One Group Away Challenge Review: Can It Help Build, Grow & Monetize My Facebook Group?

One Group Away Challenge Review: Can It Help Build, Grow & Monetize My Facebook Group?

Wondering if the One Group Away Challenge (OGAC) is worth the price?

Or maybe you’ve been thinking if this Facebook group course program can really help build, grow and monetize your new Facebook group?

Or maybe you’re looking for a way to restore and revive your dead-old FB group and make money organically on Facebook?

You can enroll for this free organic lead generation training or keep reading this OGAC review.

So, let this One Group Away Challenge review be the holy-book that guides you in making the right decision…

To avoid regrets.

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Here is the table of content for this review:

Let’s get started!

Why Facebook Group?

Launching your own Facebook group can be a game-changer for your business. Once you become the landlord of an active and engaging Facebook group in your niche – capable of bringing you customers on autopilot…

It becomes a lot easier to market your products, sell your services, build your email list, launch a new offer, carry out market research, and a ton of other marketing campaigns that bring in more cash to your bank account.

As Facebook now places a new focus on groups.

Fact: Facebook loves and favors groups as they tend to help keep more users on the platform.

Of course, first, you need to know and master the art of growing, monetizing and maintaining a profitable Facebook group.

And that means answering some disturbing-tricky questions, like:

  • How do I start a brand-new Facebook group?
  • How do I bring in members to my group?
  • What should I do to revive my dead Facebook group?
  • How do I grow my Facebook group organically?
  • What number of Facebook group members can make me money?
  • How do I keep my group super-engaged?
  • How do I monetize my Facebook group?
  • What does it require to run a successful Facebook group?

And so on…

Unlike every other marketing skill:

Facebook group growth-hacking is a rare skill.

No doubt.

But once you master it – you can make a shit load of money from it without having a website, email list, YouTube channel or huge Instagram following.

That’s one of the reasons I developed a keen interest in Facebook groups, started looking into it and even shared a few stuff I learned in ways I promote one of my favorite tools here.

That aside, let proceed with the business of the day.

What Is One Group Away Challenge?

One Group Away Challenge is a step-by-step coaching program series that takes you through the process to learn and master how to grow, engage & monetize a Facebook without overwhelming, stress or spamming your links all over your Facebook profile, email lists or messenger contacts.

The “One Group Away” Challenge is the ticket for building a tribe of superfans, who adore you as an authority in your space, would go to battle for you if it came down to it, and who would buy a 2-hour album of lip farts if you suggested it, just because the recommendation came from you.

About The Creator – Alex Elliot

I first heard about Alex sometime ago when ClickFunnels listed the top affiliates for the life-changing One Funnel Away Challenge affiliate contest.

Alex Elliot

Yup! Alex Elliot was among the top 10 who made the most sales for that 30 days coaching program.

They’re were invited to hang out for an affiliate mastermind in McCall, Idaho.

Alex discovered the power of Facebook groups while trying to figure out a way to drive free/organic traffic to her affiliate marketing business.

On her adventure – she spent hundreds of hours investing and learning from the best, studying the patterns and psychology behind a successful group.

After cracking the code…

… she poured everything she learned into a Proven System — complete with templates and a simple step-by-step strategy.

In the One Group Away Challenge.

Being a Leaderboard-topping Super Affiliate, Facebook Groups Monetization Expert and the creator of the “One Group Away” Challenge…

…Alex believes that Facebook Groups are the best way to authentically connect with your audience, build a tribe of super fans who know, like, trust and buy from you, and increase your impact, influence, and income. In this training, you will learn the winning formula for building your audience and generating sales organically on Facebook

Who Is One Group Away Challenge For?

The One Group Away Challenge is designed separately for those who want to leverage the power of organic marketing using Facebook groups and profile in driving sales to their businesses, without spending a penny on paid advertising. And at the same time building a tribe of fans who trust them.

If your business is the type that runs and lives on online traffic and audience building – then I think you’ll find a gem in this course.

Like, if you’re into:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Network marketing
  • Course creation
  • Coaching/consultancy
  • Digital product creation
  • SaaS entrepreneurship
  • Authors and Bloggers

And so on…

Who Is One Group Away Challenge Not For?

Just like every other marketing courses out there – OGAC isn’t meant for everyone!

Especially if you’re into some type of physical product.


Even if you fall under the category of online marketers, coaches, consultants, etc.… and you’re not serious about your business or aren’t willing to put in the time and effort to do what it takes to achieve your goals…

I would humbly advise shouldn’t sign up for this challenge.

This is not for you!

As IT IS with every online marketing strategy taught in practical courses and programs – so IT IS with the One Group Away Challenge.

You have to play your part (aka. doing the WORK).

