Kartra Funnels and Campaigns (A Comprehensive Guide)

Kartra Funnels and Campaignss

Kartra is a powerful marketing automation tool that helps you create campaigns and funnels.

Kartra offers many features, but some of the most important ones are: 

  • Kartra Funnels and campaigns
  • Kartra email automation
  • Kartra video
  • Kartra Calendars & Helpdesks
  • Kartra A/B tests
  • Kartra API

And many more.

Kartra is one of the greatest things to happen in the digital space.

It has an impressive list of features that make it a serious contender for your attention.

Kartra allows you to create personalized marketing campaigns that are geared towards your customer’s needs while also providing you with automated conversion tracking and reporting capabilities.

Our Pick

With Kartra you have all the tools you need ready-to-go at your fingertips, which makes it ridiculously easy to build and scale your online business fast… with tons of extra features at a more affordable price.

What is Kartra Funnels and Campaigns?

Kartra funnels and campaigns is a sophisticated feature in Kartra that lets you design and launch automated, sales-driving funnels in minutes.

This is what makes Kartra better than other funnel builders out there.

Kartra houses all the different parts of a funnel.

For example, pages are connected to optin forms which are connected to checkout which is connected to mailing lists, then to your memberships – where tags lead tagging happens.

They even provide Kartra done for you campaigns for free.

This is so interesting because Kartra lets you build funnels based on the different types of traffic without beating yourself on where, when, or how to start.

What Kartra Funnels and Campaigns Can Do: Kartra can make sure your sales process is seamless and easy for your customers while tracking every aspect of it. Kartra makes everything automated; from autoresponders to collecting payments, Kartra has got you covered.

Kartra automatically tracks each conversion point along a customer’s journey through an online funnel/store .

Meaning that you get all this information inside one dashboard (and not spread across at least 15 other tools).

Kartra campaigns lets businesses create their own marketing automation flows in minutes via simple drag & drop workflows.

Benefits of Kartra Funnels & Campaigns

Wondering why Kartra funnels are so important? Kartra’s funnels enable you to turn any business onto a lead generation machine by turning the website traffic into leads.

Here are the benefits:

1. Connect Seamlessly with Kartra Pages

Every page that you build in Kartra Pages can be connected to other pages. This way, the pages will work together to make a funnel.

2. The Sequence Builder

In marketing, a sequence builder is a tool to create the sequence of emails that Kartra will send. Kartra funnels give you more control over your email marketing strategy by allowing you to choose which content goes into each stage of an automated campaign or series of campaigns.

You can simply drag the different events into the sequence builder canvas and connect the flow with arrows.

Easy peasy.

Once you’ve created the sequence flow, Kartra will run it all by itself around the clock.

It also comes with YES and NO Booleans that lets you define alternative paths depending on YES and NO rules.

3. IFs and THENs Automations

Kartra if then automation

IF-THEN automation statements are Kartra’s way to help you create automated responses for your Kartra funnels.

Simply click on the THEN section, pick an event from Kartra Funnel Builder, and hit ADD ACTION > IF-THEN statement.

Once Kartra sees what needs to be done if a certain condition is met or not, it will do that act accordingly.

You can even set up multiple conditions in one sequence flow.

All of this flexibility makes Kartra one powerful tool when used correctly – but also super complicated at first glance because there are so many options available!

As always with automation tools like these, good planning ahead saves time later down the line once Kartra has been fully implemented into your marketing strategy.

4. Sumptuous Lead Tagging

In the simplest way:

Lead tagging allows you to see what people are interested in. When they show up, you can tell them what they want.

Lead tagging within your Kartra funnels would look something like this:

Tag a lead with “sign up for Kartra newsletter” when they enter their email into your Kartra landing page to grab a lead magnet.

The next time that sign-up fills out an application form, books a demo, or starts a trial form on your website, you can then tag them as ‘interested in Kartra’ and send them more content around using Kartra to skyrocket their business – because this is what they are interested in at this stage.

Do you get the point?

5. Done for You Plug-and-play campaigns

I kept the juicy part to be last.

The Kartra done for you campaigns is a juicy part of this entire Kartra funnels and campaigns.

You know, sometimes you don’t need to re-invent the wheel.

Instead, you could just use old campaigns that are proven by experts. You can import these with just one click into Kartra when they are ready for you to use.

Some of the world’s best online marketers, like Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins, have uploaded their marketing campaigns for Kartra customers to import.

