How to build a sales funnel fast

Building a sales funnel for your business these days from scratch shouldn’t be such a heart-rending task.

Sadly, for most, it is. Because a whopping 68% of companies have not identified or attempted to measure their sales funnel.

Within 5-30 minutes you should be able to create your first or next sales funnel fast, and effortlessly without looking for an expert that charges over $500 for just a simple funnel.

No, you don’t need a funnel building expert with 1,000 years of experience to be able to come up with sexy looking or converting funnel.

And who really cares about a sexy-looking funnel? Is that a ‘thing’?

Converting funnels all day babyyyy!!! ha

Just hang on a minute, as I will reveal to you the most important element for your sales funnel to convert. Later down this post.

However, you’ll agree with me that:

The core goal of every sales funnel is to get someone who doesn’t really know they need your product to get to be aware and educated enough that they need your product or services to make a good decision.

Which is always buying from you.


Before we get into the steps on how you can build any type of sales funnel in the fastest amount of time, in any industry – let’s explain the concept of a sales funnel in a few lines.

The Sales Funnel Explained

The step-by-step procedure a total stranger takes right from when he first comes in contact (awareness) with your business right up to when he buys (action/final purchase) is called a sales funnel process.

sales funnel explained
Source: Oberlo

No business without a sales funnel.

Presumably, every business on planet earth has some sort of sales funnel because each of our customers goes through a process (orderly or unorderly) until they finally convert.

After all, isn’t the goal all about making sales?

Unfortunately, a great sales funnel doesn’t end after getting customers through the door and collecting their money.

You’ll need to build a well-crafted and intentionally optimized sales funnel process to keep customers engaged at each stage of their journey.

Using your value ladder.

Your value ladder is the key to building your marketing funnel. These usually come in the form of an order bump, upsell, downsells or cross-sells.

it’s impossible to build out an effective sales funnel without a value ladder incorporated into your offer.

This is what makes a great sales funnel different from the traditional funnel processes found mostly in the offline world.

For example:

Let’s say you’re in the dental niche and need to craft your value ladder.

It’ll start from a very low-end service like teeth cleaning followed by => teeth whitening => continuity program (retainer) => Cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is the top of your value ladder. Called the high-ticket backend offers.

I first saw and learned about this exact strategy inside the Dotcom Secrets book.

See, the value ladder strategy can be applied to any business model. All you just have to do is figure out a way to add more value and solve more problems for your customers.

Especially those who have in one or the other opened their wallet to your low-end offers.

Makes sense?

How Do You Build A Sales Funnel Fast from Scratch?

Having looked briefly on how sales funnel works – I know it can be a bit frustrating when it’s time to connect the dots.

Especially on the technical side of things.

Well, this is where we go practical, and I will show you how to build your first or next sales funnel fast without bothering about a designer, coder or sounding dumb in groups when asking questions related to sales funnels.

There are over a dozen sales funnel building software right now in the industry. I bet you already know this.

I think only a few of them are good when it comes to providing you everything needed to host your business from ground to top.

But in this step-by-step tutorial, we’re going to be using an all-in-one solution funnel builder – ClickFunnels.

That’s what I currently use.

You can get a free 14days trial of ClickFunnels here or simply touch the button below, then come back and let’s start building our sales funnel.

It will only take us less than 30 minutes to build.

Shall we!?!

Step #1: Get into your ClickFunnels account

After getting your free trial from ClickFunnels – you’ll need to go through a little onboarding process to get you familiarized with the software.

From your dashboard click on “Build Funnel”:

Build sales funnel cf

Step #2: Select your funnel type

The next screen is where you choose the type of funnel your business needs at its present point.

ClickFunnels already made work easier for you by providing you with 22 funnel types that serve different goals. No matter your niche.

Funnel types like:

  • Squeeze page funnel
  • Survey funnel
  • Hero funnel
  • Reverse squeeze page funnel
  • Video sales letter funnel and lots more
Select funnel type cf

As you can see from the screenshot above, you can check on the industry you are in (1). And at the same time check your goal (2) – then you’ll be shown only the funnel types that correlate with your selection and industry.

