Paykickstart Pricing plan guide

This is a complete pricing guide to PayKickStart.

Absolutely, shopping carts are a must-have in your arsenal as an online business owner with products to sell.


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Let’s continue…

And among numerous options available, PayKickStart is absolutely one of the best shopping carts to consider as a marketer.

Although there are a few cheaper shopping cart options to cut costs. PayKickStart pricing is reasonable enough and a better option, considering the advanced features they offer.

That said, we’ll be doing justice to this right here with an in-depth review of PayKickStart pricing, features, and how it compares to other alternatives in the market.

Let’s dive in pretty fast!

Real quick, see the summary of PayKickStart pricing:

  • PayKickStart Basic Plan is $29 per month
  • PayKickStart Professional Plan is $99 per month
  • PayKickStart Premium Plan is $149 per month

You can also save good money when you decide to pay for the annual plan.

Now to the full post…

What is PayKickStart?

PayKickstart software

PayKickStart is a special online Shopping cart platform that provides the tools, flexibility, and automation to scale subscription-based businesses.

Founded in 2016, PayKickStart has grown to 20 team members, over 1500 customers, and boasts of over $0.5 billion in processed payments.

As bad as it hurts, PayKickStart isn’t an all-in-one solution for all eCommerce retailers; and absolutely not your regular shopping cart software.

Definitely, an all-in-one solution doesn’t mean better.

Where PayKickStart shines is that it targets subscription-based businesses and businesses with digital products and services to sell.

Ultimately, the software is best for those who are selling software, information products, membership sites, and services.

That said, PayKickStart supports simple physical products.

When it comes to running an eCommerce store, physical products, and many more; there are many other shopping cart options available like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, etc.

However, PayKickStart is not just a shopping cart but an affiliate management software.

Adding an affiliate program to your business does not require any third-party software.

PayKickStart offers affiliate management service on premium plans. Plus, making your checkout pages convert.

With the aforementioned, you’re yet to see the best of PayKickStart.

Before we dive into the meaty part of this pricing guide – here are some of the unique features PayKickStart offers on both basic and premium plans:

Features of PayKickStart

#1. Subscription Management

PayKickStart is equipped with advanced tools to run your subscription-based business offering different subscription models for small businesses; providing flexible billing systems, payment plans.

And subscriber acquisition tools.

Apart from the regular subscription model, PayKickStart allows you to receive a one-time payment, usage-based pricing, hybrid pricing, accept upfront fees, freemium, and custom pricing.

Absolutely, PayKickStart offers advanced subscription management for businesses of different kinds.

Both small and big companies. With their payment plans feature, companies can sell high ticket products and services to their customers.

While allowing them to break up the payment.

#2. Payment Gateways & Customizable Checkouts

PayKickStart makes it easy to receive payments from your subscribers via multiple payment gateways by integrating with different payment gateways like:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • EasyPayDirect

Moreover, PayKickStart offers varying solutions for your checkout pages.

With a growing library of 50+ Checkout pages templates, you have the flexibility of choosing a template and customizing it to fit your brand.

However, you have the option of embedding a popup checkout page on your landing page using the popup widgets or use PayKickStart custom API to create a customizable checkout experience for your customers

#3. 1-Click Upsells, Order bumps, and Coupons

1-Click upsells allow you to get a better value from your customers by giving them additional products to add to the cart.

If a customer is not interested in a product, click upsells displays another product that they might be interested in.

Moreover, with the order bump feature you get sales for more than two products from a single customer rather than a one-off sale, and the customer is gone.

Plus, the coupon feature allows you to special discounts for your customers by providing a time-bound coupon code to activate the discount.

#4. Pre-Filled Checkout Pages & Exit-Intent Popups

PayKickStart automatically pre-fills the checkout pages with previously collected information from your customers, making it super easy to complete an order.

Plus, when customers are entering their address, PayKickStart will automatically complete the address with suggestions.

And with the exit-intent popups, PayKickStart automatically reminds your customers before leaving the site; asking them if they are sure they want to leave.