The awesome thing is these campaigns have made money online.

We covered these Kartra done for you funnels and campaigns below.

Our Pick

With Kartra you have all the tools you need ready-to-go at your fingertips, which makes it ridiculously easy to build and scale your online business fast… with tons of extra features at a more affordable price.

Done For You Kartra Funnels and Campaigns

Here is a list of Kartra done for you funnels and campaigns:

Kartra Funnels #1: Simple List Builder

The Simple List Builder Funnel is a very straightforward two-page funnel that will help you collect leads to build your email list. 

It works by moving your prospect from an opt-in to a thank you page, using an eBook as a lead magnet.

Kartra Funnels #2: Quick Launch Campaign

The Quick Launch Campaign is a VSL-based campaign designed to get you sales.

It begins with an Educational VSL to keep your audience interested (along with a soft pitch).

If they don’t purchase, a scarcity-based email sequence will drive them to a Non-Educational VSL to encourage a purchase.

Kartra Funnels #3: Book Funnel

The Book Funnel Campaign is designed to make you money off a book sale, as well as develop a super receptive customer base.

It sends traffic from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and/or your email list to a Long Sales Page. Your traffic is directed from the ad to your Long Sales Page. 

Once they buy your book, they are given the opportunity to purchase additional products with a couple of 1-Click Upsells or a 1-Click Downsell.

Kartra Funnels #4: 4 Day Cash Machine

The Four Day Cash Machine (4DCM) Funnel Is designed for you to promote a time-sensitive sale. 

We sometimes call it a Reason Why Campaign because it provides the viewer with a specific reason why your product is on sale for a limited time.

Kartra Funnels #5: List Builder Sales Campaign

The List Builder Sales Campaign will help begin building your list and upsell them to your membership site. 

It brings your prospect from opt-in to a thank you page. 

Then you’ll have an email sequence that promotes your website (either a written or video sales page) introducing them to a membership site.

Kartra Funnels #6: eShop Campaign

The eShop Campaign not only helps you sell but will nurture your new customers and prime them to purchase more from your shop.

It comes with an example of a Catalog page that contains all your products, and because of the layout of the page, we recommend at least 4 products.

This campaign also includes email sequences allowing you to follow up with visitors to your products and with customers.

Kartra Funnels #7: MasterClass Campaign

The MasterClass Campaign is the single best way to position yourself as an expert in your field (while simultaneously actually helping your customers).

It allows you to take cold traffic, send that traffic to a registration page, then once they register, send them to a presentation page where they can watch the MasterClass.

Kartra Funnels #8: Digital Agency Campaign

The Digital Agency Campaign helps you take leads and convert them into agency clients.

It works by guiding leads to schedule an appointment with you, followed by a survey page to collect more information.

You can easily filter through applicants based on their responses.

Kartra Funnels #9: Free Membership Campaign

The Free Membership Campaign will help you drive traffic to a free Membership product, where you can then build a relationship with them, and upsell your new users on a paid membership product. 

Kartra Funnels #10: Membership System Campaign

The Membership System Campaign will help you build your membership base, even if your traffic is completely cold.

This campaign will send your traffic to an opt-in page that gives away a Lead Magnet in exchange for an email address.

The campaign has you then follow up via email, giving your new lead an opportunity to purchase a subscription to your Membership.

Kartra Funnels #11: Lead Magnet Campaign

The Lead Magnet Campaign is a simple way to get basic information from leads fast.

It works by taking cold traffic from your advertising, captures the cold traffic details, such as their name and email address, and allows you to promote your products to them.

As your Lead count grows, your business grows.

Kartra Funnels #12: Consulting Campaign

The Consulting Campaign is a simple, yet effective way to nurture cold leads into paid consulting clients.

This campaign takes advertising traffic and directs them to a presentation.

Automated tags will automatically determine if a viewer watches the entire presentation or not, and based on the result, will offer the viewer a free consultation call with you.

Kartra Funnels #13: Product Launch Campaign

The Product Launch Campaign is a must-have if you plan on launching a new product any time soon.

It takes advantage of Kartra’s advanced page builder features, specifically, Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM).

Kartra Funnels #14: TripWire Campaign

The TripWire Campaign is designed to get you warmer leads that are more likely to convert into buyers.

Essentially, you will offer your product for Free or for $1.00, and charge a nominal amount for shipping.

The campaign will then direct the Lead to a One-Time-Offer, a downsell, and then onto three additional product offers.

