Prowritingaid black friday

Here is where you grab your Prowritingaid Black Friday deal and Cyber Monday 2021.

In one package, ProWritingAid offers the trio of a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor to make you a smart writer.

The online writing assistant provides the tool you need to spot grammar errors, write clearly and edit confidently.

If you want to join over a million writers who use the tool to edit their creative pieces, you should take advantage of the ProWritingAid Black Friday deal.

Everyone loves to save money on worthy deals, right?

This is one you should not miss if you want to become an effective writer.

Let’s dive in and see the ProWritingAid Black Friday deals available for you!

ProWritingAid Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2021

ProWritingAid Black Friday sale starts November 15 this year! From November 15 to November 30. During this season you get the chance to get ProWritingAid for the lowest price of 2021:

During the Black Friday period, ProWritingAid offers an amazing 50% OFF discount on the Premium Plan.

  • Lifetime licenses will be 50% off
  • Annual licenses will be 25% off

For the ProWritingAid Premium Plan, you get a 25% OFF on the annual plan so you pay $59.25 instead of $79.

While the 50% OFF discount comes with the lifetime license which lets you pay $199.5 instead of the one-time $399.00.

ProWritingAid Black Friday Sale Dates

Mon, Nov 15 – Fri, Nov 19: Charity Donation:

For any purchases made on these days, they will additionally donate $5 per purchase to the First Story Young Writers Program. (Last year we raised over $1,500 for the Children’s Literacy Charity.)

Sat, Nov 20 – Tues, Nov 30: Regular Sale:

Regular Black Friday sale dates without the charity donation. The sale ends at 11:59 PM PST on Tues, Nov 30.

Note that this deal will ONLY be available for a LIMITED time during the Black Friday period.

ProWritingAid Pricing Plans

prowritingaid pricing

ProWritingAid is a premium online writing tool that can be used on three separate payment tiers.

Depending on how long you want to use the writing assistant, you can choose from these three payment plans:

  • Monthly Plan for $20 per month
  • Yearly Plan for $79 billed annually ($6.59 per month)
  • Lifetime Plan $399 billed one-time

You can also sign up for free to try out the tool and see what it’s like before investing. The free plan can only be used online and lets you edit up to 500 words at once.

How To Activate ProWritingAid Black Friday Deal & Save Money?

Ready to grab the ProWritingAid Black Friday deal and save money?

Here are the steps to follow to activate the deal:

  • Click this link to be directed to the ProWritingAid Black Friday deal page so you can get the discount.
  • Select a plan, whether annual or lifetime, and you’ll get the 25% or 50% discount deal. The lifetime plan is recommended since you get to pay only once and use the tool forever (even with future updates)!
  • Once you select a payment plan, the discount will be applied automatically and you can kickstart the payment process.
  • Enter your email address, payment information and make payment. And then go ahead to sign up.

That’s it.

You’ve successfully applied the ProWritingAid discount on its lifetime and annual plans and obtained a license of the tool for a lesser price.

So hurry and grab this deal before it expires.

ProWritingAid Features

Here are the Features of ProWritingAid:

1). After you upload your document, ProWritingAid performs a full scan and the results appear in an easy-to-read format at the top of the page. The red bars on your text show you where more editing is needed.

2. A skip option lets you skip over all green or yellow highlighted areas so you can see what isn’t working for you before getting caught up with the stuff that does.

3. If something works beautifully, mark it with a blue highlighter to help yourself remember why you wrote it that way in the first place.

4. When everything looks good delete easily by clicking on one button instead of using CTRL + Z or finding every highlight then deleting each one manually.

5. A variety of handy tools including the thesaurus, translation tools, and spell-check.

6 The new Word Health Check gives you an overall “health” score for your document based on everything from sentence length to variations of words used, helping you quickly identify how complex or simple each section is.

7. Track changes allow you to see all changes in one place without any confusion.

8. Online Support is readily available 24/7 with no hold time! (that’s right…no more dead air when on hold with Microsoft Word!)

9. Unlimited Access to ProWritingAid gives you invaluable insight into your writing that will help dramatically improve your work across all genres.

10. No software downloads are required simply use our online interface which means anyone can get started in seconds!

11. Professionally trained editors are here to help you every step of the way.

12. There is a free version or if you need more, there is also an option for Professional, Premium, and Business.    

FAQs about ProWritingAid Black Friday Deal

How Much Can I Save During ProWritingAid Black Friday?

ProWritingAid offers you a chance to save 25% and 50% OFF on its annual and lifetime Premium Plan.

For the annual plan, you get a 25% discount and pay $59.25 (instead of the usual $79). While the lifetime plan offers 50% OFF so you pay only $199.5 once (instead of $399.00).

When Is ProWritingAid Black Friday 2021 Coming Up?

The ProWritingAid Black Friday 2021 comes up between Nov 23 and 30 which falls within the conventional Black Friday sale period.

So prepare and set your reminders so you don’t miss out on this deal.

What Is ProWritingAid?

Powered by artificial intelligence, ProWritingAid helps you spot and edit common writing mistakes so you can become a smarter writer.

It integrates with several writing tools and works to improve your writing.

Does ProWritingAid Have A Free Plan?

Yes, ProWritingAid has a free plan perfect for individuals on a tight budget.

This plan provides basic writing suggestions and a checker for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Final Words

ProWritingAid is an awesome writing assistant to improve your writing.

Built for bloggers, writers, authors, and even students, the tool corrects your errors in spelling, grammar, contextual, and punctuation.

If you’re looking to have this tool in your editorial arsenal, then take advantage of the available ProWritingAid Black Friday deals so you can save money when buying the writing assistant.

Don’t waste time—follow the steps above so you can claim this deal!

Also, feel free to drop your thoughts about ProWritingAid below.

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