touch with you.

You can click on the “Create a Ticket” link to fill in your details and submit a ticket.

Groove support ticket

#16. GrooveFunnels Affiliate/Partner Program

Like I said earlier on, I see myself as a top affiliate of GrooveFunnels. Out of thousands of affiliates promoting it.

Here is my affiliate report so far:

GrooveFunnels affiliate commission

Not bad I think?

I will release a guide soon on how I’ve made 5figures promoting GrooveFunnels.

The company understands that affiliate marketing is one of the primary ways to get that done, and they offer a highly effective affiliate program to prospects looking to join and earn a sizable income.

Passive income.

The GrooveFunnels affiliate program is available to everyone looking to earn passive income.

It’s totally free to join.

Click here to join the GrooveFunnels affiliate program.

If you’re signed up as a free GrooveFunnels member, you’ll earn a 20% commission.

For paid and upgraded lifetime access users, you’ll earn a 40% commission.

There is also a tier 2 reward. Affiliate earning for referring affiliates.

Groove automatically signs anyone who joins you for the affiliate program. So, when you’re ready to join it, you will find it much easier.

Your promotional links are already up and ready to go – you just have to get them.

As for commissions payout, the GrooveFunnels affiliate marketing program makes payouts weekly.

The service releases commissions after 37 days (which includes a 7-day standard period and a 7-day buffer period that allows them to handle possible refunds).

The service guarantees that your commissions will be paid between day 37 and day 42 of any sale.

Other Groove Products and Services

  • GrooveSurveys
  • GrooveQuiz
  • GroovePay
  • GrooveAds
  • GrooveSolos
  • Groove Digital Academy
  • GrooveKon
  • GrooveFunnels SDK

The GrooveFunnels SDK is the latest evolution of GrooveFunnels.

With it, developers will be able to build apps and services that will work natively on GrooveFunnels.

Instead of waiting for Groove Digital to incorporate new features, you can essentially use the GrooveFunnels SDK to build these features for yourself and launch them on your site.

Even better, you can build on your success and allow other users to use your products as well.

Keep in mind that the GrooveFunnels DSDK isn’t out yet. It is set for a launch sometime this year.

Who is Behind GrooveFunnels?

Here is where we take a look at the team behind this sales funnel builder.

Before we get into details of the brains behind GrooveFunnels – lets talk about the parent company and recent changes.

What is GrooveApps?

You know, it’s possible for you to see GrooveApps and think of it as GrooveFunnels.

Well, they’re pretty much one and the same.

When GrooveFunnesl first launched, its developers named it “GrooveApps” as they reportedly couldn’t get a domain name registered.

They eventually rebranded to GrooveFunnels, and they’ve been operating using that name since then.

Just recently, they changed from GrooveFunnels to Groove.CM.

One of the reasons behind the change is that the name “Groove” better reflects the core philosophy and full functionality of the product as an all-in-one.

And not just a funnel builder.

Hence, no longer GrooveFunnels but Groove.

However, you’d notice throughout this GrooveFunnels review we still used “GrooveFunnels”. That’s intentional 🙂

What is GrooveDigital Inc.?

As you can expect, GrooveDigital Inc. is the parent company behind GrooveFunnels.

GrooveDigital Inc. provides a suite of software and services designed to help businesses and companies harness the internet’s power to grow their operations and reach more people.

GrooveDigital’s offering is primarily split into three – funnels, services, and software.

All of these can help you to simplify your business operation and optimize your ability to reach customers. One such tool is GrooveFunnels.

Who are the Brains Behind GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels founders

As explained above, GrooveFunnels was created by GrooveDigital Inc. The company has a full staff filled with professionals who handle several portfolios.

Some of these include:

Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime is the CEO of GrooveDigital Inc.

He is an experienced and prolific marketer who has worked with several companies and helped teach thousands of people over his career.

Mike has helped launch several million-dollar startups over the years, and he’s generated over $100 million through products and services.

Apart from GrooveFunnels, Mike has also collaborated to launch several digital marketing and online service products.

These include PayDotCom, Butterfly Marketing, DealGuardian, Kartra, EverWebinar, and WebinarJam.