I think If you do what Alex shows you, and keep at, you’ll see results. Just like those sharing their testimony in here.

One Group Away Challenge Pricing

The “One Group Away” Challenge costs $497 for lifetime access to all the contents inside the three (3) levels/phases of this challenge.

The first phase teaches you how to Build, Attract & Grow. The second phase takes you through the learning process of how to Serve, Engage, & Prime to Buy and finally the third phase of the challenge is all about Monetizing, Automating & Outsourcing your FB group on autopilot.

All for $497!

One Group Away Challenge price

Plus, some of the bonuses you get (discussed in the next section).

There is also a one-time optional bump offer on the order page called the “FB Group Booster Pack”. It includes templates and DFY copies.

They are:

  • Onboarding Messenger Chatbot Sequence to welcome people to your business page
  • FB Engagement Cheatsheet ensuring your stuff goes viral
  • Five-email welcome sequence to keep your subscribers wanting more
  • 30 days of Facebook Engagement posts

This is optional though. You can add it to your cart for an extra $47.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

No, there is no such thing as a money-back guarantee for your purchase. Once you’re in, you’re in.

One Group Away Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from business owners like yourself who had huge successes with OGAC:

  • Testimonial #1:

Melissa has two kids under the age of 4 and had tried everything for the past 2 years. Within 3 months of launching her FB Group, she built it to 2000 members and has scaled her sales to $15k/month in month 4, all while helping entrepreneur moms all over the world improve their lives and provide for their families.

  • Testimonial #2:

Mario was an out-of-work banker with NO marketing experience whatsoever when he started, and within 2 months, he made over $29K.

  • Testimonial #3:

Mukul, an IT Professional helping other IT professionals, jokes, saying that he’s ‘almost scared’ to implement my FB Group strategies because every time he does his group and his business EXPLODES!

==> Click Here See More Testimonials

What Do You Get In The OGAC?

Here is a quick run-down of what and what you get access to when you join the One Group Away Challenge:

One Group Away challenge contents

11+ Hours of One Group Away Challenge Video Training ($1997 Value):

Here you’ll learn:

  • Architect your group for engagement & monetization from the start
  • Magnetize hordes of members to your group without spending $$$ on ads
  • Deploy advanced group member attraction marketing method

High-Profit FB Group Success Roadmap ($397 Value):

This is a step-by-step challenge roadmap, so you can follow along and track your progress throughout the challenge.

​One Group Away Challenge Full Course Workbook ($497 Value):

A workbook for following along and taking action in the OGAC challenge.

​FB Group Asset, Content & Post Templates ($497 Value):

Facebook group growth, engagement & monetization assets, swipe files & templates to make your group growth journey easier.

​Lifetime access to small group FB coaching with Alex S. Elliot ($4997 Value):

As a member or student of the One Group Away Challenge – you’ll have lifetime access to a group of other Facebook group owners and students of the OGAC. Plus 4 weeks of video coaching with Alex Elliot.

​​Crush Your On-Camera Fears With Our Expert FB Live Coach ($4997 Value):

Alex also brought in a Facebook live video expert, Chrisie Augustina to help you become fearless in front of the camera.

And you get the below bonuses as well:

  • ​Bonus #1: “peace of mind” group launch checklist
  • ​Bonus #2: 30 proven DFY group engagement posts
  • ​Bonus #3: Fb lives scripts for “selling without selling”
  • ​Bonus #4: Free group convert license
  • ​​Bonus #5: Massive discounts on amazing FB group related software (just like group funnels)

One Group Away Challenge Review – Final Thoughts

I have been following Alex for over 6 months now and all I can say is that – SHE KNOWS HER STUFF.

Yeah, I know the idea of launching and monetizing your own Facebook group might sound like a tedious undertaking.

But it doesn’t have to be that way as you’ll be having an expert to hold you by hand.

Alex is someone who has helped hundreds of people like you to launch a Facebook Group from nothing — with no audience, no experience, no list — and they’ve gone on to build hyper-engage warm audiences, authority, and clout in their space, and generate a great full-time living from it.

So, when you enroll, you’re getting access to everything you need to know about how to build a successful Facebook Group (a tribe of rabid superfans who love you and will buy anything from you). One that makes you money and makes you feel proud.

However, on the other side, If you think this is something you can’t really afford now and you desire to make money organically from Facebook groups – then CLICK the image below to learn how to get free leads and sales without buying a course.

Go to:


  • Comes with lots of templates you can implement right away
  • You’re learning from one of the best
  • Alex is very supportive and sees to everyone successes
  • It’s easy to follow and applicable to any online business


  • No money-back guarantee
  • Can be expensive for some
  • Not for everyone
  • It requires time and dedication
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