Jarvis AI vs Snazzy AI

Jasper AI and SnazzyAI are two copywriting tools, owned by reputable companies, serving the same purpose.

While Jasper AI is known for its long-form assistant feature, Snazzy AI is known for its landing page solution thanks to its acquisition by Unbounce.

Both tools have their benefits and shortcomings which I would cover to help you see which fits your content needs.

Which is actually better for generating better, unique, and engaging marketing copies?

Snazzy AI vs Jasper AI – Overview

In this comparison article, I’ll cover the differences, similarities, pricing, pros, and cons of both copywriting software.

First their overview:

Overview of Snazzy AI?

Snazzy ai

Snazzy AI is a copywriting software that allows you to generate copy and content by inputting a few texts.

Co-founded by Chris Frantz and Adam Kaczmarek, Snazzy AI was launched in February 2021 and was later acquired by Unbounce in May 2021.

Currently, the Unbounce team is working on integrating the two software which has already been in the works.

For instance, when you create a landing page copy on SnazzyAI, it generates a demo landing page alongside to help you visualize the result.

Some other key features present in Snazzy AI include:

  • Content templates
  • Expander and remix
  • Chrome extension
  • Product description generator

Overview of Jasper AI

Jarvis AI

Previously known as Conversion.ai, Jarvis AI is a leading copywriting software that serves as a one-stop-shop for all your copywriting needs.

Founded by Dave Rogenmoser in 2021 under the parent company, UseProof, Jarvis.ai isn’t the first software created by the UseProof team.

It is in company with other successful software products like Payfunnels and UseProof.

It provides several content templates and one which it is widely known for is its long-form content assistant that provides decent content.

Jarvis AI has also been known for having its own technology besides the GPT-3 model, which is known as Jarvis (where its name comes from).

Jarvis allows you to instruct the AI tool using text commands to write any style of content, expand, rephrase, etc.

How Do Jarvis AI and SnazzyAI Operate?

The model upon which both software operates is the GPT-4 model, an acronym for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3.

This model requires you to insert some texts while the bot will expand it to generate copy and long-form content.

For both software, you’ll be provided with forms to fill in details about your content.

On most occasions, the forms will include the product name, content title, description, and keyword (for Jarvis AI).

Jarvis AI vs SnazzyAI – How Do They Differ?

#1. Content Templates

Content templates are pre-designed tools that help the bot create a particular type of content better. 

Both Jarvis and Snazzy AI offer content templates to ease content creation with the app. 

SnazzyAI has 30+ content templates which include blog ideas generator, landing page, Google ads, Thank you note, Podcasting ideas, Youtube description intro, etc.

Snazzy AI templates

Some of the templates you’ll find on Jarvis also include blog post outlines, emails, long-form assistant, product descriptions, creative stories, to name a few.

Jarvis ai templates

In terms of content templates, both software farewell.

Since last checked, the list of content templates on both platforms has increased which is an assurance for consistent updates.

While Snazzy AI isn’t bad in terms of copy templates – I’d give it all to Jarvis.

Comes with over 50 templates.

#2. Long-Form Content

A popular use case for copywriting tools is to create long-form content like blogs. 

For Jarvis, this is a use case it satisfies to the very core. Jarvis offers a long-form assistant tool that provides you with forms to fill in the details for your blog.

Jarvis AI long form

If you’re on the Boss Mode plan, it gives you more features and Jarvis commands that you can utilize to create better long-form content.

You can write a sentence and have JarvisAI continue from where you stop, that is just one of the flexibilities Jarvis offers.

In contrast, Snazzy AI just integrated its long-form content writing feature.

At the moment it is in beta mode and you’ll need to be on the premium plan to have access to it.

Comparing SnazzyAI to Jarvis, the accuracy of the content generated on Snazzy doesn’t match the quality you get on Jarvis.

Well, this could be because it is still in beta mode, so the quality will only get better.

Winner: Jarvis is the obvious winner here. Its long-form assistant is top-notch.

#3. Multiple Languages and Tones

Another essential feature to check is the languages supported on both platforms. Jarvis has more languages when compared to Snazzy AI.

To be exact, Jarvis currently supports 25 languages which include Bulgarian, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Slovak, Greek, Danish, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, etc.

While SnazzyAI supports only six languages which are English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Dutch.

On the flip side, Jarvis AI has another feature I love which is the tones. The tone feature allows you to choose a tone for the content you’re creating. This helps you to add the right emotion to the content.

Some of the tones available include informal, witty, formal, engaging, etc. 

Needless to say, the tone feature is missing on SnazzyAI.

Jarvis.ai offers more languages and tones. Winning here again!

#5. Landing Page Copy

Another popular use case is the landing page copy. Every product requires a landing page (copy) to sell to an audience.

Both SnazzyAI and Jarvis offer landing page copy and they do it differently.

For Snazzy, it provides you with forms to fill in the necessary details about the landing page you’re building which normally include the product name and description.

Snazzy AI landing

From there, Snazzy will generate a landing page structure for you which will include the copy itself, CTA, and footer links.

Snazzy AI funnel

On the other hand, Jarvis AI doesn’t have a solution that provides you with the landing page structure or design like Snazzy does.

Instead, it only provides you with the landing page copy text like the usual long-form content.

As at the time of the review, there is no recipe for the landing page copy and you will have to instruct Jarvis to write a landing page copy like other tools.

So for this, Snazzy offers a better landing page copy solution.

Winner: Snazzy AI takes the lead here with its beautiful landing page structure.

#6. Plagiarism Checker

All AI copywriting tools claim to generate original content, but you should never trust a bot.