John Cornetta

John Cornetta currently holds the position of President at GrooveDigital Inc.

He is an experienced e-commerce marketer and influencer who runs several online stores.

Thanks to his passion for optimizing e-commerce, John helped to launch GrooveKart – one of the many tools available under the GrooveFunnels umbrella.

The shopping cart tool helps businesses to avoid abandoned cart scenarios, optimize their checkout processes, and more.

In his spare time, John has also dedicated himself to education.

He teaches many people to sell products online and bolster their sales strategies with the internet’s niftiest tools.

Matt Serralta

Matt Serralta is the Chief Operations Officer at GrooveDigital Inc.

He is a renowned business developer with over a decade in executive and senior management roles.

Before joining GrooveDigital, Matt worked at Pretashop – an open-source, freemium platform for e-commerce firms.

There, he also held the COO position for a while. Matt has also worked at Office Depot.

Where he helped to build the company’s topline operations.

One of Matt’s primary contributions to GrooveDigital has been the development of GrooveKart.

He has also helped to ensure the seamless integration of several tools into GrooveFunnels.

What I (really) Like About GrooveFunnels

I am a lifetime user of GrooveFunnels and I love the fact that I took on the deal when I could.

It’s all drag-and-drop, which means you can create an interactive site without knowing any coding.

The above is the obvious many users would agree to.

Below are the things I like about Groove:

#1. The Only Funnel Builder With a FREE plan

Out of all the funnel creation software in the industry – GrooveFunnels is the only marketing platform generous enough to offer a free plan to new customers.

This is a PLUS.

This is enough for a complete newbie in any niche to start off their online journey, build their first pages and make sales online.

The GrooveFunnels free plan gives you:

  • 500 email contacts
  • 5,000 email limit
  • 3 funnels maximum
  • 5 GroovePages (Landing Page Builder) templates
  • 100 member limit on one membership site
  • 20% affiliate commission
  • 2% charged per transaction

Learn more about the GrooveFunnels FREE plan here.

#2. Clear Roadmap (and Constant Updates)

A lot of improvements have been made since I first joined the Groove family.

If there is one company out there that constantly updates its users on the newest features, and transparent about its roadmap – I’d give it to GrooveFunnels.

They’re steadily working behind the clock to make sure Groove becomes the best in its class.

We can all agree they are not there yet. But their effort speaks for itself.

The rapid and consistent improvement on the entire GrooveFunnels suite of products and services is what I’m really impressed about.

You can check out this GrooveFunnels Infographic that says about their roadmap

#3. Huge Facebook Group

It’s interesting how fast the GrooveFunnels Facebook grew so quickly to almost 150k members in a short period of time.

The group is one of the best places to be if you’re looking to interact and build some real connections in the online space.

It also serves as a place to get real help, support, business advice, solves tech-related issues, and all.

What I Don’t Like About GrooveFunnels

No marketing platform comes without a fault. Anyone telling you a particular tool has it all – is probably lying to you.

GrooveFunnels being a relatively new sales funnel builder isn’t exempted.

Some of the cons are:

Buggy and Slow editor

I first encountered this issue the very first time I was trying to customize a landing page using the drag and drop editor.

I hoped the customization would be as easy and straightforward as that of ClickFunnels but it wasn’t.

Moving elements around, adding images, headings look like a battle.

This was months ago. Although I’ve not tried the editor recently.

To be honest, I haven’t used GrooveFunnels extensively yet to find other drawbacks.

This is because I build and host the majority of my funnels on ClickFunnels.

However, below are some of the snags other users in various marketing I’m in have complained about Groove:

  • Unavailability of the advanced apps
  • Lack of marketing training
  • Support ticket takes time to be responded to
  • User experience still needs to be worked on
  • Takes time to learn and master

Overall, the positive comments about Groove outweigh the negative ones.

Which is a good sign?

In fact, I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the bad experience they had while using the software.

Well, some were actually correct while the majority of the people never spent enough time on the platform to see its full capability.

Or let me they were just closed-minded and aren’t ready to accept the fact that this is a relatively new platform constantly being improved.

GrooveFunnels Pricing & Lifetime Offer

GrooveFunnels is pretty affordable when you consider everything that the service provides.

