kartra vs getresponse

You’re probably considering Kartra and GetResponse, two great platforms to improve your online business operations.

Your choice between these platforms will depend on your specific needs, as each has its strengths and target audiences.

Kartra is an all-in-one platform that incorporates functionalities beyond email marketing. It caters to businesses looking for an integrated solution to handle everything from product creation to lead generation and conversion.

GetResponse is an appealing choice for marketers who center their marketing strategy around email communications and are looking for a dedicated tool to optimize these efforts.

In this guide, I’ll explain their features step-by-step and help you decide which platform to use.

Overview of Kartra vs GetResponse

Selecting the right marketing solution for your online business is crucial, and both Kartra and GetResponse offer a suite of tools designed to help. Below, you’ll find a targeted overview of these platforms.

Free trial30-day free (here)30-day (here)
PricingStarts at $119 monthlyIt starts at $19 monthly
Marketing FocusAll-in-One Marketing (Email, Funnels, Membership, Video, etc.)Email Marketing & Marketing Automation
Landing Pages & WebsitesAdvancedBasic
Appointment schedulingInbuilt softwareNo
CRMIncludedNot available
Email MarketingYes (Autoresponders)Advanced features (Autoresponders, A/B Testing, Segmentation)
Marketing AutomationFunnel & Campaign FocusedRobust workflows
WebinarsYes (Live & Automated)Yes (Live & On-Demand)
Video MarketingYes (Video Hosting & Marketing Tools)No
Membership SitesYesNo
Funnel & Campaign ManagementStrong Focus on Sales FunnelsBasic
E-commerce IntegrationsYesYes
Analytics & TrackingYes (Real-time)Yes
Customer SupportEmail & Live Chat24/7 Email & Live Chat
Kartra vs GetResponse Table

Kartra Overview

Kartra Homepage

Kartra is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform designed for online businesses. It offers many features, including web hosting, done-for-you page templates, funnel building, built-in checkout, helpdesk, and affiliate management tools.

Kartra allows you to promote and sell your products and services using an extensive list of robust features.

It is known for its all-in-one platform design, where creating visually appealing landing pages and high-converting sales funnels are drag-and-drop user-friendly.

It offers advanced sales and marketing tools, including video hosting, affiliate management, CRM, memberships, calendars, checkout pages, and more.

Kartra Pros

  • All-in-one platform
  • Robust automation tools
  • Built-in tools for affiliate management
  • User-friendly Interface
  • More cost-effective
  • Transparent pricing
  • Customizable checkouts

Kartra Cons

  • Limited Integrations
  • No free plan
  • Offers only essential SEO tools

GetResponse Overview


GetResponse is primarily an email marketing software offering a website builder and conversion funnel platform.

It is a digital marketing solution platform that offers email marketing, landing pages, CRM, advanced automation, and many other advanced features. With GetResponse, you can generate leads, plan marketing campaigns and manage sales, create email campaigns and newsletters, and more.

While GetResponse does not offer as broad a range of marketing tools as Kartra, it does provide a solid email marketing foundation for businesses looking to engage with their audience through targeted campaigns.

GetResponse Pros

  • Robust email marketing capabilities
  • Automated communication
  • Advanced funnel builder
  • AI email generator
  • Blog functionality
  • Robust reporting features
  • Webinar hosting

GetResponse Cons

  • Pricey for small businesses
  • Steep learning curve
  • Basic e-commerce features

GetResponse and Kartra: Core Features

In evaluating Kartra and GetResponse, it’s crucial to consider how each platform caters to your online business needs through its core functionalities.

Building Sales Funnels

Kartra Funnels and Campaignss

Both GetResponse and Kartra offer tools to help you build sales funnels, which are crucial for converting website visitors into customers. However, they cater to different levels of complexity and automation.

GetResponse Sales Funnels

GetResponse offers simple, pre-built sales funnels that are easy to set up. Use the drag-and-drop tools and templates to create landing pages, automate email sequences, and sell products without needing extensive technical knowledge.

However, customization options are limited.

Kartra excels at creating highly customizable sales funnels. Its drag-and-drop page builder and extensive features allow you to design unique landing pages and funnels tailored to your specific audience.

Email Marketing Capabilities

Both platforms feature strong email marketing capabilities, with tools for creating email newsletters and engaging your audience.

GetResponse particularly excels with its autoresponders and a vast array of professional templates, making it a strong solution for your email campaigns.

Kartra’s email system integrates seamlessly within its all-inclusive marketing solution, aligning with your funnels and pages for consistent messaging.

