Jarvis AI vs Shortly AI

Jasper AI and ShortlyAI both have one thing in common – they both claim to be the best AI copywriting software according to their paid ads.

But besides all the colorful paid ads flying all around, beautiful landing pages, attractive features, and a gazillion of positive reviews on the internet…

Here’s my comparison review on how both software fare.

In this comparison article, I’ll dive into the features of both software, their differences, similarities, pricing, and how they both compare.

Before you get to the end of the article, you’ll be able to make the right choice concerning the perfect writing software for your business.

Without further ado, let’s start with the introduction.

Jasper AI vs Shortly AI – What are They?

Jasper AI

I’ll pretend you don’t know what these tools are.

As an introduction, Shortly AI and Jasper AI are two of the popular AI writing software in the industry leveraging the GPT-3 model.

These copywriting tools make it easy to create original content at the speed of thought without having to rack your brain for the right word or sentence to begin your copy with.

They are built on the popular model developed by OpenAI, GPT-3 model.

The GPT-3 model is an acronym for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3.

Since the development of the GPT-3 model, several entrepreneurs and companies have embraced this technology to build something fascinating for marketers and businesses of which copywriting tools are one of them.

shortly ai

Shortly AI is a writing software developed by Qasim Munye while he was a medical student.

This app started as a side project before it now grew to a full-time business thanks to the feedback of the early users.

Now, Shortly AI is used by over 3000 users at moment and the number keeps rising as its popularity reaches far and wide.

On the other hand, Jarvis AI is the regular AI copywriting software you must have heard of a lot of times.

It was developed by Dave Rogenmoser, who has consistently added new updates to the writing software.

At the moment, one could say JarvisAI is the leading AI copywriting software in the industry.

Trust me, their marketing is a masterpiece. Everyone just seems to be talking about it (we’ll see if it lives up to the hype). 

Jasper AI and ShortlyAI Acquisition

The trending news about Jarvis AI and Shortly AI is the acquisition of ShortlyAI by Conversion.AI.

Jarvis acquires Shortly AI

If you don’t know, Conversion.ai was the previous name for Jarvis AI. Now Jasper AI. In other words, Jasper.AI acquired Shortly AI around June 2021.

However, both software still operates independently and have their price (although handled by the same team).

So, for users, it is still different products, and the hurdle of choosing one over another is still there.

And that leads us to the meat of the article – how do both copywriting software differ?

How Do Jarvis AI and ShortlyAI Work?

As said earlier, Jarvis AI and Shortly AI use the popular GPT-3 model developed by Open AI.

The model is the latest edition of the GPT-n series released by OpenAI.

The Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 allows you to input a short text while the bot expands it into a longer piece of content.

Priori to GPT-3, there was GPT-2 which lacked deep integration and level of accuracy as we have it in the GPT-3 now.

Thanks to the fact that both software operates on the same technology, their modes of operation aren’t worlds apart.

Jarvis AI Mode of Operation

Once you access your Jarvis dashboard, you’ll have to select a content template that matches your content type.

Based on the template selected, you’ll be provided with forms to fill in details for your content or copy. This detail is what the software will expand to generate your copy.

On the other hand, you’ll be welcomed to choose between writing a blog or a story that provides the same Google-Doc-like interface.

Then you can instruct the bot on what to write using the content brief box on the left and the text commands.

Jarvis AI vs ShortlyAI – How Do They Differ?

#1. User Interface

Even though both software are owned by the same parent company, their interfaces are worlds apart.

Jarvis AI offers a sophisticated and yet friendly interface that gives you access to lots of templates for several content purposes including emails, Facebook ads, AIDA framework, eCommerce copy, long-form content, to name a few.

On the other hand, Shortly AI offers one of the simplest interfaces I have ever come across.

It doesn’t have templates and has less clutter on its dashboard.

The most conspicuous thing on the dashboard is the editor to write your content.

In comparison to Jarvis AI, ShortlyAI has lesser features and no templates, however, it has the simplest interface making it very easy to use.

#2 Content Templates

Content templates are created to help you instruct the bot better.

This is done by providing forms to fill to generate content that fits your needs.

Here’s how that of Jarvis looks:

Jarvis ai template

Jarvis AI has several content templates which include long-form assistant, content improver, product descriptions, Blog Post Intro paragraph, creative story, AIDA framework, to name a few.

