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Every online business seems to have a blog. Blogging is one of the most lucrative ways to earn passive income online. Kartra offers an all-in-one business automation solution for individuals and businesses. Definitely, it should have a blog feature, right? 

Is there a Kartra blog feature? Can you use Kartra to create and edit blog posts? Keep reading to find out the answers.

Does Kartra Have a Blog? 

Kartra offers blogging functionality which is great but they are not as loaded as popular platforms such as WordPress. 

The major challenge here is that Kartra is not a content management platform. Rather, it is marketing focused which limits how much it can offer to full-time bloggers. A typical example of its limitation is its inability to auto-update blog posts.  

As a blogger, if you intend to create personalized Kartra-hosted blogs, you have to go through the pain of creating a new page every time you want to add fresh content. You have to create a blog page that lists each post’s information with a link to that post’s page.

If blogging is your life’s work, Kartra’s features may not be able to offer you sufficient features to carry out this task effectively. 

What is the Best Way to Create a Blog with Kartra? 

Since we have established the limitations Kartra has regarding blogging, here are some ways you can get the best of the Kartra blog feature.

Internal Blog Pages

Kartra comes with in-built templates which are easy to use and customizable to suit your unique blog needs. 

Kartra Pages

To use the option you have to follow these listed steps carefully. 

  • Select a template you can edit and customize for your blog.
  • Make the necessary adjustments to the Search Engine Optimization settings and headings in the required areas. This action helps to improve your Google ranking.
  • Shape the unique style you wish to exhibit, and include relevant component links, pop-up windows, and images to boost both brand awareness and promote online visibility. 

After carrying out these steps, you must not slack and forget to save your configurations at different intervals to ensure you don’t lose your files. 

Integration with WordPress 

Kartra users are conscious of the fact that they need a WordPress plugin to get the best out of the platform regarding blogging. The need for WordPress is more pressing when you produce a vast amount of blogging content and require SEO. 

A great alternative for blank slate plugins and sidesteps potential integration glitches is KCSG Kartra Pages. You can select the template when creating a blog but ensure you constantly save and update the page.

KCSG Kartra Pages
KCSG Kartra Pages Integration

Using this template guarantees SEO and OpenGraph support which in turn enhances social media exposure.

With WordPress integration, you enjoy benefits such as easy downloading and storing of Kartra pages with WordPress databases. You can conduct split-testing and use conditional-redirection links that allow you to monitor the blog directly from your WordPress domain.

Use a Third-Party Blogging Solution

Using a third-party blogging solution is another way you can get your blog up and running. 

A great example of this solution is DropInBlog. This software allows Kartra users to seamlessly copy and paste HTML code onto a Kartra page which ultimately permits the existence of a blog on your Kartra site.


DropInBlog is not a plugin and does require the existence of WordPress to function optimally. If you want to use this software, you are required to log in to their website and carry out some activities.

Here are the vital steps you must follow.

  • Create and name a new page on the Kartra platform.
  • Click the ‘Your Code’ panel on your Kartra dashboard.
  • Drag and drop the DropInBlog HTML code.
  • Sign in for a free trial on the site – then find the ‘Code & Layout’ page.
  • Acquire the script code and apply it to the Kartra code.

After carrying out these simple activities, your result will be that the blog will appear like it was originally built on Kartra. 

Other vital functions which the platform offers include: 

  • Social sharing links.
  • Embed images and videos.
  • Comments functionality.
  • Different authors.
  • Article categories.

With Kartra’s 30-day free trial, you can easily integrate DropInBlog. On the other hand, you have DropInBlog paid plans ranging from $19 to $39 monthly. 

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