While on several occasions, the plagiarism score for AI-generated content has been 100% free, there are times where Grammarly detected 10% plagiarism.

So on such occasions, a plagiarism checker can help to identify and correct such errors.

Sadly, only Jarvis has this feature integrated into their AI assistant platform.

Snazzy AI on the other hand – doesn’t fare well here. It lacks an inbuilt plagiarism checker and you’ll need to use a third-party plagiarism checker to run your content.

Winner: Jarvis AI wins here again!

#7. Chrome Extension

Snazzy AI offers a chrome extension that allows you to use the Expander, Rephraser tool on any interface.

The chrome extension allows you to use the software on platforms like WordPress, Google Docs, on various editing web apps.

Although the chrome extension doesn’t include all the features, it does have the essential features needed to create content.

In contrast, JarvisAI lacks a chrome extension and you’re limited to using the app from your dashboard.

Although, I believe the chrome extension is a project in the works for them, as this is a no-brainer feature that all copywriting tools should have.

Winner: Snazzy AI takes the lead as it offers a chrome extension that is missing on Jarvis.

#8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Nearly every SEO professional and blogger wants to know if AI tools can take away the pain-ass task of optimizing their content.

Well, I have both good and bad news concerning AI optimizing your content.

The good news is that there are AI copywriting tools that help optimize your content for SEO like Jarvis AI but the bad news is that they still need a human to do the final touches.

Jarvis AI integrates with Surfer SEO to make it easy to optimize your content for SEO, however, on several occasions, you’ll see keyword stuffing taking place.

So you’ll still have some editing and touches to do on the content generated by Jarvis.

In contrast to Snazzy AI, it doesn’t optimize your content for SEO. Besides, its long-form content tool is still in beta mode.

So for this, Jarvis is the obvious winner.

#9. Customer Support and Community

When it comes to customer support and community, Jarvis is the leading software in this area.

It has an army of fans in its community and strong customer support besides the usual contact page, email address, etc.

As of the time of writing, it has over 34k+ members in its Facebook community which are users ready to provide assistance when need be.

On the other hand, Snazzy AI doesn’t have a strong community. It lacks a Facebook community and only provides an email address and live chat on the website.

Jarvis AI is the obvious winner when it comes to community and support.

#10. Reviews and Ratings

Besides my opinion of both software, I took to the internet to find others’ reviews on trusted third-party platforms like Trustpilot, G2.com, etc.

Unfortunately, SnazzyAI doesn’t have a review page on these platforms yet or maybe it’s unfunctional.

While Jarvis boasts of hundreds and a thousand plus positive reviews on these platforms.

Jarvis has a rating of 4.8/5.0 on Trustpilot from about 1271 reviews and a rating of 4.8/5.0 too on G2.com from 380 reviews.

Winner: Besides my positive experience, there is an army of fans that gave it positive reviews resulting in its near-perfect rating.

Jarvis AI vs Snazzy AI Pricing

Let’s see how both software compares in terms of pricing.

How Much Does Jarvis AI Cost?

Jarvis AI pricing new

Jarvis.ai used to have three pricing plans before but it has now been compressed to two pricing plans.

  • The first is the Starter plan

Which costs $29/month and it offers 20,000 words/month, up to 600 characters, 50+ templates, unlimited user logins, 25+ languages, chat support, and the community.

  • The second plan which is the Boss Mode plan

It costs $119/month and offers an unlimited number of words, up to 3000 characters/month, 50 copywriting templates, 1 user login, and the rest of the features offered on the Starter package.

For both plans, Jarvis offers a hidden 7-days free trial + 10 free copy credits which you can access using this link.

How Much Does SnazzyAI Cost?

snazzy ai pricing

Snazzy AI on the other hand offers just two packages, the forever free plan and the premium $49/month plan.

The Starter plan is free and offers up to 5 generations per day and 1 profile.

But you’re limited to the Writer tool for long-form content.

The Growth plan costs $49/month and offers unlimited generations, unlimited profiles, and access to the Writer tool (which is in Beta at the moment).

Comparing both tools, SnazzyAI is affordable and doesn’t cost up to the Growth plan on Jarvis.

Jarvis AI vs Snazzy AI Pros & Cons

Jarvis Pros

  • It has lots of content templates (50+)
  • It supports 25+ languages
  • Amazing long-form assistant
  • Integrates with Surfer SEO
  • Jarvis AI command
  • Integrates with Grammarly
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Jarvis academy to learn copywriting from experts

Jarvis Cons

  • The Boss plan is expensive

SnazzyAI Pros

  • It is affordable and has a forever free plan
  • It offers lots of content templates
  • SnazzyAI offers an advanced landing page solution thanks to its integration with Unbounce.
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Snazzy offers a chrome extension

SnazzyAI Cons

  • It lacks a plagiarism checker
  • Its long-form content writing tool is still in Beta
  • Limited languages
  • Limited templates

Final Verdict – Which is  Better?

Finally, both Jarvis AI and Snazzy AI performed beyond my expectation.

Whether you are looking for a tool that is user-friendly or one that can easily be customized to your needs, Jarvis AI and Snazzy AI both provide the same benefits.

No matter which copywriting software you use, it will help streamline your work process by generating more content without needing as much input from you.

With these tools at your disposal, there’s no excuse not to have an endless supply of fresh blog posts ready in time for any marketing campaign.

Which platform do you think would suit you best?

Obviously, it is clear that Jarvis AI exceeds and performs better in terms of features and quality when compared to Snazzy AI.

I recommend you go with Jarvis if you’re having a hard time making a decision.

But if you have a tight budget, then Snazzy might be a better fit on that note.

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