Marketing Automation and CRM

Kartra Lead Management

Regarding marketing automation and CRM functionalities, both services offer solutions to nurture leads and track customer relationships.

GetResponse’s automatic workflows allow for easy contact management and targeted campaigns based on user behavior.

Kartra adds to the mix comprehensive CRM capabilities, enabling more detailed lead scoring, tagging, and membership-level management that feeds into its broader ecosystem.

Membership Site Management

Kartra stands out with its membership site functionality, which includes a user-friendly interface for managing content, subscriptions, and member access levels.

The platforms create a seamless flow from the marketing funnels to content delivery within the memberships.

While GetResponse doesn’t specialize in membership sites, it integrates with other platforms to offer similar functionality.

E-commerce and Checkout Features

Lastly, in e-commerce and checkout, Kartra provides a more feature-rich environment. It includes various checkout options, affiliate management, and video hosting to support your sales processes.

GetResponse offers essential e-commerce features suitable for basic sales and online business operations. Its emphasis is stronger on the marketing side of transactions rather than the full sales process.


GetResponses offers a quick and easy marketing solution. Kartra offers a superior platform for building high-converting sales funnels.

Kartra vs GetResponse: User Experience and Design

When evaluating Kartra and GetResponse, distinct differences in user experience and design are crucial to maximizing your efficiency in campaign management and design output.

Ease of Use and Interface

Kartra stands out with its platform design, emphasizing a user-friendly interface where your tasks are managed from one central dashboard.

The drag-and-drop editor helps you craft sales pages and marketing funnels easily without needing technical skills.

In contrast, GetResponse, renowned for its email marketing tools, also offers an intuitive experience, but its interface is more geared towards automation and email campaigns than the broad spectrum of business tools that Kartra provides.

Templates, Forms, and Customization

Your ability to quickly launch campaigns hinges on the availability and versatility of templates and forms.

Kartra delivers several customizable templates perfect for creating high-converting landing pages and sales pages with a consistent brand image. Their responsive design ensures that your pages perform well across all devices.

GetResponse’s strength lies in its robust email template selection, which allows for a significant degree of customization. Although it lacks the sales funnel functionality, its drag-and-drop editor simplifies the process of creating attractive emails and forms.


Kartra wins with its central dashboard and drag-and-drop builders for landing pages and funnels. GetResponse has great email templates and customization options, but it is limited in its functions.

GetResponse vs Kartra: Pricing and Subscription Plans

When choosing between Kartra and GetResponse, understanding their pricing and specific subscription plans is crucial to determining which service aligns best with your budget and business needs.

Comparing Pricing Structures

Kartra Pricing

Kartra has a straightforward pricing scheme, with four monthly tiers ranging from $119 to $549. They also offer a 30-day free trial, allowing you to test the platform before committing.

The key advantage of Kartra is that most plans offer unlimited features, with the only limitation being the number of contacts you manage.

This makes Kartra more affordable for businesses with large email lists, as you won’t face additional charges for features like landing pages or sales funnels.

GetResponse pricing plans new

GetResponse starts at $19 per month and offers discounts for longer subscriptions (12 or 24 months). This makes it a more attractive option for businesses with smaller contact lists who prioritize a lower base price.

However, there’s a catch: GetResponse pricing scales based on the number of contacts you have. So, while the initial cost seems lower, it increases significantly as your list grows.


If you have a large customer base, Kartra is more cost-effective in the long run due to its unlimited features. However, if you’re just starting and budget is a top concern, GetResponse is a better fit.

GetResponse vs Kartra: Support and Resources

Both platforms offer a wealth of support options and educational resources, each designed to enhance your digital marketing efforts.

Customer Service and Support

Kartra customer support

Kartra delivers customer service through various channels, including a live chat feature and email support. The live chat offers quick response times, ensuring timely assistance.

Kartra offers a comprehensive help desk to guide you every step of the way. Get support through live chat, submit tickets, or even call them directly.

The good news is that even their most basic plan includes access to customer support, ensuring you get the help you need regardless of your pricing tier.

GetResponse Customer Support

GetResponse, comparably, provides a strong customer support system that comprises email and live chat.

This multi-channel support system allows you to get quick assistance whenever you encounter a problem or have a question. GetResponse’s customer service is generally well-regarded, with users appreciating the team’s responsiveness and helpfulness.

Training and Educational Materials

Kartra stands out with its comprehensive instructional videos and written tutorials, which guide users through the platform’s functionalities.

GetResponse also offers an impressive suite of tutorials and training materials, available directly on their website or through the dashboard.

