As a content creator, one of the greater ways in creating ingenious contents which people will find easily digestible, shareable, and linkable on their social media and websites without hesitation is by creating a good Infographic.

Getting an awesome Infographic design done, doesn’t come in handy at all.

The first and the most important aspect to consider before creating a unique Infographic that people will find helpful and relevant is to use the best Infographic maker software to produce that amazing content.

Production of quality content isn’t limited to blog posts alone.

It is recommended of you to always repurpose content.

That is one of the best ways to make your content go viral and which will bring a lot of traffic to your blog.

When you publish a blog post for instance, it is ideal that you produce the visualized data form of your content, the audio format, the video format and the presentation format.

Repurpose content

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The point here is that your content should be chunked into pieces using Infographics for easy consumption.

Reasons you need and should use Infographic

If your content is repurposed the right way using good and remarkable information maker by transforming that lengthy blog post, complex data and complicated ideas into a visually appealing form.

To as to catch people’s attention and inspire your readers. You will definitely be saving and winning souls at the same time.

You will be killing 2 antelopes with a single bullet. 😉

You don’t actually need to learn how to make an Infographic because these tools are user-friendly data visualization creators.

Infographics maker: infographics benefits


Infographic benefits to your business

In the promotion of your business both as an onlinepreneur or an offline service provider, you need to spend time or money on a little creativity in graphic visualization through Infographic creation.

Below are the reasons why entrepreneurs should adopt the use of Infographics in marketing their businesses:

  • Easily digestible by your customers. This is because 90% of information transmitted into the brain is in a visual form.
  • Infographics drives higher rate in website traffic up to 250% than the usual traditional blog posts.
  • Your brand is more likely to gain massive exposition on social media by 40%.
  • Infographics gets more retweet on twitter than images and posts by over 800%.
  • People are more compelled to action on contents with imagery than normal posts.
  • Most of the successful online businesses crush it using Infographics. They are seen as experts in their niches and grow more in traffic by 12% than those who don’t use it.
  • Infographics helps your website rank on Search Engine Result Pages through the use of Guestographic method

Enough said!

Now that you have gotten a feel of how beneficial Infographic can be for your business and Content marketing efforts as a whole.

Let us dive into the best Infographic maker that you should use to create fantastic visualized information design. I’ve also helped you to shortcut the whole process of deciding which to go for.

Read to the end to see my well picked and best infographic maker for every kind of business.


Free Infographic Maker - Venngage

Venngage is one of the best Infographic maker tool out here, this tool is specifically meant for the creation of beautiful designs of graphic visuals.

There are free infographic templates where you only have to input your data and you are good to go.

You don’t have to be a graphic expert to get a well designed Infographic.

Be it a stunning chart, reports or graph, there are customizable templates that will make things easier for you and your business.

Venngage has everything you need to create an inciting Infographic which you can do in less than 30 minutes.

Here are steps involved in creating an infographic on Venngage:

  • Choose a template. Here you choose out of the 100+ infographic template on venngage.
  • Visualize your data and information by adding your preferred charts, texts, icons and prebuilt images from vennage library.
  • Finally you customize your infographic design by applying desired colors, font type and sizes.

Venngage Pricing:

Free Plan for students

Business Plan for Organizations and Businesses: $49monthly

Premium Plans for individuals: $19monthly

Venngage Features:

Click here to see the full Vennege infographic maker tool features


  1. CANVA

Free Online Infographic Maker by Canva

This is one of the best Infographic maker graphic software in the industry.

It is an online based graphic tool that does not only helps entrepreneurs with various infographic solutions.

But also provides you with several free tools and resources for your logo, cards, book cover, photo collages, letterheads and many more design templates that will elevate your business through graphic design and marketing.

Besides offering its users a vast collection of images, icons, fonts, and components to choose from.

Canva infographic maker features a special Infographic software that you can use for free along with hundreds of elements.

You can create a professional Infographic using canva infographic creator. If you don’t like the pre-built infographic templates,

You can create yours from the scratch by editing the templates or using the different elements available for use.

Making use of Infographic for your online business positions you as an Expert in your niche and increases your credibility and overall reputation in your industry.

Steps in creating an Infographic on canva:

  • To get started create a new canva account (for a new canva user)
  • Upload your images of choose from canva library
  • Change to your desired fonts style
  • Change or Edit the background, filters, colors and other elements
  • Finally save and share

Canva pricing:

Free Forever Plan

Canva for work: $12.95 per team member monthly

Canva Enterprise: Get in touch to get a quote

Canva Features:

Check out Canva Infographic full features


  1. create and share visual ideas using infographics

This is also a free and easy to use Infographic maker tool. But not sophisticated

As the name sounds, makes Infographic creation process an easy one for novice.