For example:

When we check “Author/Speaker/Coach/Consultant” as our industry then check the goal or type of funnel to be “Create An Event“…

…here’s the result:

You can further add other goals – which brings more options so you’d be specific with your funnel and funnel.

To Generate Leads, you’ll have to select any of the below for your event:

To Sell A Product – you’ll also have to choose if it’s a low, middle tier or high ticket front end offer.

You’ll notice that as you keep narrowing down, the Funnel Types keeps changing to suit your selection for the best.

Or maybe you decide not to do it the way above then just click on the (3) which leads to the Classic funnel builder – you’ll see something like this:

ClickFunnels Build 1

Following the screenshot above would still lead you to the CF builder for the next step.

Step #3: Select funnel template

The funnel type we actually selected above was the Squeeze page funnel. Then it takes us to step 2 of 2 to pick our desired squeeze page template.

Here you just have to pick one (free) and move to the next step our funnel building process.

Let it load into your account, then proceed to start customizing your sales funnel.

Step #4:Customize your funnel

You’ll be brought to this your funnel dashboard like this:

ClickFunnels funnel steps

This is where you can change your funnel path, archive (delete a funnel), your funnel statistics, settings, and even add additional funnel steps.

To edit your sales funnel, just click on the EDIT PAGE button to customize it. Like changing colors, editing texts, adding your email autoresponder, and every other on-page funnel settings:

Step #5: Launch your sales funnel

Putting the above simple sales funnel took me less than 10minutes. You shouldn’t spend up to 20 minutes getting to this point, as everything within ClickFunnels is kind of laid out in a bit by bit manner.

Funnels are prebuilt, stuffs are easy to find, integrations are straightforward, the editor is crisp.

When everything is set you can test your funnel; your URL, integration, form submissions, and other necessary things.
Finally, launch your funnel live by driving traffic to it.

Driving Traffic to Your Funnel

As they say – traffic is the lifeblood of every online business.

Sure, without traffic flowing to your newly built marketing sales process – your efforts in creating a funnel in the first place would all be bootless.

We all need the traffic to impact, make money and stay in shape.

But it’s heartbreaking not everyone is equipped with right strategies on driving traffic – despite the fact that there are dozens of platforms and ways to acquire targeted traffic.

To avoid going out of scope – In the coming weeks, I will publish a guide on how to drive traffic to your funnel. Via various platforms.

Still, the thing is:

Pick and focus on a single traffic platform. Learn it, master it, execute on it, optimize and keep at that platform or that traffic strategy.

Then once you get a proven/winning system that works, look for a way to automate the process before looking elsewhere.

You can decide to start with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Blogging SEO, YouTube SEO, or Organic Facebook.

They all work.

The trick is sticking to ONLY one and run with it.

This basically applies to other parts of your business, including your sales funnel. You only need a single funnel to hit a million-dollar mark.

Complexity is everyone’s enemy. Do keep it stupid-simple.

While waiting for my guide upcoming guide on how to acquire traffic to your funnel – check out this NEW book by Russell on how to drive massive traffic to your business. It’s a free book – you only pay for shipping.

Get it at

Frequently Asked Questions On Sales Funnel

What makes a good sales funnel?

While there are quite a lot of elements that makes NOT just a good funnel BUT a super-converting one at that – the 3 critical ingredients that’ll make or break your sales funnel are:

  • Your Hook
  • Your Story
  • Your Offer

The HOOK is always the starting point of every sales message. Your goal here is to grab your audience’s attention. Like a pattern interrupt.

Your STORY should resonate with your audience so that it amplifies the desire for a solution to the problem you lead with.

The final part is your OFFER which would lead to the action you want them to take. Buy your product, opt-in to your list, take on an upsell, etc. Always irresistible.

When you tie all of the above 3 elements together with a KILLER copy then I doubt if anything can stop your sales funnel from converting.

The bad news? A lot of people find it difficult to crafting their hook, story, and offer. Even when they have an idea of who they serve and what to write.

Yeah, I understand not everyone is a good copywriter when it comes to pouring out words that sell.

Fair enough, there a way to fix it.

This is where a copywriting software like Funnel Scripts comes to play. This is a cool software that helps you craft your HOOK. STORY. OFFER without hitting your head against the wall severely.

