In this post, we shall be comparing Instapage and ClickFunnels and how they differ from each other.

I have to say that both of these page-building tools function perfectly at their own individual pace. But before I go further I’d have to let you know that one is really greater…

…but that does not mean the other isn’t a nice option or weaker.

This is more reason why you need to read ahead and pay close attention as I show the core differences between Instapage vs ClickFunnels.

You landing on this page already tells me that you have more or a bit less of an idea than I, what ClickFunnels and Instapage page builder is all about, right?

In that case, you should also be familiar with these words: sales funnel, landing page, squeeze page, and sales page…

…If not, I will touch a bit of those terms then we proceed to the comparison proper.

A sales funnel is an illustration of the ideal journey that your prospects (or a total stranger) go through on their way to becoming your loyal customers/fans.

It involves a well-thought step-by-step process that enables you to easily turn new visitors to a customer and make them become familiar with a product and at the end bringing out their wallet to purchase.

A landing page is a page a prospect first arrives when they come from any traffic source. It can be a squeeze page (which collects contacts for remarketing) or a sales page that does the selling. Both are elements of a sales funnel.

ClickFunnels and Instapage are two amazing sales page builders that have been in existence for a while and proven to be among the top in the online marketing space.

Below is what I shall be covering in this Instapage vs ClickFunnels comparison article:

Part #1: Instapage vs ClickFunnels – Overview

Here we shall take a look at a brief backstory and overview of Instapage and ClickFunnels, what both tools do and how they do it.

ClickFunnels vs Instapage

Instapage Overview

Instapage is considered to be one of the most advanced landing page builders that have been in existence for quite a long time now. It’s a web-based tool that is popular among advertisers.

With the Instapage platform, you can create landing pages in a simple way coming out with a very quality result. This builder simplifies what it means to create online landing pages with little or no techiness involved.

According to finances online, Instapage happens to be one of the top 50 conversion rate optimization software, top 10 landing page software, and top 50 website builder. This means that it’s more than just a landing page software.

ClickFunnels Overview

On the other hand, ClickFunnels is a tool specially designed to build any type of sales funnels for business owners. A tool like this helps you to build a variety of funnels you can use in selling both physical and digital products.

Talk about lead capture funnel, webinar funnel, product launch funnel, custom funnel, auto webinar funnel, membership funnel and the lost more. Depending on what you want to achieve.

ClickFunnels has been a choice for so many due to the fact that it simplifies the whole sales and marketing processes with a breeze and you can literally do anything you want to do with it successfully.

It happens to be among the top 3 landing page software and top 50 sales software by finances online.

Part #2: Instapage vs ClickFunnels – Features

Instapage Features

Being a powerful online landing page designer and creator – Instapage comes with the below features:

  • Hundreds of templates

Instapage comes with more than 200+ enhanced design templates for you to choose from, personalize and customize them the way you want.

You can also import any type of particular template from any landing page if you want. This is one of the great features of a great landing page builder.

  • Tons of Integrations

Instapage gives its users numerous integration options to keep them connected to their customers through every means possible.

Some sweet integrations include Zapier, Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot Integration and more…

All of the integration helps you to make your marketing a successful one. Such as Advertising, Analytics, Call tracking, CRM, Ecommerce, Email marketing, Exit intent & pop-ups, Automation tools and so many more.

  • A/B testing

Split testing is one of the criteria you should always consider while going for a page builder tool. Instapage lets you do unlimited A/B testing for the optimization of your pages for more conversions.

  • Heatmaps

This feature makes it possible to track visitors’ actions on your landing page, hence knowing what portion they actually clicked and their progress in each and every page that they scroll.

  • Instablocks

Instablocks is another awesome feature of Instapage which lets you create landing pages at scale.

This is a way to build post-click landing pages which allows you to create and save custom blocks to be reused across your landing pages. HUGE TIME SAVER!

Apart from those above features you also get to access to few other optimization and analytics tools enabling you to get the best out of your landing pages.

  • AdMap

AdMap on Instapage allows you to streamline your Google Ads search campaign connections with the Instapage experiences you create. It enables you to visualize your campaign structure and landing page connections, as well as manage those connections directly in Instapage.

  • Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR)

DTR is one of the 1:1 Ad-to-page personalization features that allow you to captivate visitor attention with content that speaks directly to them.

This helps to increase or maximize conversions with personalized post-click experiences for every ad and also decreasing acquisition costs by sending ads to more relevant post-click pages.

  • Collaboration

Instapage also supports teams and large organizations. The inbuilt collaboration tool with an awesome visual view lets you speed up your team’s landing page review, approval, and launch processes.

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ClickFunnels Features

On the other below are the features of ClickFunnels. Carefully read and observe how it stands out:

  • Funnel templates

ClickFunnels also gives you the opportunity to choose from a selection of amazingly pre-built sales templates. Each of the templates has been designed for a specific purpose for any type of business.

Each funnel helps you to promote products, events, webinars, etc.

One great difference between ClickFunnels and Instapage is funnel building. There is nothing like funnel templates on Instapage.

  • Powerful integrations

ClickFunnels directly Integrates with lots of Integrations allowing you to take your business to another level entirely. Every email marketing tool you can think of, payment gateways, webinars, SMTP, e-commerce and many more.

  • Actionetics (now follow-up funnels)

This feature allows you to run an automated marketing campaign inside of your funnels. Send automated texts and emails.