Over 50+.

By selecting any of the content templates, you will be provided with forms to fill in the details for the content or copy you’re working on.

Some of the details that would be requested include the product name, content title, description, etc.

On the other hand, Shortly AI doesn’t have content templates to select from, you’re only provided with two options; article (blog) and creative story

Like this:

shortlyai template

While Jarvis AI offers you templates for several types of content including short-form content. Shortly AI is suitable as writing software for long-form content whether it is an article or a story. 

However that doesn’t mean it cannot write your eCommerce and ads copy or other styles of content, but it requires having an understanding of the text commands.

#3. Text Commands

Rather than incorporating content templates and fancy features, ShortlyAI offers text commands that equip you with the tools for creating awesome content.

Shortly AI offers four text commands at the moment:

  • /instruct [instructions]

The slash instruct command is used to instruct ShortlyAI what you want it to write for you.

An example is /instruct [write about blenders], this instructs the app to write an article on blenders.

  • /rewrite [text]

As its name implies, this text command instructs the bot to rewrite the text in the parenthesis.

The maximum number of characters the bot can contain without disruption is 160 characters.

  • /shorten [text]

This text command instructs the bot to shorten the text in the parenthesis. The maximum number of characters it can contain is 200.

  • /expand [text]

Finally, this command expands the text in the bracket and develops it.

You can use this to develop your idea and short sentences. It supports a max of 120 characters.

Interestingly, this is one of the features both ShortlyAI and Jarvis share – another way to say Jarvis AI has its text commands too.

Here are some text commands that you can try on Jarvis AI:

  • >write a brief for {TOPIC}
  • >write blog title ideas
  • >write an introduction
  • >write a blog outline
  • >write a blog conclusion

Besides the text commands on Jarvis, they also have voice commands. This lets you speak to Jarvis on what you’d want him to write and he’ll write it. Cool stuff!

#4. Long-Form Content

The most popular feature on Jarvis AI which a lot of people are hyping is its long-form assistant.

Interestingly, the main feature offered on ShortlyAI is also its long-form content writing feature for blogs and stories.

To use the long-form assistant on Jarvis AI and Shortly AI, you’ll be provided with a form to fill in your content brief.

For Jarvis AI, it also allows you to enter your keyword so that helps you generate optimized content.

For Shortly AI, it allows you to choose the length of the output by using a slider.

Having used both tools to generate long-form content, from my experience, they both create good quality and original long-form content.

But if I’m to choose one for a long-form content task, it is Shortly AI. The flow and context of ShortlyAI’s content are awesome, plus the interface.

#5. Languages

If you’re looking for a tool that supports other languages besides English Language, then you would want to consider Jarvis AI.

Jarvis supports about 25 languages at the moment which includes Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, to name a few.

On the other hand, Shortly AI doesn’t support any other language apart from English and this is a downside on their part.

But I believe more languages will be added shortly. I mean Shortly 🙂

#6. Tones

Content tones help you to add the right emotion to your piece of content without sounding too robotic.

Jarvis offers tones as a feature for you to select from.

There are a variety of tones that you can select from including Engaging, Informal, Formal, Witty, etc.

In contrast, Shortly AI doesn’t offer you the flexibility to choose a tone for the content you’re working on. Instead, it automatically fixes emotions and tone into your content.

So far, the result has been amazing even without a tone.

While it could be seen as a downside on their end, their output isn’t any less good than what you get from Jarvis.

#7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A popular concern for everyone, especially bloggers is if these AI copywriting tools optimize your content for SEO?

If you are wondering how Shortly AI and Jarvis AI fare in terms of search engine optimization, then here we are.

To start with, it is good to note that there is no surprise here and both tools are only trying their best.

Both Jarvis AI and Shortly AI are yet to be able to automate content optimization as expected.

Jarvis AI still has an edge as it tries to incorporate your keyword within the content, however, it does a lot of stuffing and it is only appropriate to cross-check your content.

For both Shortly AI and Jarvis output, it is required to do your optimization manually and not rely on these tools.

#8. Landing Page Copy

Besides long-form content, landing page copy is another popular use case for these AI copywriting tools.

And to be frank with you, Shortly AI doesn’t perform that well with this. It doesn’t have templates for landing page copy.

