Downgrade your clickfunnels

This post is all about how you can downgrade ClickFunnels higher plan to a lower one.

It’s kind of sad when you sign-up to ClickFunnels and you are forced to stick to the Platinum suite plan of $297 when your actual budget was actually for the starting plan of $97.

Here is a comparison of the $97 vs $297 ClickFunnels plan.

Or maybe you’re new to it and want to master it well before the upgrade.

The craziest part is that you might not even be aware that you need to downgrade to the lower plan.

Then after your 2-weeks trial…

Your credit card is being debited $297, instead of $97. WHAT!?!

Been debited

I know how bad it hurts, so you quickly email support to help you out get back your dear $200. Or in the worst scenario… Ask for a refund.

“Do you no longer desire to use ClickFunnels in growing your business and making more money, or what?” That’s the question Russell Brunson would ask you before he gives you back your 200bucks. Okay, that was a joke lol.

Before I give you some reasons why you should downgrade and why you shouldn’t, in most cases – Let me walk you through the actual steps on how to downgrade your ClickFunnels subscription.

How To Downgrade Your ClickFunnels Account From $297-$97 Plan

Step #1: Go to the profile menu

Step #2: Select account billing and scroll down

Step #3: Click on Choose a different plan

Step #4: Select the plan you would like to downgrade to

Downgrade clickfunnels plan

Reason Why You Should Downgrade Your Account

While everyone’s purposes and goals for getting ClickFunnels is entirely different, so are their pockets as well.

Yours might be to sell your physical products while Jack’s reason could be to gain leads and market his online course.

At the moment, my reason is mainly to gain leads for my future projects and help others learn and master the use of ClickFunnels, so they can get the best out of their business and live life on their own terms.

That’s why not everybody can afford the Etison suite plan, so they have to downgrade their ClickFunnels account. And that’s not the only reason why people downgrade or why you should downgrade.

Let me show you a few other reasons.

Reason #1: Just Starting

Is there any other reason why someone starting out online should stay on the $297 ClickFunnels plan?

I don’t think so…

You should downgrade your ClickFunnels account from the highest plan to the starting plan if you are new to this whole stuff. Especially in the world of sales funnels.

I don’t think you need many sales funnel to bring your first funnel to life. The 20 funnels, limited page visits, page numbers, and domains are enough to help you get started.

Reason #2: No Sophisticated Automation Needed

Yeah, you will not have access to the Actionetics feature on the $97 plan. The inbuilt automation feature inside of ClickFunnels won’t be needed if you plan not to carry out much in-funnel automation.

ClickFunnels Actionetics helps in following up your leads from the action they perform inside your funnels. But the honest part is that you do not really need that kind of feature.

Getting a third-party email autoresponder like ConvertKit will help you do the necessary email stuff (also has great automation capability). Maybe unless you need the services of a built-in tool.

Reason #3: No Need for Affiliate Center

ClickFunnels Backpack is an inbuilt tool that allows you to manage and pay affiliates who help in bringing in customers to your doorpost.

You only need this service if you wish to recruit affiliate marketers. But if that’s not part of your plan, then you really need to downgrade your ClickFunnels account asap.

Why You Shouldn’t Downgrade Your Subscription

don't downgrade yet

Why should you keep on with the tools and resources that aren’t bringing you returns in your business?

The money being spent on those can be channeled to other parts of your business to make it grow, right?

That’s why you really need to save that $200 on a monthly basis. Maybe use it on running ads or hiring a VA (virtual assistant) to get things done faster.

On the other hand,

Would you risk not getting enough tools and resources that keep your business flowing to saving $200 per month? Who suffers it?

See, my point is if you actually need more features that aren’t on the $97 ClickFunnels plan. Then why think of downgrading?

Hope I’m making sense?

I think the extra $200 is well worth all the things you get on the ClickFunnels Platinum plan of $297/mo.

Or better still, get the Platinum plan at an insane discount of 44% off via the Funnel Hacking Secrets Masterclass here.

Here are the reasons why you should remain on the $297 and not downgrade:

Reason #1: You Need Unlimited Funnels, Pages, and Visitors

The unlimited funnels on the Etison Suite plan are one of the reasons ClickFunnels still remains a great option for all, no matter what business you are running or how big you think your business is.

I always advise those I give access to my Share Funnel Library bonus that – if they want to download the funnels into their ClickFunnels account and see all those funnels in action…

They should get on the Etison Suite plan.

It makes sense that they can share those funnels with people who do not have ClickFunnels account, so when they signup they get the commissions. Cool right?

Not just funnels!

But being on that plan gives you access to unlimited funnel visitors, pages and domains.

Reason #2: You Need To Manage Affiliates

Even though you can manage, assign and pay affiliates with a dedicated affiliate management tool like Tapfiliate or Post Affiliate Pro, you can also do that with ClickFunnels inbuilt Backpack.

If you need a tool like that then downgrading your account isn’t a reasonable idea. Unless you want a special tool.

Reason #3: You Need Actionetics

I forgot to mention in the other section that the email deliverability rate of ClickFunnels Actionetics is pretty shocking. Because you will have your own dedicated SMTP and not relying on the general SMTP provided by email service.

This means that your email deliverability rate will be very high.

Actionetics is also a great automation software that helps to further follow up with leads inside your sales funnels which allows you to carry send transactional emails with the help of the SMTP feature.

So, it’s all up to you…

Hope my article on how to downgrade ClickFunnels helped?

Leave me a comment if you have any and I will appreciate if you share this article to other ClickFunnels users who might be in need on how to downgrade their ClickFunnels subscription.

Affiliate Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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