MissingLettr Review

This isn’t a bluff!

You didn’t end up here by mistake. MissingLettr is indeed a WICKED tool when it comes to simplifying processes for both expert and beginner bloggers.

The question now is… How wicked?

You’ll find out soon.

We bloggers are always confronted with similar pains and distress when it comes to running, maintaining and consistent promotion of our blog posts.

Most of these problems often lead bloggers to quit within their first year blogging experience.

I’m so EXCITED to share with you another review of a tool called MissingLettr which happens to be the perfect solution to such painful blogging exercise.

Why do most bloggers give-up?

bloggers give up

When I first embarked on my blogging voyage few years back… Hey buddy, it wasn’t as easy as I was told.

The first 3 months was hectic and uneasy for me, I had 2 options.

Quit blogging and be a looser


Ride on and face whatever comes out of it.

But the decision I made kept me till this point.

These were few of the problems I encountered:

  • Lack of traffic
  • Lack of social shares
  • No blog comments
  • Problems promoting the blog and posts
  • Lack of post ideas

That might be your case too

I know

After so much SEO optimization and few applied tactics, I got little traction through search engines.

But users engagements were still very much low.

Comments, likes, retweets, hearts, shares and the likes

I guess that might be your situation now, if not for a long time.

–Story cut short—

Then MissingLettr came along and uplifted my social and blog engagement level.



Let’s get down to the proper review of this awesome software called MissingLetter.

What is MissingLettr?


There is a bonus for you towards the ending of this post, please don’t miss it for any reason. – Khris

Everything you need to know about MissingLettr

Most of you might have heard about this tool but never had full idea of what it does. In a simpler term, MissingLettr is a tool used for promoting your blog posts -easier, faster and smoother- on social media platforms up to year, on automation.

Yes you heard it correctly! MissingLettr auto-shares your blog posts within a year time frame.

It allows you to creates automated social media social media campaigns for your blog posts to multiple social media platforms.

Hey don’t get it twisted here!

This is far more different from the regular social media scheduling, publishing, and automation tools out there such as AgoraPulse, Social Pilot and others.

MissingLettr squeezes more juice out of your posts by generating snippets off your contents to be shared.

That’s just a tip of the ICEBERG!

What makes MissingLettr different?

A lot of things!

The only manual tasks while using MissingLettr is; approving campaigns.

  • You do not have to worry about coming up with social media posts from your blog
  • You don’t have to worry about visual appealing images which is to be used
  • In fact you do not need to overthink #hashtag usage during your campaigns

Those are already covered.

MissingLettr scrapes your blog post content and auto-generates all the above elements to be shared within 12 months interval.

But why 12 months interval?

MissingLettr slowly promotes your blog posts in an organized and “drip” manner. This campaign type of promotion is called a DRIP CAMPAIGN.

Do you know of any other social media automation tool that lets you create a marketing campaign for every of your blog posts that runs for a whole year?

Let me know if you do… Please

Instead of just sharing your blog post once, this tool drips out your content in succession. And also uses an advanced technology called ‘Natural Language Processing’ to read through your post and detect the relevant highlights to be distributed.

Click here to get access to Missinglettr FREE blog promotion webinar and how to use the tool in maximizing your traffic.

Here is how MissingLettr delivers and publishes your contents on social media:

Day 0: Content are approved and first content is rolled out

Day 3: Second content is distributed

Day 7: The third generated content is rolled out to your social platforms

Day 14: Another snippet from your blog is published

Day 30: Your fifth content rolls out

Day 90: Another piece of your content is shared

Day 180: Another different content rolls out

Day 270: Amazing snippets is shared across your connected profile

Day 365: The last content on the drip is shared.

The entire above schedule will be shared with some of your post images and amazing quote bubbles designs, or you can upload a custom image for your post.

Don’t get confounded yet if all these look recent to you.

We shall go in-depth on how to use MissingLettr to automate and share your blog post on autopilot.

Why I love this “drip campaign” format is that people will not get bored with your blog post overtime.