With follow-up funnels you can manage leads, divide them into segments according to funnel actions and send them targeted emails or text.

  • Members area functionality

ClickFunnels members area is an amazing feature that lets you build out membership sites inside of this software and lets you give special access to users before viewing your content. It can be a paid course or free training.

  • Backpack feature

This is another ClickFunnels advanced features letting users assign affiliate marketers who will help promote their products and pay commissions in return. Simply called an affiliate center.

  • Share Funnel

Easily share your exact funnel with other ClickFunnels users by getting the share link from your CF dashboard and send it to others, which will be downloaded into a user’s account once it loads.

You check out this post to see some share funnel you can download right now.

ClickFunnels also does A/B testing of funnels, pages, etc. There is another feature evergreen webinar feature allowing business owners to keep pushing traffic to a webinar which aims at making sales.

  • FunnelFlix

ClickFunnels FunnelFlix is more like the ‘Netflix’ of digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Russell Brunson has helped you load all of the training and courses you need to master great skills in online marketing.

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Part #3: Instapage vs ClickFunnels – Cost

Instapage Cost

As at when writing this, Instapage has 2 pricing plans. The Business plan which costs $149 a month ($199/mo annually) and the Enterprise plan which you get based on quote. Instapage also has a 14-day trial to test out its all the features in the Core plan.

Instapage pricing

ClickFunnels Costs

ClickFunnels has only 2 pricing plan options and a few other pricings plans (yearly) which give you access to either of the plan features. The first plan costs $97 per month and the second costs $297/mo which gives you access to the inbuilt affiliate tool, and automation system.

ClickFunnels Pricing table

You also get unlimited features when it comes to the number of funnels, pages, visitors and domains in the $297 plan unlike the $97 where it is limited. For sure you get a 14-day free trial too.

Part #4: Instapage vs ClickFunnels – Advantages

Here are the pros of both platforms:

Pros of Instapge

  • Instablocks: Instablocks lets you create re-usable components that will save you a lot of time.
  • Lots of quality templates which are all mobile-optimized.
  • Collaboration: This allows you to work together with teams in designing your landing pages.
  • No credit card detail required before your 14-day trial unlike ClickFunnels
  • Perfect for designing beautiful looking landing pages, incredibly versatile and provides a great range of capabilities and landing page development.
  • Instapage is an SEO friendly builder
  • Dynamic Text Replacement

ClickFunnels Pros

  • You can sell your products, set up a webinar, process payments, etc. ClickFunnels is more of an all-in-one solution.
  • Primarily focuses on conversions and sales not creating beautifully made designs.
  • Inbuilt autoresponder which enables you to automate processes by monitoring and converting prospects like a PRO
  • Availability of affiliate management platform which lets you monetize your passion by quickly building out modules and lessons inside the members’ area platform.
  • A super-helpful community of funnel hackers and successful entrepreneurs
  • FunnelFlix collection

Part #5: Instapage vs ClickFunnels – Disadvantages

Here contains the bad side of each platform:

Disadvantages of Instapage

  • Not a Funnel Builder: Being great of an intuitive landing page builder and a CRO tool, Instapage can’t help you build out a complete sales funnel that sells products and all that.
  • You will find it very difficult to sell products directly on your landing page
  • Doesn’t have an inbuilt autoresponder and affiliate management tool
  • No 1-click upsell and downsell capability which ClickFunnels provides
  • It doesn’t help you build courses, training or give access to your audience to a digital product. No membership site function.
  • If your goal is just to get a landing page, then I think it’s expensive. It’s better you look at a cheaper alternative like Unbounce, Leadpages or Landingi.

Disadvantages of ClickFunnels

  • Limitation of features on the startup plan for businesses who have lots of needs with a limited budget
  • Difficult to learn and master especially for someone who is not familiar with how sales funnel works
  • ClickFunnels is not an SEO friendly platform
  • You’re required to input your credit card details before you start your 14-day trial

Who won?

I am sure after going through this article, seeing the details of both Instapage and ClickFunnels; it is clear that ClickFunnels happens to be the more powerful one.

And definitely the winner!

Instapage is a tool that focuses on building amazing landing pages and also gives you options to design your page the way you prefer. And that’s all.

Honestly, Instapage does it perfectly well when it comes to building landing pages.

However, ClickFunnels goes way beyond landing page creation and optimization. It is basically an all-in-one package that does everything needed. From driving traffic, making sales and retaining customers.

Both tools are kind of similar in terms of:

  • Providing pre-built templates
  • A/B testing
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Versatile Integrations
  • Nice dashboard view
  • And few others

But there are many more things ClickFunnels has that Instapage doesn’t.

Talk about the unlimited tutorials Russell Brunson provides, the smart email sequencing by Follow-up funnels, Upsell and Downsell features, membership site, Payment integrations, Funnel sharing, Backpack.

And I guess you might also have heard about the FunnelFlix, right?

ClickFunnels is all about capturing, nurturing, following up, selling and retention. Does Instapage allow all that? I guess not

Lest I forget both software pays you commission for recommending them to individuals. Instapage affiliate program pays 50% on the first payment and 30% lifetime recurring, while ClickFunnels pays 40% recurring and pays for your dream car when getting 100 Clickfunnels users.

So I hope you already know the winner right?

ClickFunnels of course! You need it to drive your business and make sales on autopilot even while on vacation. Whichever you choose solely depends on you and your type of business.

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