How To Promote BuilderAll

You’re here to learn the best strategies and methods on how to promote BuilderAll as a business opportunity.

Or maybe sell it as an affiliate, right?

This is the right place to be now.

In this post, you will get to discover 5 applicable tactics on how to promote this funnel creation tool, website builder, landing page creator, or call it anything you want. 😊

And in return make some pretty good money with it.

Fulltime or as a side hustle.

First of all, I want you to know that I’ve been an affiliate marketer and a sales funnel expert myself for years.

And I’ve been lucky enough to have learned a lot in this space from the best and fortunate to have coached and helped marketers and businesses get results.

So, you didn’t land here by mistake, my friend.

BuilderAll is a great tool, no doubt about that. But NOT the greatest in my opinion.

Having talked a lot about some of Builderall alternatives and you can also clearly tell from this post on how to promote ClickFunnels – that I’ve built most of my online business around using CF.

Let’s get down to business.

5 Best Ways On How To Sell & Promote BuilderAll Business

Builderall affiliate

Here are the different ways you can promote and drive traffic to your BuilderAll affiliate link or sell it to business owners or marketers.

Method #1: Promote BuilderAll Using Organic Facebook

One of the great ways you can promote BuilderAll for free as an affiliate is by making use of your personal Facebook profile to attract potential buyers without spending a dime on paid advertising.

Basically, all you need to do is set up your Facebook profile funnel, then you join other groups a begin to interact to build your authority, relationship and draw people to your personal Facebook funnel

Let’s break it down:

Step #1: Setting up your Facebook profile funnel

Your personal Facebook profile is the very first thing that people will come in contact with when they decide to check you out on this social media channel.

A single look should at it should tell them everything about you and how you can help them.

That’s why you need to, first of all, optimize some elements of your FB profile for conversions.

  • First is your profile picture

This is critical.

Your personal Facebook profile needs to show your real face and not that of your pet or a basket of oranges. Preferably wearing on a smile.

You know, nobody would want to do business with a frowning face, right?

  • Your Facebook Cover photo

Another Facebook organic traffic element.

Your cover photo is the larger photo at the top of your profile, above your profile picture. Just use any graphic design tool to design a tool to get one done.

Below is a typical example of a professional cover photo of Blake Nubar (a funnel expert):

Cover photo facebook

According to Facebook, your cover photo displays at 820 pixels wide and 312 pixels tall on computers, then 640 by 360 on smartphones.

Just bear that in mind while getting it done.

Include a “hook” to attract your ideal BuilderAll customers or internet marketers. Then place a kind of a fake button on the cover design, with your picture (optional but better).

Finally, add a link to the description.

  • Your Profile Bio

Your Facebook Bio is limited to 140 characters, so you must utilize that little space to the fullest.

In this part of your profile, you tell people who you help, what you help them to accomplish, and how you help them achieve that.

All in one simple catchy sentence.

Then add a Call To Action (CTA) for them to opt-in to your offer (lead magnet) or whatever that will lead them to buy BuilderAll using your affiliate link.

Here is a BIO template example to use:

I help [target audience here], achieve [specific result here], by [how you do it here]

Check out the below screenshots of bio examples to model:

  • Your Featured Picture

This is a bit tricky. As Facebook allows us to set up a total of 5 featured images – we marketers use only one.

And it’s recommended you also use just a single featured image so you can get the best from your Facebook profile. This way your single image will be full size.

Importantly, you will need to design a kind of banner with a headline hook and CTA for your featured picture.

Check out that of my friend and a super affiliate Chris Fong:

Featured picture fb

He uses the above-featured image on his Facebook profile for one of his products. You can design something similar to that on Canva.

Step #2: Join other Facebook groups

Now that your profile funnel is set up, it’s time to get potential BuilderAll user’s and customers’ eyes, traffic, and clicks to it.

How do we do this?


By leveraging other people’s (engaged) Facebook groups. All through engagement, interactions, and values.

Here are the steps I personally use in carrying this out:

  • Search for groups that your target audiences are hanging out. For instance, people who need BuilderAll mostly are small business owners, marketing agencies, affiliate marketers, etc.
  • Join the groups that are over 1,500 in number
  • When accepted into the groups, start commenting, interacting and engaging where needed. (more on that)

Step #3: Start posting and interacting (important!)

Out of all the groups you’ve joined – you shouldn’t find it difficult spotting the ones with a higher engagement rate.

Now, make a kind of a list of the top engaging ones (about 3-5) and focus hanging out on them.

What’s your mission in these groups?

Start helping people answer their questions, ask questions, tell relatable stories. The more you interact and get noticed – people will begin checking out your profile.

And since you already have your Facebook profile funnel set up to promote your BuilderAll business or any of your products – most of them will opt-in to your offer or lead magnet.