Basic features of MissingLettr

Features of missinglettr

MissingLettr offers a lot of mouthwatering features that I found irresistible which lured me into giving it a try before I finally settled permanently for this software.

Below are the complete features:

URL shortener

Your posts’ URL are shortened using Google’s URL shortener; goo.gl. This makes tracking of your post link easier. There is also availability of custom  URL shorteners for the Missinglettr advanced plans.

You can also call this conversion tracking features.

Automated publishing

This is the main feature of every social media marketing tool which aim is to distribute contents. MissingLettr does it great when it comes to automating the generated blog highlights to social media.

Content management features

This tool as you already know by now helps you to create custom content templates; images, snippets with less work on your end, without you cracking up your cracking up your head for snippet ideas or images to be promoted alongside with your link.

All you need to battle with here is just to approve the suggested content.

Posts Scheduling

MissingLettr helps you schedule your specified campaign depending on your preferred date the time you which for your blog post to start running.

Multiple account management

This feature will be the ideal suit for you if you work in teams or manage clients blog promotion activities. Here you can add more than 10 team members to MissingLettr account for the management of several social accounts with scores of outgoing campaigns weekly.

Auto-repurpose your content on Medium.com

If you want to scoop more traffic and gain popularity and with your blog post without having to write more, then repurposing your content on this blog promotion and distribution site should be an ideal option.

MissingLettr had made it even more seamless for you.

What are the other benefits of using MissingLettr for my blog?

Missinglettr campaign
  • Helps me save time so that I can focus on other aspects of my business. I do not have to come online for my social profile to stay fresh and alive, It is already done for me.
  • You do not need to create afresh; your social media posts, MissingLettr will save that time for you and compose a great piece to be shared across.
  • MissingLettr helps you create engaging and visual tweets for your twitter profile. This is my favorite feature.
  • Very easy to setup and use. Even if you’re lost within the tool(which can never happen), the founder of Missinglettr, Benjamin Dell and his partner are always there for you. A very friendly crew.
  • MissingLettr is easy to learn, use and setup. There is also webinar training on how to use this software and get the best out of it.
  • With this social media marketing tool, you can create images along with your name, brand name, and image.

How does MissingLettr works?

In this part of this review we shall be looking at how to use MissingLettr from a novice perspective to a more advanced usage of MissingLettr .

Not just that, I will also walk you through on how to effectively utilize MissingLettr and drive more traffic to your blog.

Below is how to use and setup MissingLettr:

Martha Hampton Missinglettr testimonial

Step 1: Signup and connect your blog to MissingLettr

After signing up to MissingLettr and confirming your email address. You will then have to login and add your BLOG SITE DETAILS:

MissingLettr Reviews - site details
  • Title
  • Blog Type/Purpose
  • RSS Feed URL

You will connect your blog to it so that any new post on your blog (or even older posts) will be ready for promotion.


The only way to give MissingLettr access to this is to add your blog RSS feed address.

If you do not know your RSS feed address, just input your ‘yourdomain.com/feed’. This option is basically for WordPress sites.

Missinglettr site details

Or better still

Input the address where your blog posts resides

Missinglettr RSS feed


This is where you have to verify that Missinglettr is actually going to take contents off your blog accurately.

Missinglettr calibration

Click on “Start Calibration” and give it few seconds to load up your site and make few adjustments.

Adjust Accept calibration

Once you’re satisfied with what you see, accept the calibration results by clicking “Looks good”. If not make your own adjustments manually.


Setup missinglettr branding

This is the where you can add the blog Author Name (If there are multiple authors leave it blank), Brand name, Quote Image layout and Brand image.

-Below is what you should add there-

Brand name will be whatever business name your blog operates under. If you do not a business yet, add your domain name there.

Quote image – This is a layout quote bubble image generated by MissingLettr which makes your automated posts more engaging, professional and compelling to your audience.

Brand Image – is the image that shows up beneath the quote bubble. If you do not have an image to upload, Missing Letter will automatically use the profile image from your individual connected social media profile.

Missinglettr reviews

You’ve now successfully configured your new site. Straight to your dashboard!

