ClickFunnels for Clickbank

Using ClickFunnels for ClickBank and affiliate marketing as a whole can make you some pretty damn good cheese.

Joke apart…

When you understand how funnels, traffic and offers work and know how to connect and exploit the heck out of them – I doubt if anything can stop you in this business!

This is what the OFA taught me and it WORKS like crazy!

Like… what else do you think you need to succeed as an online marketer?

The sweetest thing about making money as an affiliate is that more than half of the work had already been done – which is figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

All thanks to the experts!

This is a very long (yet helpful post) so feel free to use the table of content below:

Let’s do it!

Part #1: Introduction

Using ClickFunnels as a platform to promote any of your ClickBank offers or any other affiliate offer on earth isn’t a hidden mystery covered under the sun.

But it can be pretty frustrating when you’re new to either ClickFunnels or ClickBank or even both.

Being on this page right now tells me that you are not as dumb as those who want to figure it out all on their own from scratch… Really?

Who does that in 2023?!

Well, lucky you…

Because in this post I’m going to reveal quite a lot of things to you on how to use ClickFunnels with ClickBank affiliate products or offers.

Starting from:

  • Choosing an affiliate product on ClickBank (for newbies)
  • Getting yourself familiarized with ClickFunnels
  • Building your pages and funnels for a specific ClickBank offer
  • My Done-For-You Plug-n-Play ClickBank funnel
  • Advanced training on scaling to $1k/day (from the #1 ClickBank affiliate)

These and many more are what we shall be covering in this “using ClickFunnels to market and drive traffic to your ClickBank products” article.

Getting started….

Part #2: Is ClickBank Worth My Time?

Yes, Clickbank is worth it. They might not be as popular as the Amazon Associates program, but they are one of the most recognized affiliate networks worldwide.

Clickbank logo

Not just an affiliate network/platform.

ClickBank also serves as a marketplace for product creators who are looking to sell their products with the help of marketers and affiliates, so they can benefit without complicated end-to-end agreements.

For product vendors:

No need to sign up for an affiliate program management platform and for you as an affiliate – no need to wait for your application to be approved as an affiliate.

These are just one of the many reasons why ClickBank is a nice environment to ‘affiliate market’.

Here are some other top reasons:

  • #1: Suitable For Newbies

Being an affiliate myself, I encountered challenges at the very beginning of my journey where lots of affiliate networks rejected my application because I had no following, list and all that.

Like this from ShareASale:

Shareasale application decline

It’s not really their fault because they’re most scared of fraudsters who can potentially jeopardize the network’s trust with their marketers and vendors through shady promotional tactics.

Luckily for you, unlike ClickBank, you can apply and start promoting any offer of your choice and build your following slowly using email list (more on this later) and other means.

  • #2: Pays High Commissions

One nice thing about Clickbank is that it pays a reasonable commission percentage of up to 75% and that’s a CRAZY one!

Imagine selling a $200 product and earning about $150.

That number is REAL and wasn’t made up, because most of these products are digital products that don’t really require production, shipping, and other ridiculous costs.

  • #3: Fast Payment and International

ClickBank does a good job to help affiliates process their payment as often as a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

They also support international payment which makes it easy for you to get paid online no matter your location. Although there few countries that are limited currently.

  • #4: Thousands Of Products

There are literally hundreds of thousands of products in diverse niches anyone from any industry can promote. Available as recurring and onetime payment offers.

You can find these products across the categories inside the ClickBank market place.

Why I Don’t Like ClickBank

Just the way I so much like ClickBank as a platform for beginners plus with lots of products one can drive traffic to use ClickFunnels and making some nice cash…

There are CONS associated with this platform I’d like you to be aware of, really:

  • #1: Lots Of Spammy Products

As ClickBank allows free entry of everyone without trying to vet or screen the quality of products and reputation of marketers, this gives room for anyone out of the blue to get their product on the platform.

As bad as it is, only those with experience would be able to tell the shitty products from the good one.


They jump in right away without knowing anything about the affiliate offer and end up being frustrated and blaming it on ClickBank.

But not to worry.

Because I will show how to spot and choose a great product in the next section.

  • #2: Fierce Competition On Popular Offers

Funny enough, most of the great products on ClickBank are being pushed heavily by many, hence more competition. Yeah, it is not a bad thing for a product to be popular and promoted by affiliates.

That means it converts and sells well.

Well, for someone just starting out, this is not a good sign as the sharks have already taken over the ocean. I will also show you how to deal with this soon.

Part #3: Choosing Affiliate Products On ClickBank

Finding the right product

It super important for you to select a converting and profitable product on ClickBank that sells easily, doesn’t ruin your reputation and also won’t hurt your audience and business in the long run.