#5. Retargeting and Tracking Pixels

Retargeting pixels helps you retarget prospects and customers.

By retargeting, you keep reminding your prospects that you have the solution or product they’re looking for.

PayKickStart lets you add third-party tracking pixels like Google Analytics and Facebook retargeting to pull visitors back to your sales funnel.

#6. Customizable Reminders

PayKickStart offers automated email communication between you and your customers.

The customizable reminders are automatically sent to your customers at different points in the buying cycle.

Definitely, you get to make the rules and triggers upon which PayKickStart works automatically. PayKickStart offers four different forms of reminders:

  • Subscription renewal reminder
  • Trial ending renewal
  • Credit card expiring number reminder
  • Abandoned cart reminder

#7. Affiliate Management System

Here’s where PayKickStart beats the competition and stands unique.

Other than just being a support for only subscription-based business, PayKickStart compliments this with their affiliate management system.

With PayKickStart affiliate management, recruiting and managing your customers is easy without a need for another third party software.

The Affiliate management system includes flexible commission payouts, lifetime commissions, real-time affiliate contests, payout method management, and leads tracking.

With the real-time affiliate contests, you can run an incentive contest with a leaderboard to track the top affiliates based on the number of sales and revenue generated.

While the automated bonus delivery helps affiliates to offer bonuses to customers and leads that purchase through their link.

#8. Billing and Invoices

The billing system provides you the necessary tool to bill your customers and generate invoices to enhance payment for your service.

Definitely not for Saas, the invoice generation feature is for service-based businesses to bill their clients and also get them to pay fast by adding a due date to the invoice.

The built-in invoice editor makes it easy to make quick changes to your invoices.

#9. Advanced Reports

Notably, PayKickStart gives a detailed report on the performance of each product campaign.

Among many others, PayKickStart reports consist of sales reports, subscription reports, funnel reports, affiliate reports, and traffic reports.

The sales report allows you to dive into the sales and revenue of each product you promoted. With your subscription reports, you can monitor your monthly recurring revenue, average transaction value, and many more.

For affiliate marketers, the affiliate report lets you see which of your customers are bringing in the most sales, conversion rate, monitor your contests, and many more.

Finally, PayKickStart allows you to export your report in different file formats to carry out better analysis or share it with your team members.

#10. Integrations

Needless to say, satisfying all your business needs without complaint is rare. Definitely, jack of all trades is master of none.

PayKickStart isn’t an all-in-one solution for shopping carts, but they do know their beans.

Although PayKickStart specializes in subscription-based businesses, you can integrate it with over 60 native apps and software.

To be precise, PayKickStart allows you to integrate with:

  • Payment gateway
  • Membership services
  • Email automation
  • CRM, fulfillment
  • Webinar services
  • Analytics, and many others

ActiveCampaign, aMember Pro, Aweber, Braintree, Clickfunnels membership, Convertkit, ConstantContact, Demio, Everlesson, GetResponse, EverWebinar, and many others.

PayKickStart Pricing Plans

PayKickStart operates on three pricing plan levels and each level actually comes with its unique price and features. In other words, you simply get what you pay for.

Paykickstart pricing

However, there’s better news.

Each stage or level you decide to operate with bags a 14-days free trial period. That means you can actually get to master how the whole thing works before your subscription starts counting.

Also, there is a 20% discount on every annual subscription irrespective of the level you choose to work with. The three pricing plans are basic, professional, and premium plans.

#1. PayKickStart Basic Plan Pricing ($29/month)

The basic plan costs $29 per month (when billed monthly) and $22 per month when billed annually.

Best for individuals (bloggers, solo entrepreneurs).

PayKickStart’s basic plan includes the necessary things you need for a basic shopping cart. The basic plan isn’t without a free trial. PayKickStart offers a 14-day free trial to get started.

A noticeable missing in the basic plan is the affiliate management feature and the limit on the number of products you can sell.

Definitely, you won’t be able to recruit and manage affiliate marketers and partners.