Step 2: Connect Your Social Media accounts

This is the step we add our social media profiles to MissingLetter, these are the platforms we will be sending our drip campaigns to.

Connect social media

Click on the “+ Add social profile” button and a field will be shown for you to choose your desired social media platform. Like the below

Now after selecting the platform, you’ll have to authorize MissingLettr to the social profile.

Select social media

Then select from the list of pages or profile related to that account.

Step 3: Set up branding (Quote bubble option)

I don’t really bother much about this section because I’m okay with the default branding option given by MissingLettr.

But if you’re the fancy type of person then navigate to the “Quote bubble” option in the “Settings” tab.

Missinglettr quote bubble

As you can see there are 4 tabs on the quote bubble settings page, they are:

  • Active templates on this site
  • My template library
  • Premium templates
  • And Branding Settings

Side note: These branding settings are available only to paid users. If you’re on free plan, the MissingLettr default quote bubble will b used for your campaigns.

I won’t dive too deep into each of these MissingLettr branding options, but if you would like to explore around it feel free.

Edit, test and choose your preferred color, bubble, texts etc…

Ian Anderson - missinglettr testimonial

Step 4: Creating and scheduling your campaign on MissingLettr

This step is all about how to create your campaign on MissingLettr and let them run automatically throughout one year. You can also call it a tutorial.

This blog promotion app will detect your previous blog posts and even the recently published ones (RSS feed made that possible), and you’ll have various categories of your campaigns.

  • Waiting: Campaigns you can create. You can either reject or create campaign. When you select “Create campaign” it moves to “Ready to review”
Missinglettr review - waiting campaign
  • Ready to review: Check if all the necessary post campaign elements like; #hashtag, snippets are okay. You can make edits if not satisfied.

This review section consists of 4 stages. See them in the images below

Missinglettr campaign review
  • Paused: A campaign that has been halted.
  • Cancelled: This is where you cancelled campaigns are.
  • Active: Any campaign which you have approved will be moved to this tab. This is where your running posts reside.

Setting up campaigns on MissingLettr

You have the ability to command MisingLettr on how and when to send out your blog posts to your social media profiles. You can find that under the “SCHEDULE” settings on the dashboard.

This is where you select certain days of the week, and time zone which you’d prefer your posts to be sent out.

Missinglettr campaign schedule

You can set days which you do not want your campaign to be distributed; this can be achieved with the blacklist option.

MissingLettr review: Other things you need to know

  1. For Facebook campaigns on MissingLettr, you need to manually approve each of the posts in order to comply with Facebooks’ TOS.
Facebook TOS

As you already know, MissingLettr auto-generates snippets to be posted across social platforms, and not the user.

So it is advised that after MissingLettr might have extracted its own content, just write(edit) your own content manually for Facebook.

Other than allowing computer to automatically generate/post to your social profile.

I actually do not post on Facebook using MissingLettr, the traffic from Twitter does the magic for me. You know how rigid FB algorithm is.

  1. You can manually create/add your own post if you don’t want to use MissingLettr’s auto generated posts. What MissingLettr will do for you is; to help you share it over the next 12 months.
  2. You can as well add an older blog post (probably not on the waiting category) to be shared. Just click on the “Add blog post” and enter the URL. You’ll follow the creation process as usual.
Add new blog post
  1. You are not limited to be served according to MissingLettr’s time table. You can go to the calendar option and create as many post update as you like. As you can see below I’ve added extra posts to days it wasn’t assigned to by Missinglettr.
Added posts

MissingLettr Integrations

The social media accounts you can connect to MissingLettr includes:

  • Facebook: Post on pages with character limit of 1000
  • Twitter: Character limit of 280
  • LinkedIn; Posts on pages and profiles with character limit of 600
  • Google+: Pages and profiles with character limit of 1000
  • Pinterest? coming soonest

Who is MissingLettr meant for?

This software is specially designed for:

  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Writers
  • Agency owners
  • Social media managers
  • Freelancers
  • Founders and CEOs

MissingLettr Pricing

MissingLettr is priced into 2 plan types; one for individuals and the other for teams. They are both subdivided further according to workload and number of profiles, campaigns and sites.