I will go through the critical conditions you need to note in choosing a ClickBank product to sell through your ClickFunnels pages.

It all has to with avoiding spammy and ‘too competitive’ products, and staying away promoting an affiliate product not related to what you do or not knowledgeable about.

How To Avoid Spammy Products On ClickBank

Starting out on this platform, you have to be very careful about choosing a product. And as Miles Beckler puts it:

It takes a lifetime to build your reputation online. And one mistake, and it all comes crashing down in an instant.

So, in exploring the right products, below are the checklist to go by:

#1: Passion, Interest, and Knowledge In Niche

Not as if you can’t really make good money in a niche you aren’t passionate and knowledgeable about, of course, you can!

But think about it this way:

How would it be venturing into something you don’t like in any way, all for the sake of making money?

I bet you will definitely get bored and demotivated along the way. I’m not just saying this, but that’s how it works.

I made lots of research about this and discovered dozens of facts surrounding it.

Like research such as The Power of Small Wins says that:

You’re likely to make progress every day towards something you care about which brings great satisfaction and fulfillment.

Passion and interest are a huge bonus when choosing an affiliate marketing niche.

You’ll be more motivated to take ACTION, get things done, stay HUNGRY, and do whatever it takes to achieve success as an affiliate of ClickBank or any business venture.

Imagine eating, drinking, breathing this product/niche for weeks, months and years to come.

So, make sure the products you want to promote using ClickFunnels are tied around this first condition. Moving further to another condition…

#2: Gravity

Grav – Short for Gravity is a performance statistic (in numbers) that represents a unique calculation by ClickBank that takes into account the number of different affiliates who earned a commission by promoting a particular product over the past 12 weeks.

Over the years this been one of the most recommended ways affiliates discovers a good, converting and profitable product to promote.

Fortunately, it is still.

As affiliates sell a product, the Gravity number goes up.

You want to look for a product with a pretty higher gravity number because that’s a good indication that other affiliates are having successes driving traffic to this product and also a popular one you can also make commissions from.

Zero (0) Gravity shouldn’t be an option. the ideal method is choosing a product with a gravity of 5 above and also meets other points on this checklist.

You’re good to go!

Most experts would recommend shooting for a product with a Gravity of 20 – 50+ (which is also cool), but make sure you check other points before moving ahead.

How About a Much Higher Gravity?

Let’s say the gravity number is around 100, 150, 200, 250 range or higher… eh!

That means such a product is crazily competitive and you better not go near it unless you have an existing audience. Fine.

#3: A Converting Sales Page

No matter how knowledgeable you are about a product or how good you are at promoting, if you drive traffic to a product’s sales page that doesn’t sell, you will NEVER make enough money.


Using ClickFunnels in promoting a ClickBank product that lacks clean, convincing and easy to complete checkout pages will cost you dearly.

There are some common elements present in the top product’s sales pages.

Here are some of the things you should look out for on offer pages:

  • Video Sales Pages converts better
  • Social Proof on pages (testimonials, reviews, videos, etc.)
  • Compelling copy and clearly bold call to actions

One trick to use in finding these types of pages is checking out those offers with higher Gravity, so you can notice the common traits and patterns used by the product creators on the sales pages.

After all, they convert well for a reason.

#4: Recurring Billing and Upsells

One of the ideas behind making passive income is the amazing possibility of making recurring income off an affiliate product. For life.

This is another point to note when choosing a ClickBank offer. Although not all products are membership or subscription-based.

Offers with upsells also offer you an opportunity to earn additional income from each customer.

Looking out for items with these options helps you in making more profits off one qualified customer you send into a vendor’s funnel. But seriously, this is OPTIONAL.

Part #4: Building Your Funnel & Getting Familiarized With ClickFunnels

Now we have to talk about creating and building our own marketing funnel which is going to act as the middle man between our ClickBank offer and our customers.


Most of the time when we hear the word funnel, most of us only think it has to do with building some fancy pages with an online funnel building platform like ClickFunnels.


Funnel is just a journey a prospect takes towards the purchase of a product or service.

I have to say that there are basically dozens of ways to build out your online funnel which attracts visitors/traffic that converts to customers.

Simply call it the path a customer takes in purchasing a product is called a funnel.

There are other backends and unforeseen tactics that confuse a lot of people all the time. But before I delve into that lets start with building your funnel front end funnel with ClickFunnels.

The Three Core Affiliate Pages

There are 3 core pages needed for your ClickFunnels’ ClickBank affiliate funnel and these same pages apply to almost every affiliate marketing out there.