Hack tip: You can use the search function to find topics that interest you or questions related to features that are being provided by BuilderAll.

For instance, BuilderAll is can serve as an affiliate management software, sales funnel, landing page builder etc. Search individually for these terms in the group so you can opportunities where you can comment and answer related questions.

There a few types of posts you can do after being a member of the group for some time. Posts like:

  • Sharing your results and how you got them
  • A callout question or post
  • A story-based post etc.

Hack tip: if you lack ideas on the type of things to post in groups – just spend about 20minutes studying the type of posts in the group that gets massive engagements. Then from there, you can replicate that to acquire engagements on your post.

With time you’ll still be seeing friend requests from those in the group, in most cases message requests from people wanting to connect with you, and all that.

This is your chance to promote your products.

Get on a friendly (non-salesy conversation) with the intention to help with whatever problem they might have. When there is a need for them to use BuilderAll in their business – tell them about it.

Method #2: Promote BuilderAll Using Blogging & SEO

Maybe you’re not that of a social person like myself. You prefer doing your thing on your own without much social interaction and engagement.

Then I think promoting your BuilderAll affiliate link or your offers via blogging could be the best route for you.

Content marketing using blogging is my favorite means.

Basically, all you have to write content or blog posts related to what you wish to sell, attract search engine traffic by optimizing your content for rankings.

One of the reasons why I love this type of marketing is that your content only attracts those searching for the terms on your self-hosted website, these contents are evergreen and remain on your site for life.

Meaning traffic and sales for life, unlike the Facebook organic method, unless you’re collecting an email list.

Having covered how to create a blog for your affiliate products here – lets cover the steps in a brief:

Step #1: Get your free domain and hosting plan from Bluehost

Sign Up Now - Bluehost

I highly recommend Bluehost as they give you a free domain, easy to install the number blogging platform, and website builder – WordPress.

The best web hosting for affiliate marketing. Especially for beginners.

It’s affordable and customer support will help you with the initial setup.

Step #2: Install WordPress and customize your blog

Since installing WordPress takes less than a minute to do from within Bluehost – you don’t have to really spend time getting your site up and running.

You’ll need to log in with your Admin URL into your WordPress dashboard.

Next is to start the customization of your blog by choosing your desired theme. I recommend Astra, ElegantThemes, or ThriveThemes.

Step #3: Install the essential plugins

You’ll need some plugins to make your blog and posts look great. You don’t need a hundred WordPress plugins to make your site look fancy and all that.

The more plugins, the slower your site and the more vulnerable it becomes. All you need is a few plugins to make your posts stand out for your BuilderAll affiliate business.

Here are the ones to start with:

  • Contact form 7
  • Yoast Plugin for on-page SEO optimization
  • ConvertBox (for collecting emails)
  • Updraft backup plugin
  • WordFence for security
  • Sassy social share
  • WP cache
  • ShortPixel

To install the above plugin just head over to the menu >>> Plugins >>> Add New. Then search, install and activate.

Add Plugins WordPress

Step #4: Start writing your posts

To make money with the BuilderAll affiliate program using blogs – you have to make sure you write posts that address those who are in need to use BuilderAll in their online marketing business.

These posts would attract organic search traffic to your site, then people will go through your content, then buy from your unique link.

Your posts must satisfy user intent.

The type of posts you could write include:

  • Comparison posts: BuilderAll versus other competitors
  • How-to posts: How to use BuilderAll for (online courses, selling products, etc.)
  • BuilderAll tutorial posts
  • Review post on BuilderAll
  • Top or Best landing page builders

Step #5: Optimize for SEO

You need to make sure that your blog posts are optimized for ranking so that Google can show you some love and send traffic to your blog.

Although it takes time for a brand-new site to start getting organic traffic, if you follow the right steps, then with time you’ll be surprised at how your past efforts are bringing in steady traffic and commissions.

Blogging and SEO require patience.

Once it starts coming in, it’s forever.

Here are some posts I recommend for you to carefully read on how to attract organic SEO traffic and optimize your posts for SEO:

Method #3: Promote BuilderAll Via YouTube

The last time I checked, YouTube hasn’t dropped as the second-largest search engine in the world.

Has it?

So, wouldn’t it make sense for you as an online business owner to tap into this great goldmine as well? Promoting BuilderAll or any type of business at all on YouTube could take your life to another new dimension.

But that is if you know what you’re DOING.

You have to learn and master YouTube SEO. That’s what we call it.

Just the way text-rich valuable contents work for Google – the same way video-rich valuable content works for YouTube.

The optimization looks pretty alike:

  • You have to perform a keyword research
  • Do some competition analysis
  • Record your video on a particular topic (solving a need)
  • Get a good looking thumbnail
  • Optimize for YouTube ranking and SEO
  • Write a great description and add your links
  • Upload your video
  • Share or distribute it on various platforms
  • Let the traffic flow in

In a nutshell, that’s just the process of how content marketing works on YouTube.

