Kartra Customer Service

Customers are a vital part of every business. Offering effective customer service support can be the difference between retaining customers and increasing your business revenue.

The more solutions you can refer to your customer, the higher the chances of keeping loyal and also helping you to reach others. With the Kartra customer support systems, you can provide excellent customer service to your clients.

How Kartra Offers Support to Users 

Customer support is a vital aspect of Kartraverse as most users may require assistance from time to time. 

Live Chat 

Kartra Live Chat

Live chat is a vital aspect of Kartra’s customer support. Users enjoy offers of 24/7 live support via the Kartra Helpdesk. 

This live chat feature is independent of time and human availability. In a situation where you are not online to attend to a customer who needs to chat, the system will automatically open a new helpdesk ticket.

With Kartra’s live chat support, you can invite an external agent to help you resolve customer issues if you are in a fix or don’t know the answer. You get alerts when there’s a live chat request from a customer to ensure you don’t miss it. 


Kartra Email Integration

An email is another good option for providing customer support. Many people communicate via their email. 

With Kartra’s email integration, you can send timely customer support emails from your brand’s unique domain name straight to your customer’s email box. Such emails give a personalized feel and make your customer more comfortable and confident in you.

While your customers interact with you via email, Kartra Helpdesk automatically reads the email and adds it to the corresponding ticket thread. Your customer support reps can visit the Kartra dashboard, and track and respond to their email requests from there.

Through analytics, you can determine when exactly your email request peaks and make the necessary decisions to get your support team up-to-date and available at those times.

Kartra allows you to effectively monitor and analyze your team’s response to customers. With the data acquired, you can determine the time and effort it takes them to proffer solutions to customers. 

Kartra Blog

Kartra Blog

Most marketers encounter various challenges and require answers to some common questions that may deter the quality of their requests. 

Some of these questions include:

  • What are Done-it-for-you campaigns about?
  • What are the best email subject lines to get clicks?
  • What is split testing, and should you do it?
  • Do you know how to make your campaigns convert?

Kartra Blog is loaded with answers to these questions which you can easily turn to if you find yourself in a fix. Beyond these questions, you will discover various content on the blog that’s relevant to marketers and business owners. 

You can visit the Kartra blog to feast on the various content available. All you are required to do is to enter any keyword in the search bar and the answer will pop up. 

Kartra Community Support

Kartra Facebook Page

Everyone needs a form of assistance from someone who has passed through a similar experience. This is where Kartra excels greatly. The platform has an active Facebook community of over 18,400 members.

The community is full of people who communicate daily on various topics or issues that may arise to find the appropriate solution. Additionally, if you have any problem you are sure to get the required answer if you ask on the page. 

Please note that the Facebook group is only for non-technical questions. If you have any technical questions, don’t bother to ask for answers because it’s not allowed in the group.

Kartraverse Center


As a novice when it comes to using the Kartra platform, you may experience some issues since you are just starting. Alternatively, you may have been swimming in the Kartra waters for a while but refreshing or upgrading your knowledge will go a long way. 

The simple solution is the Kartraverse Training Center, where you can do the Kartranaut Training Program.

The Kartranaut Training Program will train you on every setting and make you a master as you learn how to optimize the features. 

The training program is well structured as it offers course materials every week in an order that you need to know it. Every lesson is a continuation of the previous lesson which ensures you are well-grounded in the platform’s knowledge. 

The order of the training is important because each class is a prerequisite for the next class. For example, you are required to clearly understand lists before you can build any form, and only then can you learn to make a squeeze page.

One thing is certain, after the training, you will come out as a master possessing a thorough knowledge of Kartra and everything it offers.

Feature Request 

With Kartra there is always room for improvement. There is no doubt that the platform is packed with a lot of features that make it one of the best all-in-one marketing software out there. 

Since marketing practices are prone to evolve, new features become necessary. Some of these features may not be available yet which makes the platform open for improvement. 

Kartra management is quite open-minded and also values the thoughts and opinions of its users. If you have ideas on how to improve the platform or you have identified certain features that are lacking, you can make a request. 

You can submit your request by contacting the community with a detailed proposal for a new feature that the developing team can consider and bring to life. 

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