Below are the breakdowns:

Missinglettr Individuals Plan Pricing

FREE PLAN – $0 per/month

This is the plan suitable for starters with limited funds and also blogs few times a month. Features include:

1 site

2 new campaigns per month

1 social profile

0 team members

Missinglettr branding present

URL’s shortened using goo.gl

PERSONAL PLAN – $15 per/mo

Missinglettr personal plan is the cheapest paid plan and it is meant for bloggers who blogs few times a week. Features include:

2 sites

4 new campaigns per week

4 social profiles

0 team members

2 image branding themes

Upload images

Export campaign assets

URL’s shortened using goo.gl

Campaigns of past posts

Basic Analytics


Use this link to get 50% off ANY plan for the 1st 3 months

BUSINESS PLAN – $40 per/mo

If you handle multiple niche blogs and post contents on your blog on a daily basis, this is the ideal plan for you. Features of Missinglettr best seller plan include:

Unlimited sites

10 new campaigns weekly

10 social profiles

0 team members

Everything from PERSONAL including:

Custom URL shorteners

Unlimited image branding themes

Custom content templates

Custom schedule templates

Custom UTM parameters

Auto Medium.com repurposing

Ability to create campaigns for external URL’s

Missinglettr Teams Plan Pricing

SMALL TEAM – $65 per/mo

This the right plan for small business partners of 2

Unlimited sites

10 new campaigns per week

25 social profiles

1 team member

Everything from BUSINESS plan including:

External campaign approvals

MEDIUM TEAM – $120 per/mo

MissingLettr Medium plan will be suitable for your businesses with a few founding partners or business that employs some marketers for their campaigns. Features are:

Unlimited sites

25 new campaigns per/wk

50 social profiles

10 team members

Everything from BUSINESS plan including:

External campaign approvals

LARGE TEAM – $230 per/mo

This is for large corporation or enterprise with a lot of teams that manages their sites.

Unlimited sites

50 new campaigns per/wk

75 social profiles

25 team members

Everything from BUSINESS plan including:

External campaign approvals


Use this link to get 50% off ANY plan for the 1st 3 months

Pros and Cons of MissingLettr

Being powerful and intuitive social media software that eases blog promotion and content posting task for marketers and bloggers, if I’m to round up this review without mentioning the shortcomings of Missinglettr then I should be called a …..


Anyway that’s not gonna happen.

Pros of Missinglettr

I assume you already know most of the pros of Missinglettr, but below are few others:

  • This is so easy to learn and use
  • Makes scheduling of blog posts to social media efficient
  • A very responsive customer support.
  • Training available for newbies on how to take their blog to another level.

Click here to get access to Missinglettr FREE blog promotion webinar and how to use the tool in maximizing your traffic.

Cons of Missinglettr

  • Some of the images generated from my blog post are not so compelling, so I had to make sure that every of my blog images becomes a very unique one. More expenses on for me on blog images.
  • Sometimes I have to manually edit the generated snippets myself before I approve, because the generated ones aren’t amazing enough to be shared.
  • I have to manually approve Facebook posts myself. Generated posts are against their Terms of Services(non-auto posting policy)

Missinglettr Review: You Decide, I’m done!

At this point I think I no longer have much to say about Missinglettr, but all I can say is that I’ve been using this cool software for months now and it has been a blessing to my blog.

I mean a blessing to me.

I’ve never regretted being a user so far. Neither my clients

James Gill testimonial

From my research so far I haven’t read any foul smelling negative reviews about Missinglettr

Maybe you should try the free plan. You have nothing to lose buddy.

I know there are other Missinglettr alternatives like:

  • Loomly
  • Buffer
  • Zoho social
  • Tweetdeck
  • PromoRepublic and etc

But I find it difficult settling for the one that does what Missinglettr does for my blog, that was why I finally got sold to it.

What about you?

If you know any please do share with me. I’m serious!


How do you promote your blog posts on auto pilot?

Share with me in the comment section

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