Even though there’s a workaround for this by using the text commands to instruct the tool to write a copy for you, the context and quality will not match up to a software that offers a template for it – Jarvis AI.

Speaking of Jarvis AI, it offers a template for landing page copy, and that gives it an edge over Shortly AI. 

#9. Customer Support and Community

Given that the same company is behind Shortly AI and Jarvis, it is fair to say they both have strong customer support and community.

If you reach out to the ShortlyAI support for features that the software lacks, they won’t hesitate to recommend Jarvis AI for you and vice versa.

In short, comparing both based on customer support and community might not be a good metric.

That said, here are some metrics about the customer support and community:

Jarvis has an active Facebook community of users and fans who love and use Jarvis and that is a good place to get support if you ever encounter a problem.

At the moment, Jarvis AI has over 34k+ members in their Facebook community.

You can also reach out to the Jarvis team via email.

For Shortly AI, they have a Facebook page but do not have a Facebook community.

Instead, you can reach them via email.

However, given that they are owned by the same company, you can post technical issues in the Jarvis community too and you’ll get answers from them.

Jarvis AI vs ShortlyAI Pricing

Having gone through the key features offered by both ShortlyAI and Jarvis.

Let’s compare the pricing plans of both software to help you make the best decision.

Starting with Jarvis,

Jarvis Pricing Tiers

Jarvis Pricing

Jarvis offers three pricing plans which include Starter, Pro, and Boss Mode.

  • Starter Plan

The starter plan costs $29/month and offers 20,000 words per month alongside 50+ short-form copywriting templates.

  • Pro plan

The Pro plan costs $109/month and offers unlimited words, long-form assistant, workspace documents, and other features offered in the Starter plan.

  • Boss Mode

The boss mode costs $119/month and offers unlimited words, unlimited runs, Jarvis commands, 2000-3000 characters, etc. 

You get access to a 7-day money-back guarantee on all the plans offered on Jarvis AI. 

It also has a free trial for 7 days + 10k copy credits for you.

You can get access to the free trial by using this link.

Now, for Shortly AI.

ShortlyAI Pricing Tiers

shortlyai pricing

ShortlyAI offers just two pricing tiers; the monthly and annual plans.

The monthly plan costs $79/month and offers all the features on Shortly AI.

The annual plan costs $65/month when billed annually, giving you access to two months of free access.

Similar to Jarvis, you get a 7-day free trial on ShortlyAI that allows you to test out all the features.

Comparing both plans together, ShortlyAI is more affordable if you’re after the long-form content writing assistant.

Because for you to have access to the long-form content feature on Jarvis, you’ll have to subscribe to the $109 per month plan or the $119/month.

However, with the $65/month plan on ShortlyAI, you get access to all the features.

Well, you might want to mention the Starter plan that costs $29/month, but from experience, the 20,000 words limit can be so limiting that you might use it up before the month ends.

Try Shortly here

Jarvis AI vs ShortlyAI Pros and Cons

Here is a bullet list of the pros and cons of both writing software.

Jarvis AI Pros

  • New Plagiarism checker
  • Integrates with Surfer SEO
  • Integrates with Grammarly
  • Has a strong support system behind it
  • Comes with over 50+ copy templates
  • Free 10k copy credits for new users
  • Support team members’ access
  • 25+ Supported Languages
  • Write unlimited words

Jarvis AI Cons

  • Could be quite expensive

ShortlyAI Pros

  • It offers a simple yet powerful interface
  • Creates quality long-form content
  • It provides powerful text commands
  • Shortly AI is quite affordable

ShortlyAI Cons

  • It lacks content templates
  • Doesn’t support multiple languages at the moment

Final Verdict – Which is  Better?

When it comes to marketing, your copywriting is the most important part.

You want a tool that can help you write engaging and compelling content for all types of audiences and offers.

Jarvis and Shortly are two powerful tools.

From experience, both copywriting software performs well for copywriting needs.

While Jarvis AI allows you to create content of any kind, ShortlyAI specializes in blog writing and stories.

Jarvis becomes more expensive when you consider its premium features while Shortly AI offers just a single pricing tier.

Finally, which do I recommend? 

I recommend Jarvis AI as it offers various styles of content and it is the leading copywriting software at the moment.

However, for bloggers and business owners that focus more on long-form content writing, Shortly AI is cost-effective.

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