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“Whatever is worth doing well, is what worth training for.” This quote is my driving force to take training and learning seriously.  Most people have the equipment and funds to run a successful marketing campaign, but they are likely to flop without the proper training. 

Karta, seeing that with proper training their users can make the most of their platform, decided to create Kartra Academy (now Kartranaut) to help with required training.

In this article, we will look closely at every aspect of the training program and what you will achieve by going for it. 

Let’s get started. 

What is the Kartra Academy?  (now Kartranaut)

The Kartranaut training program offers a basic orientation on all of Kartra’s features and possibilities. You learn how to use all the available features to avoid mistakes and also get the best out of the platform.

The idea behind Kartranaut Academy was born from the importance of training generally. To be a master at something, you must go through training first. And without this knowledge, you may struggle to use the platform.

To avoid these issues, training became something of an optimum priority.

The training comprises a detailed five-section module which is further divided into subsections and lessons. Students are also exposed to educational training materials, in total, you have 45 lessons in the training program. 

Additionally, the program has a FAQ section about all of Kartra’s features to further assist those studying the program.

There are different kinds of students, some are inquisitive while some are not. For those who are inquisitive, there is a Q&A session every Tuesday and Thursday, where discussions are held about the content of the program and solutions to issues they might have.  

All the materials are available in the program are designed to aid self-study because it explains all of Kartra’s features in full and simple detail. You will be glad you chose to enroll in the program because of the long-term benefits attached.

This is an accurate overview of the materials covered in the training program:

  • Page Builder
  • Product Creation & Maintenance
  • Integration Instructions
  • Memberships Creation
  • Analytics & Audit
  • Scheduling
  • Automation Processes
  • Audio & Video Content
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Helpdesk Supervision
  • Campaign Testing & Sharing

What Can I Do If I Can’t Log Into Kartra Academy? 

Technically, no user can sign into Kartra Academy. I am sure my answer is a shocker, let me explain further so you can get the full picture. Users can only sign in Kartranaut training program but a Kartra account is required to achieve this feat. 

If you are having issues signing into Kartranaut Training Program, all you have to do is to visit their webpage. After clicking on the link, you will arrive at the Kartranaut page.

Once you have arrived on the page, you will encounter myriads of choices at the top of the page. Click ’’Index’’ to begin. After this action, you will be exposed to tutorials for each of Kartra’s functions. Make your choice and start learning.

An Overview of the Kartranaut Training Program 

Kartranaut Training Program


The first and most important part of your training is understanding the importance of your dashboard and how to maximize its potential to your benefit. 

Your dashboard gives you insight into how every relevant elements such as content, sequences, memberships, and more is performing. You also get informed on the number of people signing up or unsubscribing, and your total sales. 

Learning how to navigate your dashboard effectively grants you the necessary insight and mastery required to optimize the platform. 

Your account dashboard has five areas of analytics which include Sales, Subscriptions, Recent Broadcasts, Traffic & Conversions, Helpdesk, and Calendar.

My Products 

The Products section has three main aspects under it, which include: Products, Affiliate, and Analytics.

For products, you have four subsections; 

For product creation, you learn how to create the right product for the right demographic. You focus on topics such as Details and Pricing, Checkout Process, Order Bumps, Product Upsells​, Post-Sale, and Testing Products. 

The affiliate section is loaded with all the information you require to properly manage your affiliate affairs. 

Your next stop is the product analytics section which is centered on three major aspects; Sales, Affiliates, and Transactions. 

My Communications 

You get oriented on how to properly arrange, nurture, and manage your lead into loyal customers. You will also venture into communication analytics where you can monitor the progress of your leads toward converting them into paying customers. 

My Pages 

Under my pages, you are faced with two unique sections that help you acquire the right knowledge on how to manage your page better. 

Firstly, you learn about page management where you get acquainted with information on how efficiently you can build and manage your web page and increase engagement. 

Split testing your page is a vital part of marketing. You are taught how to run a proper split and gather relevant data from your result.  Additionally, you learn how to build the perfect website for your ideal audience to aid marketing.

My Forms

In this section, you have two significant areas of focus which include Forms and Analytics 

This section is packed with various topics where users can learn relevant things about form management. Additionally, you have the Custom Form Fields topic where you learn how to pick the perfect field for your unique forms. 