Both services ensure you maximize their tools’ potential with a robust learning framework.


GetResponse has a great support system, but if fast and immediate assistance is crucial for your needs, Kartra’s live chat is the better option.

Kartra vs GetResponse: Integrations and Extensibility

Understanding how each platform integrates with other software and provides API access is crucial for your business needs.

API Access and External Software

Kartra API Key and API Password

Kartra offers you API access, enabling you to connect with various external software. The API documentation is thorough, providing the necessary resources to integrate your Kartra account with third-party tools.

This allows for a seamless workflow between Kartra and other systems you employ.

Additionally, Kartra has its marketplace, which expands the potential to connect with other users for business opportunities and joint ventures.

GetResponse Integrations

GetResponse, on the other hand, is not just an email marketing tool; it offers integrations with Zapier and other workflow products.

This creates a bridge to numerous applications, making GetResponse a flexible and adaptable option for your online business. Its API documentation is available to help you connect GetResponse with a wide range of services.

GetResponse has integrations with software like WebinarJam for webinars, enhancing your ability to host and manage webinars effectively.

To support your marketing efforts, both platforms offer integrations with services that provide royalty-free pictures, enhancing the visual appeal of your campaigns without the extra expense of buying images.


Kartra offers deep customization via API access. GetResponse prioritizes user-friendly integrations.

GetResponse vs Kartra: Performance and Reliability

This insight is pivotal to how effectively you run your marketing campaigns without interruptions and with full visibility into their performance. You’ll want to focus on how these platforms stand up regarding stability, speed, and data analytics.

Platform Stability and Speed

Kartra is known for its drag-and-drop page-building functionality that doesn’t compromise on speed. It enables you to create visually appealing landing pages quickly. Its all-in-one platform design is geared for high performance and ease of use.

GetResponse has received criticism for its platform, which feels outdated and potentially slower due to not keeping pace with the latest performance enhancements.

Uptime and Availability

Uptime is critical for maintaining seamless operations in your marketing efforts. Kartra and GetResponse strive to offer high uptime percentages, ensuring your campaigns run without significant disruptions.

The reliability of both platforms typically meets industry standards.


Kartra is known for its high performance and reliability.

Kartra vs GetResponse: Marketing Performance

GetResponse's marketing automation feature

GetResponse provides a solid foundation for understanding your email campaigns. It enables you to track essential metrics like click-through, open, and unsubscribe rates.

This allows you to gauge how well your emails resonate with your audience and identify which areas need improvement.

However, if you’re looking for a more advanced reporting suite to examine your marketing performance, Kartra offers it.

It goes beyond email metrics and potentially allows you to analyze data from landing pages, sales funnels, and other marketing activities within the platform (depending on your plan).

This lets you see your audience’s entire journey, providing valuable insights into what’s working and what’s not across your entire marketing strategy.


Kartra’s advanced reporting gives a more holistic view of your marketing effectiveness.

Company Presence and Market Position

Kartra and GetResponse have established themselves as major players in the competitive landscape of online marketing platforms.

Their market positions are influenced by their features, industry recognition, and effectiveness in meeting the demands of online businesses and affiliates.

Competitive Analysis

Kartra positions itself as a comprehensive marketing platform, directly competing with Keap and ClickFunnels. These platforms provide a range of services, including the creation of sales funnels, email marketing, and affiliate management.

Kartra’s edge lies in its integrated approach. It offers users a suite of tools to streamline the creation and optimization of digital marketing campaigns.

GetResponse primarily started as an email marketing solution but has expanded its services to include marketing automation, landing pages, and webinar hosting.

Compared to Keap and ClickFunnels, GetResponse focuses more on user-friendly email marketing and automation solutions, emphasizing simplicity and effectiveness.

Industry Reputation and Authority

Kartra and GetResponse have gained considerable recognition as reliable tools among recognized entities in the digital marketing space.

Kartra is often praised for its robust affiliate management system and powerful funnel-building capabilities, essential for running a successful online business.

GetResponse enjoys a solid reputation for its email marketing prowess. Many users find its platform ideally suited for managing email campaigns and marketing automation.


Both platforms maintain significant market positions and are respected by industry professionals for their specialized solutions.

GetResponse or Kartra? My Recommendation

Kartra wins for busy marketers!

It combines email marketing, sales funnels, memberships, and more into one platform. No need to juggle multiple tools. Kartra’s powerful tracking and analytics help you see what’s working and what’s not, so you will focus on what generates results.

Grow your business faster with Kartra’s all-in-one marketing solution.

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