Kartra Bonus: Helpful Bonuses For More Results! FREE


It’s no doubt that Kartra is indeed an amazing marketing tool suite needed by every online business owner to gain leads, make sales, perform every type of marketing automation…

And so much more.

I did a complete Kartra review covering more than a dozen of stuffs this all-in-one funnel builder helps you to accomplish.

Being on this page means you are ready to get started with your 14-day trial, right?

But before you sign up for Kartra, why don’t you get some useful bonuses like an extra to help you get more value out the software and also support your business?

Here are the Kartra bonuses I’m offering to anyone that purchases Kartra using my link.

Update: Due to some conditions and misuse of the Software Bonus rights, the Tier5 Software Bundle aren’t available at this time. But you get access to the rest of the bonuses on this page.

Kartra Bonus #1: Unlimited Email/Chat Support ($997 value)

When you subscribe through my affiliate link, you will get unlimited FB messenger and private email access to me where you can ask me anything on how to get the best from using Kartra.

Be as an online marketer, business owner or whatever you wish to use Kartra for.

Having failed multiple times to attain the successes I’m having with sales funnels right now; you can leverage my own successes and failures to help you WIN.

Kartra Bonus #2: Tier5 mega Software Bundle ($9,384 per year value)

As part of your Kartra Bonus – you’ll be having access to the complete Tier5 Mega Software Bundle and getting access to the following software products.


This is an outreach tool that lets you to instantly connect with your dream clients by searching for prospects/leads with it, export their contact details, automatically fill out the contact forms on their sites and finally ROBO contact with carrying out the mass emailing and also help you follow them up on autopilot – $297/mo

  • Domain leads

This software will help get you fresh leads daily from anyone that’s registered a domain name – $197/mo 

  • Invoicing You

Invoicing You is very simple to use the online-invoicing system that allows you to easily send invoices to your clients and also sell your products online. Payments are securely processed by your favorite payment gateway. It’s so easy to use this software to sell your services or products but more importantly, it’s even easier for your clients to pay you – $97/mo

  • Magic Zap

Magic Zap is a very powerful and magical software. Magic Zap will allow you to present personalized dynamic websites to your visitors. It will also let you send follow up emails, calls, SMS or chatbot messages while your visitors are on your site engaged and ready to buy – $97/mo

  • Sticky Reviews

One of the best social proof software out there which displays real reviews from your customers within your sales funnels and websites. Increases conversions up to 75 % faster – $47/mo

  • Link Wizard

Very powerful link management and link tracking software that lets you see where your traffic is coming from so you can understand what is working for you. But not just that!

Link Wizard allows you to create custom short links, track link clicks and get in-depth analytics. You can also add as many Tracking Pixels as you want to any of your short smart links – $47/mo

Know that you’re getting the full versions of each of the software’s, which if you purchased separately would cost you $9,384 annually. YOU GET THEM ALL FOR A LIFETIME!

Kartra Bonus #3: DFY Email Marketing Swipes ($97)

email swipes

Writing converting email copy was one of the things that gave me nightmares when I first got started online.

I don’t want you to go through the same thing, especially if you plan to promote other people’s products to make a side income.

I’ve provided you with over 100 pre-written email marketing copies you can swipe, tweak or use as a source of inspiration to craft high converting copies that are sure to make your email subscribers buy from you.

If you plan to recommend Kartra or other affiliate offers, you’ll find this super helpful.

Kartra Bonus #4: Group Convert Facebook Group Lead Generation Tool ($197)

Group convert tool

Group Convert is a clever piece of software in the form of chrome extension you can use to easily collect emails when people apply to join your Facebook group.

So, instead of trying to approve group members manually and get their email address for further re-marketing purposes – you automate everything with the help of this software.

Kartra Bonus #5: Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs List White Label Rights ($297 value)

list of recurring commissions

This is a list that contains a list of over 130-lifetime recurring affiliate programs. This is one of my most valuable assets and the largest of its kind you can ever find.

With the white-label right to this document, you can pass it off as your own, use it as a lead magnet to build your email list and use it the way you like.

You just saved yourself hundreds of hours of research looking for the best affiliate programs to join.

Kartra Bonus #6: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library White Label Rights ($197)


Here is where you find the exact Facebook ads of 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs so you can study what they’re doing and how they’re doing it when it comes to running Facebook ads.

Inside you’ll see the entire ad copies, Ad creatives of millionaire marketers like Russell Brunson, Dan Henry, Ryan Levesque Peng Joon and many more…

Use this resource as a guide and inspiration for your own Facebook ads or use it as a great lead magnet to give away and build your email list.

You Got Questions?

I want these bonuses now; how do I get them and when?

Good question! Like I said earlier you will have to buy Kartra using THIS LINK. Then once you do, you’ll get access to all your bonuses within 24 hours.

All you need to do is send me a quick message using my contact form and subject: “Kartra bonuses” with the email you used in signing up.

Which of Kartra plans must I be on before accessing my bonuses?

You can either be on any of the plans to qualify for my bonus package.

Do you offer coupons or bonuses for other Kartra products?

Ah! no coupon codes available anywhere for Kartra products.

And yes, I do offer bonuses for few other Kartra products when you buy through my link – but the standard bonuses only apply to Kartra Subscription.