Do read more about Funnel Scripts here. Or Click here to watch the free copywriting training.

What are the critical stages of a sales funnel?

According to Crazyegg There are four stages to represent your prospective customer’s mindset.

Each of these stages requires a different approach from your own side because you wouldn’t want to send the wrong message to the wrong customer or at the wrong time.

They are:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

While there are underlying processes and sub-stages in each of these stages – none of them are to be taken for granted.

Missing a part is capable of ruining your entire sales process.

As the top your sales funnel is important – so also is the middle, likewise the bottom.

Do I really need a sales funnel?

It totally depends, to be honest.

If you sell or plan to sell any type of product, service, course or mentorship using online marketing as a means to get customers – then you definitely need a sales funnel.

If that doesn’t apply to you then you don’t need one.

Except if you’re into content marketing and attracting traffic from search engines. Like I do. Though I still have a sales process. haha

By the way, what business doesn’t require a sales funnel?

Remember, a sales funnel helps to guide your visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process so your they get the precise product they need to ease their pain.

The software we used in building our funnel – ClickFunnels – helps further in following up with your visitors after they leave your page.

What is the best sales funnel course available?

As the quote from Robert Ringer says:

If you want to become good at something, do it as often as possible. If you want to become an expert at it, do it every day.

This applies to all areas of life including marketing.

To become good and better at creating and mastering sales funnel – you have to go practical with it by building more and more funnels daily and weekly.

With time you’ll be surprised to see yourself a super HERO funnel builder.

Nevertheless, if you want a course to understand the basics as well the complicated aspect of exploiting sales funnel to your advantage to make a huge impact…

…then I can’t recommend any other training other than the One Funnel Away Challenge.

You can enroll here or read my experience about it right in this post.

What is the best book on marketing with sales funnel?

If you haven’t read the best-recommended book on sales funnel, I will highly recommend you get your hand on Dotcom Secrets.

Dotcom secrets book

A book by the marketing legend – Russell Brunson who popularized the term sales funnel.

To me, this isn’t just the best book on sales funnel BUT the best marketing book I’ve read so far in my marketing career.

By the way, it’s a free plus shipping offer. Get yours here.

How do I write a good copy for my sales funnel?

I won’t lie, copywriting is the hardest skill in marketing. And the most important one to master in this space.

Maybe you don’t know this yet:

Your landing pages, funnels or sales pages might look “ugly” and poorly designed with a good copy and still convert well.

But sweet looking pages with badly written copies will put your business in BIG trouble.

To really get good at writing your sales funnel copies – do the below things:

  • Check out other people’s funnel copy (in different niches), study them and tweak
  • Always emphasize the benefits your products solve
  • Use the hook, story and offer in your copy
  • Use urgency and scarcity in your copy
  • Get Funnel Scripts copywriting software (onetime fee) to take care of your marketing copies

What are the types of sales funnel?

Depending on your current business goal, you can build a specific sales funnel around him.

To get leads, you build a lead generation funnel like a squeeze page. For a product demo, you build a live demo funnel.

Here are others:

  • Membership funnel for hosting your course
  • Free-plus-shipping funnel for your book
  • Application funnel for collecting more information about your prospect
  • Webinar funnel for a live or automated event that leads to sales
  • Product launch funnel for selling your product

You can find these funnels and more within your ClickFunnels account. Do you remember that there are about 22 funnel types of options when building our funnel?

More also, there are over hundreds of different templates to choose from when building. Not just on ClickFunnels but on a few other sales funnel tool.

Final Thoughts on Building a Sales Funnel Fast

Even though the tool we used in this guide isn’t the only solution in the market right now – but it happens that ClickFunnels is the best easy to use sales funnel software after personally testing 3 tools you can use in building your funnels.

Isn’t your goal creating sales funnel rapidly without tech headache?

Very very easy to do on ClickFunnels.

As everyone is trying to convert visitors into leads or existing leads into paying customers, then paying customers into long-term loyal fans and customers, what a large percentage of us needs is a sales funnel.

From the look of things yourself, it’s not too complicated to build one or multiple product sales funnel from the comfort of your home.

Just make sure to use this piece as reference when looking for guidance.

Have questions? Drop them below!

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