And for the product limit, the basic plan supports a maximum of 5 products. Ultimately, if you have more products you can always upgrade your plan to a higher plan.

Here are the features of the PayKickStart basic plan:

  • 5 products
  • Zero transaction fee
  • Checkout page template library
  • One-click upsells
  • Payment integration
  • Email integrations
  • Membership integration
  • Fulfillment integrations
  • Coupons
  • Customer billing portal
  • Reporting

#2. PayKickStart Professional Plan Pricing ($99/Month)

The professional level which costs $99 per month (when billed monthly) and $77 per month (when billed annually) is the most popular of the three levels.

As expected, it contains more innovative features than the basic level.

Coupled with most of the features known to the basic level, the professional level has some exceptional features like; unlimited products, API, and affiliate centers.

Where the professional plan shines is the unlimited product offering.

Even though there are probabilities that your products would not be up to 5, you wouldn’t want to feel restricted with the product offering.

For better revenue, you need more products to commensurate your investment in tools.

And with PayKickStart’s professional plan being the least with the unlimited product offering; it’s definitely the best plan to get started with.

With the API feature, PayKickStart lets you add a custom integration outside the regular integrations provided by PayKickStart.

Definitely, you can build new tools and also integrate new tools apart from the 60+ native apps provided by PayKickStart.

Finally, the affiliate center which is conspicuously missing on the Basic plan is added to the professional plan. Ultimately, a better reason to consider the professional plan.

Here are the features of the Professional plan:

  • Unlimited products
  • API
  • Affiliate Centre
  • Order Bump
  • Lead (CPA) Tracking
  • Licensing
  • User Management

3. PayKickStart Premium Plan ($149/month)

Also known as the power sellers subscription, the Paykickstart premium level encompasses every feature that is available on the platform.

It ultimately equips business owners with a better and safer trading environment.

For an amount of $149 per month, premium users have access to four extra special features along with all the features associated with the professional level.

The four special include the following:

  • Demographics

This feature is simply perfect for business organizations looking to accurately target product consumers that fall into certain categories like race, age, religion, education, and ethnicity.

  • Uptime Monitoring

The feature makes sure you never stay oblivious to any and every activity that takes place on the Paykickstart account, including the activities carried out by your business partners.

You’re sure to get notified of every step and process.

  • Surveys

Thinking of acquiring insights and business-related information about partners, customers, and members, well, you can do just that and a lot more with this feature.

Now you don’t have to throw products into the market without getting to know the possible outcomes and the risks involved.

  • Audience Builder

With the Audience builder feature, entrepreneurs can focus more on improving the quantity, but most of all the quality of their customers.

It offers insight into the business attributes and trading patterns of present and prospective customers.

How Paykickstart Compares in Pricing With its Competitors

Looking at all three levels and the offers that come with each one, one can say Paykickstart pricing is quite fair and affordable.


But you can’t be too sure if you don’t compare Paykickstart pricing and its offers with some other popular shopping cart platforms.

To be clear, this is strictly about the value your money can buy from any of the following platforms.

PayKickStart vs Samcart

Many do believe Samcart to be a worthy substitute to Paykickstart.

True, Samcart is home to an impressive collection of eCommerce tools and gigs, but let’s see how well it fares in pricing.

Unlike Paykickstart, Samcart operates on a four-level pricing system. Starting from the least, we have Launch, Grow, Scale, and Enterprise.

  • Samcart’s Launch

Runs at a ‘$49/month’ cost. Notably, It’s the least and most affordable level of pricing on the shopping cart platform.

From Samcart’s launch plan, there are a wholesome lot of features to expect.

First among Samcart’s most distinct features is the unlimited product scale, email integrations, Dashboard and sales reports, and custom domain.

In comparison with Paykickstart’s basic level pricing which runs at ($29/month), Paykickstart evidently bags more essential features than its counterpart for less, a difference of ($20).

  • Samcart’s Grow

Runs at a ‘$99/month’ cost. Interestingly, It’s quite an equivalent to Paykickstart’s professional level which also runs at a ‘$99/month’ cost.