They are:

  • The opt-in page/squeeze page (for getting email subscribers)
  • The Thank You page/Bridge page
  • Your Affiliate offer/page
Affiliate funnel mapped
Source: Funnelytics

You can also map your own funnels as the above at


You have total control of the first two pages of your affiliate funnel, while the last is the sales page of the affiliate products you’re promoting. Whatever happens on that page either make you money or doesn’t.

Now let’s talk a bit on each of these pages.

#1: The Opt-in Page

Your opt-in page is the page your visitors first see before any other thing. This is where you are going to send traffic to.

You can also call it a lead capture page, squeeze page, lead generation page or lead magnet page. Whatever goes.

The main goal of the Optin page is getting people’s email address/contact.

But there is more it.

People aren’t just going to get on that page and input their email for nothing sake.


Whatever you have to give to them needs to be based on the affiliate products you are promoting. So, you need to make it enticing, promising with a compelling hooking headline.

=> Click here to test this free page headline generator!

Click the link above to generate your affiliate offer headline for free.

It could be a helpful PDF checklist to attain a certain result, a video, a quick guide or any result-oriented lead magnet.

#2: The Thank You Page

This is a page where you kind of builds your attractive character with these people who opted into your email list. This is the page where you place your affiliate link button that directs to the product.

It is also called a bridge page.

On this page, you can have a short copy explaining to them that what they just downloaded won’t really get them far, that they need to CONTINUE to proceed to the next page for special program/software/access to your [product] to get the maximum result.

But there is a more effective option.


You can have a short video of yourself right on the Thank You page introducing yourself and educating them a little on why they need to take the next step/click the button.

#3: The Affiliate Product Page

This is the page you don’t have control of. You just have to get the link of the affiliate product linking from your Thank You page.


Building Your Affiliate Funnel with ClickFunnels

There are lots of nitty-gritty and backend tactics I want to reveal to you before we proceed with building our funnel using ClickFunnels.

Because being aware of these will lead to building a long-term affiliate marketing business, a great relationship and making more money.

#1: Stepping up your email marketing game

I won’s start preaching on how super-important it is to build your marketing list.

Email marketing is where things start to be fun and interesting.

Imagine getting those visitors who didn’t click on your affiliate link on the Thank You page and those who clicked but didn’t purchase… To later BUY from you after a series of email sequences and relationship building?

There is a high possibility that most people who land on the sales page or Thank You page without buying initially will be lost.

And not come back!

Building your list, nurturing and maintaining a relationship will not only get you more sales, but you also own that traffic for life!

#2: An affiliate friendly email platform

Seriously, let me warn you beforehand that you need an email marketing software that allows affiliate marketing activities.

There are quite a few affiliate friendly email solution out there.

But I recommend GetResponse above all. Being that it has a nice autoresponder function and also very affordable. Unlike AWeber (poor autoresponder function) and ConvertKit (kinda expensive).

Click here for free 30days of GetResponse.

That apart…

But hey, if you’re on the higher plan of ClickFunnels ($297/mo), then I don’t think there’s a need for a third-party autoresponder integration into your ClickFunnels account.

As the lead follow-up and automation feature is amazing enough!

  • Writing/Structuring Your Emails

Writing your email copies is where the work actually lies in email marketing.

Writing emails also gives me nightmares to be real. But when I put my energy into it. I really do them well.

You don’t have to overthink it though, as some vendors or producers on ClickBank provide email swipes for their affiliates. One tool I found very useful for writing curiosity evoking emails, headlines, and any form of copy is Funnel Scripts.

You can test its free headline generator here or go through the free copywriting training by the creators.

Part #5: Step-By-Step Funnel Setup In ClickFunnels

I see creating our ClickBank affiliate funnel in ClickFunnels a very simple one as there are lots of templates in there for you to choose from.

Thank Goodness for the CF share funnel.

What I think you should worry about is the funnel copy. And fortunately, you don’t need to go about brainstorming on a killer headline or CTA (call to action).

Remember the product you’ve chosen? You will go now and check out the sales page for it so you can get your copy for the funnel pages.

Building Your ClickBank Affiliate Funnel

If you’re reading this right now and pretty new to building funnels on ClickFunnels, then I think having access to my CF Expert Course (link to my ClickFunnels bonus page) training which contains over 40 practical videos on getting familiarized with everything ClickFunnels would be a great idea.

Click here on how to get my complete ClickFunnels course + other helpful stuff.

You can only get your hands on my comprehensive ClickFunnels training course when you start your ClickFunnels trial using my unique affiliate link.

However, if you are already a user of ClickFunnels, see this awesome video tutorial below by Miles Beckler on how he built a complete ClickBank affiliate funnel offer using ClickFunnels.