It has both a free and paid version.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the pricing plans available on this marketing tool:

GrooveFunnels Free Lifetime Plan

Free GrooveFunnels plan

As expected, GrooveFunnels has a free pricing tier that allows customers to get access to its services for no cost.

Unlike most marketing platforms and software, this free plan provides access to GrooveFunnels’ marketing system.

With the free lifetime plan, you get access to GrooveFunnels’ primary features – GrooveSell and GroovePages.

The free plan allows you to sell an unlimited number of products and convert as many leads as you can. So, don’t worry about GrooveFunnels limiting you by any stretch of the word.

Note, however, there quite some other limitations too.

And the free plan won’t last forever.

Groove Digital is working on switching to a monthly subscription plan that will begin later this year.

From then on, the service will restrict users to tiered pricing and access to its features.

GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Access

The platinum lifetime offer is GrooveFunnels’ paid service tier.

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Pricing

For a one-time payment of $1,397, you can get access to all of GrooveFunnels’ features for life.

Keep in mind that this includes updates and added features that come in at later dates.

With GrooveFunnels looking to add more features going forward, paying this one-time fee ensures that you have everything you need to run and grow your online business and succeed.

The lifetime platinum offer provides several options for you to pay.

These include:

You could pay $0 and enjoy a 14-day free trial period.

During this period, you can access all of the Grooves’ features.

After this:

  • You could simply pay $1,397 upfront and be through with it
  • You can pay $497 in three installments
  • You could pay $388 in installments for six months
  • You could pay $249 in installments for 12 months

It has been reported severally that this payment option is likely to expire anytime soon as GrooveFunnels is looking to introduce a monthly subscription payment structure.

But nobody knows when.

Proposed Pricing Change Going Forward

GrooveFunnels has indicated a willingness to switch up its pricing plans.

Here are proposed monthly plans:

  • Silver plan, which will cost $99 per month
  • Gold plan, which will cost $199 per month
  • Platinum plan, which will cost $299 per month

So, I will encourage you to take advantage of this lifetime offer while it is still available for now.

GrooveFunnels Alternatives & Competitors

Looking to check how GrooveFunnels compares to other funnel builders and marketing platforms in the market.

Especially the two most popular ones – Kartra and ClickFunnels.

Here you go:

GrooveFunnels vs. ClickFunnels

It’s almost two years, and I’ve been an active user of ClickFunnels. On the Platinum plan.

That said, at the current stage GrooveFunnels is at, ClickFunnels is much better developed and feature-riched than GrooveFunnels.

Talkless of the marketing training and education they provide.

However, GrooveFunnels has much more functionalities in its roadmap and future projections.

Let’s think GrooveFunnels as version 1 of ClickFunnels years ago. But with much better clarity if you ask me.

Also, Groove is also significantly cheaper than ClickFunnels ($97 and $297 plans) in the long run.

When you take the lifetime license today.

So, when you consider everything you stand to gain and the fact that you won’t pay have to keep on paying monthly, you will find that GrooveFunnels is a much better option in terms of price.

If you can’t wait for Groove’s entire feature to be rolled out, settle with ClickFunnels.

GrooveFunnels vs. Kartra

Another awesome funnel builder and marketing automation tool is Kartra.

I’m not an active user. I tried it over a year ago and it was indeed a cool platform to be on.

Interestingly, one of its founders, Mike Filsaime, is also the founder and CEO of GrooveDigital.

He helped grew Kartra and left a few years ago.

With Kartra, you can access pretty much everything you need to create an online business.

These include web hosting, email marketing, webinars, video, split-testing, cart checkouts, and much more.

GrooveFunnels and Kartra actually have a lot of similarities and features in common.

They provide all-in-one marketing functionalities, extensive customization options, and no need for experience with coding or programming.

My opinion on Groove vs Kartra is still the same as what I said above. Kartra starts from $99 per month.

However, you will find that GrooveFunnels is much cheaper than Kartra at the moment.

For companies just starting and which have financial needs, Groove is perhaps the ideal solution.

