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Kevin David


This post contains everything there is to know about Kevin David.

His net worth, his courses, his social network following, records, net worth and why is he the right guy to pull you through all your online marketing struggles and every other thing.

So, who’s this guy anyway? Why is it so important to want to know a few or as many things about him?

There are a lot of things about this dude I bet you never knew. And one of the reasons why I decided to write about Kevin is that he has impacted my life in a little way that opened doors for me.

Especially the FB and Agency Ninja course…

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Let me leave that story for another day…

In this Kevin David (ThatLifestyleNinja) review, check out what we are going to be covering below:

Who Is Kevin David?

I guess you’ve heard of the Shopify Ninja, Amazon FBA Ninja, Facebook Ads Ninja, and other courses such as the ClickFunnels Masterclass course?

Kevin David is the brain behind them all.

Back to the question. Kevin David is the Founder and CEO of ThatLifestyleNinja , he is a self-made e-commerce million-dollar entrepreneur, who before his fortune had his ups and downs working in an enclosed cubicle and transitioned into the online marketing space.

Kevin David - ThatLifeStyleNinja

Graduating from Oregon State Honors College with distinctions, he went on to take up a job on Facebook as an accountant – a dream job you would guess.

But dissatisfied with the job however, he shifted his attention to making money online. Deeping further as a starter in affiliate marketing, he soon discovered Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) which made him a millionaire within months.

Ever since then, Kevin David has not looked back in high earning marketing.  In his first weeks of starting out on the Amazon FBA, he was already earning $1,000 every single week, nonetheless to say he banked in $2.1 million in profit that same year.

Following up with his success and the innate desire of breaking people free from the 9-5 struggle, Kevin David has been obsessed with helping people live a financially accomplished life…

Which is evident in his free content and courses.

Like his constant highly in-demand YouTube videos – which includes few other ways one could make a living online, live healthily, and get fired up motivationally.

And his Ninja Revolution which boasts of 509,547+ registered students at the moment, as well as helping 2,376+ students quit their jobs already in the process.

Imagine a guy doing all this before the age of 30. I think Kevin David is about 28 years old at the time of writing this.

Isn’t that insane?

Kevin David Awards and Features

Kevin started completely broke working 80-hour weeks at his dead-end job as an accountant (on Facebook). In one short year, he built a highly profitable eCommerce business, bought his dream car, moved into his dream house, and has since helped thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs create online businesses and passive income.

Like I said earlier he is on a mission to help others achieve their dreams using his PROVEN methods, this will tell you that Kevin David is not a scam and not ready to reap anyone off his money. The numerous reviews from his students speak for him.

All that out of the way…

Kevin David has also won multiple 2comma club awards. This is an award given by ClickFunnels to online entrepreneurs whose sales funnel has done over 1 million in revenue. That’s a seven-figure award.

2comma award Kevin David

As if he is just getting started, he went further to also win the 2-comma club X award. When I first heard this I was like – what the heck is 2 comma club X?

This is also called the 8-figure award. An award is given to entrepreneurs who did over 10 million using a single sales funnel. Yes, Kevin funnel (built on ClickFunnels) did 8figures!

Kevin David ClickFunnels award FHL

He has also been featured on many outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur magazine, plus many others. Even though KD is not much known to be an affiliate marketer but he has won the coveted ClickFunnels dream car award.

Meaning he has signed up over 100 ClickFunnels users as an affiliate and ClickFunnels would have to pay for his dream car.

Dream car award Kevin David

Kevin David Courses

Kevin David has created numerous valuable courses aimed at taking individuals from struggling entrepreneur or marketer to professionals in no time.

Kevin David is a nice guy as he gives value a whole lot consideration as against the value of his courses in monetary terms. However, of all the courses created by Kevin David, you have full lifetime access (to coaching calls, updates, etc.) whenever you decided to become a part.

Let’s look into the courses now:

#1: Shopify Ninja Masterclass Dropshipping Course

We both know that Kevin David is a renowned eCommerce expert. He has built multiple Shopify stores that did (and still) doing millions in revenue. He didn’t wish to keep all that knowledge to himself…

That was he decided to create a course outlining every step he took in building his Dropshipping businesses. He named it Shopify Ninja Masterclass.

Everything he teaches inside this course has been proven to yield amazing results. He put his years of failures, success, and testing into this course to succeed with Shopify Dropshipping.

You can check out his free Masterclass on Shopify on how he does this or read more about it in this review.

How much does it cost? At the moment the Shopify Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David costs $997 for a one-time payment of lifetime access to future upgrades, group calls, and bonuses.

#2: Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Course

I first discovered this course through one of Kevin’s most viewed videos on YouTube. Guess? Yes, it’s a Facebook Ads training video with more than 1 million views.

And that was 2017.

Kevin David Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is undoubtedly the best Facebook Ads course I have seen around with lots of advanced and updated Facebook advertising strategies.

This course boasts of showing you how you can start your own business empire with or without your own product utilizing the power of Facebook advertising.