Super simple to use, especially for business owners and individuals who are Graphicphobia.

If you possess no skills in Graphic design, will make things smooth for you.

Although almost all the best Infographic design tools requires no prior graphic design experience, but having a little basic knowledge about how graphic content are being organized will enable you develop an infographic content that is worth it. free infographic maoer  is the ideal tool for creating a quick and simplified information graphics that can be easily understood.

This tool is often used for academic purposes and “Lite” business infographic designs.

All you just need to do is Signup for free and start using for free.

Start by selecting your preferred template, add shapes, backgrounds, charts, texts and other related objects to personalize your design.

Easel Pricing:

Free acoount

Pro account: $4monthly

Easel features:



powerful Infographic tool

Visme is a super cool infographic maker that allows you to design an engaging, interactive and brilliant infographic designs.

Apart from these, this powerful infographic tool allows you to create and integrate presentations, banners, animations, and etc to your infographic template.

You wouldn’t want your visualized data to be too static and un-interactive. This is the more reason why you need to incorporate animations and nice design elements into your design.

Since people remember 80% of what they see than what they read, Visme creator has a lot of features that helps you speak visually to your customers or audience to make your brand content more understandable and memorable.

Just like other Infographic tool, below are the steps in creating an infographic on Visme:

  • Select your desired templates, photos and icons from the hundreds and millions of them available respectively
  • Add and edit your contents. Contents such as charts, maps, video, links and other interactive components.
  • Finally publish your infographic online or download to your drive.

But I must I have to confess that Visme does way more than just creating Infographics!

How much does Visme infographic maker cost?

Basic Plan: Free

Standard Plan: $19monthly

Complete Plan: $30monthly.

Features of

  • You can lock your infographic with a password if you like. You have full control of your content; either make it public or private.
  • You can animate any object, add links, transitions and pop-ups to your infographic design.
  • Capability of sharing your Infographic as a URL, social media platforms, and embeddable to website.
  • There is tracking and measurement features for your designed infographic



Create Infographics, Presentations Flyers Piktochart

One of the purposes of creating an infographic for your business is for you to easily catch your targeted audience attention.

This can be achieved with Infographic tools that create beautifully made designs.

Piktochart is the right tool for you if you want your Infographic design to appear like the one done by a veteran graphic designer.

You can create a sweet Infographic using this tool and also turn your boring data into an interactive one.

This tool may serve as an element of threat to graphic designers that makes a living from infographic designing, even if you are nowhere near of being a designer. This tool will make you one.

Piktochart lets you tell your story in a more better way, by just choosing images, icons that are all available for free, and place them inside the infographic editor.

This is the ideal tool for marketers who want to create visual content that helps drive traffic, boost SEO rankings, grow leads and boost online engagement.

You can also use this tool in your business and elevate your visual brand, boost social shares and build backlinks to your website.

There are a lot of pre-built free Infographic templates that are usable without any charge.

Piktochart pricing:

Lite plan: $12.50monthly

Pro plan: $24.17monthly

Pro Team: $82.50monthly



Visually Premium Content Creation for Better Marketing

72% of marketers report that visual content is more effective than a text based content, and publishers who use Infographics maximize their traffic by 12% than those who don’t.

What this means in essence is that for you to have a high efficacy of constant business growth you are required to always give out your best content to your prospects. is a platform full of experts who knows what they do and how to do it best by helping you create a perfect Infographic design that relates to your business objectives.

If you are incapacitated of getting a good infographic design done, you can work with world-class designers on to get a high quality infographic that is cost effective.

This online platform for creating an Infographic has worked with top brands like; Twitter, Ford, Nike, Visa, Genentech, Salesforce, and many other reputable companies.

You need to try them out and see for yourself. With this service you can get an animated Infographics done. They are virtually visually good!



Infogram Create Infographics, Reports and Maps

Infogram Infographic creator allows its users to create a stunning infographic designs with reports, charts, maps and wonderful dashboards.

Infogram infographic creator has 35 usable charts and 500 maps, 1 million images & icons. Infogram gives you a leverage to create effective, beautiful visuals that impresses your customers.

There are amazing free infographic templates to choose from, and whenever you’re done with your editing, you publish it. Embed to your website or share via social media.

Be you an e-commerce owner, blogger, Business director, marketer, educationist, and Public figure or as an organization, you utilize this tool to fit your need and achieve whatsoever goal you have planned.