GrooveFunnels vs. Kajabi

Kajabi has actually been around for a while. The service bills itself as an all-in-one platform that allows you to create a membership platform.

The primary difference between Kajabi and GrooveFunnels has to be in the pricing. Again!

GrooveFunnels is much cheaper than Kajabi, and even the base pricing tiers on GrooveFunnels will provide more features and benefits than what you get with Kajabi.

In fact, Kajabi doesn’t even offer a free version like the others.

Instead, the service provides a 14-day free trial period where you get to enjoy the services and see what they offer.

After that, you have to pay.

Throw that up against Groove and its free tier, and you’ll see that the latter is much better.

GrooveFunnels vs. Builderall

Like GrooveFunnels, Builderall is an all-in-one solution that will help build landing pages and funnels and grow your online business.

To be fair, Groove does have some advantages over Builderall.

For one, it offers a free plan – something Builderall doesn’t.

I tried Builderall long ago and it was as looks so buggy. Despite they provide over 30 tools to marketers.

I don’t know if things are okay now.

While Builderall’s entry-level plan of $19 per month is pretty cheap, it pales in comparison with the savings and features you get with the free GrooveFunnels plan.

GrooveFunnels vs. WordPress

WordPress is perhaps the most prominent site builder and content management system in the world.

A significant number of online sites you see are hosted on the platform.

For one, GrooveFunnels provides almost everything you need to build landing pages, build courses, etc…

So, when you pay for the service, you’re getting all the features and functionalities you need to launch and sell.

WordPress, on the other hand, allows you to any type of site and pages with third-party compatible plugins and themes.

You’re also required to pay yearly for web hosting, domains, and some advanced tools.

Thankfully, WordPress’s integration with third parties is seamless.

Other competitors of Groove includes:

LeadPages: A drag and drop landing page builder (monthly payments)

Shopify: A popular eCommerce software (monthly payments)

DropFunnels: sales funnel software (monthly payments)

GetResponse: Email marketing software with an all-in-one feature (monthly)

SamCart: A popular shopping cart system

Frequently Asked Questions (GrooveFunnels Review FAQs)

Is GrooveFunnels worth it?

There’s no doubt that GrooveFunnels is worth it – looking at their product roadmap and the team behind the product.

It’s NOT perfect at the moment. But worth giving a try to see where it gets you.

What is the GrooveFunnels Lifetime deal?

The lifetime offer deal on GrooveFunnels essentially imposes a one-time payment on subscribers.

So, you pay for the services once, and you won’t have to worry about recurring bills.

Once the funds have been paid, you can have access to GrooveFunel’s entire suite of features for life.

It costs $1397. Or spread the payments within months.

Why is GrooveFunnels free?

The free tier on GrooveFunnels was primarily to help draw more customers to the platform.

Going forward, the developers plan to replace the plan with a subscription-based system.

Who owns GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is owned by GrooveDigital Inc. And headed by Mike Filsaime.

Is GrooveFunnels legit?

GrooveFunnels is as legit as it gets. Its service has been proven to work, with a simple and effective interface that incorporates everything you need to grow your company and expand your operations.

Is GrooveFunnels a pyramid scheme?

GrooveFunnels is NOT a pyramid scheme.

They are a full-fledged SaaS company that aims to help online business owners grow via various digital marketing channels.

While some might scoff at its affiliate marketing program, keep in mind that anyone who signs up from the program will be able to get a good bang for their time.

Since they are also accessing tools that can help make them money.

What is GrooveFunnels academy?

The GroveFunnels Digital Academy is a full-service program that teaches participants the rudiments of sales.

Especially when getting started with GrooveFunnels.

It combines tutorials, training sessions, and webinars, ensuring that students learn all they need to know about making sales in their digital and e-commerce businesses.

Can I use my custom domain with GrooveFunnels?

Yes, you can. With your free GrooveFunnels deal, you can add up to 3 custom domains in GroovePages.

While on the Groove lifetime deal – you can connect as many domains as you like.

Can I share funnels and pages built with GrooveFunnels with others?

In order to share funnels or pages on GrooveFunnels, you need to log into your account then head to the site that you want to share, and then click on this hamburger icon and select on “Share Site”.