I have done a very comprehensive review of Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass; you can check it out if you want to learn and master how Facebook Ads work or have plans to establish an Ad agency. I have to warn that it not a cheap course ($1997).

But you are learning from a guru.

Or check out his free Facebook Masterclass training for free, before you invest.

#3: Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass Course

This is another paid course by Kevin David which is focused on creating a successful Amazon FBA business. The Zon Ninja Masterclass will walk you through how on how to find profitable Amazon products and methods that will help you scale faster.

This course contains 8 core modules, plus 5 bonuses, with over 120+ in-depth video lessons and detailed notes to follow along with the course.

The Amazon Ninja Course Masterclass by Kevin David is also an in-depth one (just like his other courses) and you should know this is going to be expensive. It costs $1,997.

You have lifetime access to the course; this includes all the new course content and exclusive access to the private Amazon Zon Ninja family student group.

You also go through the free Amazon Ninja Masterclass free training before investing. To see if it’s the right fit for you.

#4: Digital Course Secrets

This is a course Kevin David created to teach those who desire to monetize their skill or knowledge through online course creation. The DCS is all about a step-by-step method to create your own online course successfully to make passive income.

Not just creating and selling valuable digital courses… But the building of a loyal audience begging to pay for your content.

This reminds me of the Expert Secrets book by Russell Brunson.

Click here for details about Digital course secrets. You can also watch the free training here which I think you need to see before investing.

At the moment the DCS course costs $1,997. The last time I spoke to Kevin he said he might increase the price due to the attention all student receives inside the DCS community.

The results students are getting from this course is darn amazing!

All of Kevin’s courses have a refund policy, so you don’t need to worry as he offers 14days moneyback guarantee on all of them.

#5: Ultimate ClickFunnels Masterclass Course

This the cheapest of all Kevin David’s course.

The Ultimate ClickFunnels Masterclass is course he decided to do for folks who are looking for ClickFunnels training and courses for mastering the CF and sales funnels in general.

This is like a pretty much basic course on how to get your way around ClickFunnels software. And he hosted this on the #1 online course marketplace, Udemy.

Kevin David has made 8 figures in his business and selling his products using ClickFunnels – this means he knows everything when it comes to using ClickFunnels.

Click here get this course for $10 to $12 on Udemy (discounted).

Kevin David On Social Media

Kevin David has a good number of fans across all his social media. That’s one the characteristics of being a good online marketer. A good internet entrepreneur must be able to influence as well.

Social media

Note that the below numbers were accurate as at when writing this post, it could have probably changed (increase or decrease) when you’re reading this. Mostly likely increased. 😊

Kevin David – Facebook.

He has 12,600+ total numbers of followers (including me) on his personal Facebook Profile. Then for his official Facebook page, he has a whopping 237,600+ followers.

Kevin David – Twitter

On his Twitter page, he has 7,000+ numbers of followers following up with him over there

Kevin David – Instagram

He is much active over here with a whopping 140k follower on Instagram and growing.

Kevin David Instagram handle

Kevin David – LinkedIn

Kevin David also has a good number of followers on LinkedIn amounting to 1,300+ as at this writing.

Kevin David – YouTube

Having uploaded over hundreds of videos on his YouTube Channel, Kevin David has over a total number of 600k+ subscribers (and counting) on his YouTube Channel.

Kevin David YouTube Channel

This is where I follow up with Kevin David the most. Because he shares more great stuff here than on any of his other profile.

Kevin David Net Worth

I guess you might be more inclined to know how much this dude is worth going by his record-breaking earnings.  Well, no media can categorically say how much he’s worth as he’s yet to declare his asset, but from his earnings and awards, you could guess the range of his worth.

In 2016, the year he started out with Amazon FBA, Kevin David banked in $2.1 million. So, it is believed and fair to say Kevin David is worth between $5 million up to $20 million.

But in my honest opinion, it could be way more than that for an online marketer that does what does. But let’s just stay in-between…  I’m just btw, who knows.

Kevin David Podcast

Kevin David podcast

In “The Ninja Podcast with Kevin David”, available on, David explains his philosophy and his different courses.

It also gives some tips and tricks for creating and maintaining successful online businesses. These podcasts have over 2,000+ downloads each. The most popular episode of 2019 is titled “How the rich get rich – understand the why”.

Many of these podcasts explore the mindsets and strategies that entrepreneurs need to succeed in order to become truly profitable.

David describes learning these minds as a “punch” in the brain and wants to help those attending his classes and listen to his podcasts to fulfill their dream of becoming a millionaire.

It also deals with more difficult topics, such as depression and loneliness, and how online business people can tackle these issues.

Kevin David Webinar

If you are interested in going through some of Kevin David’s Webinar or free training before you jump on any of his courses. Which almost everyone does.

Below are the links to his webinars:

Amazon FBA Ninja Webinar

  • Click here to register

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Webinar

  • Click here to register

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Webinar

  • Click here to register

Digital Course Secrets Webinar

  • Click here to register

You can also go over to his YouTube channel to subscribe and watch out for his super valuable video contents. I have learned a ton there.