By customizing your own Infographic using infogram in just 3 easy steps:

  • Pick a template
  • Visualize your data
  • And publish

Infogram Pricing:

Basic Plan: Free

Pro Plan: $25monthly

Business Plan: $79monthly

Team Plan: $179monthly

Infogram features:

Infogram features can be best described here



Adioma - Make Infographics With Timelines, Grids, and Icons

I had to add this to my list of “the most powerful tools used in creating Infographics” because I have personally used this tool in creating an iconic infographic for a client of mine (a university lecturer).

I find this tool very handy and useful a lot especially when creating an illustrative and educative content for my audience and for clients.

This tool contains icons of different types for diverse industries.

Adioma Infographic maker solve the problems of unavailability or lack of sufficient icons in infographic tools.

Whatever field you specialize in, Adioma houses any type of icon in your industry which you can use to create that visualized data in a 1, 2, 3 easy step.

Educators can give their student a practical clearer guide on any subject matter, which makes assimilation of information quicker using this cool Infographic tool.

Apart from being a very useful graphic tool for educators; marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs can also use Adioma Infographic maker to spread their content virally.


Infographic maker tools: What is in for me?

Alot are in for you. Most business owners are hesitant in taking diverse extra measures to get their content repurposed.

They often waver and wonder if the resources involved are worth the effort.

The BIG takeaway here is that creating an Infographic is worth the effort and a lot of benefits await you.

Many consider creating of Infographics a tedious job, but Infographic creation is literally simple. You don’t need to stress much on how to make a good infographic.

Just create sign-up with any of these tools, create, publish and promote!

Infographic is super attractive to everyone and as a matter of fact, Infographic can expand beyond digital marketing and can be applied to offline mediums such as, print materials, brochures, etc.

You can integrate infographic to your offline marketing strategies and use it as a means of scaling-up your business.

So using Infographic is a huge win/win for you, your business and your customers.

You dig right? Now…

Start with this Tool!

Although most of the tools on this list are similar, you may prefer one and dislike the other.

I would have wanted you to try all the tools and settle with the Infographic tool you find very much okay with.

But that will take a lot of your time and decrease your productivity rate.

My advice to you as a business owner is for you to start with This is because it is designed with the needs of entrepreneurs in mind and offers virtually everything you need to keep up with your business and customers visually.

My advice to you as blogger is for you to start with (beginner) and Vennage for expert bloggers who wants to maintain and increase their base.

My advice to you as an Educator is for you to start with Adioma, you will enjoy this tool a lot.

If you desire to outsource your infographic design to experts at a very affordable rate with fast deliverability start with

Which is the overall best Infographic maker?

It is Visme. Why? Because I’ve used most of these tools here and they never matched up to what I found inside of Visme. Honestly!

  • Suitable for everyone (no coding no special skills required)
  • Easy to create awesome graphic content in minutes
  • POWERFUL analytics for monitoring engagement (holy cow!)
  • Super cheap plans for what you can accomplish
  • Interactive and all-in-one visual content creator
  • Unlimited templates and millions of icons

Oh, and I also forgot that it is absolutely free to start with. Check it out for yourself at

All the same you can begin with any of the tools on this list, you may also check them out yourself (might take your time). My take might differ from yours.

What matters is for you to start creating your Infographics today!

Which of the tools do you use?

Which other best infographic tool did I forget to add?


  1. Hey There,

    Great article. Infographics are the great way to actually have people link to your content. I think Canva is one of the best and simple tools out there.
    I have been using Canva for over a year now.
    Thank you for all other suggestions. Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Sure! Infographics are one of the reliable ways to get high natural tons of backlinks, massive social shares and makes your content stand out.

      I have used Canva too but I still prefer Visme.

      Thanks for the kinds words Bhawna.

      I’m glad you liked it!

  2. hi Admin;
    the way your blog looks is killer.
    I had not expected such a detailed article on infographics, but again it was awesome and incredible.
    By your blog I say repeatedly that content is the real king.

  3. Canva is THE best tool for every graphic. I use canva from a long. But this list is really huge and great. It’s time to try tool other than Canva. I want to try Visme as you recommended it strongly.

  4. It’s such a detailed post. I’ve not thought about infographic maker before reading your post but it’s a good suggestion and I am already using canvas so I’ll try to make the infographic on it and see its result. Thank you for your suggestion.

  5. These are all great tips! I use canva regularly and absolutely love it. I’ll have to look into the other sites that you mentioned as well, thanks for sharing!

  6. Silly me, I didn’t even know that there is such a thing as an infographic maker. If ever, I would use photoshop to do that, which is more tedious. Thanks for the info. haha

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