Regarding analytics, you learn how to navigate your way through form analytics. Form Analytics shows vital information like the number of visitors subscriptions, pending subscriptions, and opt-in ratio for your forms.

My Memberships 

Under my membership, you have both the Content section and Analytics section. 

Here you get to know the content section which is loaded with interesting topics like View Memberships (The Membership Builder, Membership Comments, Access Levels, ​Progress, and Final Touches). You also learn how to manage membership portals and files. 

Membership Analytics deals with reading and analyzing the total number of active members available from your selected membership. 

My Videos

At this point, you get to learn how to appeal to your audience better with videos. To optimize this section, you must have the required knowledge which is based on two topics: Manage Videos and Video Playlists. 

Manage Videos: This segment is mainly focused on Kartra Video Player, Video Improvements, Time Segments, Calls to Action, Tags, and Ends, Closed Captions, and Downloadable Video Transcripts. 

Video Playlists: The second section is centered around Video Playlists where you will also learn how to upload videos in bulk and create the right playlist for your target audience. 

With Video Analytics, you learn how to effectively monitor visitors that watch and engage with your videos.

My Calendars 

The tutorials within this section educate users on how to create agendas and create a proper calendar for their various activities. You learn how to plan your activities when you have both many and few events to handle. 

My Helpdesks 

Your help desk is a vital aspect of your business. Detailed information is offered here on how to seamlessly set up your helpdesk and choose which means you prefer your customers to reach you through. 

Other options include tickets and live chat, and you learn how to monitor the effectiveness of your helpdesk via the Analytics section.

My Integrations 

With my integration, you received proper orientation about how you can optimize the integration potentials of the platforms and their various possibilities. 

Areas of focus include Payment Gateways, Email SMTP Gateways, SMS Gateways, Membership Integrations, and Zapier Integration.

My Surveys

The survey section is loaded with ways you can use surveys and quizzes to help you gain informed insight into your lead’s personality. Through survey analytics, you can monitor the trends of the survey and use the result to your advantage. 

My Agency

The section centers around client management. You will receive training on what steps to take when adding a new client, how to open an account, and the payment process for the account. 

My Affiliate Promos

With my affiliate proms, you are exposed to the affiliate system and how to succeed in the affiliate marketplace. 

You also receive vital lessons about promotions and tracking where you receive insights into topics that deal with configuring your lead tracking links, and how to view your tracking link performance. Additionally, you learn how to add payment details so you can get paid when due. 

DFY Campaigns 

The DFY Campaigns training shows you all you need to know about running a successful campaign. With this training, you can boast of running your marketing camping with minimal losses. 


The FAQs section exposes you to various questions about different areas which you can use as a study guide and a go-to solution guide when needed. 

QA Call Replays

You can enjoy the rich content contained in previous webinars. These replays will help you learn how to navigate your way through the platform with ease. 

An additional advantage is that they are always available to access at any time if you want to learn something new or refresh your memory. 

Who is the Kartranaut Training Program For? 

Kartranaut Training Program is ideal for entrepreneurs and business owners who already have a product idea. The program is also relevant to marketing agencies who are interested in helping local businesses scale higher regarding marketing and sales. 

Additionally, we can also include those interested in actual marketing customer service and people willing to sell their funnels for additional income.

How to Get The Most Out Of Kartranaut? 

The Kartranaut training program is loaded with various materials designed to make you master the craft, all you have to do is to enroll and avail yourself of these materials.

Final Verdict: Is the Kartra Academy (now Kartranaut) Worth It? 

When you consider what is up for grabs at Kartra Academy, you will not doubt the value this opportunity offers. 

Let’s start by considering training that involves creating Lead Generator Lists to working with the Membership Builder. This training offers the front roll set to this topic. 

At the beginning of every lesson, you get to watch a video explaining what the topic entails and how to apply the information you acquired. As if that’s not enough, you get engaging and well-illustrated step-by-step screenshots of the process at large. 

Let’s assume you have gone to every training section and you are not convinced about certain topics, the Q&A section is available to set you straight. 

You see, the training is well planned and designed to give you the best and make you a master of the platform. So to answer the question, is the Kartra Academy worth every fuss about? The simple answer is a capital YES. 

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