I think the above video will justice clarifying you on a lot of things. 🙂

I did the practical myself and built that exact 2-step affiliate funnel, which you can also use/model to promote any other affiliate product.

ClickBank affiliate funnel download link:

Click the above link to import your free affiliate Clickbank Funnel right into Your ClickFunnels account.

Like I said earlier you can have a simple video of yourself or just text-based bridge or Thank you page.

Whichever you decide to go with – you have scripts quickly built out with the help of Funnel Scripts copywriting software.


Next is…

Part #6: Driving Traffic To Our Funnel

While there are numerous ways many top ClickBank affiliates uses in driving traffic to their ClickBank offer, there are only two modes of traffic:

  • Organic (Free) traffic sources
  • Acquired (Paid) sources

The best route to go using ClickFunnels for Clickbank is by acquiring paid traffic. As this brings faster and easily replicable for HUGE success.

I don’t want to go near organic methods in this post as it involves waiting for a long while before you start seeing results.

But if you desire – it’s also worth the wait.

How Do You Use Paid Traffic Sources?

To avoid making this guide longer than it is already – I recommend you either start with Search Ads (Google or Bings) OR Facebook Ads.

Those are the two great ways lots of ClickBank affiliates make great returns promoting their offers using ClickFunnels or any page builder.

Learning and mastering these two types of paid traffic sources isn’t a day work.

It requires testing, optimization and figuring out what works best on these platforms.

But Khris… I thought you said the experts have already figured the whole thing out for me?

Oh, that’s true!

So, I went out looking for the best Google Ads and Facebook Ads experts around to help walk you through everything you need in figuring these platforms out and become expert on them:

  • Isaac Rudansky Complete Google Ads Course:

The most comprehensive Google Ads course of over 8 hours and I’m yet to even complete it. This is the cheapest helpful course I’ve invested in so far.

Click here for details about this Google Ads course

If you’re for the organic blogging route – you can read my post on how to create an affiliate marketing blog.

Or preferably get your hands on the best book that teaches you how to drive traffic:

Go to

Part #7: Can’t I Just Learn ClickBank Affiliate With ClickFunnels From An Expert?

Quite frankly, don’t take the above courses for any reason, as both won’t teach you how to do affiliate marketing on ClickBank…

Unless otherwise.

They both focus on intensive training on mastering Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Here is what I highly recommend you do…

Like I always do on this blog – carry out tons of researches and providing you with the best resources and recommendations that will help you get more results and make more money…

Without regrets.

I spent days trying to see where I could find not just a course on making money from ClickBank using a funnel, BUT I really wanted to get hold of someone who has achieved massive successes doing this and well known.

Like someone whose successes speak for them.

That’s when I heard about the NUMBER ONE ClickBank affiliate marketer, who in the time of writing this guide has made close to $3million only in 2019 using Facebook Advertising and an affiliate funnel.


I was super excited when I heard he has a FREE training detailing the steps and processes he used in climbing the top of ClickBank’s affiliate leaderboard.

A webinar actually.

Use ClickFunnels for ClickBank - CH

Yes, his name is Bobby Blanchard 😊

I got on the free training and was literally blown away with what he shared. He even created a blueprint course where hundreds of his students have already started getting insane results within a few days and weeks.

You can just learn more about the course or just go through his free training before taking a decision.

Wrapping Up!

There you have it!

On how to use ClickFunnels for Clickbank affiliate marketing.

If you have any more comments, questions or need more info on how affiliate marketing with ClickBank and ClickFunnels do drop them in the comments below.

And don’t forget to share this.

Now, it’s all up to you to take life by the horns.


  1. Hi Khris, I am Moshiane, in South Africa and as I type this email to you, the time is 02:52 AM, I have been struggling to integrate ClickBank and ClickFunnels, and I ACCIDENTALLY reached your blog, which was very much eye opening, I now feel that I am ready to start promoting products on ClickBank, even though I will start with Organic Traffic route first, until I made some funds then will upgrade.

    Thank you very much I really appreciated the information you provided here.

    Keep well.

    Moshiane Sefala

  2. I have a question for you Khris, on the info provided above, Miles Beckler was showing us how to promote products using Clickbank, Clickfunnels and AWeber(paid traffic), in the case where I am going to use free traffic, how is this gonna work out? I have seen some websites that offer free traffic.

    1. You only use an email autoresponder in cases where you wish to your email list then probably monetize it by nurturing them and sending promotional emails to the along the line.

      If you’re sending your free traffic to the squeeze page built on ClickFunnels, then you’ll need an email solution. If it’s direct traffic – you don’t need one.

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