How does the GrooveFunnels affiliate payout work?

The GroveFunnels affiliate program is pretty simple.

Commissions are paid weekly, although the service releases commissions after 37 days.

This period covers possible refunds and other hiccups that could happen along the way.

However, rest assured that you will get your payout any time after the 37th day.

How does GrooveFunnels make money?

GrooveFunnels primarily makes money from lifetime subscriptions.

While there is a free service available, the developers are looking to overhaul that and implement a recurring payment model.

This change will help the company maximize earnings while users can also get the best out of it.

What are the top GrooveFunnels integrations?

While it is pretty autonomous, GrooveFunnels also has several impressive integrations to note.

GrooveFunnels integrates with ver 20 email platforms, 7+ membership software platforms, Zapier, Funnelytics, and more.

Is there a GrooveFunnels money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a GrooveFunnels moneyback guarantee which is 30 days period.

If it’s not right for you, let them know within 30 days and they’ll happily refund you your money.

Who is GrooveFunnels best suited for?

GrooveFunnels works for anyone looking to hop on the online space and sell their products or services.

Whether you’re setting up a website for showcasing your services or you’re looking to sell products online, this platform has everything you need.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to improve sales and visibility for their website. Groove Funnels can help you with that.

Can I build, host, and sell my courses with GrooveFunnels?

Yes, you can. This is possible with the inbuilt GrooveMember tool.

Can I sell physical products on GrooveFunnels?


One of the primary categories of people who use GrooveFunnels is those looking to sell products. With GrooveKart’s powerful eCommerce solution, you can create your store with ease.

Are GrooveFunnels and GroovePages sites SEO-friendly?

Sites built with GrooveFunnels and Groove Pages are entirely SEO-friendly.

And the recently introduced GrooveBlog will even make it much easier to rank on search engines and improve your visibility.

How do I contact GrooveFunnels support?

You can contact Groove Funnels via several channels.

You can use tickets to send messages to the company, and you can also find live chat and Email channels to contact them.

Or a much faster way? Use the official Groove Facebook group to ask your questions.

Is GroovePages good?

GrovePages is definitely good.

I’ve created and customized a few pages there myself. It’s not bad at all.

It is one of the top services on GrooveFunnels, as it allows you to build professional landing pages that will convert and optimize your sales over time.

Is there a GrooveFunnels WordPress plugin?

GrooveFunnels doesn’t integrate with WordPress yet.

However, the developers might have something in the works soon.

What are GrooveFunnels payment gateways?

Primarily, GrooveFunnels uses GroovePay – its in-house payment solution that allows merchants to access quick and seamless credit card payments in their stores.

However, you can also find integrations for Stripe and PayPal on GrooveKart – GrooveFunnels’s e-commerce platform.

Final Thoughts on GrooveFunnels review

GrooveFunnels definitely have a long way to go.

There are better and more sophisticated and already baked online funnel builder options out there.

But looking at where Mike Filsaime and the entire Groove Digital team are coming from, and where they’re headed – all I can say is that – they’re doing something amazing.

The team is pretty great at helping users succeed.

Take this from someone who got into the world of sales funnel and landing pages through ClickFunnels.

And still a paying user.

Groove Funnels is truly a one-of-a-kind platform

While they claim to replace a whole bunch of marketing tools in the digital marketing realm – I don’t see that happening soon.

The enticing free-forever lifetime deal is something I recommend you take advantage of now regardless.

Groove Funnels Pros

  • Free forever lifetime access for all
  • Active and helpful Facebook community
  • Drag and drop easy to use sales funnels
  • GrooveMember for hosting your courses
  • Built-in affiliate manager
  • Video hosting
  • Robust all-in-one platform
  • You don’t need to spend any more money on third-party tools
  • Lucrative affiliate program
  • Full-featured email marketing and automation
  • The lifetime deal makes it affordable than many
  • SEO friendly GroovePages’ and GrooveBlogs’ pages
  • Fast loading and responsive pages
  • They are open to taking new feature requests

Groove Funnels Cons

  • Not all of GrooveFunnels’s tools are available yet
  • Still in beta phase
  • The editor isn’t the best
  • The interface looks confusing sometimes

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