Although both levels offer all of the most common and used online managerial and administrative features, Paykickstart does have an extra value over Samcart with its API and Special Affiliate center feature.

  • Samcart’s Scale

Runs on a ‘$199/month’ budget. More like Paykickstart’s premium level which runs at $149 per month.

Samcart’s Scale level carries a ton load of features including custom integration and affiliation center.

But it does lack the survey feature that Paykickstart’s premium level offers. Also, bear in mind that the Paykickstart’s professional-level offers as much value as Samcart’s scale for a lot less.

Finally, we have the Samcart Enterprise level which costs $399.99 per month. It offers exquisite features like;

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Subscription Migration Support
  • Product Roadmap Prioritization
  • Custom Reporting & Exports
  • Launch Reviews
  • Technical Setup Support
  • Multiple Sub Accounts

Note, Samcart’s Launch, Grow, and Scale levels also come with a free 14days trial period.

In conclusion, SamCart looks more sophisticated than PKS. If you need a simpler solution.

Then give PayKickStart a shot.

PayKickStart vs Thrivecart

Over the years, Thrivecart has done quite well as one of the leading online cart platforms.

Unlike other shopping cart platforms, it runs on just one account type that carries all of the necessary shopping cart features.

ThriveCart houses a wide range of features like reporting, email integrations, payment integrations, coupons, unlimited carts, detailed statistics, mobile payment.

However, It does have a pro upgrade version with the following features below for an extra fee:

  • Powerful affiliate center
  • Subscription saver functionality
  • Automatic sales tax calculation
  • Intelligent business projections
  • JV contracts
  • Advanced user management
  • Client usage rights
  • Custom domain name functionality

Currently, Thrivecart is offering a limited discounted lifetime access for a one-time payment of $495. Pro version for the same offer costs $690.

The current ThriveCart lifetime pricing offer and some of its advanced features are what made PayKickStart pretty much useless in the sight of ThriveCart.

PayKickStart vs SendOwl

When it comes to affordability, SendOwl is among the cheapest of all shopping cart platforms.

Since the focus here is solely on the value you intend to get with your money, you should know that SendOwl actually offers little for the little they charge.

It’s obviously not very innovative as Paykickstart, but depending on what you need, SendOwl can actually get the job done.

SendOwl pricing is divided into four segments. Starting from the least to the peak, they are SendOwl Basics, Standard, Premium, and Business.

SendOwl Basics runs on a $9 per month budget.

With this you get a 30-days free trial period alongside 10 Products, Limited Customisation, and 1GB Storage.

The SendOwl Standard offers a lot more than the Basics for a fee of $15 per month.

Along with the 30-days free trial period and features of the basic plan, SendOwl standard plan features 30 Products, PDF Stamping, Affiliates, Customisation, and 3 GB Storage

While the SendOwl Premium, as expected, brings more features to the table. According to statistics, the premium version is the most used subscription so far on the platform.

Coupled with the 30 days free trial period, it offers the following at a fee of $24 per month.

  • 100 Products
  • 1 Subscription
  • Upsells
  • Cart Abandonments
  • Video Streaming
  • PDF Stamping
  • Affiliates
  • Customization
  • 5 GB Storage

SendOwl Business plan runs on a $39 per month budget. Being the plan with the biggest budget, it definitely offers more features.

The business plan includes all the features in the premium plan alongside 250 Products, 3 Subscriptions, multiple users, and 15 GB Storage.

In conclusion, PayKickStart wins all day from every corner.

Finally, Is PayKickStart Worth it?

“Is PayKickStart worth considering for what I get for the cost ?”

PayKickStart isn’t your regular shopping cart software and definitely not an all-in-one solution for all businesses.

Rather than being an all-in-one solution, PayKickStart targets small businesses that sell software, information products, membership sites, and services.

Definitely, PayKickStart is best for businesses that sell digital products.  Plus, its pricing is fair enough for the value it provides compared to its competitors.

But definitely not the best in the market. ThriveCart (review) beats every other special shopping cart hands-down out!

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