However, just like everything worth doing well – you’ll need to practice more to be good at it, drink some Kool-Aid (patience). With time you’ll become a super-good at it!

Method #4: Promote BuilderAll Via Facebook Ads and Google Ads

So far in this article on how to promote BuilderAll – we have been discussing organic free methods on how to drive traffic and sell your offers.


This is because – this business is a value-driven one.

I’m NOT really a fan of using paid ads to drive traffic to my funnels, websites, and affiliate offers. especially when it comes to an opportunity like that of BuilderAll.

I so much believe in content. It works miraculously!

Though, you can use paid ads as well. You’ll likely scale faster, testing different stuff, and optimizing for conversions. But you definitely have to invest a lot.

Promoting your BuilderAll business via Facebook ads and Google ads requires a bit of expertise and know-how of these two popular adverting platforms.

If I’m to advise – honestly, I wouldn’t recommend you promote your BuilderAll offer if you aren’t experienced on running adverts on either Facebook or Google.

Unless you love wasting money.

To promote on these platforms, you have to learn how they work, especially for affiliate offers or business opportunities.

It will take an entirely separate blog post each for me to lay out the basics of how to properly advertise on Facebook and Google.

And I guess that wouldn’t be enough.

So, the best route to go is taking a detailed course on how to master any of the platforms.

But if you’re already proficient with any advert platform – then I think you’re going to be safe. Just make sure you’re sending your traffic to a bridge/squeeze page.

Method #5: Promote BuilderAll Via Solo Ads

Solo Ads is another form of traffic source done through email marketing.

Here you pay someone who owns a large list based on the number of clicks to your link to send out emails on your behalf to his email lists – with aim of promoting your products or services.

Solo ads traffic was one of the first paid traffic sources I tried when I started affiliate marketing, despite I didn’t have success with Solo Ads – I learned some lessons still.


  • You have to focus on nurturing your leads for them to buy
  • Effectively track your link clicks to prevent bot traffic
  • Don’t spend too much on your initial run. Start with $100
  • Test different vendors to know the best and highest converting

Remember, this is just like renting someone else’s email list to promote your offers, and at the same time building yours.

Email marketing is all about feeding your subscribers value.

You can sign up with Udimi solo ad platform to get started in promoting your BuilderAll affiliate link.

Frequently Asked Questions on Promoting BuilderAll

What is the best traffic source and the best way on promoting BuilderAll?

The best traffic source for promoting BuilderAll or any affiliate service/product is the one that you’re good at and confident for sales and conversions.

There is really no best traffic source.

A lot of marketers and affiliates will say they prefer running Facebook ads because it converts the best and faster, while some will give it to YouTube 100%.

It all depends on what works for an individual.

But for me, my favorite traffic source for promoting an offer is and has always been through blogging and SEO. You just have to find what works for you and stick with that.

If you’re starting out as with the BuilderAll affiliate program, then the BEST is to focus on a single traffic source, making sure to ignore others until you have success with that.

Are you a social media type of person? Then I think organic Facebook should be your starting point.

If you’re the writing or blogging type – start with getting a free domain and a hosting package on Bluehost. And learn how to create profitable sites from expert blogging affiliates.

If you prefer videos – start a YouTube channel

Hope you get the point?

Can you make good money promoting BuilderAll?

Yes, you can make recurring affiliate commissions promoting BuilderAll. As long the user stays a user of the software – you earn monthly income for life.

Just make sure you’re trying to solve a need of a small business owner, affiliate marketer, agency owner, eCommerce owner or consultant by recommending BuilderAll as a marketing solution to them in their business.

Don’t ever forget to build your email list as you journey along. There are a few affiliate-friendly autoresponders in the market to choose from.

But I highly recommend GetResponse above all.

Is there a step-by-step and comprehensive course on how to promote BuilderAll?

Sorry to say, but so far in my search, I haven’t really found any course that focuses on promoting it as an affiliate or selling BuilderAll as a business opportunity.

I know:

The best and fastest way to achieve great success is getting taught or coached by some who has attained such desired heights.

However, there is an affiliate marketing course I can’t recommend enough which covers almost all the strategies I listed on this guide, except for the blogging and SEO part.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 by Spencer Mecham.

This course covers all the paid strategies in this post, has an in-depth module that goes into YouTube organic traffic.

Spencer is the number one ClickFunnels affiliate marketer and he shows in his course over the shoulder strategies and methods he uses in making over a hundred thousand from the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

Likewise, the same can be applied to promoting BuilderAll.

Then for blogging and SEO peeps. Authority Hacker training is the best for creating sites, ranking them, and monetizing via affiliate programs.

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