Kartra Funnels #15: Squeeze Page Campaign

The Squeeze Page Campaign is ideal for businesses that need to generate leads and grow their list.

The intent of the squeeze page is to bring something appealing to those that are on your page that may be annoyed and ready to leave.

It uses either a pop-up or distracting link to a landing page where you advertise a free product in exchange for the individuals’ email addresses.

Kartra Funnels #16: Query Campaign

The Query Campaign is for businesses who want to warm leads up and get more personalized with their information.

Not only will this campaign collect names and email addresses.

But it will also redirect visitors to a page where they can request more information on one of four topics.

Using Kartra’s Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM) technology, the campaign will only show the answers that interest your customer.

Kartra Funnels #17: VSL Campaign

The VSL (Video Sales Letter) Campaign is a powerful campaign to help you earn sales, even for products or services listed at a higher price point.

The VSL doesn’t use the free or almost free options.

This campaign lists your products at a more profitable price tag and is intended for businesses that already have a list and a product and want to make sales.

Kartra Funnels #18: 3 Step Application Campaign

The 3 Step Application Campaign is a fantastic way to get well-qualified leads for high-ticket coaching, courses, and events — typically over $2,000.

This campaign starts with an intro page complete with a video sales letter.

From there, you will direct viewers to yet another video page that contains a form with questions you use to qualify the Lead for your services.

Kartra Funnels #19: Sales Letter Campaign

The Sales Letter Campaign uses a traditional long-form sales letter to sell your products or services.

The campaign begins with a long sales letter web page and then redirects visitors to your one-time offer.

Depending on if they purchase or not, the campaign will redirect them to a profit max or downsell page, giving them yet another opportunity to buy.

Kartra Funnels #20: Cohesion Campaign

The Cohesion Campaign is sales funnel with a focus on customer retention and continuity. 

This campaign uses a Membership System where your prospects land on a trial membership offer page. 

Once they opt-in, they are automatically emailed a welcome message with their login information. 

The lead is then redirected to an UpSell page, where they are given the opportunity to purchase a full membership.

Kartra Funnels #21: Digital Daily Deal Campaign

The Digital Daily Deal Campaign is a great campaign for businesses that have three or more products to sell.

It’s essentially a sales funnel where you first capture your Prospects details, then redirect them to your Deals page, where you will have a new “deal” each day for three days.

BAM tracks the behavior of your lead and only shows them what is appropriate to them.

Kartra Funnels #22: Daily Deal Campaign

The Daily Deal Campaign is designed to gain new clients by providing them with an irresistible offer.

It starts by driving your traffic to a Daily Deal Opt-in Page.

Once the Prospect Opts-in, they are redirected to a daily deal page with a 24-hour offer.

This campaign contains a sequence that automatically reminds your Leads of the multiple daily deals they have not taken advantage of.

Our Pick

With Kartra you have all the tools you need ready-to-go at your fingertips, which makes it ridiculously easy to build and scale your online business fast… with tons of extra features at a more affordable price.

Kartra Funnels #23: One Page Campaign

The One Page Campaign is a fairly simple campaign giving you the opportunity to sell up to 3 Products which would include:

  • Main Product
  • Bump Product
  • Upsell Product

The campaign pushes your cold traffic directly to your sales page that contains your built-in checkout form.

Kartra Funnels #24: Extended Membership Campaign

The Extended Membership Campaign is designed to take your Main Membership Members to the next level.

By offering them an Advanced, VIP Membership by paying an additional fee.

Kartra Funnels #25: Lead Nurture Campaign

The Lead Nurture Campaign allows you to develop a relationship and trust before pushing for the sale of your product.

The sequence included in this campaign sends a series of 6 emails over 13 days.

The delays make this a lighter/softer approach whereby you “nurture” or care for, and encourage the process of first showing interest, then buying your product.

Final Thoughts

Kartra has a ton of features and capabilities, but the Kartra funnels and DFY campaign feature is what really stands out to me.

Plus, the fact that you share these funnels with anyone using the Kartra share funnel feature.

Real fact:

Creating a successful marketing campaign doesn’t have to be difficult.

Kartra is the only all-in-one, fast and intuitive software that will help you create campaigns from scratch or use templates for your specific needs.

Kartra can help you create marketing campaigns and funnel processes that are tailored to your customer’s needs.

If you want the best, most effective digital marketing strategy for your business, grab the Kartra free campaigns and funnels right here.